Monday, February 15, 2016

Desolation Publication Date Changed!

Hello children.

February already, is it? Dear lord, where does the time go?

Into the void, that's where. Into the void with all the PLANS we make and the PROMISES and the GOOD INTENTIONS and the LIES... Ahem.

I'm busy. I'm working away. On what? Different things. Some will see the light of day. Some will not.  That's what happens. I've pretty much started the third and final Demon Road book, which is good, since my deadline is HILARIOUSLY close and I have an awful lot of work to do. But there are so many distractions! So many different projects to work on!

But I must focus. I must.

So, right now, my publishers are busy nailing down UK and Ireland tour dates for Desolation. First thing I have to tell you is that the release date has been changed, pushing it back a week to April 7th. Not that much of a big deal, and there are a load of external factors involved in the decision. It was explained to me but I zoned out. It's something to do with... something. Anyway, whatever, it's out on the 7th, although it will be available to buy a few days earlier at certain locations on my tour.

So, roughly, from April 3rd to the 7th, I'll be in Oxford, Manchester (don't know if it'll be available to buy early here, will check), Liverpool, Birmingham and London. Irish dates include Dublin and Kilkenny so far, from the 8th to the 10th.

As soon as these things become solid, I'll post them.

We're doing our best to have something cool happen in London, so keep your eyes peeled, ladies and germs. Awesomeness awaits. And possibly nightmares. Which is awesome in itself.