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Good golly... I leave you alone for a few days and WAR breaks out!

First of all, your golden god is pleased that you have managed to sort out your differences. The comments section should be a friendly environment, a community, a place for you all to argue about who loves me more. Let’s face it, that is the only argument worth having, is it not?

Of course, the debate all started with a very simple question- how old is Skulduggery? There’s a bit of misleading information that’s been circulating the internet for a while- namely his year of birth.

When I set up the Skulduggery Bebo page, the Year of Birth counter would only go back to 1906- because for NORMAL people, there’s not much point in having any earlier options available. It wasn’t a box in which you could input whatever year you wanted- you had to tick the years available. Unfortunately, what has happened since then is that various publishers and websites take the 1906 year as the ACTUAL year of his birth, without checking with me first.

But rest assured, Skulduggery is over 400 years old. I’m not going to give any specifics here as to exactly when he was born, or when he died, or how long the war lasted, because those are details to be given out in the actual books themselves.

Speaking of ages, Flaring asked “If Skulduggery was in his sixties when he died- but looked in his thirties... then why is Tanith in her eighties and looks in her twenties?”

The answer is easy- because Tanith is very young-looking for her age...

Naomi made an excellent point, about the magical war coinciding with mortal wars. When mortal wars- such as WW1- broke out, it gave the sorcerers free reign to fight in the open in certain countries. This has always been in the back of my mind, but I don’t know if we’ll be seeing any examples, or hearing any stories, of this in the books themselves.

Now, onto movie questions. We are STILL in script mode, trying to make it better and better, and until we get the script right, there will be no decision taken on whether the movie will go ahead. What you’ve got to keep in mind is that this process could go for another few YEARS- or we could end up with a great script in a few months- or we might NEVER get a script that everyone likes...!

If and when it IS made, however, it WILL be live action- NOT animated. There will, of course, be a huge amount of special effects work, but it will be real actors on a real set. As for how Skulduggery himself will be rendered, I don’t know yet. Neither do I know what actors will be involved, or what director will end up making it. I do have my wishlist, but I’m not sharing it with anyone...

As for any video games, or indeed other cool stuff like toys and T-shirts, that’s all wrapped up in the movie stuff. Basically, if the movie goes ahead, we’ll probably get those things as well. If not, er... we won’t. Occasionally there’ll be some merchandise that will be given away to promote a new book, but these things are all free, and only a limited quantity will be available. There were some cool torches a while ago, and some keys rings and T-shirts, so my advice is if you EVER see any of those things, GRAB THEM WHILE YOU CAN!

There have been a few questions about writing, about whether or not to plan your outline before getting down to work.

I have a vague outline before I begin- I write down the things I need to happen in terms of moving the story forward, and also I write down what the characters have to go through. A lot of it I keep in my head, where it rolls around and changes and gestates and mutates, and only when I write those scenes or those chapters does it actually begin to take shape.

It’s a fun way of working, because it’s very loose and it allows me space to improvise and do whatever I want... Hold on, dumb dog is barking about something...

Okay I’m back. Sherlock was barking at his tail, from what I can see. It probably took him by surprise. (He’s not very bright.)

Where was I? Yes, writing. For the series as a whole, I know what has to happen in every book. I don’t know the PLOT of every book, but I know what each one is about. For instance, I might have a note beside Book Six, which would be something like “Valkyrie learns X about herself, while Skulduggery tracks down Y, which will lead to Z.”

I think you’re probably going to need to plot out MOST of your story when you’re starting out as a writer. When I was writing Skulduggery, however, I had a few years of writing scripts under my belt, and because of that I had developed a natural rhythm for telling stories. But until you find that rhythm, you’re going to need all the help you can get to take the story you want to tell and present it in its leanest, most economic and effective form.

Irresistibly Evil- that story you’re working on sounds pretty interesting... If you have writer’s block, you just have to relax. I like the fact that you’re watching loads and reading loads- that’s how I deal with something like that. I take long walks, daydream, let myself be encouraged by other movies and books, and eventually you’ll settle back into your rhythm.

Now for some of the more RANDOM questions you’ve asked...

The back cover will be presented once Tom has finished with it...! Trust me, it’s awesome. It gives us our first look at the Big Bad of Mortal Coil.

My favourite colour, er, blue.

I have never eaten a tim-tam. I’m not even sure such a thing exists.

I’d love if Skulduggery turned into a comic- but because I love comics so much I’d have to get involved in that process in a huge way, and I’m not sure I have the time at the moment.

The Bentley is BLACK.

Rachel- I haven’t yet decided on whether or not the Bentley has made its last appearance. If I can find a replacement car that’s as cool, no problem, but if I can’t...

Skyril, I swear, New Orleans would be my first port of call if ever I get down Louisiana way!

Hiya Josie- that’s right, I never DID reply, did I? Okay, I’ll have to find that letter and write you a reply.

There aren’t any werewolves in Skulduggery’s universe YET... I did have one character who was KIND of a werewolf but I cut him out. He MAY reappear, so that’s all I’ll say about him.

Roisin asked if I was born awesome or did it develop over time- the answer is a bit of both. I was born awesome, and I’ve just gotten progressively awesomer.

Pirates or ninjas? Ninjas. DEFINITELY.

Elly! Happy belated birthday!

As far as I know, there are no plans to release Dark Days in the States. That doesn’t mean it’ll never happen, just that we haven’t signed a contract yet. If I were you, I’d bite the bullet and order it from Amazon UK...

Vampires have last names, yes they do. We just haven’t heard them yet.

Ally Pally asked a few questions...

Yes, I watch Glee.

No, I don’t watch Britain’s Got Talent.

I get recognized in public SOMETIMES- not often, thank God. Fame, even the small amount I have, is not as nice as you might think.

I have a perfectly fine house- if it were any bigger I’d be rattling around in it like a pea in a tin can. Or, er, something.

Oh, and the Caramelldansen is HILARIOUS.


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Lillian Faye said...

First comment?? Have I got first comment?? Really??


Oh and sorry about the war, my bad....

Lillian Faye said...

Im transfering the story across:

One day (erm today)in the heart of Ireland Derek Landy was typing away on his laptop finishing the 6th skulduggery plesant book. But suddenly his laptop crashed before he could save it.
"no....what have I done?" he cried. "A whole book gone! NOOOOOOO!!"
Meanwhile in the Gecko cave (dramatic duddly-do du-du-duddly do) *camera zooms in on Geckogirl licking an ice-cream* "Hey!" she said. "Carn't a girl and her friend eat ice-creams in peace? Ain't that right Skulduggery?"
*Skulduggery looks up at camera* "Mine's vanilla flavour!" he stated. *Pause* "erm yeah Skulduggery, yeah it is....." Geckogirl said.
Skulduggery tilted his head slightly and said "Wait......I feel a's kinda like the feeling that part of you has been erased from a book. Do you know that feeling?"
Before Geckogirl could reply Lynith and Naomi burst into the cave arguing with eachother. Straight after them Hellboy/Inferno joe appeared and he said,'allright allright, lets be havin yers' (in a geordie accent of course- dont know why though) 'Ok, so I know we've ad our ups 'n downs but nows not the time to be fightin like the bloomin boy's in blue for goodness sakes!'

