Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Laura Interview: Part Four

Coming towards the end of the interview, I sit back and grin. “Here’s a question that’s been suggested that I know you’ll love- how did you get to be the golden god's BFF?”

“Get lost," she says immediately, "I am not answering that. And the golden god? Really? Seriously? Why?”

“Because I’m awesome.”

“No you’re not.”

“Because I’m brilliant.”

“No, you’re not. They don’t know you like I know you. Next question.”

“In no way do I want to insult your folks, but are they anything like Valkyrie's parents?”

“No. My dad doesn’t do ridiculous things like Valkyrie’s dad. Valkyrie’s mum, we’ve never really got an insight into her, so I don’t know. The dad’s the weirdo so you tend to focus on him more, so I really can’t say.”

“The dad is more like my dad than yours.”

“Yeah. My dad’s very practical, very black and white.”

“Whereas my dad’s a rambler.”

“Yes he is. Abso-bloody-lutely.”

“Someone wants to know what type of car Valkyrie's parents drive. For some reason. I haven’t a clue. What do you think?”

“I’d say her dad drives a Toyota Avensis, and her mum drives a Renault Megane.”

“You’re so helpful. Okay, here’s one. What character am I most like?”

“You? Skulduggery. Straight up. There’s no other character.”

“Not even Gordon?” I ask. “A few readers seem to think he’s my alter ego.”

She shakes her head. “No. No way. You’re not like Gordon. If anything, your humour comes out in my least favourite character, Scapegrace. So that’s the irritating Derek. The cool Derek is Skulduggery. It’s true, though, isn’t it? Skulduggery is the exact same as you. Did you ever deny it?”

“No, never denied it... I mean, when I had the idea, when I was writing the book, and I knew I had to give it my full attention, it was always me and you. That’s who I had in my head when it all began. That’s the-”

“That’s the only relationship you’ve had where there was enough there to act as a basis for the characters.”

“Exactly. How sad is that?”

“Pretty damn sad.”

“Some of my Minions wonder if you read this Blog before this interview stuff started, but you didn’t, did you?”

“I didn’t realise you even had a blog until a few days ago. That’s terrible, isn’t it?”

“The fact is, you have never bothered to see any interviews I did on TV, you’ve never bought the newspapers I’m in, you’ve never even come to a signing, have you?”

“No, no, and no.”

“And it was only today that you saw the official Skulduggery website.”

“Is there a question here, or are you just slating me for being an awful friend?”

“I think that’s what I’m doing.”

“Well, I apologise. But I’m here now, showing an interest. This is me, showing an interest.”

“You don’t look particularly interested.”

“I’m comfortable. In the most uncomfortable chair in the world.”

“Ah, I see.”

“But the thing is, I don’t think I could watch you on TV, I think I’d just crack up laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. The same way, I couldn’t look at you with a queue of people standing in line, wanting your autograph. I’m just not awestruck by you, you know?”

“You should be.”


“I’m great.”

“You’re really not.”

“Have you ever tried, or even heard of, a tim tam?”

“No. What is it?”

“Apparently it’s a biscuit in Australia. I doubt it exists. I’m starting to doubt Australia exists. I think I may have dreamed it. How does it feel to have hundreds of people wanting you to do an interview?”

She smiles again, one of the broadest smiles of the night. “I think it’s absolutely bizarre. I think it’s bizarre that people are interested in you, for a start, and I think it’s even more bizarre that people are interested in me. I knew there were people who buy your books, but I didn’t know there was this huge awareness that Valkyrie was inspired by me. So when I first saw this blog, like, the day before yesterday, I just couldn’t believe that people actually cared, you know? I thought that a book is a book, you put it down when you finish it and that’s it. I didn’t think the interest in characters went beyond that. So it’s a little bit surreal.

“I’m very laid back about things like that, though. I don’t get excited by much. I’ve been logging on to the Blog since I discovered it, to see what’s happening, so obviously I am interested. It’s highly amusing.”

“And the fact that Valkyrie has proven herself to be such a popular character,” I say, “means that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world who, you know, admire you, and who...”

“Who like me,” she laughs. “That is so weird. I think if I was lacking in something within myself, or if I were after fame and glory, then I’d let that go to my head, but I’m not either of those things. I’m quite comfortable with myself, so whether or not people like me, isn’t going to change anything, you know? Obviously it’s nice to know that there are people out there who do like me, or at least like the kind of person I am. It’s a hell of a lot better than finding out there are hundreds of thousands of people who hate me. But even if they didn’t like me, so what? I’m happy with who I am. I think I’m doing okay.”

“And that, right there, is who Valkyrie is, and that’s why she’s proven to be so popular. She doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. I’ve called you a lot of things, most of the time when you’re not around...”

“Ha, I can imagine.”

“... but the one thing I regularly call you to your face is blunt.”

“Yeah. Everyone says that. I get that an awful lot. I’m blunt. Sometimes they call me harsh, and my mum says ‘Laura, you’re so intolerant’. And I am, I suppose, because I hate stupid people, and I hate fake people, and I can’t pretend to like people that I don’t like. My ass is numb from sitting in this chair, by the way. I want a cushion for next time. Next question. What time is it? I’m tired.”

“We’re almost done.”

“Are we?”

“No.” I consult my list of questions. “Do you think Valkyrie’s mum will have a boy or a girl?”

“I really don’t want her to have any kids, to be honest.”

“Really? Yet you have two sisters of your own...”

“Well yeah, but it’s not going to be Valkyrie’s sister, is it? The reflection is going to spend the most amount of time with her, and that’s just not right. It’s not like Valkyrie’s going to take her little sister out on adventures with her, a little two-year old sidekick. But I think it’s going to be a girl, because I have sisters, and you have nieces... Do you know what it’s going to be?”


“I bet it’ll be a girl. I have that feeling.”

“Okay, every week I get at least five or six girls asking me if they can audition for the part of Valkyrie in the movie. And just to make it clear, we still don’t know if the movie will, in fact, ever be MADE, so there are no auditions PLANNED. But do you wonder what it’ll be like to see someone play, essentially, you, onscreen?”

“Yeah, I do. I think I’m going to be very skeptical of that person. I mean, I’m not going to have a say in the matter, or how she portrays Val, so I think there’d be a lot of tongue-biting going on. You know how vocal I tend to be about things, so I think it’d be a struggle to stay quiet and watch them get on with it. It’s going to be weird. But it’s the same with you, like. If you see something you hate you’re going to be freaked out and horrified, but there’s a certain point where you just won’t have a say anymore, you know? So the only thing you can do is complain about it to me. But you know what I mean? It’s because all of a sudden it stops being yours and becomes someone else’s.”

“If the movie DOES happen, who would you like to see playing the parts?”

“Em... okay. For China, you know who I think it should be, Catherine Zeta Jones. With China, obviously she’s beautiful, but it’s not really about looks, it has to be about the attitude, as well.

