Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Call for Questions...

Laura has just left my house, taking her hilariously rubbish dog with her. She really had no choice but to give in, and so we're going to do the interview in stages over the next week or so, posting it here after every stage.

A lot of you have already posted a few questions in the previous comment section, and I'll be including the best of those in the interview, but if the rest of you have questions burning inside, now is the time to let me know. The comment section to THIS post, therefore, will PURELY consist of your question suggestions.

I just want to say well done to all of you for impressing her. I've been trying for years and I still haven't quite managed it...!


Mrs.Red said...

That is so AWESOME. Well what do you hate about being the character base for the book? What is your favorite thing about being the character in the book? what do you wish Derek hadn't put in the book that is about you? What is something that Stephanie has that you wish that was like you? What does it feel like being based as one of the main Characters? Thats all the questions i can think of now. But thankyou Laura for doing the interview. I look forward to seeing it. :)

Skulduggery Skellington said...

Do you feel a sort of connection to Valkyrie when you read her parts? Would you something different in any point of the story that Valkyrie had done? Is it weird imagining yourself younger in the books wishing she was older to make her decisions be more logical? Who's your favorite character and why? o.O
Thank you and look forward to seeing the Interview. :3

Bethany said...

How does it feel to have over two hundred people begging for you to do an interview?

Which is your favourite book so far in the series, and why?

Did YOU like the title Mortal Coil... the publishers didn't at first.

Of all the villains Derek has created, who is your favourite?

Should the book become a film, who could you see playing certain characters?

Derek called your dog rubbish. What sort of dog is it? Just curious ^____^

Last question; Do you read the blog... does Derek tie you to a chair and MAKE you read both the blog entries and comments? If I were him I probably would. Just for fun, y'know (:

Docktor, Emily said...

I'm the girl that Laura said wasn't real!!!!
And I would like to let her know that I am in fact VERY REAL!
Oh so many questions so little time.
Is Laura really as Bada$$ as You make Valkrie out to be?
What is her Favorite Breakfast consist of? (waffles hopefully!)
what is her favorite thing to do to past time? (solve crimes and kick butt?)

Anonymous said...

what I really want to know is how old is laura??

Anonymous said...

also: Valkiere is a bit of an elemental and a necromancer. if she could choose, which would Laura be?

Unknown said...

RIGHT, I have lots of questions, but will post them when i think of them, for now the most important question

Have YOU eaten or heard of a tim cause derek hasn't and i am shocked at that. thanks for the interview :)

Unknown said...

is she a fan of twilight?

Minnie said...

Apart from how old she is, I'd like to know if her parents are like Valkyrie's parents, and how like Skulduggery SHE thinks Derek is. :) Thanks for letting us suggest questions, Derek.

Unknown said...

who is her favourite writer(not including you)

and i have lots of questions, just need to think of them. :P

Anonymous said...

not including derek? well i dont know... you would think if he was REALLY her favourite author that he wouldnt have had to get 200 responses for her to do an interveiw. just a thought :P

Anonymous said...

Questions to Laura:
What is your favorite film and why?
Favorite band/singer?
Favorite book?
What do you think about Justin Beiber?
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Question to Derek:
Will the fourth and fifth book come out in Sweden?
Are there any other characters in Skulduggery who are based on real persons?
(Except Skulduggery who is OBVIOUSLY yourself in disguise.)

Anonymous said...

Another question to Laura:
Do you read Skulduggery fanfiction? Derek has stated that he doesn't.

Unknown said...

does she like poetry, and i mean real poetry, people like poe and shakspear. i am just curious as all my friends think its weird that i like reading work from the 18nth century and none of my friends are interested, my brother is the only one who i know who likes that sort of thing, so yeah, curious. :)

Anonymous said...

How much of what Laura does in life is similar at all to Valkyrie?

What does Laura do for a living?

Does Laura wish she had a super cool, witty, charming, and rather hilarious skeleton side kick like Valkyrie does?