Lynith and Naomi both look ashamed and go to the freezer and pick out icecreams so they don't feel left out. Geckogirl then shouts, 'Oi they're my icecreams!!' and Naomi and Lynith both stick out their tongues at her, look at each other and burst out laughing. Then Skulduggery says impationatly, 'no really you guys, some part of me has deffinatly been erased because I can't remember my real date of birth anymore!!!
Skulduggery then said, "Wait I can't even taste this ice cream anymore!" everyone in the room looks at him knowingly.Then Geckogirl says, "Um yes Skul you're a don't have taste buds..."
"Oh that's right. I had forgotten.That still seems a little unfair that *just* because I'm a skeleton I can't taste ice cream!" everyone laughs and roles their eyes.Then Skyril walks in and says, "Hey yall!Guess what!... while you were talkiing, Insnaity also sensed the distrubance, so she sent out a mesenger cupcake to notifiy them. It arrived shortly, and it said the following: there has been a disturbance in the skulduggery world. Pleasae arrive at the purple ocean for a debreifing. You may take the included flying carpet. Slowly, they turn to stare upwards up to see a burgandy shag-rug flying and swooping around above their heads.

Upon arriving at the lair they trudge along a dark path to to find Insanity in a grand hall, that appeard to be hidden underground, seated at a long oak table. "Ok, sit" she said comandingly "book six has been lost" the others all but became emo at the loss, gasping and crying as if greifing for a lost loved one, "we need to get it back, but I don't want to go to the trouble of making a picture that would fix all of it, so we are going on a big hard quest! So let's brainstom and tell me all that we migh need"

So they all thought really hard before Skul says, 'well we will need transport...' Everyone groans and rolls their eyes before Naomi says, 'we can take my super duper car, it's quite nice really.' and they all smile, relief plastered onto their faces. However Skullduggery, now realising that actually no one like's his choice in cars even though he thought they were quite cool, goes off to sulk in a corner....

Continue it... oh and yes I did quicklyy scan over it change short bits of it slightly. I was making it more story-like.... ahaha sorry if I offended people!!

Lillian Faye said...

Ohh and hahahaa I was right about the date of birth thing, it was just a mistake. Fancy that huh.

Hmm it seems a shame that a film might take so long to creat because 1) of the share amazingness of it but also 2) because by then this blog might not even br going and all of us lot might not even care about the book I mean... What? Yehh your right, I probably am talking about an alternate dimension! Ahaha.

You know, I think I am going to see if I can write a story... I think I'll go brainstorm...

Cluainn Fhada said...

Offend away, please, things can't NOT offensive and funny. Except for the Brick joke...

Can Skulduggery get the awesomest replacement car ever?


Bethany said...

Volkswagan type 2? No, no, no. Aston Martin DB9, clearly takes the cheese.


Ebony Orvil said...

FOURTH COMMENT (sadly not the first)!!!!!!!

Ebony Orvil said...

Oh wait.... DARN that was the 5th GGGGGGGRRRRR!!!

that was a really REALLY long blog landy but i guess you had loads and LOADS of questions.

Just so that you can reply to it in the next blog the question was....
When are you touring Ireland and what counties are you going to?

And now I have a NEW question for you (they just keep on coming don't they)

Now because I am so ashamed of our petty previous war I want to make a new better one.....

Well this war is probably going to be much more fun and violent than the last one.


Ebony Orvil said...



oh wait i gotta go i will continue it later

Frances.Elly said...

woow long blog....
thank you for gratulating me (:
was a nice birthday!
and lynith? nice story. realley like it

Lillian Faye said...

I know Odile, I was coming to you!!!! But I have to let other people have some fun with it tooo!!!

Note- just so everyone know Odile is going to be the cool person who does all the gadget work and stuff. Getting us jet's and boats and stuff too.

Oh and thanks Frances... I didn't actually start it though. I've only added parts too it!! We all chip in see ahaha, we're cool.

flaring rhythm said...

*Dies* Thanks for the mention!! :D
*Dies AGAIN* Glee? Seriously? I officially love you.
Not that I have all the Glee soundtracks or anything... *looks shifty*

Oh! I FINALLY got round to watching Kick-Ass! It really does kick ass...


Oh yeah... PPLLEAASSEEE would you put on yer blog thing asking what people think of the name Folie Eros for me? 'Cuz I'm still not sure about it...

Thanks! ^.^

From the one who's a flying squirrel in training,
Flaring/ soon-to-be-maybe-Folie

Unknown said...

Insanity took out a huge book, and begane flipping through it."ok, we got transportation, food, entertainment, awsome little me..." she rambled on, toching each picture as she came to it, and it appeared beside them. "we shall allsol need to stop by one of our friends to get gadets and stuff."

Unknown said...

ASLO, I TOLD U SO I TOLD U SO! the reson it says 1906 is because that is as far back as it goes on bebo and stuff like that. U GOTTA LISTEN TO ME I HAVE SMARTICLES!

AshyyPanda said...


Can I writes you a letter?


Naomi Wiflath said...

Hahaha! Brilliant! *clap hands! You know I am hoping the next horrible looking car is orange.

You cant get more obnoxious then orange. Unless it's pink.

The Obnoxious Orangemobeil and Bubblegum terror, HAHA. Is it just me, or does skulduggery have an awful taste in car colors. He seems to love purple by what he wears. LOL This amuses me.

As for no release in America for Dark Days yet- I really am quite surprised to hear this. I could have sworn it was to be out in August or something. Makes me extra glad someone got me an imported copy. :)

I am glad you liked the Dansen, it was kind of like kicking kittens at first making it- but then I got over it and it was funny.

I think the sorcerers being out and about during wars could prove to be very interesting- like just imagine now who or what would be about in the middle east- or anywhere in the world currently in wartime.

It will be fun to hear about how werewolves work in the skulduggery universe, since the vampires I've found to be pretty unique.

Ha! I knew the sites were misleading, *Shake head* that's why one always has to be careful about other sources for canon material. [I made a similar mistake once when trying to determine the year that Wall-E took place, don't go by the soundtrack they got it wrong. :P Had to change my sites name and everything. It has a good RP guide if you guys are interested, considering you guys are 'kinda' doing some round robin story telling here ]

I wonder then if skulduggery's comment on the US page is more a bite at the publishers for putting up what they want then. LOL, that just makes it funny- I love snarky stuff like that.

Though I do still wonder if there is any relation between the Nefarian in the book and the Nefarian of the black dragon flight in world of warcraft.

And I also forgot to ask what you thought of the huge division in the fandom over the Skulduggery Cain pairing, and if fandom things have ever affected how a book turns out before.

Thank you for answering questions, Mr. Landy. Not many authors are in reach of their fans, so it's always a special treat to find someone who is. :)

Geckogirl said...

