Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Award? For Me? Oh Goodness...

Yes, yes, it’s true... I truly am a golden god.

Thanks to you, my minions, Skulduggery Pleasant has been voted Best Irish Book of the Decade- something which kind of took me a little by surprise...! Not that I don’t think it IS the best book of the last ten years- because I do, I do!- but because I never thought a book for younger readers would actually win. It’s been quite a hectic few days, what with interviews, statements, more interviews, video games...

Naturally, I don’t need anything to add to my ego- which is healthy enough as it is, thank you very much- and so the biggest kick I got from this whole thing is that now, finally, I have proof that my Munchkin Army and my Ninja Leprechauns really are as powerful as I imagined.

Soon, we will strike.


I’m compiling a list of common questions you’ve been asking in the comments section, so the next entry of this accursed Blog will probably be spent answering them. In the meantime, please enjoy some zombies,, brought to you by my very good friend Jay. I think a few of you will definitely find these cuddly creatures of the undead to your liking...

Also… happy belated birthday Odile! (One of these days I’m going to be on time with birthday wishes, I swear I am...)


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Anonymous said...

1st comment!

Anonymous said...

ok, actually read it now.

You definitely deserved it-the book was A-MAZ-iiiiing
plus, i like the zombies :D tres cool

Also, i want to know what you thought of Glee going Gaga on Monday!
I thought it Rocked!


Anonymous said...


Lillian Faye said...

Yay go Mr. Landy!!! Well done! Congratulations! You really deserved it. I helped, aren't I cool :D

I am suprised not many people have commented yet. Strange.

Oh and if some nice person, such as Joe Odile or Sky etc etc would tell me what has been going on in the last plog post as I have been in London for the past two days and have not been able to get on (obviously as my laptop was here at my house) then it would be very much apreaciated. Taa!!

Oh and if it helps, you were on time for my birthday... wellyou were early :D:D:D Which does not bother me at all:P

COBPUDLGAP!!! (Btw who is part of this?? Tell mee!!!)

Lynn x

Unknown said...

mr landy............ahem................
STOP TORTURING ME !!!!!!!! pleaseeeeee post the back cover SOON, you said it would be last week! :(.............. pweety pweease (puppy dog faace) i need to see it !!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, this calls for a song!

a book full of magic
helps the tragic
go down the hackett
then you will be happy
oh i wont get very sappy
but skulduggery makes me happy!

hollies said...

congrates on win tht shizz its cool
*cough cough* voted so it was all me the books deserve to win big time.

i have to tell u tht ur books have inspired me to write i am 2 chaptiors into my own book:O)
but i stiil cant spell to bad

i sir am the best of ur munchkinarmy and i am awaiting orders

here is another question i add to ur list WHEN ARE THE VALKYRIE CAIN AUDDITIONS.
i really really want to now and u sould go on ur bebo profile more often cause those comments are buildin up Mr.Landy

and lenka Glee goin GaGa was off the hook !!!

ok ok i will leave u in piece for now.
Slan go foill
agus is brea liom ag leamb skulduggery pleasant

Troy Cavalieri (FireBrand Sleuth) said...

Remember, my birthday. 2nd of July. Don't forget. Please don't. I'm very lonely and I would appreciate it if someone actually important remembered my birthday. Please sir, for the children. No, child. Is that right? Child? Forget it. For ME! And now i will say random things about me that you dont need to know.

My favorite color is black. My favorite animal is a tiger-wolf. I have two pets, a dog and a cat named Lola and Boonie. My sister is about to enter college. My favorite book is Skulduggery Pleasant. My favorite movie is James Cameron's AVATAR. My favorite TV series is ABC's CASTLE. I have two pets, a dog and a cat named Lola and Boonie. My sister is about to enter college. My favorite book is Skulduggery Pleasant. My favorite movie is James Cameron's AVATAR. My favorite TV series is ABC's CASTLE. My favorite food is popcorn. My favorite drink is Dr Pepper. My favorite color is black. My favorite animal is a tiger-wolf. I have two pets, a dog and a cat named Lola and Boonie. My sister is about to enter college. My favorite book is Skulduggery Pleasant. My favorite movie is James Cameron's AVATAR. My favorite TV series is ABC's CASTLE. My favorite food is popcorn. My favorite drink is Dr Pepper. My favorite color is black. My favorite animal is a tiger-wolf. I have two pets, a dog and a cat named Lola and Boonie. My sister is about to enter college. My favorite book is Skulduggery Pleasant. And my favorite person is MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

There. Did you learn a lot about me?

Anonymous said...


Valora Destry said...

haha those zombies are so cute! i love the jocky! congratulations on winning (i already said that in the last blog, but whatever)

"You're like our own little vegetable."

Priya said...

Congratulations! Your books are truly an inspiration to us all. Particularly for insults and threats... how *do* you come up with them all? Sir, you are a genius. Has your ego grown more yet?
I really need to join one of your armies... only as a filler. I'm planning on World Domination myself, you see. The plans do recquire a lot of caffiene to be made...
Okay, rambling over. Um... wait... did I hear mention of video games?! Is there going to be a Skulduggery Pleasant video game?! If so, I reeeally would like more information coz that would be so amazingly brilliant, the Universe would be hard pressed not to explode out of the awesomeness.
You do realise I'm not going to be able to sleep now? I'm going to be awake all night, pumped up on adrenaline. Hm... maybe I'll read The Faceless Ones. Oh, I like that idea! I'll do that.
Good night!

Ayries said...

Oh my god! Wow! That's brilliant! It deserves exclamation marks! Indeed! Woohoo! Etc!

And then you go and give us incredibly adorable zombies. Whatever would we do without you? Die of boredom, I suppose. Not a nice fate. Oh wait, you said your ego *didn't* need stroking. Errrr, you're dreadful and awful at witty banter and your eyes are haunting my dreams in the worst possible way. There, much better.

Speaking of questions, I have one, if that's alright: how much of an effort do you make in regards to the Skulduggery Pleasant being 'equally staffed' so to speak gender wise? It struck me on a readthrough recently how awesome all the female characters in it were. I mean Tanith, Valkyrie, China... all epic win.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Mm-kay Lynn ^.^ not much important was said though.Let's see...

Balaczter said that Caramelldansen was Japanese and Moonshine said it wasn't that it was Swedish.

Aimee =] said, "Seems to be alot of peoples birthdays coming up *Cough* June 12 *Cough* ;);)"

Then Balaczter said "'Leek Spin' by Miku Hatsune is Finnish." and that it was getting off topic facepalm.

Then Joe wagged finger at Mr.Landy in motherly type of way saying, "You DID shake hands with Eion Colfer, right?Be a gud sport, now..."

Avotica said, "Have you considered killing Stephanie off?" and Geckogirl, Irresistably EVIL!!! and I got a little crazy at that idea.Then Irresistably EVIL!!! explained this little occurrence of Skul, Val, Avotica and Irresistably EVIL!!! had over that idea and crazed yelling of killing off Stephanie.

Then Irresistably EVIL!!! discovered that we both have accounts on gaiaonline, we commented in forums about Skulduggery Pleasant, and we both live in Louisiana near New Orleans.Furthermore Irresistably EVIL!!! asked Mr.Landy to join and become our friends.
Also she said who would win, Derek Landy or Santa?

Then volcaneo-gods made a four question poll and Miep put them up on her sight here also said, "who would win this fight remus crux or scapegrace. by the way this is before remus goes -$$$!CRAZY!$$$-"

Kirsty asked and I informed her the number of days 'till the release of Mortal Coil which is now 93 days from today.I also said I thought Remus Crux would win.Volcaneo-gods said I was crazy and that Scapecrace would win and pointed out the stupidity of Crux.I noted that fact and said, "have you seen the utter deficiency of talent Scapgrace has?lol"

Miep said that the reason publishers don't offer you anything 'till you're 18 is because "You're a minor and that would be quite illegal."

Oh yes and somewhere up there Moonshine exclaimed that Mr.Landy had won the book awards and I was aghast.Yet I got over it and congratulated him. ^.^

volcaneo-gods then questioned whether we remembered that, and I quote, "DO YOU GUYZ REMEMBER WHEN I SAID I WAS GOIN TO DO A SKULLDUGGERY DOCOTOR WHO CROSSOVER?"then said that he(?) had started it and was going to upload it to his blog.

Oh and Joe said how he remembered he was dead and I pointed out that he also still had my badges and if he didn't return them soon I'd have to send my dragon, Oblivion to kill him once more and once again acquire what rightfully belongs to me :P.
That was pretty much the important parts of it.I know 'twas a lot to read, yet much smaller than what was actually said, believe me.

So now YAY!!!!Awesome!Congratulations once again, Mr.Landy!!I honestly never really doubted you would win :D I just wanted to be told by you.You and your books are so undeniably incredible that I was certain loads of people would vote.Possibly many times in order to get you yet another reward you definitely deserve ^.^.
Thanks for the link.I just simply adore zombies :-] I'll most definitely have to check that out.


"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

P.S. Mr.Landy I apologize for the excessively long comment if, that is, you read the whole thing seeing as most of it 'twas merely a re-run of what was said in the last comments after Lynn left.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Oo oo by the way, Mr.Landy!I have a question!!What's your favorite color??????I desperately wish to know!!

Minnie said...

Congrats on the win, Derek! =)

Anonymous said...

hey, im bored, so i will make everyones head explode. who is your favorite caracter? i will love this, all the caracters are so great and all. everyone of them are awsome, and funny, and you just lurv them(i added that to make it harder to choose).

Minnie said...

My favorite's Skulduggery. He's just so Pleasant! He's awesome and hilarious and nice and smart and mysterious and heroic and gentlemanly while totally not snobby and, and, just really fun to read about!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you won but poor old E. Colfer :( pity there isn't two prizes. I mean I know your books are brilliant but he is going to write another book in the hitchhickers thing and now he is going to have to wait another decade!

Monique said...

Yes I agree, we will strike soon. We will march and cheer and wave our skull and crossbones to onlookers who will shake their heads and mutter something that I will dismiss until later on. We'll wave our arms and attack our enemies until security comes and we run away, heroically run away of course. Congratulations, Derek for your wonderful creation wowed many and won you the best book of the decade. I mean, I'd write a book too but...what of my poor assignments which the teachers have yet to give me? They will be ignored of course. Beware Derek! I'll win a publishers contract one day...

Aimee =] said...

=] Congrats :) You deserved it Derek ^.^

Holly said...

Congratulations, Mr. Landy!
*works away feverishly on a secret prize from teh internetz*

Jack said...

Mr. Landy, YOU STINK!!! Ego gone down a bit yet? Anyway, congratulations, etc. etc.
What I really want to know is... *drumroll* have you ever eaten a tim-tam? So yeah, that's my question, hopefully random enough for answering. So answer it. Now. DO IT OR I'LL HIT YOU WITH A SOGGY LOAF OF BREAD!