“For Ghastly, someone like Vinnie Jones, or someone like that. Someone big. God, it’s really weird, I’ve never thought about this. It’s really strange putting real faces on these fictional characters. Em... for Kenspeckle, that guy who played the granddad in Into The West...”

“David Kelly.”

“Is that who it is? He’s really good, because he’s always so busy, you know? Always so preoccupied. For Skulduggery... I don’t know. You’d have to go with my main one, which is Johnny Depp. It’s just... Johnny does eccentric really, really well, but although Skulduggery is quirky, he’s not all that mad, like. He’s not on the Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka level of eccentricity. He’s more of a Sherlock Holmes. And I also love Robert Downey Junior. He was incredible in that movie. For Billy-Ray... it’d be Brad Pitt in Fight Club. I don’t know if I’ve answered that question. I find it hard to put real faces to the characters, because for so long they’ve been in my head. It’s just weird, you know?”

“There’s a good question here. I’ve had two movies made, of which you’ve only seen ONE of them.”

“Mm hmm.”

“You haven’t seen my second movie?”

“No. In my defense, you didn’t bring me to it. You only brought me to the first one.”

“Yet more proof regarding what a rubbish friend you are. Right, anyway, my Minions want to know, seeing as how I’ve had movies made, I’ve written books, I’ve won awards, I’ve toured around the world... What will it take for me to impress you?”

There is a long, long silence.

“You so want to know this as well,” she says, eyes narrowed. “Listen, I am impressed. I mean, I’ve told you before, ‘God you’re good at this’. You do impress me. But, everyone is always telling you how brilliant you are, so it’s up to me to keep you grounded. Of course I’m impressed by you. You’ve done amazing things, and you’ve... Okay, I refuse to elaborate on that because everyone spends all day telling you how absolutely wonderful you are, you have hundreds or, I don't know, thousands of people who read your Blog and call you a golden god... I think the day that you tell me something and I jump around and scream ‘oh my God I can’t believe it, that’s amazing’, will be the day you say Laura, get out of my house.”

“I can’t wait for that day.”

“Yeah, right. You’d be lost without me.”

“Okay, here’s the last one. Someone wants to know if Mr. Landy- that’s me- is really such a freaky person in real life or is it all just a funny act for his Minions?”

“Oh he’s a complete and utter lunatic. There is absolutely nothing normal about him, whatsoever. His ego is the size of a double-decker bus. He absolutely adores the fact that he has Minions, and his little Blog just allows him to play out his ‘I’m a god’ fantasies in real life.”

“You are horrible to me.”

“True, but are you going to argue with any of that? This whole thing allows you to have your army, and to have all these people listen to you, and it means you can act the way you wouldn’t be able to act in a normal social situation.”

“That is horrible.”

“It’s true.”

“It’s a little bit true,” I admit. “I am great.”

She frowns. “What? No, that’s not what I said.”

“That’s exactly what you said.”

“That’s not what I said at all.”

“I’m pretty great. I think we can agree on that.”

“I definitely don’t think that that’s the way I want this interview to end.”

“Cool. So we can agree?”

“No, we are not agreeing.”

“And that’s how the interview finishes.”

“You appear to have totally missed the point.”

“Thank you.”

“My God, you’re impossible.”

“You want my autograph?”

“I hate you.”

And with that, Laura stands up, stretches, and right before she manages to turn the microphone off she asks, "Can I borrow the jeep tonight?"

Because THAT is why we are friends. She gets to borrow my jeep and return it days later with an EMPTY TANK.


I’d love to get her back on here, because I had so much fun doing this, so maybe sometime in the future she’ll agree to write a guest-Blog. If we ask her nicely.

However, no matter how nicely I’ve asked, she refuses to let me post a photograph of her. I think she’s very, very mean.


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Em said...

Wow!!! You guys have a very interesting relaationship...

(Great interview!)

Harly Ryker said...

Wow. Can I ask, is there any other reason than to get people to read the skulduggery pleasant books and for us to be creative for the making a trailer comp? just wondering.

Unknown said...

yes 2nd comment epic!!!

maybe not but hey!!

JackStephen said...

Hahhahahah, awesome blog.
*asks her nicely to write a guest blog*

Unknown said...

ok i am late but 3rd is alright!

Waymer Bailslisk said...

Great ending! You show him Laura! I loved the interview you two, by the way.

Oh, something Laura should know. She's part of Valkyrie's description on wikipedia. Just to say.

VannessaTide said...

i think i like laura, i can see why u based valkyrie on her.
howeva i disagree with her about u not bein like gordon.
im sure i'v sed this b4 but yes, she is correct b sayin ur almost exactly like skulduggery but there definitely is an element of 'gordon-edgley-eccentricity' in ur personality as i read these blogs.
also i disagree with her about u not bein awesome as u obviously r bein our 'golden god'. Skulduggery Pleasant wus 1 of the 1st book series i eva really got into, topping 'harry potter' considerably.
of cors i may jus b admirin u for ur love of cheese but there it is. hahaha.
i hav finished writing my book 'the silver feather' now & have started a new one called 'amythyst'.

Anonymous said...

oh yes 9th comment!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi my computer has problems. I don't hav time to write so c u later! I'll rite 2moro

Abbi said...

what a brilliant interview ^^
thank you golden god and laura
thansk for answering my question and giving me a laugh ^^
many thanks

Claire said...

I like the relationship between you two :)

I think Valkyrie should spend more time with her sister.

Anonymous said...


Derek Landy said...


Is there another reason for the competition? I'm not sure what you mean. We're looking for cool ideas for a book trailer, that's all there is to it...!

Derek Landy said...

Sigh... what were your questions, Insanity..??

Saoirse Equus said...


Saoirse Equus said...

Derek, Pretty please will you put horses in the book? And will you come to Oregon??? I'm your very first American Fan. I read it the DAY it came out in Stores. :) :) :)

Saoirse Equus said...

And may I also ask why most of your followers, (including my britsh 'Pen pal' Becky) Love cheese so much? i have nothing against it, but I like cheese with pretzles... or on Mexican food. Have you ever had Mexican food? :D :D :D

Saoirse Equus said...

And if you will, can you look at this??? :)!/photo.php?pid=465339&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=54064762985&id=100000167596863

I drew it. :)

Johan said...

19 th comment *woo* *hoo* *woo* *hoo*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saoirse Equus said...!/photo.php?pid=271735&op=2&o=all&view=all&subj=54064762985&aid=-1&oid=54064762985&id=100000167596863

And this one too. :)

Harly Ryker said...

Okay, thanks. I was just wondering.

jugglingpaynes said...

Thank you, Mr Landy, for sharing a wonderful interview with Laura! My family enjoyed it greatly!

AlexAlexAlex said...

I love how this whole 'interview' is 97% bickering and 3% content, haha. Anyway, I thought Valkyrie's mother would have had the baby by now just because I imagine each book to be set in April, when they're released and then in this new one, it's nearly christmas. Ah well, I guess the books aren't set when they are released.. if you get me?