"Great let's go!" said Lynith.
So they all got into Naomi's car and set off to Odile who had all the cool gadgety stuff.
But as soon as the gang saw Odile Geckogirl ran screaming wildly at Odile screaming "You got my name wrong!" but just before she slammed into Odile Geckogirl got distracted by an alpaca standing to the left.
Everyone rolled their eyes at Geckogirl while she petted the Alpaca (called Ronald) and they all continued to plan on how to get book 6 back.
Just as they were disscussing this Skulduggery screamed in pain.
"What's wrong Skulduggery?" Odile asked.
Skulduggery paused a moment then he said "who the hell is Skulduggery?"
to be continued......

Geckogirl said...

btw wont post for a while coz have to revise for stupid science test tmoz *groans*
btw does anyone know what fat turns into after its broken down?? also what starch is turned into when its broken down??? plezzzz help my thick self! also continue the story so i can read it when my revision is over so i can have a laugh after science depresses me. thanks :)
btw derek hope the movie comes out soon or i shall track u down and make u finish that script by force!!!!

Corporal_Wolf said...

I post this a second time as the first went unanswered.You have said about writting our own stories with our characters but would you allow us to reference your masterpeiece in them I.E. saying things like "we owe alot to the skeleton detective" or "Skulduggery may have been your inspiration but where is he now?" to add a twist to the stories or if we are lucky a crossover between your books and if we get them published ours.
also will there be anymore competitions for villains or other characters to be used by yourself in a book?

Unknown said...

"what do you mena who is skuduggery?"
"i dont know who i am or wh you are talking about"
they turned to insnaity who was playing the piano. Skyril sighed, and said "isanity, if you are going to play the piano, please just make ita bit less annoying"
"ok, but the olny non anoying ones are unsuspenceful" replided insanity, taking out a hormonica. "puh puh puuuuhhh" she played then she ook out her cupcake book and gave skulduggery a memory cupcake, which gave him back memory of his name and stuff

Rosie said...

Finally, some answers!
I have faith that the script will be AMAZING anyway Derek...

Gecko girl, fats are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, and starch into glucose.
And there was me thinking that I never learn anything in Science...

Also, I have a geography trip tomorrow. I'm conspiring with MY minions to chuck our geography teacher into a lake. Wish me luck. :P

Naomi Wiflath said...

Oh yes, along with Corporal_Wolf I am also curious about any more character competitions.

Even though entrants from the US are prolly not allowed? :(

Geckogirl said...

thanks roisin! :D :D yay! now i am slightly closer to being officially smart!
but i dont really know anything else bout nutrition *sags* i shall fail misribly and never be a vet *sobs*
i am to hungry and depressed to continue with the story so i may later. grrr!!! SCIENCE IS HORRIBLE!

Anonymous said...

i started a proper story *beams*
I did alot in the back of a 'Jotter' at school, which was actually pretty brilliant... my teacher, however did not seem to think that me writing about wars, ghosts, true love, and extraordinary (for lack of a better word)icky action while he talked about punctuation was the effect he was hoping to have on me. Ah well. Him TELLING me this, was fine.

Then he actually TOOK my book and threw it in the bin.

I think i almost cried. :'(

Plus i think we all KNOW the movie is going to go ahead. Otherwise, every single one of your fans will attack anyone in our way, and eventually produce our own movie, with you held captive to write the script.
and that's not all.
We'll bring all the fan girls that think Yaoi Skulduggery ROCKS (i'm not a huge fan, but i can live long enough to read it) for anyone who doesn't know, that's boy skul-man pairings that people have been amazed by (but seriously, how much time do you guys HAVE???)


I'll bring a camel too.
(i'll leave you're imagination to ponder on that) MWAHAHAHAHA!
Well. You have been warned.


Stephanie: "For a guy with no internal organs, you've got quite the ego."

Geckogirl said...

story (as i cannot be arsed with science anymore and i exept my fate that i shall fail misribly.):

Once Skulduggery was feeling better they all clambered into Naomi's car to set of for Derek Landy's house to see what he knew of the missing book. But because Odile joined them there wasnt enough room in the car so geckogirl decided to ride on Ronald the alpaca behind them while Skulduggery held her ice-crem (yes,another one)
The gang were driving down the road singing 'under pressure' by Queen while Skulduggery groaned about our taste in cars.
But suddenly from out of the blue something stepped infront of the car. It was......
continue it!

Synopsis Somebody said...

OK i'm researching my target audience for my novel i've made a questiorare if your aged between 11-14 answer please. SPEAK TRUTHFULY

1. does the title 'key of longman' interest you?
2. do you like mythical creatures?
3. do you like romance in adventure novles?
4. my main character age? you prefer the setting in the current worl or a magical world?
6.prefer the badguys to be human? or converse? you like lots of death?
9. do you like the idea of the badguy hideout being a castle?

penguin said...

wouldn't it be great if Derek Landy opened a comp. were you got to draw and write about your dream character and the winner will get their character on the front cover and appear in the book+ getting a published story all about your character signed by Derek and meet him in person to present you with the prize. I've been told that i am a great drawer and writer and one day i hope to publish a book as awesome as, my hero, Derek Landy has with skullduggery pleasant.

p.s. please shoot me as Valkirie.
p.p.s. Do you realy think Ebony Black could carry her own story? (coz if so i'll get writing)
p.p.p.s. i am your biggest ever fan.

hudson said...

The car problem can be solved veeeeeerry easily. It's gonna take a bit of explainin', but i'll get there ( eventually)

The bentley is awsome, so keep it. No canary cars, and sorry, but yuck. skuldug don't strike ma as an aston martin guy. A little too poncy ( and that's rare for him)

Before it fell into the whole building kerplosion, *sniff sniff* Skulduggery , being skulduggery, naturally went to extreme lengths to protect it if anything bad happened to it.
It 's been destroyed a few times before, but it has an automatic alarm connected to A repair shop in tokyo which can take the wreckage and make a perfect replica of it. It then gets returned to where it was destroyed, but they also change the paint job, to make it blue, or yellow. It was originally silver.


hudson ray ( i'm a girl)
wierd name.
I know

hudson said...

ps. i'm the hugest fan ever in the whole world ever. ever.
Sherlock sounds cool

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lenka: Yaoi skulduggery. Pfff Hahaha- While i'm not bothered by yaoi I find that terribly funny. Unless skulduggery got curious over 400 years it doesn't really seem likely. But it amuses me that it exists. That happens to every fandom though, LOL.

jakoparsons said...

omg i NEW THE BEVTLY WAS BLACK I KNEW IT hem hem also im for ninjas too! wooo i ppre-orderd mortal coil from amazon woo! o and sherlock does sound cool

jakoparsons said...

1. no
2. yes
3. no
4. 13
5. current world
6. yes
7. converse
8. yes
9. yes

Anonymous said...

I love you the most Derek. True Story

And I believe that you should try a tim-tam. They do exsist. Down under. I think you should go to Australia to try one. And while you are there, you can capture the wiggles and hold them hostage. Please.

Oh! And are you one of these delightful authors that recieve letters from die hard fans and reply back to them? If that is a yes... is there a possible chance of you giving an address on your next blog? Please:) Because nothing would be as inspirational to a wannabe writer, like myself, than recieving a letter from one of their favourite authors, like yourself. *flatters eyelashes to beg*

And if you could only live on one food for the rest of your life (for example, mine would be taccos or mashed potato) what would it be?