-HB/Joe- said...

LYNITH! IT IS ALL A LIE! (so is the cake, but that's another story, folks!) SKYRIL IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH!


It really went like this.....

skyril was all like "im so damn happy that lynith isnt here! XD" thhen i was all like "how could u? we all love lynith around here" and then she was all like "but shes always so stupid and all" and then insanity was all like "lets sacrifice her to derek" and then skyril was all like "yeah!ive still got an altar!" and then kirsty was all like "ummmmm" and then Derek was all like "Heyyy, no need to sacrifice her, i already hired an assasin!" and then skyril+insanity were all like "oohh ok" and then i was all like " no way man! u cant assasinate ur greatest fan" and then i all like broke the ninja leprecaun rule NO 1, (which is always listen to derek) so i could destroy the assasins which looked like super cute cats but then i was all like "whhhaat!!" and they were all like "mmewieiwoeoewow....MEOW!!" and then their cheeks wabbled and shot out lazers, and destroyed the eiffel tower, and then it crashed on top of them (this is when u thought there was an earthquake, lynith) and tehn i saved the day. Again.

AND thats the real story.

btw, im still dead.

Valora Destry said...

your gonna answer questions? well i got one, have u heard of hilltop hoods? theyre an aussie band who have epic songs, you should listen to chase that feeling by hilltop hoods. so what type of songs do u like generally?

"You're like our own little vegetable."

Lillian Faye said...

Hahaha Sky, Joe, I do love you. Sky very many thanks for the update, sounds like you all had fun?? :P Joe very many thanks for the 'truth' it made me laugh :)

Haha hugs to you both :)

flaring rhythm said...

*Dies* CONGRATS ON THE AWARD!!! ;D I heard you on BBC Ulster and DIED.
Ok, ok here's a question,
(This is based on bebo comments you've said to me and other people)
If Skulduggery was in his sixties when he died- but looked in his thirties...
Then why is Tanith in her eighties and looks in her twenties???? HMMM? I formed that question when I was sitting in maths...Fractions or Skulduggery Pleasant. Hard choice.
OH oH OH! At my birthday party (Which was a couple of weeks ago but i'm only getting round to telling you now...) Me, Druna and Shakra went into a restaurant and the waiter looked EXACTLY LIKE FLETCHER. And we all screamed...It was AWESOME.

g2g now, Got exams starting tomorrow...
Oh crap.
I've got exams tomorrow...

Love n peas n rubberduckzilla,

Becky Allaker said...

Derek, surely this CAN'T help with your ego! XD
But, anyway, WE HAVE FOX NEWS ON SKY! Oh, and congrats, of course, but I said that on Bebo, so. THE AMERICAN NEWS IS AWESOME! And I can think of nothing else to say... this... this is bad.

Avotica said...

Sounds like you've been having fun. You enjoy that, while you still can...

Anyway, could you please tell us about this character that won the award (Sorry, I've forgotten his name, I've always been bad with names)

I can see from earlier comments that I have been matched in my long comment series, so I'll make this one short.

By the way, those zombies are really much to cute. And I hope you have some proper villians in your new story. Make it more interesting.

Naomi Wiflath said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naomi Wiflath said...

Re posted cause its 6:30 AM and I cant spell.

In celebration, here is your skulduggery Caramel Dansen

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Skulduggery is a work of genius (though you already know this and I'm not sure I should be stroking your ego any more) and you totally deserve the award! I'm glad my vote was put to good use!!!

Also, thanks for the zombies! XD Rather amazing!

Lillian Faye said...

Omg Naomi that is really cool! Well done, very weldone. I am impressed.

Making the Legend said...

thats a pretty big title to have. Irish author of the decade. thats a pretty big period of time. dont let it go to your head. I heard people with big egos are not fun to be around. NOTTTTTT FUNNNNN.

well, congrats!!!!!! I always knew it. I am physic. PHYSIC I TELL YOU!!!!!

Sorry... I'm still hyper from last night's taekwondo class.

I stayed up all night reading the first book again (for like the 4th time). it was epic. I always though that serpine's hand was just red, but I discovered that it's red because he dosent have ANY SKIN!!!!! And what color is the Bently??? I thought it was light blue, sarah and sana thought it was silver, and I dont know.

dont forget to tell us when the auditions for Valkyrie cain are. If they have already passed, i will go bezerk.

well, on that note, goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Wahey, congrats! I'm glad my vote counted. Let us know when you want the revoloution to start- I've read Les Miserables so many times that I'm a bit of an expert.

Rosie said...

Would they be zombies of the flesh or brain eating variety, may I ask?
Nonetheless, they're the cutest zombies I've come across...
And congratulations, Derek.
And again, may I ask:
Were you born awesome or did it develop over time?
And how can I be awesome?
And I apologise for threatening to over-throw you as our leader in the comments of a past blog. What, you didn't see the comment?


Rosie said...

And again, I would request of you to check out chameleon circuit(the band that plays songs about Doctor Who)


volcaneo-gods said...


I commented about me writing the doctor who skulduggery pleasant crossover. Then we renamed Derek Landy "He who shall not be named" Then Skyril exploded. I visited the doctor and told him can i use his tardis. He said no and i punched him thats why his jaw is like it is. then i climbed into the tardis listened to the song Type 40 by the chamelon circuit so i knew how to work the tardis i went back in time and saved skyril from the explosion. but then derek was erased from time somehow and the best irish book of the decade went to eoin colfer so we chased him into a lake. THEN inferno joe remembered he died.

Thats waht happened.

I have the longest quote on the site.

i forgot it. it will be in the nest post. i love the carameldansen thing

Too Many Zombies said...

Thanks for mentioning my little zombies, dude. Nice to see them going down well with your legions of fans - Skullduggerites? Is there a term?

To clarify (for Roisin) - they are the flesh-eating variety. That's not to say brains don't get eaten but they aren't out specifically for brains. Think of them as a side dish. Or entremets.

Congrats on the award!

Rosie said...

volcano-gods likes chameleon circuit? Le gasp.

Rosie said...

Thanks for clearing that up TooManyZombies!
Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Of course you won!
Pfft! I am INSULTED!

All jokes aside, congratulations! You deserved it!

Anonymous said...

@too many zombies, on a skulduggery rabid fan page, we decided to call ourselves skulheads.

Rosie said...

I have a ANOTHER very important question for you, Mr Landy.

A question that has left countless greats at a loss for words for centuries. One that'll make you question the very fabric of your being. Some have gone insane just contemplating it.

Pirates or ninjas?

Lillian Faye said...

@Too many zombs, loving you work, very nice idea. And very nice term I like it so from here on we at COBPUDLGAP or know as Skullduggerites.

Ohh yeeehhhh.

Come, join us fellow Derek Landy fans. We have T-shirts ;)


Anonymous said...

And btw, what does COBPUDLGAP stand for again?

Frances.Elly said...

congratulations (:
i voted, too!!
and my birthday is tomorrow (:
and congratulations again (:
okay i think that is enough...

oh yes and i want a t-shirt, too!!!

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

WHOOP!!!! congrats on the award. I know this question is so very cheesy but have you got any tips for someone who wants to be a writer Mr Landy?

Anonymous said...

Congratulatioooooons, Mr Landy, have a whacking fish as a prize to knock out evil ninjas~ -hands fish over on a golden platter-

Aherm, many many congrats! I'm glad to tell you that your books are only beaten by the damn, accursed Twilight series (I don't think they really count, so you're at the top!) of our school's top twenty authors.

And my question: Would you consider letting Skulduggery Pleasant be turned into a manga or comic series? I would buy every single damn volume. :ooooooo

Another thing... Did you realise that a fan art of Skulduggery got a Daily Deviation on DDs are like top awards for the best of artwork on Deviantart~ It's got something like 4,000 favourites. :D

And, uh, for anyone interested (I hate bringing this up again... neeeeehh...) - that's a progress video on my version of Skul Caramell Dansen. :3

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Haha Joe oh *yes* that's exactly how it went, but why on earth did you have to go and tell Lynn? :P

Yeah 'twas fun ^.^.

Flaring rhythm that's interesting.Did he question why the heavens yall were yelling at him?

Naomi Wiflath that's epic!haha

Ohhh that's correct volcaneo-gods, but wait...I think someone used some type of mind confuser your not right...

Roisin delightful question!So what does everyone else say?Pirates?Or ninjas?Dun-Dun-Dun

CleoLamora it stands for, Comment On Blog Posts Until Derek Landy Gets Annoyed and Posts.

Skyril :D

Unknown said...

Irish Book of the DECADE!! Thats a whole 10 years! 10! All of your fingers! Congrats... that is awesome(not that i thought you wouldn't win!).

oh, and since your next blog is supposedly answeriong question... What color is the Bently?!
'cause i think its silver, but my friend seems to think its blue, and so on.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Hm I thought the Bentley was black...

Making the Legend said...

He never really gave a refrence to what color it is...

I'm the friend who thinks its blue!

*hi sarah :) *

and now that there's a discussion about the color of the Bently, You HAVE to tell us what color it is Derek Landy!

Defekte said...

There wasn't anything brainwashing involved in getting you the award, honest. Also, it's my birthday on the 10th, I can has a birthday message? Things are going good over at the facebook page, we're having a short writing competition, I'll make sure the winning entries are on the page so you can read them if you're interested. - Cory

Unknown said...

* hi molly!*

yes mr. landy... there are now two people who need you to tell them what color the bently is......

(i still think its silver)

volcaneo-gods said...

oh yeah skyril your'e right i forgot about the brain washing bomb because it brainwashed me to forget it.

So i see the epic disscussion of pirates or ninjas has come to even the best sites in the universe.

the question shall never be answered until



One irish grumpy author is gonna answer the question on his blog. well thats stupid.

this blog comment section has more writing then the blog. that is so friction.

Bethany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
volcaneo-gods said...

hey check out this skullduggery video
by the way the bentley is black as in the first book at gordons funeral skullduggery drives away in a black car. duh

Bethany said...

I do believe a 'Congratulations' is in order, so congratulations on winning. You know you couldn't have done it without us. Just shows the power of the internet too.

I have a question, though. Well, not a question exactly... more a wondering. About the movie. Is there even going to be one anymore? I asked you when you visited Habbo whether casting had started and you said it hadn't, so I was just wondering what HAS started, if anything?

Lucid Kook(Riki Fresh) said...

I feel happy. Usually I would not feel happy for anyone but myself but I am happy for the book winning. So appy in fact that I'm having someone type this for me while I run screaming my joy to my neighbors. I'm sure they think I'm a pyscho now. I wanted to say, also, that your blog turned out to be a brizilion times better then mine. Which I was not expecting. Maybe it's cause I'm not an author. I got one comment out of the four I posted that wasn't my own. I have one follower but she's not really following me. So congratulations Derek Landy. You have one best Irish book of the decade and left me in shame.