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

ohh i am absoloutly loving you Laura! .... and of course you to Derek ..

haha ounds like you guys have a lovely relasionship there in fact it amuses me ... mmm if I had to say who I act most like out of you to its probably Derek but a close call ...

see I roll my eyes and sulk like Laura and am always coming up with smart little answerd .. Im tough and like flethcer but would never go out with anyone like him :L ...

The reasons I'm more like Derek thought is because I am completly bonkers! :3 But unlike Derek my friends find me funny ... mmm I find you funny Derek but I'm a minion not a freind :L plus I have alot more friends ... But I love video games and cherish my xbox 360 :) ...

but reading this it seems like I'm more like Laura ... oh well never mind

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

Liz said...

sup. the way Derek and Laura talk reminds me of me and my brother bickering, constant and good humored.

i agree with munchkin ninja penguin, peace out<3

Aimee =] said...

Derek, please share our gratitude to Laura for doing this interview? We all really appreciate it :)

And I must agree, Johhny Depp and Catherine Zeta Jones would be perfect :)

Ambiguity said...

On a less happy note! YOU EVIL BUGGERS FOR NOT KNOWING ABOUT TIM TAMS!!! THEY'RE FANTASTIC! LOOK 'EM UP!!!! what about lamingtons? Vegemight?
Damn you all.
*leaves sulking*

Anonymous said...

Wow. Reading the exchange between you two is exactly like reading dialogue between Skulduggery and Valyrie. Huh.

Elena said...

That would be interesting a photograph of Laura... The guest blog would be interesting too.
And Derek (From now on I'm calling you Derek by the way.) I'm pretty sure you asked Laura that question about being BFFs with the Golden God just to annoying her. I really pity Laura,I do. Haha.
Anyways, has anyone noticed the DEDICATIONS in the SP books? They're very funny.
Got to go.
Until next time.

Shade O'Killer said...

i agree with Ambiguity, how can you not have heard of/eaten a tim tam???
lura, you are awesome. there is nothing else to say.

Unknown said...


oh and laura, i love you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!
robert downey jr is sooooo good, and somebody gets that johnny deep does not suit the part,
(derek i still think your awesome)

Derek Landy said...

Kallista- you're asking if I take reader suggestions for future plotlines onboard? Nope, I don't. It's fun to read them, and it's cool that everyone is thinking about these things, but I already know what's going to happen with certain characters and stories, and they're not going to be changed.

Wonka said...

yay! you answered (sort of) my question!
thank you, Golden God!!!
glad to see you and Laura are such good friends. :)
Valkyrie should have a sister, because brothers are annoying.

laura said...

Hi ALl, Derek has said I have to answer some random questions so here it goes!
No.1 do i like pickles. NO I hate pickes, they ruin good burgers.

No.2 Guilty about a curtain rod??? What??? I dont know what thats even about so no!

No.3 How do I feel about vampires suck? Well twilight was hideously awful so I think vampire sucks can only be an improvement...considering I this is the forst time Ive heard of it though, Im not reallyh in a position to comment!!

No.4 Do I like waffles? In ireland we dont have the waffles that u are referring to that u put the syrup on, but when i was in the US I had them and yes..they are lovely!

N0.5 Favourite colour...Depends what humour I'm in!

No.6 My OC (derek just had to explain what that was to me)..quite happy being laura and val is pretty cool so Im happy as I am!

Some weird questions to say the least but heres your answers!! x

Wonka said...

oh i have to ask.
well, J.K Rowling brought out like books that are mentioned in her books, so will you do that? Like, write And The Darknesss Rained Apon Them?
that would be soo cool. I'd have a whole BOOKSHELF dedicated to Skulduggery... *unfocused eyes*
oh yeah, and Skulduggery MUST have a bright blue Robin Reliant as a replacement car, because they are EVIL, and it should have the name the Turqouise Terror... if i spelt that right... and then Valkyrie could beat it up with her stick she could get for Christmas!!!!

Vikki said...

I would like to find out how you and Laura met. I think it would be amusing to say the least.

Kirsty :D said...

Tim Tams do exist. And they are DELICIOUS. You are missing out :P
Haha, I can't believe Tim Tams aren't in Ireland. Still... I suppose the Irish have leprechauns...
And also, Mr. Landy, Laura is 22, but how old are YOU?

Avotica said...

Well, that was nice

You could doubt the existance of Australia, but I live there. Not that I know I'm actually in Australia... Who knows? Maybe it's like the Truman Show... except my life is boring and full of book reading and TV watching, people would hate it.

Anyway, about TimTams:

Internet Proof. I think I even saw a old man using it as a straw for his tea. We do that a lot too, but usually I do it with hot chocolate.

They are avaible in Australia and Canda full time, and in America each year between October and March...


But there is a similar biscuit, you may have tried: Penguin!

Apparently, the Penguin biscuit was there first, Tim Tam's are based on them, and there is much debate on which is superior.

Well, that explains why YOU don't have Tim Tam's

By the way, I still want to know what's up with Valkyrie's reflection, and I wonder what Laura thinks of it. I mean, if she could do it with her own mirror, would she?

Avotica said...

See, a little research brings answers! Jeez, all this fuss over biscuits!

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

Tim Tams seriously they exist? WOW you learn something new every day ... I also learnt there edible even bigger bonus ..

I mean I knew Australia exists and everything its just when I fist heard there where people under the ground I though they might be sort of lizerd people in Australia it took a lot of convincing but eventully I caught on ... but Tim Tams wow ...

okaii .. I agree with mollie rose the dedications in the book are quite funny if you haven't read them i suggest you go read them..

now if you need me I'll be retaking KS1 english becaused its year nine next year and I still don't get Nouns or Verbs or adjectives and so on plus I have realized when I talk fast I end up saying things... wrong :L and where im on the computer I feel like writing in my english book k instead of ok and resently did that in an assesment :L

yes I know quite pathetic but when your in a village school they dont really teach you these thing them in secondary school they just expect you to know :S I was shocked!?!? .. please don't laught or I will go back to my corner and sulk ..

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

p.s pickles and mushrooms always ruin any good meal

Madi said...


now thats just sad....

Liliana Pitchblack said...

This was as lovely as ever. Really, I hope you two will stay friends for a very long time.

Liliana Pitchblack said...

Oh pardon.
Thank you for answering my question, of course!
I totally forgot to say that, my bad.
I already thought that Mr. Landy is a weirdo through and through. But my friend didn't believe it. :-)

sarah wilkinson said...

I <3 U DEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u are great! oh golden one :D
"praises you"

your awesome!

p.s how old are you oh golden one? :)

Katy A said...

HELL yeah, SP isn’t just a book! XD And I agree, Johnny Depp would be a great Skul! Great relationship you two have XD

Bethany said...