How did she come to be the basis of Valkyrie? And the golden god's BFF?

What's it like having our golden god as a BFF?

Does she like our various quotes that we attach with our posts? :P

ok, I think that's all for now XD I might have more later :P But I have a couple questions for Mr. Landy about being a director/screen writer as well as an author seeing as he never answered them in any of his previous posts :P I'll wait though, this would not be an appropriate time to ask :P Adios amigos!



"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized.

Anonymous said...


these questions come from insanity novamoonshine, queen of purpleness:
1. do you like to lick pickles?
2. do you feel guilty for not giving me a curtain rod?
3. what do of think of vampires suck, a new movie coming out?
5. what is your favorite color?

abow is a script^ please read it

Anonymous said...

also, what is her OC? i donmt meanval, i mean if she created one?

Shade O'Killer said...

are there any parst of the books you wish derek didn't wright?
why dosn't derek like your dog?
do you like your dog?

Nerdy Skeleton said...



I've only got a few questions: Since you're, Laura, based off of the character Valkyrie, does Mr. Landy ever ask what you'd do in a situation like Valkyrie in the book is facing?

Do you, Laura, sometimes disagree with how Mr. Landy portrays Valkyrie at times?

Happy interviewing! :DD

Unknown said...

what is your dream job????

Unknown said...

what type of music do you like, do you play any instruments, if so what are they, or if you don't would you like to pleay an instrument, if so what would it be. :)

Unknown said...

being as every one thinks your incredible badass, have you evr pulled any pranks on teachers, adults, friends, basically anything sinister or evil,

and i am sorry but i have heaps of questions!!!
like for instance i could ask her if she likes sherlock holmes, both the book and the movies, but it is not of great importance to me. sorry

Aimee =] said...

Will you post a photo of her Derek? :)

How does she feel to know that thousands of people out there admire her?

Troy Cavalieri (FireBrand Sleuth) said...


Unknown said...

How can Skullduggery make fire with gloves on?

Liliana Pitchblack said...
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Unknown said...

what will it take for derek to impress you????

Anonymous said...

Aside from yourself, who is your favourite writer?

Liliana Pitchblack said...

Who's your favorite villain in the SP-universe?

Is Mr. Landy really such a freaky person or does he only pull off a funny act for his minions?

Elena said...

My Questions:

1. Every second Skulduggery reader who is a girl wants to play Valkyrie Cain in the up-coming movies... how does that feel to have possibly thousands of girls want to play YOU?

2. Do you ever feel really proud of Valkyrie when she does something amazing?

Thanks! :-D


Anonymous said...

hey laura

whats the best thing about being the template for valkyrie

and if you had a choice would you jump in the books and take over valkyries life

Rebella Tears said...

hi Laura
were u the person who was dedicated in Dark Days?

if so, HOW could u not find Golden God hilarious?

bye Laura,Golden God

Rebella Tears said...

oh and Mollie Rose is so right!!

Everyone wants to be u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me especially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will u play her????????????????????????

Wonka said...


1. do you know what type of car Valkyrie's parents drive??? (been trying 2 find out 4 AGES)
2. Would you agree that a Robin Reliant is a stupid car and Skulduggery should have a bright blue one as his replacement JUST to annoy Valkyrie?
3. Do you have stupid pets like Derek does?

thank you!

Goodbye Golden God and Golden Goddess (hey- a little kissassery goes a long way you know!)

Wonka said...

oh yeah and i want 2 b Val in the official film, too.

Wonka said...

dang I really need 2 stop skim-reading blogs.
i think i know the answer to my question three- you have a stupid dog apparently.


4. Would you like Valkyrie to have a dog? I know i would...

Claire said...

I have a question...

1. What kind of personality will Valkyrie's sister have? :)

laura said...

I know this is purely for questions BUT I think I am allowed to make an exception under the circumstances! Derek, How dare you call her rubbish! Ruby rocks!...(that's my dog's name by the way!)