Anonymous said...

ok, about the bently, here is a derect quote from the book: "she (stephanie) opened the front door just as a big BLACK car (the bently) turned out onto the road" it is black, the same color my favorite continder for pirates vs. ninjas: MY FELLOW NINJAS RULE!!!

Genesisnx said...

I thought it about time I linked this too you, specially now since it won an award on Deviantart hoho!

I was pretty shocked to wake up and see that, score one for Skulduggery fanart on Deviantart! Oh, and here is his victory pose.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.
You're the guy (i mean, you Genesisnx) who did those! I saw them on the Skulduggery site on Facebook and they were AMAZING.
me, personally, suck at any thing related to drawing. I know every other SP fan wants to be this but i really want to try out as Valkyrie. But well, i'm not getting hopeful ;) i know it's a fantasy, but heck, i could sure as hell try.

Anyway, thanks

Naomi Wiflath said...

Genesisnx is not a guy, LOL.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Indeed, it nearly flew from my mind as well volcaneo-gods.
Haha I like what you did there.
Aha!I was correct!'Tis black!
Man she's a little creepy lol.I suppose she is one of those insane fans.

Genesisnx those are both especially epic!I'm not surprised you won!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Hey my dad reminded me of some questions to ask.
If you would be coming to America when would that be?And when you come to America it would be to Louisiana *right*?And when you come to America it would be to New Orleans *right*? ;->


Valora Destry said...

*sigh, its raining, and raining, i actually think this is the most rain NSW has had since 1949. wa!!! whats the weather like their? its summer right now there right? im hopeless with the whole southern-hemisphere-has-the-opposite-seasons-to-the-northern-hemisphere. And i will be so jelous if your weather is bright and bubbly.

Kirsty =)

Josie said...

I don't like you at the moment, Landy.

Remember New Zealand and the black envelope with the letter? You're a difficult person to contact, you know.
You said you'd write. But of course you didn't... even though you said you would.

Well it's a cruel life, isn't it?
You probably don't care anyway. But you should read that letter again. The one you said you liked.

And you should really write back.

-Yours truly, Josie.

Lillian Faye said...

Kirsty here in the UK it is full sun and very hot :D Which is strange for UK weather but no one is complaining. Apart from weirdos. And yes, summer here :D

Also CleoLamora read Skyril's post as she has it pretty much nailed. Also of course you can have a COBPUDLGAP top! But they are for members only, hint hint!!

Unknown said...

hey well done by the way

i have a theory that skulduggery could be fletchers dad.
because his mum is dead
skuls wife is dead

and fletcher could be lying about his true age som think about it and alo in sp 4 it says about fletcher and his dad

Anonymous said...

@rebekah ( same as my name and spell it the same way) well, skulduggery saw his kid murdered right in front of him, and with that head ofhair im sure skul would reconize him. even if he had differnt hair at the time, he would probley reconize his own kid

Making the Legend said...

alot of peoples moms are dead. I dont think that Fletcher is Skulduggery's son. Nefarian Serpine also killed Skul's kid, i dont think a skeleton could have a kid with another human.

I was wondering-- how old is Skulduggery???? On his profile, it said that his DOB was 31/12/1906, but I'm seriously dobuting that. didnt that war with Melovent last something outragous like 100 years???? Then Tanith was born just 12 years after Skulduggery, but she wasnt around for the war. I am very confused.

that was less confusing in my head.

I guess im asking 2 questions:
a) How old is Skulduggery???
b) How long did that big war when Skulduggery was killed last???

Anonymous said...

*sorry for my last post, i meant 'person' not guy, person.
British weather is getting to my head :S
again, sorry

but yeah x

Anonymous said...

mollyy,skulduggery was born human and had kids befor ehe was a skeleton. on his profile, it olny goes back as far as 1906 and valkyrie complains that it is "ageist" and in truth is is like, 300 or 400 years old (aleast when there were opirats, thas ow he met ghastly), likly older. and the war it said was a few hundred years. Any other questions?

volcaneo-gods said...

have a question how come wehen your in the shower and the water rushes into your ear it feels like your underwater.
oh hears the name for the skull doctor who crossover.

"A tale about a very (Skulduggery) Pleasant Doctor (Who)"

iSN'T THAT VERAY CLEAVER. see what i did there with the word clever i spelt it like cleaver.
See when you take the words inthe brackets out its called.

"A Tale about a pleasant doctor"

I'm super cleaver. i finnaly got the first book. i have had all the other books fromt the month they came out but i never got aroung to gettin the first one until now of course.


Unknown said...

Are there going to be any Valkyrie Cain auditions. If so when and where?

mouuuse said...

What are your thoughts on Global Warming?

Lillian Faye said...

Oh I do wish that people would stop going on about Valkyrie auditions. You know I bet that they arent even doing a movie and it is all a rumour and Derek is laughing at all of you!! However even if they were making a movie they would get REAL actors, not just some crazed fans, no offence dudes, but it is probably true. Not only can you people probably not act at all, you will have had no experience! Just because you love the book so much and your as much of a crazed fan as I am, doesn't mean you can pull off playing Valkyrie!!! We were all talking about how the film must be as extrordinary as the books and the only way that can happen is if a good actor is chosen for the parts.


Anonymous said...

volcano-gods, i know you were the first, but i put a ZDIRECT QUOTE from the book about it. lynith, i am actually a preety good actor, so i might have a chance

Lillian Faye said...

Hahaa Insanity, bit full of yourself are we ;) Haha!! Im not saying any of you were bad actors, but I was saying I wish people wouldn't go on and on about it! I mean heck I could have a good chance as I adore acting and I try and get into as many of the school plays as I can. Doesn't mean I think I could pull off filming an entire movie where I would act the main character!!!

Geckogirl said...

btw volcaneo-gods when u do finish the skulduggery/doctor who cross-over INFORM ME ASAP! doctor who and skulduggery pleasant are 2 of my obsessions (others include merlin,outnumbered and many other random things such as geckos and alpacas) they are both amazing and if you dont inform me ASAP i will hunt you down and stuff cheese up your nose! UP YOUR NOSE I SAY!
also i agree with you Lynith. every1 does obsess over valkyrie auditions and they will never get picked (although i am the perfect age,size and person to play valkyrie im just sayin) will there even be a movie? im not so sure but i hope so!
G.Wicks thoughts on Global warming....erm basically its bad but to be honest the earth warms up and cools down on its own (eg. the ice-age) so it might just be natural but we might be speeding it up so the earth might be fighting back and trying to destroy man-kind. just my opinion btw (soz i did not use sciency language its coz im seriously thick) also wth are u asking that on derek landys blog? that is just seriously random and boring! on this blog we only discuss things amazingly cool and random or skulduggery plesant. also we make up the odd song or story every now and then.
im feeling a burst of randomness comming, it was just my tummy rumbling. im gonna go now and get food. preferably cheese.
but before i go i have a question: which is better: lord of the rings or harry potter?
ovs i would say lord of the rings but what do u think????
answer or face the consequences (which would be feeling so guilty because it would make me cry if you didnt *sniffles*)
i shall finish with my fav quote: "skulduggery,I'm real."
"That's the spirit."
"no,I mean I'm really real,and I've come to take you home."
"your an odd one. Usually my hallucinations do alot more singing and dancing." -Skulduggery and Valkyrie in Dark days.

Geckogirl said...

wow...that was one long post

Lillian Faye said...

Go Geckogirl :P:P

I also thought that asking about global warming on here was incredibly boring... I thought it was just me!

Lastly I agree with you. Lord of the Rings is like one hundred thousand billion million times better than Harry Potter!! I love Lord of the Rings.... especailly Legolas :P:P

Haha how many posts today have I done now???!

Unknown said...

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................. mr landy do you not understand that if you do not post the back cover i will attack you with a WET sponge *muhahaha* please mr landy........ im begging you :(

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Hey Lynn I didn't know you lived in the UK.Imagine that...

Rebekah good theory had you not seen Mr.Landy's interview saying that there would not be any children of Skulduggery's popping up.

haha yes, your very cleAver volcaneo-gods.
Though what is it you mean?You just got the first book?

I know precisely what you mean Lynn!

Agreed Geckogirl.Let's not speak of such things as global warming.
I think I probably prefer Lord of the Rings as well.Though I'm only speaking of the movies since I've merely read the first book of each series.

Ah Lynn I ADORE Legolas also (Hm I'm in an agreeing mood today am I not.)But I don't think I can actually decide between him and Gimli because there so funny as a pair.Did you see that part in the uncut version of the movie when they were in that bar and were drinking to see who could drink the most?Then Legolas said something like, "I'm feeling a slight tingling in my fingers." Then Gimli said how he knew he'd win then fainted from drinking too much?Hahaha That's probably the best part.


"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Man my comments are always longer than I intend them to be.

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

Heh-heh. Check this out:

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Ha wow that was pretty good!I figured 'twould be hard to understand as she rushed through trying to say everything that happened but 'twas fairly easy to comprehend!:D

Cluainn Fhada said...

Flaring Rhytym?

From Shakra Flame?Captains Subtext's Awesomely insane crossover thingie?


Question for Derek now.

Can you get them to reprint the first editions' style for the first one?
Someone *glares at Jimmy* stole mine.

Unknown said...

Hi there! I live in the U.S.A and I was wondering when Dark Days will be released over here? I tried calling Harper, but I got lost in their labyrinth of answering machines. I looked at all of the bookstore's catalogs, but it was nowhere to be found. I even wasted an hour of my life looking it up on Google! It wasn't there! Google ALWAYS has an answer! At this point I am about a week away from shipping it over from the UK or something (I would have done it sooner, but the stingy side of me won out over the fan side.) Should I lose hope with the local bookstores (who will serve chocolate and t-shirts based on sparkly-stalkers but will not order the newest release of the-best-book-ever)? Thanks. - Katie and Clarissa

Unknown said...

OMG! I'm so happy that you won! You totally deserved it... best book of the decade! This will prove to my brothers once and for all that you ARE the ultimate in awesomeness.

Also, to all the other books that could have been book of the decade... SUCK IT. He he he... (immature laugh)

Red Right Hand said...

Finally, now everybody shall know the unyielding power of our mighty wrath...

Lillian Faye said...

Hahaha Sky, yup all U.K!!! Why is that 'imagine that'??? :P

And Sky, defo Legolas, all the way. But I agree him and Gimli make an amazing pair. But Legolas wins because he is way way waaayyyy hotter ;) Haha! And no I havent seen that, I shall go find it later hehe.


-HB/Joe- said...

i got to about halfway of the comment stack and decided to stuff it. who needs to read everything, right?


