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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Review Competition

A few hours ago I was sent the finalists for the Gordon Edgley Book Review competition, where people had to review books that they (or anyone else) had never actually read. These reviews were BRILLIANT. We got some of the best, most imaginative responses back, and it was not easy picking winners.

But picking winners is what I had to do, and so the winners are Patricia Snake, Sophie Carter, Ella Corkum and Katie Roberts-Malpass.

Huge congratulations to the winners, and a huge congratulations to EVERYONE who entered. You have kept me entertained...!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NZ Dates

Finally, we have the New Zealand details...



12:30 PM — Whitcoulls, Riccarton Mall — public signing

5:30 PM — The Children's Bookshop (in Riccarton School Hall)  — Talk, Q&A, Signing



12 PM — Whitcoulls, Queensgate Mall — public signing

5:30 PM — The Children's Bookshop, Wellington — Talk, Q&A, Signing



11 AM — Whitcoulls, Sylvia Park Mall — public signing

2:30 PM — Whitcoulls, Albany Mall — public signing

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ooooh ToS Registration Video...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Australian Tour Dates

NZ details to come as soon as I have them, but it's looking like I'll be visiting Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland from the 2nd to the 4th of October.



SUNDAY, 5 OCT, 3:30 PM: Readings, Carlton

Talk, Q&A, Signing.

MONDAY, 6 OCT, 4 PM: Dymocks (Westfield Shoppingtown)



TUESDAY, 7 OCT, 2 PM: Dymocks (Rundle Mall)


WEDNESDAY, 8 OCT, 11 AM: Brighton Performing Arts Centre

Talk, Q&A, Signing (Ticketed but free)


THURSDAY, 9 OCT, 11 AM: Westbooks

Talk, Q&A, Signing. (Ticketed but free)

6 PM: Dymocks, Garden City

Talk, Q&A, Signing. (Ticketed but free)

FRIDAY, 10 OCT, 10 AM: Dymocks, Morley

Talk, Q&A, Signing. (Ticketed but free)


SATURDAY, 11 OCT, 10 AM: Dymocks

Talk, Q&A, Signing.


SUNDAY, 12 OCT, 2 PM: Dymocks, George Street,



The Midnight Hotel end-of-tour celebration.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Theatre of Shadows

Minions! Operatives! With just over two weeks to go, the countdown to Theatre of Shadows has truly begun. There are only a few tickets left, so if you want to take part in an ASTONISHING ADVENTURE THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD* then please book now to secure a place in Dublin!

(*May not actually change the world.)

Today marks the launch of the Theatre of Shadows microsite: here you'll find galleries, an archive of all the messages so far in the hunt for Silas, and all the news to come. Just click the link ENTER THE DARKNESS from the main Theatre of Shadows page. We've built this specifically to include all the American, Swedish and Norwegian Minions — who until this point have been unable to register — in order to have a truly global experience.  There'll be heaps more to come, and for anybody not based in USA Sweden or Norway, don't forget to register for the online Theatre of Shadows Mystery here.

The microsite password will be changed regularly so keep on here. First one to get you started though is… RESCUE.

Wondering what on earth I'm talking about?

Theatre of Shadows is an immersive fan event like no other… on Saturday 27th September, those lucky enough to secure a ticket will be taken on an adventure inside the world of the books. I'll be there, along with the incredible LARP (Live Action Role Playing) specialists who have helped produce this madness. There'll be role-playing, problem solving and an amazing quest to tackle. The event is tailor-made by yours truly and I'll be writing a brand new short story, inspired and informed by YOUR participation, on the day! Which means the brave actions of ALL the Operatives – Live and Remote - stand a chance of entering officially into the Skulduggery history books.

Once you've registered and are heading into battle: remember to leave a REFLECTION behind to keep friends and relatives quiet. Our shiny new Reflections Hall of Fame app is now live on Facebook. I want to see your preppiest, most saccharine outfits and expressions people! Remember — you Reflections are the goody-goody two-shoes version of you, so smile, be happy, and be the "perfect" version of you that you can be! If you'd like to share these as your profile pictures then all the better. Mention #TheatreofShadows so that other Operatives will know you're in on the secret.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fun Times


What a few days.

The Requiem Ball was beautiful chaos. People came in ballgowns and jeans and tuxedos and T-shirts, but everyone was wearing a mask, and everyone was equal. The Bleeding Heart Crypt was where the first book was launched, way back in 2007, and so it was a fitting venue to see off the final part of the series. I laughed, I chatted, I posed for selfies, and then I signed.

And it was a good day.

The signings in Ringwood and Bournemouth were great fun, and of course Bluewater was as manic as ever (five and half hours of signing books and chatting to people... yikes...). On Sunday I did my first event for this tour, and I read out a few bits that had been cut from the first book, all those years ago. And then I signed for a few more hours.

And the response has been exactly what I was hoping for. The one thing that was so vital to me was to give the series a fitting end — an ending it deserved. My mission was to both confirm and confound your expectations, and by what I've been reading online, it looks like I've succeeded.

And the most awesome thing? The lack of spoilers. Sure, there are spoilers out there, but most people have been really considerate of others. Even in the Spoiler Zone to this very blog, folks are content to talk AROUND the subject, rather than address it directly. This is HUGELY appreciated.

The book has been selling really well, from what I hear. I loved the excitement generated around the Black Edition — minions were waiting for stores to open and then rushing inside, trying to find those hidden tomes. It was, in a word, awesome.

And now I'm wrecked.