Tibby Honest :) X X X X

Anonymous said...


1. Yes, yes it does. I live near the longman, inverness :)
2. Yes
3. A little. Not over done though, takes away from the AWESOME adventure
4. errrrr over 400 years old ;)
5. current world? like we'll find another? :L. I'm teasing, I feel that books set in our world are more effective, because it gives magic to a could be boring place.
6. Depends on how awsome the bad guy is. does he have a goatee?
7. Converse
8. No, you get attached to the characters - like tanith. I am so happy that Mr Landy (;)) decided to alive Tanith again
9. is it a bouncy castle?

Lillian Faye said...

Omg the wiggles!!! My boyfriend's little sister (whom just turned two and extremly cute) absalutly adores them! It is the only show that you can sit her down and she will sit quietly and watch. I mean how cute! Though sometimes she trys and sings along...

Bless her :')

Anonymous said...

Hey, Derek!
Remember me???
Probably not, but considering you have an extremely busy time table I must forgive you!
Can I ask you a random question?
I'm going to wether you like it or not, though.....
What type of car do you have?
And why did you pick 'optimism' to be Billy - Ray's last name? (Because Sanguine means optimism)
Oh....... was that 2 questions? My bad.....
All bow to the Golden God!!!!!

Lady_Kandrakar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lady_Kandrakar said...

I have a couple of questions for you!

1. What do you think of the Skulduggery and Valkyrie pairing? Personally, I think it is very disturbing.

2. Would you ever come to Belfast in Northern Ireland for a book signing?

3. Do you like Tim Burton?

That's all my questions, please answer!

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Lady_Kandrakar: It leaves me incredibly curious as to why this pairing is making such waves. Tell me, why do you think this pairing is so troubling? :o

Becky Allaker said...

You're FUNNY. Yes.
HAHA, that argument, I've been talking to one of the participants of it, who, might I add, has done THE best Skulduggery fanart EVER. And it pleases me to say she os from MY town. YAY US! *Holds out hand for high five*
Ermmm... MENTION ME!!! Haha, not. But I DO have the same birthday as you, so you can mention me THEN. Deal?

Naomi Wiflath said...

@bex: Link the art! :D

Genesisnx said...

As for the movies = games/T-shirts/toys. Have you ever considered using sites like to get things like that going? T-shirts that is, games and toys are obviously a little more difficult and need more time and design elements. Even though I would loooveeeee a game, that would be the best thing ever.

It'd be awesome to see T-shirts around at least, I'd so buy a few. Heck I was thinking of making a custom one once I get a design down or something.

It’s nice to hear about your work flow, It actually gives me a great deal of hope that I’m at least doing something right when writing! I’ve written, rewritten, binned and burned copies of my ‘story’ (more like a huge project now) over the past several years simply because I wasn’t happy without they had turned out, mostly because I had winged it but back then I had little to no idea what I was doing in regards to plotting. In the past two years I’ve began to plot out what should be happening even if it changes drastically every month, most of that happens in my head since I’m pretty bad at plotting things out on paper but I don’t really expect to finish this project of mine any time soon, the universe behind it is very vast and still growing. Just goes to show I need to work on it a lot more.

*highfive Bex* Lowestoft for the win LOL Well, no not really, its the most boring place on the face of the… universe.

Valora Destry said...

wow so many comments i such short time. unfortunately everyone has said what i wanted to say so im outta ideas for a comment. by the way, sherlock sounds cool. and i can relate to having moronic dogs. my labrador, saw his reflection in the window and barked at himself thinking it was another dog.

but you gotta love dogs. personally, i think they are WAY cooler then cats. anyways, im getting a bit of topic. its impressive by how many people are starting to write because of this competition, and its niec that you are encouraging them, one of your nicer suggestions.

"You're like our own little vegetable."

Minnie said...

Derek, has anyone told you how cool you are?
Haha! Of course they have. All OVER this place. But seriously though, it is so awesome that you would make this blog and actually read the comments and care what people say and actually politely answer them. Most authors wouldn't. At most, they have places you can email them, and they probably won't answer, and if they do, they outright insult you if they don't like what you said. I've actually had authors do that to me. =P What I'm trying to say is, don't ever turn into one of THEM, Derek. Don't! You're far, far, far too cool. Always, always, always be awesome! That's an order. =)

Well, you know what they did to animate Gollum in the Lord of the Rings? They had a real actor act and then put the CGI over him. Could you do that for Skulduggery? I hope so 'cause Gollum looked pretty real for a CGI creature.

I want to know your favorite music. Will you make a post on that soon? I love P!nk and Smashmouth and most Evanescense (Sp?).

What I want to know is how Skulduggery looked before he died and how his wife and child looked and what their names were and whether they were sorcerers?

Lenka: That was really mean of your teacher. Geez. Totally immature.

Insanity Moonshine: Sorry. I don't think I saw your explanation of the ages. My bad.

Minnie said...

Kirsty: I love both cats and dogs. =)

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Irresistably EVIL!!! he'll be coming to New Orleans first if he comes to Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, Mr.Landy you surely aren't *actually* considering getting rid of the Bentley are you????????No you can't be!I shan't think of it!

I got the 200th comment Lynn!Yay my first time! ^.^ *hugs back* I like your tweaking, by the way.You did leave out Irresistably EVIL!!!'s part though.She continues our conversation in the gecko cave before Moonshine sent us her cupcake and flying carpet.
Ahaha yeah we're cool. :P

I *know* Moonshine I mentioned it too!!Grrr

Oh my goodness Naomi!I Actually agree with you!I loathe orange!
I highly doubt any Skulduggery/Cain pairing up in that way.

lol Roisin so "then she'll rot away and scare the fish away ta-ra-ra boom d-a- ta-ra-ra boom d-a!"
:P Did you ever sing that song, Mr.Landy??

Argh Lenka that is most certainly not fair! ):

Uh-oh Geckogirl don't get yourself grounded from the computer!!


"I could be some ghastly hallucination, a figment of my own imagination."

P.S. I shall be back shortly to continue replying to all of the comments and what-not.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

1. does the title 'key of longman' interest you?
Sure!Sounds interesting.
2. do you like mythical creatures?
Absolutely adore them ^.^
3. do you like romance in adventure novles?
Occasionally.Usually I prefer only a little bit or none.
4. my main character age?
I'd say 13-16 you prefer the setting in the current world or a magical world?
Depends on the story and the part of the world.Often with mythical creatures either a magical world or somewhere in the Ireland/London area.
6.prefer the badguys to be human?
Not necessarily or converse?
Most certainly boots! you like lots of death?
Not lots unless it's like an army of papermen like in Skulduggery Pleasant.Enough though, so you don't think everyone is invincible.
9. do you like the idea of the badguy hideout being a castle?
Mm 'tis ok


"Dealing with you is going to be a trial, isn't it?"

Anonymous said...

lol sorry peoples, I skipped your comments because I'm about to go swimming and I wish not to waste my time with your pettyness. JUST KIDDING! But seriously...I don't feel like it

First off, Naomi, I tried to comment on the CD but it wouldn't let me but here's what I tried to post:

"HAHA Naomi, that's great!! I love stephanie in the background. I say derek should incorporate this in a book and SP should stop randomly in the street and start that xDD That. Would. Be. AWESOMEEE!! XDD

~Miep <3"


I haven't been able to really work on it because my computer has a virus. I'm currently using a gym computer, therefore I can't do much on it, plus I want to go swimming.