DEFINITLY NINJAS! Thats why we're called the NINJA lepracauns. DUHHH...

um im still sgt. joe, ok? just cos im dead doesnt mean that u can not call me by my proper title.

btw, i LOVE the zombies. ive been spending 3 hours looking at them, and still havent stopped laughing! good work!

-HB/Joe- said...

lol are u guys talking about LOTR? Legolas for the win!!!

-HB/Joe- said...

mah fav part of that movie is when legolas takes down that whole oliphant, and when he finally slides down the trunk, gimli says "that still only counts as one!"

I lolled myself just thinking about it.

Naomi Wiflath said...

Sigh, I had some questions but i seem to have forgotten them?


Are there Werewolves in the skulduggery universe?

And why does skulduggery's birth date say 1906 when he claims to be hundreds of years old?

And is his favorite color purple? LOL

Geckogirl said...

i agree Lynith and Skyril Legolas is gud looking but i must say the Aragorn is much better :p!
Grrr! I have shakespeare homework but he is to darn deep and meaningful for me to work out anything about the plays he writes!
lol my mum is angry coz me and my sister are fighting so shes now waffling on about it to the cat. *sigh* sometimes i worry about her sanity. mainly because i have non for me to worry about....
erm what was i talking about again? meh oh well.
oh! i have the ultilmate question of the day!
who would win in a fight: Legolas or Aragorn??
now i think im gonna finish with a little song:

shakespeare oh shakespeare why are you so deep?
my homeworks so hard its making me weep.
no ones on msn,
so i'll cluck like a hen,
because im so insane (insane bom bom bom insane)

Mr. landy please blog again soon,
do you think that space cats live on the moon?
i think im gonna go now and eat some cheese,
my sisters perfumes making me wheeze.

ally pally said...

oh my god!!!!!! that is incredible!! well done!! of course it is well deserved because your books are the best of the last decade (and before!)

i am so chuffed cos we all helped and that means mmmeeeee!! so i helped. go me. i am great.

well done Mr. Landy you must feel very proud of your books! what have your friends and relatives said?

from ally xx

PS do you watch glee??
PPS do you watch britain's got talent??
PPPS do you know personally anyone famous??
PPPPS do you ever get recognised in public??
PPPPPS or do you never go out in public??
PPPPPPS how big is your house??
PPPPPPPS thats it for my excesive questionswi swear!

Ebony Orvil said...


Ok.... that page in my life is gone now. I am OK. I will stop laughing at your second name now Landy (at least for a little while).

YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!! SP WON!!!!! I VOTED FOR IT (3 times, I cheated with my mums and dads email) I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! SP TRULY DESERVED TO WIN!!!!! IT IS DEFO THE BEST BOOK OR TEN (or 1000) YEARS!!!

I went mad again.... oh well. I also read the zombie thing.... hahaha *sniffle.... whimper* hahaha it was scary and funny. Did you write it or was it by your friend Jay?


Ebony Orvil said...

also sorry i wasn't on the blog for ages.... i didn't read any of the comments because.... well i can't be bothered to read 98 (i only just saw what ally pally wrote)
how can you have the patience to read all those comments landy

Geckogirl said...

erm btw i hate glee. there i sed it please dont all attack me with vicious comments and then hunt me down and pelt me with pineapples! their so spikey!!!
i just dont like it for some reason. everyone says "yay glee!" and "im a gleek!" but i dont like it. at all. its to cheesy and not funny.
but i do love lord of the rings,doctor who (oh how i miss david tennant *sob*), merlin and most of all SP!! woot woot!
that is all.
geckogirl out....................................

Geckogirl said...

Odile u did the 100th comment and u havent realised yet! helloo! odile! u! did! the! 100th! comment

Lillian Faye said...

Hahahaha Odile, I laugh at you.

Geckogirl, I haven't even seen Glee, so thefore I have no idea if I like it or not. So what is worse? Not watchin or not liking? :P I also miss David Tennant, that is what drove me to buy a big poster of his face to stick up on my wall- don't judge me. Lastly Aragon is quite hot too, but when I first watched it I wasn't in to the whole scraggly hair and stubble look that he had. So therfore Legolas caught my eye first and captured a place in my 'fit metre' in which he shal always stay ;) Haha!!!

sarah wilkinson said...

in my opinion it think alec from twilight new moon in the volturi is fit, but thats just my opinion, sorry for talking about twilight :S i voted for skulduggery pleasant for the award so i had a part in ure success derek! lol :) i love skulduggery pleasant, and derek cld u pls make sure that the movie (if there is one) doesn't turn too childish pls.

Naomi Wiflath said...

Hmmm. Skulduggery Dansen on youtube

Anonymous said...

i shalll say again LOOK IZF YOU ARE WONDERING BOUT SKULS BIRTH DATE SAYING 1906!!! it is becasue agist people make it only go back that far. no farther. he is ATLEAST 300 years old

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

lol Lynn I just had no idea that you were from the UK so I was surprised.
xD yeah I suppose he You know he's the guy from Pirates of the Caribbean right?Though I can't seem to recall his name in that movie at the moment.

Indeed, that's what we were speaking of, Joe.That is a good part lol.Did you see the part I mentioned?

Naomi Wiflath that's as old as you can get on the sight of which you're thinking.

Geckogirl I like Aragorn too, but I wouldn't say he's *much* better.
Hahaha what's so strange about speaking to cats?I talk to mine all the time. ^.^ I even wish them good-morning and night.Wait....does that mean I'm insane??....Well I suppose I already knew no worries!
I like your song.You should get it published!:-P
(*whispers* hey!You want to know a secret?I have absolutely know clue whatsoever of what Glee even is besides a show.Yes, I know.Even a deeper secret than yours!)

Odile I cheated too!Mr.Landy's books deserved a lil bit of cheating.
By the way he probably reads them daily as do I.

Sky-(wait why do I keep putting my name at the bottom??Hm possibly I should stop...yeah)


"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

When I said "By the way he probably reads them daily as do I." I meant the comments.Not the books xD.

Naomi Wiflath said...

@insanity moonshine: You are making no sense! :D

It seems to me like a typo [On purpose? If they wanted to keep his age a secret, thy could have just put nothing at all rather then be misleading], or Mr. Pleasant is just lying about the extent of his history. Though Grouse mentions that he didn't support skulduggery's methods during the time of the war, which is saying that he was alive at the time.

Because poor grouse is so old, it's completely plausible that he was alive 300 years ago- and that what skulduggery has been saying is true.

But then why pot a weird number on the website? They can easily type in a number below 1906. So that's no excuse, unless Landy said that himself. In which it still isn't an excuse, someone call in a CSS and HTML specialist- Stat! o__o

Though while I'm thinking about the past, I wonder if there are any normal human wars that line up with the old war that Skulduggery and the others took part in. Even if it was 300+ years ago- its kinda hard to hide a huge magical war. If the date of 1906 was true, that would line up the war to about, WWII wouldn't it? That's more of a guess int he dark then anything, Haha!

Genesisnx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Minnie said...

Naomi, great job on the Skulduggery caramelldansen! It was amazing!

Skul's profile says 1906 because, he says, his profession (sorcerer) doesn't allow for people older than that. It's probably a law in sorcerer-land that they can't put a date before 1906, because this date probably goes on his driver's license and stuff, which mortals see, and they don't want mortals to know that he's older than 103 years old. Of course, mortals would get suspicious at that. Skul probably regularly changes his DOB to a more recent date to avoid suspicion. 1906 is probably what he put the last time he changed his DOB, and soon he's gonna have to change it again, so the mortals don't think he's that much over a hundred. That's how I understand it. I could be wrong.
But I'm sure he wasn't lying to Valkyrie about his age.

Minnie said...

Sorry. I meant 104 years old. I keep thinking it's 2009 when it's 2010.

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

WEEEE!!!! i just showed meh grandpa ur blog Derek!!!! he rote a book TOO!!! itz a finacial help book. you know, something with big words and financial referances that a normal person's head would explode over. XP .......god i hope he's not reading over my shoulder rite now... well i just came back,like, 2 seconds ago from alabama and let me tell you, i am so HAPPY to be home, and back at the computer to comment on this blog. MAUH HA HA HA HA!!!!! me and the rest the rest of your minions shall torture you endlessly with these comments Derek!!!! we are NOT as weak as you think!!! one day, we might even overthrow you, so you best be on your guard and keep us updated on all of the Skulduggery Pleasant happenings!!! *manically rubs hands together* nah i'm just kiddin'!!! we luv you to much derek!!!! i'm sure alot of us would gladly step in front of a bullet to save you so the books can live on. either that or you would use us as shields. i know youre not above it. ANYHOO, i'm writing a book right now called Scarlette and it's aout a girl who dies but becomes a "DARK SAINT" a somewhat heavenly demon who, along with her Blae Quinn and her gaurdian angel Dhalia will train to defeat the beast of Armageddon and lots of other baddies and beasties. it's coming along....okay. i've been having REALLY bad writers block lately. i'm in the middle of the 9th chapter, but i'm struggling for ideas. i've been watching tons of action,horror,and mystery movies and have read and reread all kinds of books *including SP* but nothing inspires me. it's only a rough draft right now so i'm thinking of trashing it but, i've grown attatched to the characters too much. i can't think of a world without them. *sigh* EMOTIONS SUCK!!!!!!! any advice for me???

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...


Naomi Wiflath said...

@Minnie Miracle: That's curious, I don't remember reading that. Can you tell me where that is mentioned?

Valora Destry said...

haha i was watching the third lord of the rings last night and i came across a breakthrough. LEGOLAS IS ORLANDO BLOOM!! i never knew that. so, yeah, i was pretty pumped up when i found that out. and legolas is way cool. are u a fan of lord of the rings? i think its pretty funky, cept the big battles go on for ages. and frodo annoys me. im sad to say that seeing as he is a main character, but really! he seems pathetic. oh well.

oh and for everyon out there who doesnt no who orlando bloom is, hes the guy from pirates of the Caribbean, you know, will turner.

Minnie said...
If you go to that link and look at Skulduggery's profile, it says, "Unfortunately, I'm not older than I look, but this whole enterprise does not allow for people like ME, people who were born before 1906."
The rest of what I said was my musing on WHY it doesn't allow that.

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Minnie Miracle: Now that is definitely curious, especially since I've been relying on the UK site. The US version was lacking pretty much everything for a long time. Why the missing bits from the UK?

However, I still don't see the use of this apparent 'rule'. [I still ponder whether or not its canon- I'd like to hear more about the issue from Mr. Landy.]

"...this whole enterprise does not allow for people like ME, people who were born before 1906." This doesn't really make any sense, especially if magical people can live well over a hundred years easily [Tanith is going to be approaching 100 soon.]