Laura's pretty great, Derek. Lucky to have her around to keep you grounded ;)

I totally disagree with pretty much all of her personal preferences for characters, with the exception of Catherine Zeta-Jones. I still prefer Emily Blunt to dearest Catherine, but hey. Each to their own.

Thankyou,formythoughtsareshared said...

Oi seriously, did you send Laura to India and take pics of black people with red dots on their face? I am not racist as I once tried to do hannah. + I ate roti prata, chicken rice, laksa, maggi mee, chicken briyani, thosai, and Derek's succulent eyeballs. Sorry, madam.
Urgent lah. Will the Skulduggery Pleasant movie be shown in Singapore? Wow you guys stick to your country like super glue. Yah the nonsense I know it will be shown in SG, all movies will.
Bha bye. :)

Star Lord said...

Hello everyone!

Star Lord said...

Lord Landy, could you include some of your mose ever-faithful Minions, in a book?
Also I will tell you, without properly telling you who I am.
Ahem... In the Character Competition, which Charlie Smith won, I sent you Dakota Lake.
Please don't say my real name or I'll probanbly die.
Cheers, Sarthacus.

Star Lord said...

Hey, didn't I suggest Johnny Depp as Skulduggery in an erlier Blog?
I think I did...

Anonymous said...

Derek if you are reading this go on bebo and answer my emergeny question about the competition in your mail box thing.....IT A EMERGENCY!!!

(cause if you dont i will go onto one of your signing fairs and kick your butt so hard that you will fly around the earth three times then end up on a desert were you will get eaten by a CAMEL!!)

thx for reading and im being serious pls go on bebo !!!

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

lol Alek, that was funny and Sarthacus your name can't be any worse than mine .. seriously

us minions in the book itself now that wouldn't be good.. but a dedication ? ... (nudge nudge) just saying :) it would be pretty awsome..

if were not included ... well I'll replace alek's camel with a dinosaur .. yes it is possible .. I think okaii who knows but still :D

-munchkin ninja penguin out

p.s. if my ks1 english books were any good I think a nouns a thing verbs somthing you do adjective is somthing that describes an noun and an adverb is somthing that describes a verb? is that right Derek because if it is then I can stop looking at the work I did in ks1

p.p.s did I have no brain in ks1 because this work its dreadful!

Anonymous said...

plus i forgot to add gr8 interview!!! I love the fact that you like chesse!!! But then not really cause im not aloud to eat cheese cause it makes me go hyper and then i strt breaking stuff for no reason!!! hahahahahahahahhahahahah


Star Lord said...

Fudge-Cake, are you insulting my name?

Star Lord said...

Lord Landy, do you always wear black?
Every interview I have seen with you in it, you are wearing a black shirt.

Anonymous said...

lol Fudge-cake good idea with the dinosaur hehehehe......i just relised that i will have to get some massive boot!!!

BUT nothing could beat my bad writing you even read my name....

Noun = Name
Adjective = ...i dont know
Adverb = describes a verb
Varb= doing word eg run

thats wat i remember .... plus i just relised that im going year 9 aswell :)

Anonymous said...

I relised that i relise a lot of stuff evry day lol and i ment to say that you can't even read my name! lol

Lillian Faye said...

Ahhaha great interview Derek and Laura. I also said about Johnny Depp for Skullduggery, all that time ago when I posted everyday. Great minds think alike? Yehh I guess my mind isn't so great.

Anywho I love the fact that really you love the blog Derek, I told you that you did. I had you sust all along see. I bet you don't even remember me huh though. It's allright. I am just another one of your 'minions' I guess. Your also commenting? This is a suprise.

Well tata for now Mr Landy.

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

no of course not I would never insult anyones name ...

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

p.s. have any of you got mass effect 2 ?

Star Lord said...

Okay, good.

Star Lord said...

I don't have Mass Effect 2, no.

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

:O gasp you need to get it :O its amazing and mass effect ...

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

Geckogirl said...

okkkk Laura you are so cool. your blunt and witty and most of the stuff i wish i was.

i hate it when someone insults me and i just walk off and then later i think "damn! this would have soo been a good come-back"

so here is who i think should play a few of the characters:
Skulduggery: now i was thinking Johnny Deep but now me is thinking Benedict Cumberbatch,David Tennant or wait no deffo one of those 2!
Val: erm..tough one. me ovs but im not gonna audition if they are held becouse:
a. i have an awfaul Irish accent.
b. the only good accent i have is my own or posh snobbish one.
c. my mum and dad probs wont let me anyway.
d. its a one in a million chance (although i can act :D)
so...i'd have to sayyy..nope wait. still me :)
seriously though not to sure bout val.
Gastly: i agree with Laura (i looked him up and i didnt know unill i did :D)
Kenspeckle: Laura's right again.
Billy-Ray: laura is wroooong! no i could not imagine Brad Pitt as Billy-Ray! erm..hmm..but i dont know who. thinking more John Travolta but more menesing.
China: Laura's right again.
Tanith: Angellina Jolie.
erm...i dont really know any more. but i deffo think for skulduggery you should have either david or benedict


moment over.
geckogirl out

Anonymous said...

Did I miss a Q&A? How did you two meet?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Making the Legend said...

I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT!!!!! *i hope * THE GUY ON THE BACK!!!!!! its the ASSISSIN we dont know about yet!!!! The one Laura mentioned in part 1!!! We don't know any characters at the moment that look like that-- unless someone changed their stlye and i dont think that happened --so it has to be him!


ahem, I am pretty excited. I ordered Mortal Coil and am counting down the days until it arrived. I had to wat a MONTH after Dark Days was released before it arrived. Hopefully, I'll get Mortal Coil within a week after its release. *I cant wait! *

Anonymous said...

hhhmmmmmmm... are you sure? i mean wouldnt it make more sense to put a character thats actually in the book on the back of the book?

Star Lord said...

Is everybody just copying what I said in the previous Blogs?
It's highly annoying.
Just like, for example, if I was Lord Landy and someone stole the idea of Skulduggery Pleasant and made it into a book.
now you know how annoying it is!

Star Lord said...

Lord Landy!
Oh Lord Landy, I entered the Trailer competition but set it on the wrong book!
Can you please accept another entry from me?
Also just so you know I sent the trailer with the clicking, and the "Get what we need to get what we need" at the end.
Please reply!

Anonymous said...

Laura, those werid questions came from the mind of the queen of all purpleness. but i do have to say i and surprized the yhou dont like pickles. they taste good when they are alone.

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

see trailer competition is just to ... complicated for a mind like mine so I'm going to even bother entering...

the only irritating thing is I have loads of clever little thoughts in my head but no idea for the music so meeer

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

knight fantasy said...

my comment, both of u in THIS blog really sounded like valkyrie and skulduggery.
Are irish people always like this?...

knight fantasy said...

hell of course jonny depp should b skulduggery!
he was BORN 2 BE HIM!
tanith, totally angelina jolie.

knight fantasy said...

correction on the second comment of mine:
b)when i say sanguine, i mean billy-ray

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...


knight fantasy said...

oh and derek, would u mind reading ur wednesday(yesterday)'s blog. my comment.try thinkin this is a favour from me.

knight fantasy said...

cheese puff?