Star Lord said...

Lord Landy, will Valkyrie's brother/sister find out about magic?
And if so will he/she tell Valkyrie's parents...?

Anonymous said...

To Laura:
Hello! I was wondering, as you are the inspiration for Valkyre, do you have an epic swishy black coat, and if not, do you want one?

penguin said...

Hold on a sec, I don't get any of this. Did Laura interveiw all the posible Stephanie characters? Or is it just a random interveiw?
This is a question for anyone who can answer it: have the auditions for Stephanie/Valkirie already taken place? Please say they haven't and please say there are some in the Isle of White or Italy, cos I'm on holiday there, if your doing it in the summer holidays.

penguin said...

Will Val's bro/sis be born by the next book?
Laura how old are you? Cos steph's like only 15, so are you the same age as her?

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

haha fail

JackStephen said...

Who is your favourite character in the SD series?
How much is Valkyrie actually like you? Would you react in the same way that she does in her situations?

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

hey everyone check out my new blog just click on my profile then well you know what to do
Question for Laura .... who is your favourite author apart from Mr landy

Abbi said...

Hello ^^
I have some questions for you laura , if you wouldn't mind answering them :)
1. What is YOUR own taken name?
2. who is better , Caelan or fletcher? ( Caelan all the way, i do wish he is in the books more)
3. If skulduggery offered you a ride in his bentley, what would you do/say? ( i would shout " im going in a freaking bentley!" and jump in the car)
4. what type of dog is ruby?
Many thanks ^^
Somewhere in the north east were the tall ships are .....

Alexandre Requiem (Lynda) said...

Derek, you must look at this!
But before I spam, I shall ask.
A few simple questions from yours truly.

First, your favourite colour, oh Great One?
Who is the bad guy you think is the best? (That we've seen so far)
Favourite food?
Favourite country?

I shall end the questions at that, and now, if you please, I shall introduce THE MINI-SKULDUGGERY MOVIE!!!!

That, I understand, is on a little ol' thing called Facebook.
If you are not on it, then, sadly, this wonderfulness is...sob...wasted. But if you could perhaps make an account, see it, then deactivate the account...well, yes. That would be fantastic.
Oh, and make sure you check out the video of the Torture Chamber! (Serpine and Skulman)
It's EPIC.


Ebony Orvil said...

which SP book is your favourite?

Who is your favourite character in the SP books?

Who is your least favourite character in the SP books?

Whats your favourite book apart from SP?

SkulduggeryPleasantRulz said...

I reeeeeeeally want 2 C a Skulduggery Pleasant movie! If that happens don't let whoever makes it make it completely different from the book... like Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (which is still no where near as good as Skulduggery Pleasant...!). Who would U want 2 do the movie? I have heard the 1st Skulduggery Pleasant audiobook as well. I know there is the 2nd and 3rd 1s (which I wanna get!) but will there be a Dark Days audiobook? Which is UR favourite Skulduggery book do U think? Who do U think is UR favourite character?

Damacus said...
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Unknown said...

Why do you like to frighten our Golden God?

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if someone already asked this but...
If you read fan fiction then you are most likely aware of Valduggery! Since Valkyrie is based on you and Derek thinks of Skulduggery as himself how weird would it be if Derek made Valkyrie and Skulduggery an item? Honestly if you ask would be....odd? Like how old is Skulduggery? Derek
if you are reading NEVER EVER LET THIS HAPPEN!
Please stick with Fletcher or someone a few hundred years closer to Valkyrie's age!

Anonymous said...

what was your first responce when Derek openly amitted he was basing the main (and coolest) character on you? Given what derek posted as your dog are you a starwars fan or is that his own twisted sense of humour?

Robbie said...

Has Derek ever actually offended you with a perticular piece that he wrote about your character?

Willow Storm said...

Why don't I know any of these people?

Willow Storm said...

Derek, please tell me.

Octa said...

Sing Willow.

Octa said...


Octa said...

Achievement completed.