I can only take a wild guess that being ageist is someone who is trying to be immortal? We should also consider that Grouse is also close to skulduggery's age give or take 30 years. If this is a natural thing, why would there be a rule against it?

The Sanctuary, and other magical folk- probably have many means of forging identification cards so not reveal their true ages. I can tell you right now that someone born in 1906 would not have a drivers license now [in 2010], at least not with getting away with looking like they are still in their 30's. They would have to lie and put in say, 1975- and go by their apparent age- the age that they look.

As far as skulduggery goes- regardless if he has a license for driving [it may be that the magical community has their own set of licenses that can accommodate the aging issue, and will change accordingly or can be changed to fool normal folk if necessary. But I really don't imagine many mingle a lot, other then those who choose to try to live normal or double lives.]- no cop would allow skulduggery to go free with his face all covered up.

You can get in trouble just for having tinting that's too dark on your car, they will want to see your face and compare it to your ID. Plus, knowing skulduggery, it'd just have his skull face on it anyway. :/ Snarky boy, he is. And we knwo that its not really going to fly well if you show an officer an ID with a skeleton head.

Skulduggery is very well known in the magical community, its not some secret that he is over 300 years old. And I doubt it is of others too, there are probably a number of others as well [Grouse being one].

These are only some of my thoughts on the matter, but it makes me question the information on the US site and whether or not it's canon. It doesn't really make sense as to why it would be locked at 1906.

I wonder what Mr Landy's thoughts are on this?

Lillian Faye said...

My God is it me or do some fans read in to the story too darn much?!?! My brother is exactly the same and it drives me bonkers. Like he watches a fiction film in which someone does something impossible and then for the next week he will do his best to convince me why it is impossible!!! Even though he is just making it up because he is only 11 years old!!!

Lillian Faye said...

Oh and Sky I did post a comment for you but for some reason Iit hassnt actually posted :S

So it went something like this:

Hahaa Sky, yup alll UKness!!

And How can you NOT know who Orlando Bloom plays in Pirates of the Carabean he is like THE main part!!! Hee plays blimming Will Turner!!! Sheeshh!!! people these days! And I don't know that because I am sad, I am just good with name remembering.

Lastly I always put Lynn at the bottom of every post too... well mostly. Lol.


Oh and btw, who here has seen Alice in Wonderland and who here is obsessed with it as I am??!?!?! I love it haha so I am going to disrupt the whole Skulduggery thing going on and put an Alice in Wonderland quote at the bottom of this post :D

Lynn xxx

"The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?
Alice Kingsley: I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

Ps Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland of course!

Minnie said...

Naomi Wiflath: Hmm. Yes, you might be right.

But you know Skul would need a DOB for more than a driver's license. He'd need an ID for getting his house or buying alcohol or renting movies, which he'd get from people who might not ask to see his face. But he couldn't use his real DOB in those cases.
Granted, it would be kinda silly to use a fake ID that says he's 104 when he only sounds 30, but maybe he acts old when he has to do that. And as you said, sorcerers and mortals don't interact that much, so maybe the last time he had to use his ID, it was 1940 and plausible. I'm sure the last time he updated his DOB, it was plausible, around 1940. And since he doesn't have to use it often, he probably neglected updating DOB lately. It's the same with Ghastly. His profile says 1906, but if anyone asked to see his ID, he'd be in trouble and wish he'd remembered to update it to 1960. But he doesn't have that problem, since he has almost no interaction with mortals. And maybe he and Skulduggery don't ever use their IDs, and they're just ordered to have them just in case. Since many sorcerers do interact with mortals, maybe sorcerer-law forces everyone to have fake IDs just to be safe. And just the people who interact with mortals remember to update their IDs.

Maybe Skulduggery just TELLS mortals he's 104. I can just imagine some random kid asking how old he is. He'd start acting all old and be like, "I was born in 1906. Always was. Always will be. Not an INSTANT before 1906. I'm surely not hundreds of years old or a skeleton. I'm only 104. It says so on my papers, so it must be true." All the while, he's thinking, "I've GOT to update my papers." Haha! I'd actually like to see that. It would be hilarious.

Lynith: It is pretty silly to read too much into a book, isn't it? But it's also loads of fun.

Johanna said...

Well done! Mr. Landy!
I hope you enjoy it!
Not every day you get a award!^^°
I hope you are fine!!
Write more it's funny!^^°
(sorry for mistakes) :D

Anonymous said...

lynith, have you mastered the futterwacken?

Lillian Faye said...

Hahaha not yet ;) Ima gonaa study it, I bought the dvd today :D:D:D:D

Anonymous said...

Question from friend:
What are the last names of the Vampires?
My reply:
I think the last names now contain no symbol or meaning now they are a vampire. Either that and we don't really need to know.
But how do you know?


'Don't question me'

So another question for you, is if they do, what are the vampire's last names? And if they don't have any, then why not?
Just want to double-check x

Violet Night said...

Remember my Birthday, 20th of June! I will be a teenager at last! The zombies are very cool way better than any old care bear or cuddly toy.

Anyway, I think the biggest question will be "when is the movie coming out?" and "where are the auditions?". Ever heard of a thing called patience? Hmmm... I guess not.

Mah quote VC " For someone with no internal organs, you've got quite an ego"

Anonymous said...

Hey Derek love your books they r da best i am busy tryin to write a book not much luck 2 weex and only on pg 15! Well done on the award u rock lookout for my book on the shelves when i finish.(a long time from now.)

Anonymous said...

by the way im in south africa so its 6:53pm

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Aw Irresistably EVIL!!! welcome back!What you mentioned about the bullet thing is all quite true I do believe.Many of us would gladly step in front of Mr.Landy but before we had the chance he may very well put us in front of him lol.Your story sounds interesting.Maybe you could go to another person somewhere "far away" or something.Then that person could somehow be important later?Just a thought.

Indeed, I mentioned that the other day I do believe, Kirsty, but I couldn't remember either of his names xD.I'm glad you reminded me.
Hey maybe he could be someone in the movie?Hm nah.I don't know where he'd fit.

I *Totally* and *Completely* agree Lynn!'Tis not that important.He's over 300 years old and probably would ignore any cops that attempted to stop him.
What kind of an accent do you have?
xD Hahaha I know Lynn!I just had a mind blank for a few minutes lol.Oh and I'm the absolute opposite!I can remember faces much better than names.
I Loved Alice in Wonderland as well!'Twas exceedingly better than the cartoon.Don't you think?


"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Derek!
You totally deserve the award! Me and my friend were in the library and we screamed so loud when we found out you and Skulduggery won. Now, we've been banned for a week from our libary.
But it IS worth it!
You are amazing, I worship you everyday Almighty God!!!!!!!
Enjoy your glory!!!!!

Anonymous said...

* does the futerwacken and hurts head* OWW it hurts to make your head spin

Lillian Faye said...

Umm Sky I don't reaallyy have an accent... Im from Congleton, Cheshire. Near to Stoke on Trent, Manchester and what not... But we at Congleton don't really have a strong accent like other places do. It's a small town really, propbably one of the safest places to live though which is good. Haha we would make a really good team, I could remember everyone's names and ou could remember all their faces. No one could stop us! We would rise in the social status of todays economy, if you know what I mean. :D Hahahaa xxxx

Lillian Faye said...

And lolling at insanity!!! I don't think it is posible to pull off the futterwacken properly as only the Mad HAtter can and that is like all computer generated.... But I think it must be easy enough to learn Alice's version of it!!!

Lynn xx

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lynith: Think of it as being detective work to try and understand the Skullduggery universe better. There is nothing wrong with trying to understand the mysteries of a universe. Some find speculation fun. :) For me, I consider it simply an old role player’s habit. ;).

@Minnie Miracle: What I wonder though is why skullduggery is trying to buy liquor! LOL

Because magical communities have their own form of law and government [sort of] in the form of the sanctuaries- it may be more likely that they have their own sets of papers and identification/registration. Normal mortal things such as SSN and whatnot mean little to the magical community [I recall Tanith and Ghastly remarking how money doesn’t really mean much to them/magic folk.].

Who’s to say skullduggery didn’t get that house from someone in the magical community that sells homes? He wouldn’t need a mortal ID. :D Like I said, he’s well known in the magical world- he’d probably just tilt his head and stare at you if someone asked him for proof of identification. He is, as I’m aware- the only talking skeleton [let alone skeleton detective] in the magical world.

My great grandmother died a couple years ago, but she had been born in 1911. I can tell you now she was not driving around or buying booze at 97.

Now, if it was a required law- for some reason I have no idea why cause it makes no sense at all- to state you were born at 1906 or before, you’d still have to keep updating it anyway. There really isn’t any valid reason for why this would be a law, or why they would need human ID’s with the DOB as 1906 when they would still be useless anyway.

If a kid asked skullduggery how old he was, I am pretty confident he would say “very very old” or something along those lines. Cain is his beloved partner and he never gave her his exact age, why would he some stranger?

If anything, they all probably have magical means to slip past our mortal identification problems. [I mean come on, with things like facades, you could appear like someone completely different- rendering a mortal ID worthless anyway.] We still know very little about the magical items available to people in the SP world. We know there are some pretty amazing things [Like resolute thread, Soul catcher and etc]. How hard would it be to come up with an ID that changes its date on its own, or would change its information on each use so it couldn’t be traced. And that’s for the normal looking people.

Skulduggery is a special case, he’s a skeleton. He can’t really get around the whole problem that- he is a skeleton. [Yet, he don’t have his façade yet. But because it hasn’t happened yet, it don’t apply yet to this argument- because we are talking about issues prior to him getting it]

If you need a photo ID for something, he is not going to be able to get away with it. Chances are, he’s rich enough that he can just get whatever he wants without an id, or the sanctuary provides things for him. The magical world is its own society, and probably has a lot of tricks to get around silly mortal inconveniences.

What I am guessing the fact is on any sort of registration is that simply the sanctuary has its own set of papers and things to track people. There are probably tons of ways for people to get liquor or houses or movies or whatever through magical ways. Skullduggery may not even have a driver’s license in the first place [not that I can recall anyway]. LOL.

Making a mortal ID required seems redundant, let alone requiring it to say the DOB be after 1906. And there’s certainly no reason for him to have 1906 on his sanctuary papers if they all know about him and his part in the war. [He helped win it, after all.]

It still seems to me something that was put on the US page randomly and shouldn’t be considered canon. It was either done on a whim, or was a flimsy attempt to try and cover what skullduggery’s true age may be. [But then, why put anything there in the first place??????]

Lillian Faye said...

Oh my absalute goodness... way too much thinking to be honest Naomi Wiflath. Just think about this: It is complete and utter fiction. Why I agree there is nothing wrong with speculating about the universe what you is doing is taking one simple made up fact about a fictional person and arguing that it is wrong!!! Hell, there isn't any need for you to pick a whole in Dereks story is there? It is just a story after all!!