Harly Ryker said...

Always crazy? Well all the ones I know are haha. Including me.
AND THEY NEED TO BE IRISH OR ABLE TO PUT ON A GOOD IRISH ACCENT! Unlike the crappy one Ewan McGregor put on in Angels and demons. Still a good movie.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

This was seriously QUITE epic. Thank y'all SOO much for doing it Master Derek and Lady Laura! And thanks for answering some of my questions too! It was all awesome. :3
I totally agree, pickles are gross. Do you think that too, Master Derek?
Oh my goodness! Catherine Zeta Jones is PERFECT to play China! I can't believe I never thought of her! I still think Josh Holloway is Perfect to play Sanguine, though.
Laura is right about a lot of things, but thing she is wrong about. :3 You are totally awesome Mr.Landy. *nods enthusiastically*
Hey Laura? Would you Please do a guest-blog?? I would really love it! Pretty please with...umm...your absolute favorite fruit on top? ^.^

Liz said...

what are Timtams??

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

UGRK Jonny Depp would SUCK playing Skulduggery.
You would need someone sarcastic and acidic who could pull of the hole big-ego-skeleton not a pretty boy like Jonny Depp.

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

angelina jolie again would SUCK as tanith. But yes it must have Brad Pitt in although i can only ever picture as the vampire out of Interview with a Vampire.

Making the Legend said...

I wanted to enter the trailer competiton, BUT I LIVE IN TEXAS!

*sniff * I feel so excluded....

I had a great idea and i was talking with Sarah about it, then she mentioned... Its only for EUROPEANS!!!!! *sobs loudly *

I was just in Ireland, does that count? or the fact that my mom grew up there? What about the fact that I'm an Irish citizen? or that my whole mom's family lives there?

*sniff sniff* Well, I'll go live my life knowing that the trailer isnt going to be as good because I dint get to enter with Sarah and ther rest of the Texas SP Army...

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

Molly you can have my space .. I'm in england half my families in ireland .. I was christened there and probably wont enter because I'm confussed about music :)

-munchkin ninja says peace out

Unknown said...

Mr. Landy,

Me and my friend molly find it completely unfair that you have to be in the UK to enter the trailer competition. We are probably the people who'd win the competion, so excluding us is not cool. Not cool at all. So I think the competion should include the U.S. We are the people who need the trailer!! Word should be spread of SP, and it should include us.

Making the Legend said...

Yes! Thank you Sarah! And Fudge Cake! This is an outrage! Did you know that just the other day, i found out that I could not enter a short story contest because it was for CANADIANS????? And now the country that I love, The author I idolize (that would be you, Derek Landy) is doing, this, this, CRIME? --screaming at the heavens-- WHY? WHY??????

*sigh * well, i do hope you feel regret, guilt, or another bad feeling for us in the U.S.A. Hmph.

Unknown said...

has anybody, including you GOLDEN GOD, read Darren Shans new book The Thin Excuter? sorry if i missed spelled

Derek Landy said...

There have been a few questions about the book trailer competition, so I'll answer them here.

Thor, it's totally up to you how you want to tackle it, or what books you want to draw from. We don't care what you decide to do, we're just looking for it to be cool...!

And as for why is this competition for the UK and Ireland only, it's quite simple- it's because the competition is being run with Waterstones, who have bookshops only in Ireland and the UK. If it was run with an Australian bookstore, it'd only be open to Australians- the same with America, Canada, Germany, and everywhere else.

Most of the competitions we run are completely international, such as the Create a Character one, but with others we are, unfortunately, forced to restrict them. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

thank you, oh mighty golden god.
and auditions...?

Unknown said...

I know you might not be making a movie, but I would possibly be a good Valkrie. I actually never thought of this until you said many people asked about auditions. Anyways, moving on. I love the relationship you have with her, it's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Living in Australia, and growing up here has been awesome, with my life revolving around pavlova, Tim Tams and lamingtons. yum. As Avotica has so kindly provided us with some info on what it is, I'm here to tell you how it can be used in a "Tim Tam Slam"
It's basically using the Tim Tam as a straw for a hot drink. What you gotta do is bite a corner off on one end, then bite the diagonally opposite corner off as well. Then, stick one of the bitten corners into your drink and, clamping your mouth around the other bitten off corner, suck as if you were drinking out of a straw.

Then, after maybe 2-3 seconds of sucking, quickly, quickly quickly put the WHOLE ENTIRE THING into your mouth. IF you don't you'll end up with chocolate mess all over you.

The principle is that the hot drink melts the chocolate inside while travelling up the porous biscuit and therefore, you literally feel the Tim Tam simple melt in your fingers. It's really super yummy, so I suggest going to ebay or something and buying a packet. Works best with coffee or hot chocolate, but can also do with cold milk or tea.

Hope that's enlightening!

Unknown said...

Bah Humbug Mr. Landy. International contests are the way to go.

Unknown said...

i have to say best friend and i ARE you and sounds creepy but it is the friend refuses to read your books just so you know....which makes her Laura.........i have read them several times......which i guess makes me you...........this was great and Miss Laura if you would be so kind as to write a guest blog that would be amazing :)anywho........loved the books......really wish you would tour somewhere close to me............

Anonymous said... are an amazing interveiwer,you know that? Just like alot of them, you kindly get under their skin and dig deep enough for them to get deeply pissed with you. It is, i have to say, fun, to see, or rather, hear of laura geting pissed! ROCK ON GOLDEN GOD!!!

Tanith Low said...

OMG the only thing i took out of that was the fact that u don't know what a tim tam is i HAVE to say i am OUTRAGED. THIS is a tim tam,,r:4,s:0 ok so yea like go on ebay and by some (yes, i'm series there actuly THAT good anyway yea, um , bye

Derek Landy said...

Khalida- pffft, if ALL irish people were as funny as Laura and myself (but mostly me), Ireland would be a much funnier place...

Thor- you're asking about auditions? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?? After what I say about them in the BLOG???


Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

lol this is funny ^^^ .... I think i'll sit back and watch... and quite possible laugh at this soon to be disagreement ... ^_^

-munchkin ninja penguin says ... this is getting old :3

SkulduggeryPleasantRulz said...


Avotica said...

I'm glad some people appreciate my information about Tim Tam's. In case you didn't, here it is again. NOW, I am SICK of hearing about them. Seriously, they are just biscuits! Get over it! And I hope Derek will post it in his next blog, or at least read this, so the confusion can be handled. Seriously.

Anyway, about TimTams:

Internet Proof. I think I even saw a old man using it as a straw for his tea. We do that a lot too, but usually I do it with hot chocolate.

They are avaible in Australia and Canda full time, and in America each year between October and March...


But there is a similar biscuit, you may have tried: Penguin!