But please, even if you don't *join*, please just make some sort of mention of it somewhere, PLEASE???



"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized."

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

mooglemunchette I highly doubt he'd give out his address because he wouldn't want lunatic fans, such as myself, flying to Ireland and hanging out at his house day and night just so I could see him in person.What you could probably do though is write 2 letters.One for the publisher and one for Derek Landy.The one for the publisher could be asking him to deliver the letter for Derek Landy to him.

I second Minnie Miracle's order!

I adore cast and agree that dogs are humorous. ^.^


a pink panther!Geckogirl, who was driving the car, swerved off the rode into a ditch!Skyril said,"what on earth is a panther doing here?'Tis rare to see one in these parts, and what an odd color."The panther looked at us cautiously.Odile, who was rummaging through her leather bag of gadgets proclaimed, "I can take care of this!"She had in her hand a strange device that looked like a mechanical triangle with lots of apparently random circles and designs.One side was open and the other two closed but for a few small holes.She pulled herself from the tipped car up to the side of the rode,turned a few odd knobs on her triangle, and brought the open side up to cover her mouth.She slowly walked toward the panther and started....yowling?Geckogirl nodded in her direction approvingly and said, "Aha great choice of gadget!Do you know what she's doing?" Everyone stared at her rather blankly.So she told them, "she speaking to it!".....

Continue it!


"Are you taking my hat hostage?"

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

By the way, Joe (you do get on today don't you??)
just so you know, you are now Hellboy.We officially decided on that while you weren't here ^.^

Naomi Wiflath said...

@skyril: Since skulduggery is currently Bently-less, I hope the obnoxious vehicles continue to make grand appearances. [Skulduggery himself said he hid some cars around, that proves there's some hope in revealing his secret love of obnoxious colors. I guess he does it cause he thinks he can make all of it look fashionable.]

I do really wonder about the pairing, it could very well happen and very well not happen. I can see both equally, though the Fletcher thing I really don't think will last. [The only thing i like about Fletcher, is his hair.]

I just hope that if the pairing is destined to be [It really does seem like it! I think even China thinks so], that the loathing for it by a lot of the fans don't affect it.

@mrpleasant-blog: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! [Valkyrie's faces are my favorite, I think.] Though I don't really think he'd burst into a Caramell Dansen unless he has a really REALLY fruity moment. LOL.

Your forums are neat! But everything is so image heavy it's hard for me to read the text let alone find anything! I hope you get the chance to work on it more soon. :)

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Yes Naomi his cars were rather funny.
I suppose I could see it happening, but I doubt it.Especially since he's so old and Fletcher and Val are together.If it does end between them though I suspect 'twill end by Fletcher dieing.


Genesisnx said...

@Naomi Wiflath: I agree, the Fletcher and Valkyrie pairing seemed a little rushed/forced if I'm honest, not to mention China did tell Fletcher he didn't really have a hope against Skulduggery.

I'm pretty supportive of what ever arises from it but I'm mostly rooting for Valkyrie and Skulduggery on the basis that they are sweet together and kind of need each other in a sense, or so it would appear.

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Skyril: Nah, I don't think he has to die for the thing between him and Cain to end. The whole boyfriend girlfriend thing could just end up not working out for them, and its not like he and skulduggery get along. [Its funny, they are fighting over her attention in a way. I find it cute.]

Cain and Skulduggery are destined to be together, even if there isn't a relationship there that goes beyond two partners. We know they mean a lot to each other.

Besides, their relationship is unique in itself.

I mean, he's a skeleton. LOL. It would just be an emotional bond, which I think is already established or being established [but that's just my observation from the text].

I think they could pair off when cain is a little older and wiser. Once you get out of that critical 14 - 21 age range, age difference slowly starts to matter less and less. If she paired off with him when she was 100 and he was 500- even if its a big gap, there really wouldn't be that much of a difference. When you get older, it starts to not make much of a difference. Everyone's old!

The teen years are very important in finding yourself and what you want in life, which is why there's such drastic differences between 16, 18, 20, etc and why it is awkward and sometimes taboo to go too far beyond someone in your age group at this time.

Cain is still going through the finding herself and what she wants in life. She has a lot to learn- though she is very mature for her age and has gone through a lot already.

As she gets older, I think she is just proving more and more to be a potential match for skulduggery. When she is old enough, i can see it working. But if it doesn't happen, i still see them to be very close. That tends to happen when your always saving each others lives, and all. :D I don't see the Fletcher relationship lasting long regardless of what happens in the end. [But that could be wrong, this is all just my own analysis.]

On the note of Fletcher dying- even though it doesn't have to happen to ruin the Cain and Fletcher relationship- I can see it happening eventually in the long run. But who knows with that.

@Genesisnx: It's young love, and its an exciting rush that we all stumble into. But it does prove that cain is just jumping into the water without thinking- a recipe for relationship disaster. Fletcher and Cain wont last, and that's my prediction. :D

Parhelia said...

Good day to you, Mr. Landy. It is my birthday today. :)

Instead of writing a congratulatory accolade to me in your next blog entry, I humbly beg your indulgence and your time to look at a few pieces of fan artwork that have been created in your honor.

I ask on behalf of my friend, Genesisnx, who is a great fan of your books. She has made several pieces of artwork dedicated to Skulduggery that are up in her DeviantArt Gallery. The links below lead directly to them.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Landy. :)

~ Parhelia

Minnie said...

I like the Valduggery pairing. I think they're perfect for each other, except for the whole "Skul's a skull" thing, but you know weird things happen to Skulduggery. He could get his skin back by the time Val's grown up. Even if they just stay partners, though, they're awesome together and I really can't complain. I don't really like Fletcher much, but he's actually so much better than so many boyfriends in books/movies/TV shows. He treats Valkyrie well, and even though their relationship seems so much less epic than her and Skul's, I really can't complain about it either. I think they're sort of cute together (like that scene at the end of Dark Days; that was hilarious!). So, either guy she chooses, I'll be ecstatic. =)

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Minnie Miracle: Well said! :D

Unknown said...

Awe sweet dude i got the last comment yeah! what are cooler ninjas or spartans ahroo ahroo

Unknown said...

Have you started writing book 7 yet?

Monique said...

Yes. Tim Tams exist. They are delicious. I will send you a packet when I figure out where you live and why I am not doing my art assignment and reading your blog. Blog is awesome, assignments suck. Finding you is effort, effort I do not have. Damn you highschool.

Anime? I feel lonely, you have not answered my question. If you don't I suggest full metal alchemist. It's great, borrow it out.

Valora Destry said...

@minnie miracle: i love evanescence! i didnt think anyone else knew about them!! cept i think their band broke up...

but anyways i am waiting with eager impatience for this 5th book to come out already! and i feel sorry for those people who don't have dark days. oh and wondering, does anyone here like twilight? its no where NEAR as good as SP but just curious.