I appoligise to you Mr. Landy on these people's behalf, they know not what they do and are incredibly strange for trying to pick a whole in you ultimate logic.

;P Lynn xxxx

-HB/Joe- said...

im sorry. but u guys are just to much for me. i cant keep up!! <:( i unfortunately can only check this on wednesday, friday and saturday. all other days are off limits at my house. :(

so could skyril, insanity moonshine, lynnith, kirsty and the dozens more great friends i have made on this blog PLEASE do 1-6 comments in my direction on those days, so that i can reply directly to those. Im not saying u cant comment on alternate days, but plz just send a message telling me wots up on those special days. XD see u wednesday!

BTW Kirsty whaaat!!! how could u??!!??!?! u never realised that it was orlando????!?!!? AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! WHYYY!!!!!

gtg now, as u can see its not mah computer day, so im not realy allowed on.....

bye now!

Rachel McCoach said...

i am totally upset with what happened in dark days, skulduggery's bently gets vaporised by that stupid bomb! and i dont think the local workshop can fix that! come on. the bently was cool, it had class. can skulduggery get another one?

btw i love scapegrace. he is SO funny- trying to be a bad guy but failon. although he DOES kill some folk in dark days. hes just the best

bye the noo then folks!

from Rachel McCoach

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lynith: Relax! It's harmless speculation, not a war. And Mr. Landy is here to explain canon- when many authors are not. I'm not picking holes in the story. What's on the US website isn't stated at all in the books, so you can relax. ;)

Rather then 'stepping in and apologizing', you could just let us speculators speculate- we aren't harming you any. :)

Genesisnx said...

@Lynith: Chill out deary, it doesn't hurt any to try and figure out things if there’s not a lot of information for them currently, its just what some of us like me and Naomi like to do as role players. I'm also pretty sure that’s what you're supposed to do with books, read them and let your mind fill in the missing stuff, it’s an old Authors trick; if everything was revealed instantly you’d loose interest pretty fast wouldn’t you, this way you have to keep guessing and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

So there's no 'picking' going on here, we're just speculating because we are curious fans hungry for more information which will hopefully arrive within the successive books.

volcaneo-gods said...

Guess who's back?
Volcaneo-God in command is back!

How's everyone? I read every single comment. What do I think of the whole Skulduggery? Booze? Licence? Age! thing.
I think Skulduggery has a physic paper. Which he actually does. He gets it from the doctor in my crossover.
By the way any of yous couldplay Valkrye in the movie. Look at the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. The guy who plays Greg (main character) had nearly no film experience at all. He was just in like two commercials. BUT he was a freat fan of the book. I'd try out for Valkrie if i was a thirteen year old girl. I'm a boy.
Inferno Joe I'll try to post on you're "computer days."
I think i did what had to be done!
Oh Yeah i forgot. I'm going to take qoustes from other people's comments.

"Rather then 'stepping in and apologizing', you could just let us speculators speculate- we aren't harming you any. :)
-Naomi Wiflath"

Geckogirl said...

hey lynith i live in england 2! woot woot! top ho and all that! erm one really says top ho. oh but carnt you just imagine a really posh woman saying "by george hes compleatly dollaly!" ahhh i did that for my drama when i was being a snob. good times,good times.
anyways erm i couldnt really be bothered reading all the comments 2day coz its my first day back at school and i am sooooo tired. i kept gozzin out in class and staring into space. then my music teacher asked "whats pianissimo mean?" and my friend wispered "fast" so i sed "fast" then peps wispered "quiet" so i sed"......i mean quiet....very quiet." and everyone just laughed at me so she sed "whats piano mean?" so i sed "erm....its an instrument" and everyone laughed.
right now any musical genius out there who knows why they laughed and the teacher glared at me please tell me what piano means APART from an instrument coz now im pretty confussed. well... more so than usual anyway.
so people answer me this:
what does piano mean APART from an instrument? coz i was too busy fantasising about whacking miley cyrus over the head with a hammer to listin or care.
geckogirl out..............DOLALLY I SAY!

Geckogirl said...

im a 13 year old girl! but i wont try and get the part of valkyrie coz i have a rubbish irish accent.

Lillian Faye said...

Piano means quiet lol, forte means loud. The intrument piano is actually and originally called the pianoforte because when i was invented it was the only instument that could do both.

Haha, oh yes I am a musical genious :p

Anonymous said...

i would be 13 or 14 by the time they shot the movie, and my hair is growing out, all i need to work on is my accent, then ihave about a ine in a hundred thousand chance of getting the part of valkyrie :D

volcaneo-gods said...

So wait you're saying that a piano is the only instrument that can be loud or quiet. What about the trumpet or th electric guitar or even the air guitar.
Or even the Super Cool Amazing Air Guitar that you play underwater while you shoot bubbles out of your nostrils.
I bought five of them on Ebay.
Who here thought that Spelbound should have won. I wanted Spelbound, Kieran or Twist and Pulse. And they were the top 3.

Volcaneo god out. Peace.

"Haha, oh yes I am a musical genious :p"

Lillian Faye said...

*WAS* the only instrument. At the time in which it was invented. At the time what we now know as a full orchestre was... well not full,. Half the instruments such as the mojority of brass wernt invented.

Lillian Faye said...

Oh n btw Naomi have you thought that in all your specualtion it was his date of death??? Or his rebirth??? Or even when he considered reborn when he got his new head???

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lynith: I think it may defeat the purpose of a DOB if it really shows the Date of death. XD

If we know he's well over 300 years old, he couldn't have died at 1906. That's only about 104 years ago. And I'm confident he wasn't over 200 years old when he died.

And why would he consider it a rebirth for getting a new head, it didn't actually change him any. [And if that were the case, his DoB would have changed in Dark days... which makes no sense :D]

And this still doesn't account for the fact that it's mentioned on the US site that this age thing is some sort of rule- which is what we are arguing about and how it makes no sense.

Lillian Faye said...

urgh i actually give up. You are just too strange!!!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Is that so?I don't really have an accent either except when I say "yall."
Indeed, (don't you adore that word???) we would make a good team Lynn!lol

Geckogirl you have to admit 'twould be fairly hard not to laugh.That's sounds quite humorous ^.^. haha


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Ah Miep I was wondering where you went!I kept checking out your sight and not seeing anything new.So I was wondering...
Anyway welcome back!

Who said there birthday was on the 10th?I *know* someone did.I think someone said on the 12th as well....and the 20th maybe?Let me know so I can write them down! C-:


Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lynith: Strange? I think enthusiastic and curious fit the bill better. ^__^

On another note, I really think there should be a skulduggery forum. The poor blog is being used for people to blab at each other more then it is to actually comment on what the blog has written in it.

And that way speculators can be in their own threads and not bother others ;)

Lillian Faye said...

Hahahahahahaa Namoe, Naomi, Naomi. You my dear are curious about a made up world. If I were you then I would proberly try and focus on learning about the real world. Maybe put some of them skills into understanding peoples religions... that seems like a better use of your time.

And anyway Sky agreed with me ;P

@Sky indeed I do love the word indeed ahaha. One of my most used words I suspect! Okay, we shall start today then ;) We shall be know as the COBPUDLGAP twins :P:P:P:P:P

Ebony Orvil said...



Once again I only had the patience to read a few comments.... LYNITH AND SOMEONE ELSE WHOM I FORGET HARRY POTTER IS BETTER THAN LORD OF THE RINGS (and if it even needs saying sp is better than both)! Well I DOOO like lotr but harry potter is better. Lotr gets kinda boring because it is so long.

Oh and whoever said that they hate glee SHAME ON YOU (says that with an evil deep powerful voice)!

I also saw that ye were talking about orcestra intruments.... you think piano is loud try playing horn! (i drive EVERYONE exept my neighbour who is deaf crazy)

Genesisnx said...

@Lynith: That's a little uncalled for, why don't you invest your time into learning some manners first, then it will give you room to tell others what to do. Maybe.

Be a bit more tollerant of others perhaps rahter than thinking you're the top dog and everything you say is right.

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lynith: Oh dear, what arrogance you have. ^__^ Though I've found its more productive to be tolerant of others if they aren't doing anything wrong, rather then hitting at them needlessly.

This blog isn't for attacking others, so if you really want to do so- use email or private messaging. Meanwhile I'd prefer to keep things civil and in good spirits, thanks. :) I'm just here discussing things with other SP fans.

Lillian Faye said...

Omg Gensisnx, you crack me up!!! I know my manners, and I am not trying to tell anyone what to do. I am jut voicing my thoughts on the matter.

Hahahaha top dog.

Oh yes, defiinatly what I think I am!! Wuuff :P:P:P

Naomi if thinking that all your interest in a made up fact is arragance then I guess I am arrogant huh. I was not hitting at you needlessly I am just saying thta I think all your depth and speculation is needless as the fact you are investigating is actually made up about a fictional character!

If I just might say so, I could very well see this as a 'gang up' lol if you really want to go about it this way. Whilst I am just here laughing away you acuse me of 'attaking you' and being 'arrogant'. And I have also been told I have no 'manners'. Well, please, thank you, your welcome, no after you I insist, a good day to you kind sp fans.

A buh bye :D

Lillian Faye said...

Oh I meant just in that second sentance!!

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lynith: Well it does come across as arrogant if you act like you know me and what all my interests are. :) Not to mention, trying to insist it's uneducated to speculate about a story universe. It's kind of like your implying it's not worth someone's time to get into Landy's universe- and isn't that sort of an insult to him? That's not very nice to do to your favorite book author. :'(

Genesisnx posts on her own accord, I have no control over that. Though it probably isn't difficult to see you are being kind of bossy over something that is silly. If you aren't interested in speculating, then why troll the people who are? You could just leave them alone, and you wouldn't be in this situation.

Telling me how to spend my time is being bossy, if you've forgotten. :)

Genesisnx said...

@Lynith: Sure, call it a gang up if you want but you brought it upon yourself by sticking your over-opinionated head in the door. Anyone can see you’re acting rather stupidly over people simply trying to take further interest in Derek’s work.

We read the books because they are awesome, we should be allowed to discuss them too without some one telling us we're 'over thinking' things. Simple fact is if you don't like us discussing something we like don't get involved ok hun?

And trying to talk big just makes you sound funny.

Minnie said...

Lynith: I agree it can get annoying when people go on and on about the logic of a fantasy world. It can interfere with the illusion, and I get annoyed by it sometimes, depending on my mood. I never meant to annoy, though. Sorry. If it helps, we were never really talking about the books, but about the website. Still, I'm sorry.
Let me just finish up here.