Apparently, the Penguin biscuit was there first, Tim Tam's are based on them, and there is much debate on which is superior.

By the way, has anyone seen those Old Spice ad's. I love them, they are really amusing. He has a YouTube channel, so look him up.

Star Lord said...

Lord Landy, PLEASE accept another trailer from me. I have told you which one it is (If you still don't know, look further up)
I REALLY want to do something cool for once.

Star Lord said...

Lord Landy, are you getting Shattered Dimensions in September?
I (Hopefully) am.
It looks GREAT!
You might not like it though.
*Sniffle* I was just trying to tell my Lord Landy about a new game coming out.

Derek Landy said...


Yeah, I like Penguins.

Wow... what an anti-climactic end to THAT topic....

Sarthacus, you can send in another trailer, no problem.

Thor, have I told you that you have an awesome name? Because you do.

Star Lord said...

Thank you, Lord Landy, THANK YOU!

Star Lord said...

Lord Landy, thank you SO much for letting me make another trailer.
Back to Gaming, are you getting Shattered Dimensions?
You can look it up on YouTube. I love it!
Hope you like it.

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

AHAA Penguins! .. I have never tried using a penguin as a straw ike you do with tim tams but I want to now! ... :D

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

hmm penguin straw :3 very nice and very messy ... I was going to go on facebook but I have 124 notifications so avoiding that

... stupid tags I never made them .. seriously need new games for my xbox so I don't get bored again ..

Oh hey yeah that was me suking I want some new games but my mum said NO! and I went :(

any way to stop myself getting bored I'll sing the song I made up in Asda :) ....

OHHHHH my name is chinese pretsel, I sit in gum trees drinking vimto on beef jurky , I have a teddy his name is bucket he's made of gym socks and half a puppet .... ^_^

- munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

Star Lord said...

I much prefer the Xbox 360 to the PS3.

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

Sarthacus you have just earned my respect in one sentence ^_^

Star Lord said...

Lord Landy, do you have an Xbox 360 or a PS3?

Star Lord said...

Xbox LIVE is cool.
Much better than Ps3 Online, or whatever you call it.

Star Lord said...

Fudge-Cake, have you looked up Shattered Dimensions yet?
It's great.
Hope you like it!

Star Lord said...

Even better, it's for the 360!

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

okaii :)

OHHHH ... my name is timothy the tim tam, I'm made of choclate, Im used to slurp hot drinks but ony a few droplets ... I'm very simialer to penguins but taste better, please dont waste me though because Im not bigger ^_^

Unknown said...

Somehow... I don't know how... and it is very strange... this reminds me of my brother/father's sense of humor... my mind has been blown.

Anonymous said...

thank you Mr. Landy!
would u would like to know how i got my name?
(its a very interesting story if i do say so myself.)
i shall tell you. as a baby, because my family has some Greek ancestry, my mother nicknamed me Zeus (the Greek god of thunder/lightning), but my dad told her that Thor (the Norse god of thunder/lightning) is a much cooler god. so the nickname Thor stuck. and when it was time to name me, well yes. they named me Thor.
i personally like my name quite a bit. im glad you do to Mr. Landy!

Harly Ryker said...

I got my hair cut today. It is now just below my shoulders and layered. I like it quite a bit.
Ah, waterstones!How I love you. I'd marry you if I could. I Practically live there.
Can I ask everyone something? Everyone has a childish thing they like, no matter what age. What's yu guys's(?) ones?
Mine is......
HELLO KITTTY. <3 <3 <3 <3
(") (")
(! !)
Harly Ryker.

Saoirse Equus said...

Derek! A friend of mine in England has a Bebo account and she's asked me a couple questions for you about horses. You have replied with a 'maybe' so I'd just like to ask, if its still a 'maybe' then thats fine. But because Laura loves horses, Will you or are you going to put horses in the books?

Also, Do you like pirates of the Carribean and if you ever do come to America for book Signings, PLEASE com to Bend, Oregon. After all, you did mention Oregon in chapter one of book 2 so its only fair. XD Good Luck in writting the rest of your books, looking forward to all of them. :)

Anonymous said...

and, Mr. Landy, im not asking when and where the auditions are (because i read what you said in the blog), im asking you to please tell us once/if they get schedualed.
thank you again for the comment on my name!

shewhofallsupstairs said...

awsome blog!!!! i really have to commend you for that laura. for actually putting up with it for this long!!!! especially if your sitting in an uncomfortable armchair. you know you should sue. thats what id do. or send it a death threat to scare it. id do that to. i threaten alot of people.

soooooo welllllll im goin on a foriegn holiday on sunday you know. does anybody here want anything italian???? well it would also help if i knew you so i could give it to you.

i am currently sitting here writing this while wathching riverdance!! i am sooooo weird!!! do any of you ahve a nicknme??? my friends call me chandel because my last name is McCrystal. you know like crystal chandeleir!! it is sooooooo random!!!!

okay.... what was i goin to say?????? oh yes now i remember ( clears throat)
is bomb shell one word or two????

okay world my 13 year old cousin just told me that he was shaving this morning!!! life is full of surprises isnt it????!!!!

oh Harly Ryker my childish obsession is scooby-doo!!!!!!!! HE ROCKS!!!!

f.y.i i am a victim of the faceless ones, have gone insane and now think that i am in love with timothy the tim tam, who is made of choclate, and whos used to slurp hot drinks but ony a few droplets ... whos very simialer to penguins but taste better, please dont waste him though because hes not bigger

bye bye world!!!!
oh and one more thing....... IS australia real??? because if derks unsure so am i!!!!

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

Ahaa my songs a hit!

Star Lord said...

Has anyone checked Shattered Dimensions yet?

Star Lord said...

My childish thing is probably... Spiderman.

Star Lord said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I've had tim tams and i live in the U.S.! How cool am I!!

Anonymous said...

Sarthacus, your childish thing is quite awsome. i would have to say mine is Batman.

Star Lord said...

Thanks, Thor.
By the way Shattered Dimensions is a Spiderman game.
You really should look at it on YouTube, It's about a tablet that gets shattered at the 1st part, and you have to play as 4 different spidermen to get it:
Noir (1930s)
Amazing (Normal)
2099 (2099 year)
Ultimate (Black suited spiderman)
It... Looks... BRILLIANT!

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

I got my nickname Jinx because of the fact Im a white witch and because I supposedly told a girl her dog was gonna die then it did the next day which is totally not true (if it is I cant remember) if anyone was interested but I seriously doubt anyone was -sits in corner eating cookie- MY COOKIE

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

yeah that is rather true I am way better than them with my killer sense of style and my intellect lol
thanks for the concern adore the name by the way
how'd you come up with it

penguin said...