Avotica said...

It seems quite a few people are outshining me in the long comment department. I hate them all.

Also, you didn't answer my question. The character who won that contest... please post profile or something like that. More information that just his name. Villian or... good guy? Good guy isn't a very good choice of word, but eh.

Also, my OTHER question. WHY DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS? I'm guessing it's because I'm in Australia. But still, a little recognition... would be nice, all I'm saying. Seriously, sometimes it's like I'm invisible. People just walk up to me as though they can walk through me, and other people kind of squish me towards a wall when I walk next to them. It's a bit of a self esteem killer.

Tim Tams are nice. They aren't great, or anything. It's like chocolate cream stuff (the cream stuff they usually put in the middle of biscuits) in between two chocolate biscuits, and then it's covered with chocolate. Of course, that's just the basic Tim Tam. There is also a white chocolate Tim Tam, caramal Tim Tam, Double coat Tim Tam, dark chocolate Tim Tam (actually, I'm not sure about that last one. I may just have dreamed it...)

I am also wondering what possessed you to create a Munchkin Army. Was it just something that you thought "oh, I want a Munchkin Army!" or was it planned and thought over?

Also, what was your inspiration for the main character?

I also found it a little bit weird that Skulduggery agreed to let her come on these adventures in the first place. And that she's around so many older men. It's a bit creepy, don't you think? Kind of reminds me of the original Doctor Who. He was travelling with his granddaughter, Susan. She wasn't originally going to be his granddaughter, but then they though it might seem a bit suspicious to have a 16 year old girl travelling around with and old man who wasn't related...

The Bentley is cool. It's a good car, don't get rid of it. Unless you want to change to a Skoda Octavia... nah, just kidding. Little ego boost for me.

I tried doing a characterisation of one of my character on Bebo. I went to put her actually date of birth in, but she was too young and the page got deleted. Fortunately, I was able to talk with the Bebo people, and they gave me my page back. It was frightening.

Also, out of complete spontaniousness, How do you like Tim Burton movies? Also, Myazaki Movies? (He did Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, The Cat Returns, Ponyo, etc.) Just wondering. And have you read A series of Unfortunate events? His Dark Materials? Day of the Triffids? You know, and good writer must be a good reader.

One of my personal favourite characters of my stories is Avotica Taciturn. It means confused silence, quite literally (figure that out). She isn't in any stories as of yet, but I did write a fanfiction of Harry Potter with an Avotica Wiccan, who was a squib, except she wasn't. Took place in the second book, was going to be a series but stuffed up the first ending, and so didn't continue.

Anyway, Avotica Taciturn is different. She isn't pretty, isn't ugly, and kind of just blends in and stand out at the same time. She is unique, because she goes to her own beat. But she's also very confused, and can get emotionally hysterical at times. She also has the power of Telekenesis.

By the way, have you read any Stephen King? I suggest Eyes of the Dragon, Carrie and The Shinning. They aren't all that scary, but they are thrilling!

It's all very exciting.

By the way, "no touchy" my Avotica! MINE

Avotica said...

Just so you know, that was NOT an attempt to make my comment longer that those other long comment people.

I still hate them...

Anonymous said...

Hello. Its me. Bwhaha girl. I doubt that you have forgotton your biggest fan (with awesome glasses). One thing nagging me at the corner of my mind, which i believe i know the answer to is: Do you actually have an R type continental black Bently, one of only 208 ever made? (And, No, i did NOT copy that out of the book.
Waiting in slight anticipation, Bwahaha girl.

Lillian Faye said...

Aaahhhhh!! There is just too many comments and too many long ones too for me to read all the ones I have missed! I do appoligise if by skim reading only a few of them that I have missed someone saying something to me. If soo just tell me... write Lynn in big capitals lol, that should get my attention ahaha.

@Naomi I have no idea if you have seen my comment on the last one about making up but if you haven't if you don't mind having a little peek because I really can't remember what I said and I think it was quite a good comment ahahaha. then again I might have just made that 'good comment' but up... Hmmm.. Anyway.

Oh the story:

It was postman Pat, the officail postman for the COBPUDLGAP group (which is what the expedition group was now officialy called). Naomi (whom was driving) slammed on the brakes and the wheels groaned in protest as they suddenly stopped, a mer few inches away from postman Pat's nose. They all sat. They all stared... Odile almost had a heart attack. Then postman pat steps up to the car door and knocks on the window. As Naomi winds it down slowly, the rest of the car sit in shocked silence. Dutifully handing over a cream envalope, Pat nod's, get back into his red postman van, and drives off into the distance.

'Open it then,' said Skulduggery, impationatly...


Cluainn Fhada said...

I hate the way there so many comments...
Set up a goddamned FORUM. Please?

I really want to do a very long comment but I'm increbily lazy so I'll probably finish halfway through a sentence...

Okay. I liked my character and I think my sister got her disqualified...
Most of all I liked her name. It was a cool name.
I can only justify it with ITALICS ut I can't use italics. Things look important in italics.
Draíocht(this is magic as Gaeilge) Anonymous.
She also had glasses and was missing two fingers.

This was a small protest against lazer eye sugery aswell because I wear glasses and I [i]like[/i] glasses.

And I'm going to repeat (although I'm not in the habit of repeating myself) my question/demand.


Sorry there was no reason to shout.

I'm sorry if that may appear offen-

Ambiguity said...

*reads last posts comments* *throws back head and laughs* OMG! I can't BELIEVE it! Sooo funny what people say.
This next part is me saying all the random things I want to say in one hit so here goes nothing:

If u ever go to Australia, can u do it during the school holidays? Please? The farther north the better 'cause I'm a territory gal.
Just sayin', just in case.

Do you like any of the following? Concrete Blonde, Butthole Surfers, Nightwish, Paramore.

NOT NINJA'S! PIRATES! THEY'RE WAY COOLER! (I've got a pirate flag in ma room)

funniest book: Dark Days

Now here's the most important question in the world:
HAVE U EVER HAD VEGEMITE?! Or Miahmite or whatever that way-worse english version is called.

ever got embarrised by what people comment on here? (I mean the sorta weird feeling you get, and you feel... for want of a better word weird about what people write)

Is this annoying?


Kangaroo's jump down the main street where I live.
I live out bush.
Chew on that.

And finally, what does the following words mean to you? The sky is a poisonous garden

Sorry 'bout that. I'll try not to let it happen again.

~Ambiguity - ya know what it means!

Ambiguity said...


Aimee =] said...


Are sixteen year olds not good enough for you novel?

LOL :)

Oh and Derek? Love your friends blog page :)

Who doesnt love a bit of Zoombie every day?