Naomi Wiflath: Yeah, haha! I don't know if Skulduggery drinks or not. That was just an example.
I don't think the US site is messed up. The UK site also says 1906.
I don't think Skulduggery's fake 1906 DOB would ever be used on other magical folk.
I don't think the sorcerer-government decreed that sorcerers had to use 1906, just nothing BEFORE 1906. That would accomodate older and younger sorcerers.
Mostly, I think the fake DOB is just about not telling mortals Skulduggery's hundreds of years old. We know he uses his fake DOB on at least SOME mortals, the fans who visit his website! I think he put 1906 and then just told us he's older than that because of his attitude of, "So, the Sanctuary wants me to lie about my age, hmm? I'll just put 1906, the oldest possible date, next to DOB, like they want me to do, and then I'll TELL my fans the truth. I laugh in the face of Rules! Haha! Take THAT rules!"
Why, you may ask, would he bother telling us his fake DOB when he also tells us the truth? Why, I might counter, would he tell us his "favorite part of the book"? Why, I say again, would he even talk to us? He can't possibly know he even has fans! He's a fictional character! Haha! So, the bottome line for me is it just doesn't make any sense. It's not meant to make sense, just to be fun. And I'm ok with that. And I'm willing to leave it at that. =)

In other news, you know who reminds me of Skulduggery? Basil from The Great Mouse Detective. Oh, he's a bit grumpier than Skul and much more prone to self-pity, but he's a brilliant, snarky, detective. Who reminds you guys of Skulduggery?

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Minnie Miracle: You don't need to apologize for being enthusiastic about the story!

You are completely right when you say that it doesn't make sense- that is the crux of the matter! "Why is this information there when it makes no sense?"

When it comes to character bios, because the information is written- doesn't mean the character would actually tell you that. It's more just an outsiders look on a person's life- a biography just as it's named. So honestly, in the bios he didn't tell us anything unless there was a direct quote of him speaking.

I am aware that both sites have 1906. But its the apparent reasoning that was put on the US site that really gets me. Cause if that's meant to be a reason, its a very bad one- it makes no sense to me. :D

I really do hope that Mr. Landy comments on this and reveals what it could mean- I am very curious. And Being that he is the source for all the canon material- his word is truth in the world of skulduggery pleasant. :D

Lillian Faye said...

Hahahahaa to be honest I think Derek Landy would be just as abused by all of this as I am. Can I just ask how old are you Naomi and Genesisnx?

Minnie thank you, it's very kind of you :) See she get's why I started as you saay 'interfereing' and 'sticking my over-opinionated head in the door'. Because as an avid reader of the books I think getting worked up over one simple fact is like you are trying to ruin the story.

Oh and if this is 'big talk' Genesisnx you really should study English better!!! Also I thought all of your talk was funny if it helps.

Oh and Naomi I have no quarell with you to be honest. I wasn't trying to sound 'arrogant' or anything like that I was just saying I didn't like how you were getting so worked up over one simple fact that could even be a type error. I wasn't telling you what to do, I was giving you advice on a futur career path ;) Maybe you could be a lecturer!!! Or you could even study Shakespeare, only really clever people who can understand all of the stories do well at that. Seems to me your good at that sort of thing.

Lillian Faye said...

Lastly I like Minnie's speculation, it's funny.

I actually think Johnny Depp reminds me of skulduggery... Just because of his slightly crazyness!!! Hahaa.

And Possibly Doctor Who, David or Matt either one, because they are able to figure out what is going on each time and such what not.


-HB/Joe- said...

everyones doing alternate quotes and stuff, so i guess ill do one too.

(LOL, Derek, so much for my supposed "Loyalty")


-Hellboy, as he smashes his "red" hand onto a car in peak-hour traffic.

(haha, you know, cos, like, TRAFFIC LIGHTS? Heh-eh, you know? No? You've never seen traffic lights? Oh...)

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lynith: We are much older then your 16 self. ;)

I have been civil with you, and I assure you I can take care of myself and don't need any of your apparent advice. :)

But I'd like to offer some to you. Be tolerant of others, and they will be tolerant of you. I don't really see anywhere that I was 'worked up' or causing any disturbance to anyone else. Minnie and I were merely discussing something, and it certainly didn't involve you.

She may feel the need to apologize to you, but I don't. I did nothing wrong, nor did she. If you are threatened that people are trying to have an intelligent conversation, go have a fit somewhere else. This is not the place to do it.

Rhos Reviews said...

Weldone oh Lord!! I am so proud how Skulduggery Pleasant won however if it wasn't for us, he wouldn't be there, so a big pat on the shouldier to us. im very looking forward to The new character indeed, however i am taking your advice and i might apply my character Atticus Phoenix in a story im developing at the moment. Thanks for the inspiration, Mr Landy!! :)
oh and though my birthday is about 3 weeks away, i shall say (for your notice and that you wouldn't need to be late in wishing me a happy birthday) that it is on the 22nd of June!! :D So, Ill be checking up on the blog for the (hopefully not belate) wishes!! :P
however, this IS about the 130 comment so i guess you wont reach this...:(
Weldone again, my Lord!! :P

volcaneo-gods said...

This is getting way out of hand. As Volcaneo God in Command I think I might need to fix this. Just wondering guys but what age are you guys? Anyway back to the subject at hand I find it quite amusing this fight your having and I completely agree with Lynith. She was voicing her opinion when she said she didn't argree with all this speculating.(love that word) Then Naomi you didn't argree with her so you started arguing. Then Lynith laughed about it. Minnie apoligised, Inferno Joe turned into Hellboy and the Naomi took back Minnie's apolygy. I forget what genestix did because I forgot. Then Lynith mispelled amused. Then Naomi thought Lynith manners, Rhosyn123 talked about patting shoulders, phoniexes and giant teleport devices.

Now you see what happened. WAIT A SECOND. Inferno Joe turned into HELLBOY. Oh God. Run. We must hide on all of his computer days.

"Oh yes, defiinatly what I think I am!! Wuuff :P:P:P"

Genesisnx said...

@Lynith: I'm 22 if you must know, however I doubt trying to size up your age against mine will do very little to scare me away.

I'm an avid reader also, you can think what you want and I'll think what I want, however if you then go on to try and plaster what you think all over other people I don't think they will stand for it; as you have seen. I have no problem that you think the way you do, never did, I'm allowed to speculate if I so wish without you sticking your nose in and telling me it's wrong or ruining things, I'm pretty sure you didn't tell your teacher that when you were studying Shakespeare, if you ever did. If you don't like it and don't have anything nice to say don't read or post anything, fixes that problem doesn't it m'dear?

And besides, I think you should study English yourself a little closer first before telling me I need to, what with all your spelling errors and innocent grammar slaughtering, though that's what makes you funny, after all.

One thing I will agree on though, is that Johnny Depp does remind me of Skulduggery. :)

Genesisnx said...

@volcaneo-gods: I'm only disagreeing with Lynith to be honest. I also agree with you, this is getting a little out of hand but I still believe it to be wrong that a person cannot speculate without being told its 'stupid', 'ruining things' so on and so forth.

This is where an official forum would be really handy. :P

volcaneo-gods said...

@Genesisnx: Well you could discuss it on mrxpleasants forum.

"what with all your spelling errors and innocent grammar slaughtering,"

Ebony Orvil said...

ooooooooookkkkkkkkkk (once again I only read half of each comment) ....... i agree with volcano it is WWWWWWAAAAAYYYYY out of hamd to say lynith is in charge because she was just saying she liked one book better than another and i disagreed with her without getting all emotional and starting up an arguement but hey i don't want to take sides. just stop arguing i don't think derek would like his fans to argue over books that aren't written by him (its ok to argue over his books only.... only messing) no aguing..... ok i think i have made my point..... now please don't start agruing with me because of wat i have said.

Genesisnx said...

How dare you Odile!

Kidding Kidding. :P

But I agree, I don't think this is fair to Derek and so I will leave it be and apologize.

Cluainn Fhada said...

I wish I could use a confused face now...

It's not the same!


Geckogirl said...

erm im sorry to get in on all of this but i feel i must.
i agree with volcaneo-gods and odile (remember my name odile! i was the one who h8ted glee,the one who agreed with lynith about lotr and the one who started the thing about the orchestra!me i say me! tehehehehe! remember this name: GECKOGIRL THE ALMIGHTY WARRIOR)
.....erm....yeah anyways i agree with u 2 that this is getting way out of hand and im going to try and stop this 'arguing' or 'discussing matters civily' by singing a little song.
come on every1! dont worry! be happy! yeah! dont worry! no one joining in. oh.....oh ok then.....i'll go back to my corner and sit quietly *sniffles*
wait...someone's in my corner! "HEY YOU! oh....its inferno joe. hey! he looks a bit like hell boy! no hellboy! what r u doing with that gun? what no wait no!!!!!" *bang*
he missed me and hit my sisters hannah montana poster "Woot! hellboy u rock!....please dont hurt me."

oh btw thankyou Lynith for shining your music wisdom upon me thus proving that i am extreamly thick. ;)
Geckogirl (the almighty warrior odile remember that! ;)) out!

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Odile, volcaneo-gods, anyone else etc...:

I think either people have forgotten what has happened here, or something. :D I'll recap.

Originally, I had questioned the DoB of Skulduggery on the websites- this question was directed towards Mr. Landy.

Minnie Miracle and I eventually began discussing why this could be.

Lynith didn't like that, [I don't know if she didn't like our long posts or what?] and so began complaining how it was weird or ruined things.

Lynith started to get nasty about it, so Genesisnx started getting involved.

Even though I stayed civil about it, Lynith continued to leave inappropriate, bossy and snobbish remarks.

I'm not sure why you guys are putting up with that sort of bossy attitude.

I'll remind you though. Minnie Miracle and I were NOT TRYING TO TEAR DOWN THE BOOKS. We weren't even talking about the books. So we weren't ruining the books.

Genesisnx said...

@volcaneo-gods: I did check that forum out but the site seems to not be working correctly anymore. :c

Geckogirl said...

ok erm im just gonna let all my emotions out in two sentances: I HAVE A NAME! I AM GECKOGIRL NOT "'anyone else' or 'someone else' or 'whoever sed'" ok angry rant over. :p
GECKOGIRL (yes GECKOGIRL naomi and odile and anyone else who dare defiy my geckoish girliness) so i say good day to you. i said good day! GECKOGIRL out.

Unknown said...


volcaneo-gods said...

@Geckoboy sorry forgot your name and im not going to look up to the comment ABOVE THIS ONE.
I'm sorry Geckogirl but they were NOT fighting about lord of the rings. I'm sorry if it has upset you that the fight had absolutely nothing to to do wiht you. Sorry.