Hey, hey, hey!!! Derek how dare you say you like penguins and not say that I have the most awesome name in the histoery of the universe, and maybe a bit father!!! I rock, I have the most bublely atitude and I'm alowed to die my hair, These are a few of the things that make me a great Steph/Val!

my thorts for the charaters...
Skuldug: David Tenant/ Jonny Depp
Val: Me
Tanith: ??? (i think I forgot her name)
Gastly: ???
Flecture: Joseph, my boyfriend
and no idea for the other charaters???

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

there might not be a movie . and I agree with the David Tenant idea . i was thinking about him as skulduggery yesterday.

Anonymous said...

oklemme just say whoever gets skulduggery in the movies, they would only use the VOICE as long as they nailed the voice they could do it

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

ha-ha brilliant
this is all at 21:40 AT NIGHT
we were sitting in the sitting room and my mam turned to me "Katie I want sweets do you?" she asks me "kinda" I answer she picks up her purse walks out the door 20 minutes later she comes back with three large bags of crisps 3 large chocolate bars and 3 bags of rainbow drops


Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

Ahaa my mums insane to lol I get my insanity from her as for my dad well hes my video game buddy :) ...

My child hood thing "/ is SPIDER MAN ... I know it's already been said but I though long and hard and couldn't think of snything else my dads has always been the one to take me to the spider man movies ... and Harry potter ... anyway

IM HAVING HIGHLIGHTS PUT IN FRIDAY ! ^_^ I'm super doper exited im getting copper red and blonde :D

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

p.s.when Harry potter stops mabey if you make it the Skullduggery Plesant movies could be our new movie :)

Unknown said...

I think that you should post a picture of laura on the blog anyway, Mr. Landy.

Valkyrie said...

Derek Landy you are so awesome. I totally wanted to go to your Dark Days down under tour but couldn't. Is there going to be a Skulduggery pleasant movie made.

Anonymous said...

Sarthacus: you ment SpiderMan Shattered Demensions? that game looks awsome!
i must buy it.

Unknown said...

WOW.awesome idea by the way, the interview. Oh! have you seen the Skul-man comics on facebook by Emily Good? there sooooooo funny, check em out, heres the first ine, you'll have to press previous for the other ones, there realy funny!!/photo.php?pid=245476&op=34&o=global&view=global&subj=54064762985&id=100000022726669

Elena said...

Sorry to bring it up again, but tim-tams are SUPERIOR to penguins! SUPERIOR!

Voicing doubt here: But I really have my doubt that that comment was the real Laura. It didn't sound like her. At all. Was it Derek/Golden God/ Mr. Landy?

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

OHHHH ... my name is timothy the tim tam, I'm made of choclate, Im used to slurp hot drinks but ony a few droplets ... I'm very simialer to penguins but taste better, please dont waste me though because Im not bigger ^_^ ...

there you go Mollie theres something you might enjoy and agree with its a number one in the tim tams hits! :3

plus nicola our names are extremly simalour :D

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

Star Lord said...

Thor, what's your favourite Dimension in the game?
Mine is: Noir.
Then comes 2099, Ultimate, Amazing.
If you go onto Google, and type in "Spiderman Shattered Dimensions", and go onto Wikipedia you will find out who all of the villans are!

Star Lord said...

Um... Hello?
Nobody's commenting, which is unusual...

knight fantasy said...

thnx darek. didnt know u were teally payin attention. Waah, did u made my day! really am honoured that u reply my comment! but still, bare this in mind, I WILL NEVER CALL YOU GOLDEN GOD! once again, thnx!

knight fantasy said...

argh! did i type 'teally'?! i meant 'REALLY'!

knight fantasy said...

i read one of the comment and i just saw someone said that he/she is just another 'minion' so u probably forgot about him/her. but that's bside the point, I AM NOT UR MINION!!!! THARE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT I AM U HEAR ME?!!!!! I AM NOBODY'S MINION!!!!

knight fantasy said...

and again i made a mistake! sorry, 'it's actually "OH MY GOD"

Harly Ryker said...

BATMAN IS AWESOME!!!!! Obessed with it since I was 6. Scooby doo! I remember that! another thing I was obessed with. Spiderman is awesome also.
How I got my name.....
Well, I love cars and bikes.(though I'm too young to drive, and I doubt my mum will ever let me drive a bike. =P) My fav bike is a Harly, so I figured that would be cool. I wanted something like Rider, Cuz I see life as road. Some of it's smooth, some of it's bumpy.Sometimes what you see around you can be awful, but hopefully,something beautiful will be there at the end. I figured Ryker, cuz it means strong power, and I like to think that everything I've been through, being adopted,being abbandoned,deaths,illnesses,bullyng,everything, has made me stronger.:)

Star Lord said...

Harly, that's a great way to get a name.

Star Lord said...

Ok, I've just Pre-ordered Spiderman Shattered Dimensions!
By the time I've finished Mortal Coil, I'll still have time to get all of the clues I need to find out what the next book will be about, and play SMSD!
SMSD stands for: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions.
Lord Landy, why don't you look at it on YouTube?

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

cool , I didn't realise it was Greek.
If anyone wants to know my childhood thing was batman and spiderman
oh I saw my dad yesterday for the first time in 13 years and my goddess he looks so old and he is bloody insane. seriously are all parents insane or just the ones over 40? lol
and I think my step sister might be part monkey she wont stop climbing on things lol

knight fantasy said...

hey derek, can you teach me( or rather give me tips) on how to make a series stories without actually creating curiousity from the readers like your book(skulduggery pleasant)?

knight fantasy said...

mine is also the same as you all. i like scooby doo, batmn, supermn, ultraman and, well, u know. all the 'man' at the back of it.what 'bout u derek?

Anonymous said...

Sarthacus: Noir. no question, thats the best. then 2099, ultimate, amazing. definately.. do they make Noir comics? i would read that!!

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

okaii this is my choosen name ... Nicolette Croga

Nicolette has the same meaning as my name, it means victory of the people and is Greek, I have always liked this name but never thought it existed until i looked it up ...

Croga is Irish for Brave/Strong I am half irish and thought to represent that my surname should be Irish and I simply picked a word that best descripes me as a person and the thing that have happened in my life :)

so please now call me Nicolette Croga ^_^

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

Star Lord said...

Thor, Noiublished in 2008.
The only series of it that I know about has a gruesom title: Eyes Without A Face.
If you go onto you can check out all of the videos, screenshots, characters, and where to pre-order it from if you want an Alternate Suit.
I would go for, because you get the Iron Spider for the 2099 Dumension. The others, you already get in the game with codes or by completing challenges, or by doing cool combat moves.

Fudge-Cake, nice taken name! You should change your display name: Fudge-Cake to Nicolette Corga.

And the final slice, for our great, honest, cunning, scared of serial killers, godly, Lord Landy.
Could you please include some of your minions, in book 7, please?
It would make my life to be in something famous!
And also, are you getting Spiderman Shattered Dimensions?

Star Lord said...

Ah, sorry, I meant: Noir comics were published in 2008, and 2099 Dimension, not Dumension.

Star Lord said...