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

i've been wondering what type of revolver SP has. i'm hoping itz something really powerful and badass, like a .357 Magnum. thier like miniature CANONS!!! but then of course if he wanted to do some "interrigation" and what not, it wouldn't be very good if he shot them in the foot or something (you know, for motivation *wink*) and his whole leg flew off. i think that the most he'd get out of that unfortunate individual would be..." AHHHH!!! MY LEG!!! AHHHHH!!! AHHHH!!! AHHHHH!!!" now i've never seen someone get thier leg shot off (thank god!!!) but i'm sure that's and accurate,and somewhat censored, version of what they'd say.....or, scream. whatever. so derek, what kind of revolver DOES SP have hmmm? i talked to my mom and she said that she'd schedual an appiontment for the doctor's office. i'll probably go on monday or tuesday next week. i read up on concussions and found out that you can't see them by having MRI of CT scans. wierd. and that some of the symptoms are, depression, change of behavior* op! there's one!* , memory loss, loss of sleep, too much sleep *MEEEE!!!* ,and some other stuff that i forgot or just don't have the patience to type. well i'm getting bored now, (omg!!! what?!?! on derek landy's blog!!! unbelievable) so ima gonna go and watch some t.v. and hope there's something on that will entertain me. at least for a few hours, or until i conk out....again.

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

okay Minnie Miricle.... EWWWWW!!! TATZ SO GROSS!!! eww!! ewww!!! ewwwww!!! great, just, just great. now i have horrible visions in my head. i'm gonna have nightmares because of you. thatz soooo gross. i don't think Val would EVER even THINK about something like that!!! I MEAN HE'S A BUHMILLION YEARS OLD!!! (knows he's actually 400, but he might as well be a buhmillion 'cause the age differenc is astounding) and if he DID get his skin back or something, he might look like kenspeckel. ewww, just ewww. you're sick. god, the only thing worse would be if there were yaoi (hope i spelled it right) fangirls on here. okay, i kinda am one, but NOT for ANY of the Kingdom Hearts characters OR Skulduggery characters. and now i've probably put a bunch of naughty ideas in your heads. great... but really, Valduggery is disgusting, and you should be ashamed of yourself. but, now that i think about Kingdom Hearts.... i think Riku and Valkrie should get together. i mean since he has no one in the game (that i know of at least) why not have them date? yes yes i know. she's Fletcher's girl now, i think, i've only read a bit of manuscript online, but think about it. Riku's protective and sweet. and he's not as cocky as Fletcher. though, maybe they spend the same amount of time on thier hair. WHO DO YOU GUYS THINK WOULD BE BETTER FOR VAL???? RIKU, OR FLETCHER???

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...


Unknown said...

Irresistably EVIL u r such a liar u were going up the slide not down try telling the truth

Unknown said...

derek landy ur like the awesomest person ever yall better get a contract with the states too idk if my parents will buy me the book from amazon they're old fashion (thank God im home alone my mom would kill me if i called her old) but im very happy to be apart of ur army noe btw im Irresistably EVILS friend the one who she always calls and idoit which i am not im way smarter than her

Unknown said...

whoops i meant now

Unknown said...

o if ur ever in new orleans u gotta have a list of food to try i mean who doesnt they've so many good.... wait great restaraunts u gotta try mardi gras is the best time of the year here though i mean not the nasty part were u see drunk people sleeping in the streets after the parades or when a bunch of stupid girls lift their shirts JUST to get bead which u could buy otherwise its so much fun.............. and number 1 that is so gross thinking about valduggery i mean really i think fletcher is prefect for valkyrie i mean u could see it coming in the third book well, i could, they were gonna end up together when they teleported to bespoke tailors the way he way making her laugh

Unknown said...

just got book thre today! now, all i have left is book 2... MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

The best Bentley replacement is a new Bentley...or something that has awesome face

Unknown said...

hi, i have NEVER commented on this before... just saying - and GOD some of these comments are long!!

i know that it's totally your choice about which characters are in the books but i think that having werewolves in the story line might make the books a bit like the Twilight Saga.

i really like the Twilight Saga and everything but the Skulduggery books are pretty much the most imaginative and significant ones i've read! if they end up with loads of werewolves and people that sparkle in sun and... erm... whatever they might lose their awsome individuality!!! noooooo!!!!!

Geckogirl said...

gahh! Skyril and Lynith have continued the story in differant ways!!!! CANNOT......CHOOSE.....BETWEEN....THEM!
erm ill continue both:
"Ohhhh!" everyone sed! So Odile told the pink panther where they were going and why and the pink panther told her that he was sorry he disturbed them and he'll be on his way to paris again now. And then he gave each of us a complementary pen and slunk off. But it wasnt just any pen it was a............

Inside the letter they found a gold pen along with a note. Note read ' I know what you search for and I have information on what you seek. This pen shall help you find me. It's not just any pen its a.............

There problem solved! Both sections end in the same way! Arn't I just a genius? Well not as much of a genius as Derek Landy but pretty smart! but thats not what my science teacher said :(

Continue the story!
Geckogirl out!
p.s kinda random but who loves the movie Van Helsing??? Waht do u think of it?

penguin said...

how cold anyone worship Derek Landy any maore than i can I walk around with my best friend, Ninever Redstone, (her chosen name. Mine is Ebony Black) playing that skullduggery Pleasant has a mission for us. So there!!!

P.S> we're awaiting our next mission eagerly.

penguin said...

I mean Could not cold.

penguin said...

who would just adore being able to work along side, the most awesome, derek Landy by being shot in the movie?
Me me me me me me me me me me me me me!!!

Irestably Evil can I use that as the title of my on coming book,it justs sounds sooo awesome!!!

P.S. you'll all get a free copy

Cluainn Fhada said...

I'm writing my novel... I like it.

It's not very original, I just squirrel away mountains of awesomeness from anything with a sort of plot.
(This excludes all Meg Cabot books. And Jaclin (?) Wilson books, they're all the same... )
And mush them together to create something vaguely familar but not quite...



P.S. You'll all be acknowledged!

Mackenzie said...

Hmm. This is a vicious cycle. Upon seeing that you were answering questions, I couldn't think of what to say. But now, I actually have questions, and so do many others. If you answer them (which you shouldn't, seriously) then more people are going to realize more questions of their own, and it's going to be a never-ending black hole of questions!

So, my questions are these:
Have you ever heard of Dr. McNinja, and have you ever read any fanfiction about Skulduggery Pleasant?

(If you have, oh my God I feel sorry for you. I write some of that and I can't fill up three fingers with stories that are actually any good. I mean we all have to start somewhere, but do we have to start by molesting Tanith, using Billy-Ray and China?)

Minnie said...

Naomi Wiflath: Thanks. =)
I agree that the age difference means very little if they're both adults.

Kirsty: Evanescence is fantastic! I did hear they broke up, but I wasn't sure it was true.

Irresistably EVIL!!!: I don't think Skulduggery would look old if he got his skin back. China, Bliss, and Serpine were the same age as him and they didn't look old.

Unknown said...


its was a pen that wrote magical golden ink! when they took out a compas, they wrote on the difernt arrows, and the one that glowed was the way they neded to go. there was only one problem. it said they had to go through a casm with snakes, spiders, clowns, and pionty sticks. All but insanity stared, stared, for she had a plan. "ok first we...

Anonymous said...

I wrote a fanfiction once when the book first came out. I paired Billy-Ray and Val together (ick) and heck, i feel really sorry for anyone i may have now traumatised with that. But, point being, i did another with a cross over of House and SP, which was funny-House became professor K.'s assistant, and eventually took over. Val and Skul-man took him down, but House is so frickin' awesome he escaped-and, actually back onto some questions...