I know who can solve this problem.
Inferno Joe.
Hellyboy walks up.
Hey I thought you were dead.
Oh Yeah, but I also turned into Hellboy.
TRUE. Look can you stop the fighting.
Hellboy/Inferno Joe stops the problem with a solution no one remembers, but anyway we can all forget about what happened now.OK

"come on every1! dont worry! be happy! yeah! dont worry! no one joining in. oh.....oh ok then.....i'll go back to my corner and sit quietly *sniffles*"

Geckogirl said...

yay! you saved the day inferno joe/hellboy and you don't even know it. and you probably never will as its not a computer day for you today!
hah! i shall mock you with my computer typing!
oh i smell food. i shall go and investigate.
geckoboy damm it! i mean geckogirl out!

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

OWWW!!! meh head hurts. all this speculation is making me dizzy...>_< and why the HELL would SP buy BOOZE?!?!?! i have to admit, i LOVE a good bit of wiskey now and again (don't worry people, i MAY only be 14, but i only drink it with meh parentz permission and itz usu. a small amount mixed with some other non-alcoholic drink. the most i,ve had by itself was two fingers so...) but SP can't drink it anywayz!!! unless of course itz for Steph but can you REALLY picture him doing something like that??? he may be an irresponsible wierdo, but he is NOT one to encourage such behavior. and now for some strange reason, i can picture Steph getting hammered after SP is pulled into the damned portal. you know, to deal with the pain of losing her friend and all. XP anywayz... i'm worried that i've gotten a concusion or something. earlier in alabama i was going down one of the water slides at a pool near the hotel and i smacked the top of my head into an iron bar. it was hard enough to chip some paint off (found some in meh hair) and now i have an egg sized lump on my head that hurts like eva lovin' HELL!!! since then though i've been REALLY sleepy lately and i don't want to do anything. i'm not nauseous (horrible spelling i know) so thats something. i'm a little worried. it might just be a mood swing or something *DAMNED HOROMONES!!!* or it could be a concusion. and hospitals scare the crap out of me. peh never liked those places. all i can think about is that someone could've died in the very room or bed i'm staying in. *shudders* creepy. so, what do you guys think. if enough of you think itz serious, i'll try to get my mom to schedual an appiontment. THANX!!!!

Geckogirl said...

yeah irrisistably evil i think u should book an appointment just to be safe. also thanks alot! now im scared of hospitals 2! *shivers* thats a horrible thought that someone could have died in the very bed your in. right, im never going to the hospital again unless i can bring my own sleeping bag.
ahh i shall now finish with a quote from my sister at dinner:
"Get your filthy mitts off my tuna!"
ahhh lol....then she threatened to stab my hand with her fork if i tried to touch her tuna again. happy familys......

Lillian Faye said...

Hahahahaa funny stuff. Sizing up. No I was just thinking that you must be in year 7 or 8 with all of this petty arguing. It just made me imagine everyone being a bitch behind each others backs. That is the only reason I asked haha.

Naomi t'wasnt that I didn't like it or what ever I just thought it wasn't worth over such a small fictional fact. Also I don't recall 'geting nasty' about it tbh.

Hahaha Laughing at my dad muchly: he just came in and read the blog and all of your specualtion and petty arguing, laughed and said to me, "well, let this teach you one of life's lesson: there is no age in which people mature and stop being petty and bitchy" Hahahahhaaa, funny stuff!

Oh and actually I do study English and I do very good in it actually. I've been predicted A*'s actually. In English language AND English Lit.

Oh and if you really want me to get nasty Naomi I could say something like 'yes you wer'trying' to have an interigent conversation wern't you. Didn't really work...' or somthing along the lines of that. But seeing as I wasn't being nasty or anythin I don't really see the point. Also I strongly hate it when someone says your 'having a fit' because I've seen my nana have a fit and it was really really horrible and made me cry- she's got a degenerative brain dissorder. So if you would, consider what you are saying before you use that phrase again, please.

@Volcaneo-Gods Very well put my dear, haha!

@Geckogirl Don't worry I'll sing along with you!! And it's quite all right you are very welcome. I love any chance to show that I actually am prepared for my grade three music thoery exam :S:S Haha xxx

Geckogirl said...

i had such an amazing idea that i ran out the shower and got changed just to do this! ok im gonna start off a story/movie (soz i know we wern't really doin this anymore but i really wanna do this) and you guys have to add/continue a bit about yourself or another person on this blog. plez? anyways here goes woop!:

One day (erm today)in the heart of Ireland Derek Landy was typing away on his laptop finishing the 6th skulduggery plesant book. But suddenly his laptop crashed before he could save it.
"no....what have I done?" he cried. "A whole book gone! NOOOOOOO!!"
Meanwhile in the Gecko cave (dramatic duddly-do du-du-duddly do) *camera zooms in on Geckogirl licking an ice-cream* "Hey!" she said. "Carn't a girl and her friend eat ice-creams in peace? Ain't that right Skulduggery?"
*Skulduggery looks up at camera* "Mine's vanilla flavour!" he stated. *Pause* "erm yeah Skulduggery, yeah it is....." Geckogirl said.
Skulduggery tilted his head slightly and said "Wait......I feel a's kinda like the feeling that part of you has been erased from a book. Do you know that feeling?"
Before Geckogirl could reply Lynith and Naomi burst into the cave arguing with eachother. Straight after them Hellboy/Inferno joe appeared and he said..............

To be continued......or will it? Please contine! *Puppy dog eyes*

Lillian Faye said...

'allright allright, lets be havin yers' (in a geordie accent of course- dont know why though) 'Ok, so I know we've ad our ups 'n downs but nows not the time to be fightin like the bloomin boy's in blue for goodness sakes!'

Lynith and Naomi both look ashamed and go to the freezer and pick out icecreams so they don't feel left out. Geckogirl then shouts, 'Oi they're my icecreams!!' and Naomi and Lynith both stick out their tongues at her, look at each other and burst out laughing. Then Skulduggery says impationatly, 'no really you guys, some part of me has deffinatly been erased because I can't remember my real date of birth anymore!!!

Continue it!!

Lillian Faye said...

Oh btw that was a continue of your story geckogirl... I forgot to mention that bit.

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lynith: Maybe if you could have stopped harassing others, you wouldn't be in this situation. :) There's one thing about offering an opinion, its another to keep butting in and harassing others just because they want to talk about their favorite book universe.

And don't go on about your apparently amazing grasp with English if you cant even spend the time to sit and spell check your posts. The whole 'superiority' act kinda falls through when you can't even spell 'intelligent'. Its unfair to take a stab at spelling, but you should really think about your own typing before you attack others about it.

All you've done is upset the other posters by creating a fight, that isn't very nice is it?

But anyway, you can sit by yourself and try to tell people what to do- and I shall continue to speculate and have fun with the others about the skulduggery pleasant world. :)

Lillian Faye said...

Hahahaa right, coz im actually tryin to get all my grammar right. This isn't the English exam tht I took this mornin ya know! Unfair to take a stab at spelling?? Is that not what you are suposed to do?? Hmm...

Anyway why don't you just get over it and come down from your throne and stop tryna tell ME what to doo coz tbh I havnt actually tried to tell you what to do at all... Sure I said you could become things as a future job n stuff, but that isn't actually telling you what to do.

Ahahaa harrassing, that reminds me of this boy who came to my school in year eight. He kept cornering girls and trying to feel them up. In the end he got excluded and had to move house to go to a different school. He was proper scary, so much we started going round in big groups hahaha. Funny when you look back on it now though!

Ebony Orvil said...


ok odile it's ok.... i though we agreed on it's unfair on landy (yes landy beneath all that hate.... wwwaaayyyy under we do care just a tincy bit for you).

will this have any efect *i don't know!*

now onto a brighter subject (though not very much brighter.... only messing)
(says the following in a brave comical voice) I WILL REMEBER YOUR NAME GECONGEE.... GECKONGEE... GECKOGIL.... *GECKOGIRL!!!!!*

ps. oops i though they were arguing over lord of the rings too

Ebony Orvil said...

*sigh* another whole 87 days till mortal coil

(I calculated that on the calculator online)


Naomi Wiflath said...

@Odile: It's even longer wait in America. Don't even have Dark Days yet officially. :(

Lillian Faye said...

Sorryy Odile!!!

haha hugz!

Lillian Faye said...

I dont have dark days because it isnt out in paperback here yet!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

That's absolutely what I think Lynn!"Because as an avid reader of the books I think getting worked up over one simple fact is like you are trying to ruin the story."Literally took the words out of my mind!Genesisnx Lynn never said "it's wrong or ruining things" as you so put it.She merely said that sometimes people, such as you, speculate the tiniest facts to much too high of a level.Especially seeing as Skulduggery and his lot are fiction.Oh and everyone make errors.I'm sure you did, but then corrected them before you posted your comment so you could show how well you can speak.
Lynn isn't "bossy or snobish."
By the way sorry I wasn't here for this large conversation, but it thankfully seems to be over so don't go getting on me about his post because I just wanted to say merely a few things I would have said were I here.


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Hahaha Joe I remember that!That was quite humorous!But I thought you only got on, on Saturdays, Wednesdays, and....ok so I forgot the other day...but still.

lol volcaneo-gods yes we must hide on his computer days!We wouldn't want him shooting us.

Irresistably EVIL!!! I think you should get it checked out.Hardly ever is too safe a bad thing.

Odile did you know that if you have a google bar on your internet you can type in numbers with + signs between them then have a = sign and google, under suggestions will put the answer??Isn't that a discovery?!I discovered it awhile back. ^.^

hahaha good idea Geckogirl!
Skulduggery then said, "Wait I can't even taste this ice cream anymore!" everyone in the room looks at him knowingly.Then Geckogirl says, "Um yes Skul you're a don't have taste buds..."
"Oh that's right.I had forgotten.That still seems unfair that *just* because I'm a skeleton I can't taste ice cream!" everyone laughs and tolls their eyes.Then Skyril walks in and says, "Hey yall!Guess what!

Continue the story!!

Skyril :)
Others are posting different quotes, but I, Mr.Landy shall only post quotes from your books! :P

"If you hear screaming, that'll be me."

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Skyril: No one was getting worked up over the books, so I'm not sure why people keep thinking that?

But its over and done with, so its probably best to not dig it back up again.

Genesisnx said...

@skyril: I never said she did if you actually read what I said. I was simply generalising, hence why I didn't mention her name with those examples.

My problem here is that people speculating on things is completely fine, if she doesn't like it she shouldn't comment on it and flame wars like this wouldn't happen. I didn't want this when I came here, the atmosphere looked great but why should we be targeted on account of what one person says?

That aside it's done with now and I'm not going to hold it over anyone.

Oh and I never said I don't make errors. I'm sure I make them a lot, heck I have problems spelling one letter words sometimes. :P

Don't worry I'm not getting at you Skyril, I might sound harsh when I post but honestly I'm not. I just wanted to say a few things on this too.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

I could say more, but I actually wish this to end so I shan't.

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