Night, all.
P.S Derek could you make another Blog page? Sorry if it sounds rude.

Anonymous said...

Sarthacus: thanks for the tip! il check all that out!

Violet Night said...

Laura seems cool, she's right about the minion thing. I have two questions, a)Why do you always post this blog sooo early in the morning? b)Is Haggard based on the real Haggard in Ireland or is it just a name?

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

thank you Sarthacus and thanks for the suggestion done that now should come up fingers crossed :)

for all of you confused people out there it's Fudge-Cake I changed my name :) im the one who made up ...

OHHHH ... my name is timothy the tim tam, I'm made of choclate, Im used to slurp hot drinks but ony a few droplets ... I'm very simialer to penguins but taste better, please dont waste me though because Im not bigger ^_^

:D hope you like the new name

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

Ciara said...


Why didnt u say u were in Kilkenny!!! The one chance i get to see the golden god and i didnt know u were in town!!! *sigh*

Dont worry, ur still awesome... :D

Star Lord said...

Thor, web swinging dosent look like it has a rythm, like in Spiderman Web of Shadows.
It looks like: you just pull the right trigger, and Spidey shoots a web and swings on it but only in the same direcrion as the control stick is pointing.

It might not be so, because I've timed the swinging of each person playing it, and each swing lasts longer or less than the other.
Noir seems to web-zip everywhere.

Ok, this is quite worrying now!
I think it will be freaky in the 1st person sequences if you're up against Vulture, and it's midnight!

This Blog is really cool!

Good night.

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

Ahaa ... night

Liliana Pitchblack said...

I agree, you should post a photo anyway.

Do you think she'll agree if I send her a stick as a present? ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Star Lord said...

Ah... Good morning, all.
Thor, don't you think that it's a shame they had to do the Symbiote/Black suited Spiderman for the last dimension? Personally I was hoping for maybe: 1602 Spiderman, Spidergirl, or maybe even Spider-Carnage.
Perhaps not, as Spider-Carnage is quite evil, but perhaps the others.
What do you think?

knight fantasy said...

i know all of u dont care if i'm commentin or not, but derek, IF, u're gonna answer my question, plez dont do it or answer it in this blog. cause u c, i'm actually forbidden by my dad to use the computer. my result was really bad.i wont b using the computer for a while, but if i can use the computer again, i'll b sure to open ur bog 1st darek. EVERYONE PLEZ WISH ME LUCK FOR MY TEST THIS MONTH SO THAT I CAN BUY MORTOL COIL AND DARK DAYS AND ALSO USE THE COMPUTER TO CHAT WITH U GUYS AGAIN, that is if i PASS. really gonna miss u guys.hope to c u guys soon .c y'all later! bye!

Star Lord said...

Good luck, Khalida!

knight fantasy said...

sorry, correction:blog

knight fantasy said...

thnx sarthacus!

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

Good luck Khalidi hope you pass :3

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

Good luck, Khalida hope you pass!!

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

lol Kallista .. my plan is to wake my mum up really early on the realese dat then run to water stones ...

and thanks for the compliment on the name :3

-munchkin ninja penguin says peace out

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

p.s but I'll have to be careful did that in April and only got the 2nd to last book

Anonymous said...

I was wondering:
How did You meet Laura Derek?
Loads of people have mentioned it and I for one and fustrated, because i dont know. and i dont like not knowing tings.
So please tell us!

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

just thought y'all would like to know
so boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

Harly Ryker said...

GOOD LUCK! Come back to us soon!
I know. I'm totally excited for Mortal Coil, but it comes out the day I go back to school! It sucks, So I'll have to wait to about four O'clock before it's even possible for me to get it. Boo.
And cuz I like making lists and can't wait wait for christmas, I'm writing my list for my parents. video camera for me,video camera for me, video camera for Harly, oh video camera for me!
stay weird.
(hello kitty says hi!)
Harly Ryker.

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

-sits at computer reading web-comics nursing giant bar of aero chocolate- I think my intentions are clear lol

Star Lord said...

Grrr... Thor, where are you?!
I need to talk to you about SMSD!

Dragona Pine said...

Right, sorry for not posting for a few weeks, ive been on holiday.
First Of All, Mortal Coil comes out when i have to go to school, i am going to hopefully (fingers crossed) going to get it after school.
Second of all, Derek, you and Laura have a really 'Interesting' link, reading that, was almost as funny as the books, and i can tell that Valkrie is based on Laura.
Third of all, Oh god damn it, ive got nothing to say, anyway, I'm going to go check out the rest of the interviews and everything else ive missed, I'll post after ive read everthing (it may take a while)

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

lol - still eating chocolate- nom nom nom

Dragona Pine said...

I wonder if that's a world record for all the blogs since 'A Call To Arms' Read and check the times!
Derek, is Laura like Valkrie, in your opinion, or is she like Darquesse? I am asking this because Valkrie and Darquesse are the same person (kinda) so I wondered which personality is she most like?

@Sarthacus Bolt - whats SMSD?

Dragona Pine said...

wow, it took me around 20 minuites.

Star Lord said...

Hi, Dragona.
SMSD stands for: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions.
I'm getting it for the 360 in September.
the link for the website is:
When the 4 faces show, click on the second, and you'll see why Thor and I think he's the best.

Star Lord said...

It's good to have you back, Dragona!

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

boredom sucks!!!!!!

Star Lord said...

By "He" I mean Noir, the guy with a 1930s costume.

Star Lord said...

I know boredom is boring, because it makes people bored, making things more boring, and the really boring things are like boredom Hell, boring people to their boring deaths.

... That didn't make sense, did it?

Me said...

"Skulduggery MUST have a bright blue Robin Reliant as a replacement car"
THAT WOULD BE AMAZINGLY RIDICULOUS! I agree that should definately be the next replacement car. Strange, I'd never even heard of them until yesterday when I saw one on top gear...
Coincidence? I think not...LOP!
And it'd be a great way of killing bad guys- just try to turn a corner and you end up crashing on them!!! Im suprised they didn't advertise them like that- "need a car, but only have a motorbike license? Want to look absoloutly ridiculous AND kill those pesky ninjas at the same time? Well the robin reliant is the car for you!"

Me said...

Oops I probably just replied to a comment from ages ago- not on this page of comments anyway. Oh well.

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

not at all sarthacus not at all
and I adore Robin Reliant's I want a lime green one when Im old enough to drive

Kate Stuart-Smith said...


Kate Stuart-Smith said...

What's your favourite car Mr Landy?

Anonymous said...

Dragona: Listen to Sarthacus. the awsomeness of Noir (and SMSD in general) is never ending.

Anonymous said...

ah hello Sarthacus. in response to your question on my wherabouts, i am here now, if you wish to continue our discussion.

Anonymous said...

andd for my 3rd comment in one sitting: Sarthacus, yes i agree with you. giving symbiote spider man his own dimension is very strange. i think Scarlet Spider would be a better 4th dimension, personally.

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