I suck at Fanfiction. Seriously. Don't get freaked out if yours is rubbish too. It's called Practice. And while, Practice makes Perfect, it's called an experiment too. Just trying out fanficton is cool... just, don't fantazise about boy-pairings that often... if you spend your days thinking of new skul-men people to pair up, i suggest you get help.

Erm... Valduggery, let's start thinking of ways this could so go wrong... well, there are so many.
If Skulduggery and Valkyrie DO get together, how the hell are they going to kiss! I mean, the whole point of romance is lip-action!
But, it's could be cool. I mean... nothing serious (get your head out of the gutter, i didn't mean it like THAT) but, they have a great relationship and what have you but...

I'm sorry. Valduggery used to gross me out, it still does, always will, the idea of waking up and the highlight of your day seeing your skeleton boyfriend is...odd

K, i guess we all have a opinion... so, well...

I'm just going to say that anyone who FIGHTS for Valduggery is great. I mean, it's great that you're standing up to what you believe in, not the fact that you're hoping for a teen and skeleton to become a item... well, you get my drift.

And, ThreeBooksInTheFire, i've seen Dr.McNinja. It's actually pretty cool ;)


Anonymous said...

whoops. That was a bit long. Sorry ^.^

Mackenzie said...

xD I know, but most of the fan fictions out there are TERRIFYING. It doesn't help that most of them paint Guild as a political strawman just out to make Valkyrie's life miserable. And he's my favorite character ;_;

(then again, I'm the one that keeps making blatant, blatant Mary Sues that have known Skulduggery since they were both in diapers, sooo...)

And yeah. Valduggery terrifies me. Terrifies me to no end. Especially the fact that reality has to be warped in order for the fic to even start. (A pill that Skulduggery is supposed to take how is made by Kernspeckle, mostly.)

volcaneo-gods said...

_ _
() ()

Derek do you watch Big Brother?
Oh yeah, could you wite a recap for the story guys?
Next time you miss everything I'll write recap for you. And don't lie about it (espicially you Inferno Joe/Hellboy.)

By the way what didi you think of the finale of Glee. I thought it was a bit too cheezy. And quinns baby looked bout, a month old.
Here's my new quote for this post.

"What the HELL is a Hufflepuff"
-Dumbledore(A Very Potter Musical)

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Kirsty Mm not a big Twilight fan.I watch the movies, but I never used up my time reading the books.

Avotica the character who won the competition is a good guy because you could only submit good guy characters.His power was described by him exactly as follows: "He has the ability to get you to agree with anything he says, without you realising it."

lol LYNN! I already continues the story from that part!Hm!Maybe I can sort of combine them?...

Irresistably EVIL!!! I think Riku. *nods*

Of course, I wouldn't mind the whole Valduggery thing, but I'm quite unsure as to how Mr.Landy would pull that off.

Ok the next post will be combining the stories....somehow...

Oh volcaneo-gods there's too much to recap on I do believe.Though in my next post I will recap the story.


"Vengeous scowled. 'As you can see,' he said, 'you are vastly outnumbered.'

I usually am.'

Your situation has become quite untenable.'

It usually does.'

You are within moments of being swarmed by these filthy creatures of undeath and torn apart in a maelstrom of pain and fury.'

Skulduggery paused. 'Okay, that's a new one on me."

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

A comment can't be more than 4,096 characters so I posted from the update by Lynn.If you don't remember that part go read Lynn's near the beginning.Also I'll have to post in two sections because 'tis still too big xD

Insanity took out a huge book, and began flipping through it."Ok, we got transportation, food, entertainment, awesome little me..." she rambled on, touching each picture as she came to it, and it appeared beside them."We shall also need to stop by one of our friends to get gadgets and stuff."
"Great let's go!" said Lynith.
So they all got into Naomi's car and set off to Odile who had all the cool gadgety stuff.But as soon as the gang saw Odile, Geckogirl ran screaming wildly at Odile screaming "You got my name wrong!" but just before she slammed into Odile, Geckogirl got distracted by an alpaca standing to the left.Everyone rolled their eyes at Geckogirl while she petted the Alpaca (called Ronald) and they all continued to plan on how to get book 6 back.Just as they were discussing this Skulduggery screamed in pain.
"What's wrong Skulduggery?" Odile asked.Skulduggery paused a moment then he said "Who is Skulduggery?"
"what do you mena who is skuduggery?"
"I don't know who I am or who you are talking about"
they turned to Insanity who was playing the piano.Skyril sighed and said, "Insanity, if you are going to play the piano, please just make it a bit less annoying."
"Ok, but the only non annoying ones are unsuspenseful." replied Insanity, taking out a harmonica. "puh puh puuuuhhh" she played then she took out her cupcake book and gave Skulduggery a memory cupcake, which gave him back memory of his name and stuff.Once Skulduggery was feeling better, they all clambered into Naomi's car to set of for Derek Landy's house to see what he knew of the missing book.But because Odile joined them there wasn't enough room in the car so Geckogirl decided to ride on Ronald the alpaca behind them while Skulduggery held her ice-cream (yes,another one)The gang were driving down the road singing 'Under Pressure' by Queen while Skulduggery groaned about our taste in cars.Suddenly, from out of the blue something stepped in front of the car.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...


It was a pink panther!Naomi, who was driving the car, swerved off the rode into a ditch!Skyril said,"what on earth is a panther doing here?'Tis rare to see one in these parts, and what an odd color."The panther looked at us cautiously.Odile, who was rummaging through her leather bag of gadgets proclaimed, "I can take care of this!"She had in her hand a strange device that looked like a mechanical triangle with lots of apparently random circles and designs.One side was open and the other two closed but for a few small holes.She pulled herself from the tipped car up to the side of the rode,turned a few odd knobs on her triangle, and brought the open side up to cover her mouth.She slowly walked toward the panther and started....yowling?Lynn nodded in her direction approvingly and said, "Aha great choice of gadget!Do you know what she's doing?" Everyone stared at her rather blankly.So she told them, "she speaking to it!"
"Ohhhh!" everyone said!So Odile told the pink panther where they were going and why and the pink panther told her that he was sorry he disturbed them and he'll be on his way to Paris again now.Then he gave each of us a complementary pen and slunk off.Though it wasn't just any pen it was-
just then postman Pat, the official postman for the COBPUDLGAP group (which is what the expedition group was now officially called), walked up to them from apparently nowhere.Everyone (who'd had now gotten out of Naomi's car) stared....Odile almost had a heart attack.Then, postman pat steps up to Naomi, dutifully handing over a cream envelope, Pat nod's, gets back into his red postman van, and drives off into the distance.
'Open it then,' said Skulduggery, impatiently...
Inside the letter they found a gold pen along with a note.The note read 'I know what you're searching for and I have information on what you seek.This pen shall help you find me.It's a special pen.Read the included instructions to find me.This is what they did after reading through the instruction thoroughly.They took out a compass, they wrote on the different arrows, and the one that glowed with the golden ink was the way they needed to go.There was only one problem.It said they had to go through a chasm with snakes, spiders, clowns, and pointy sticks. All but Insanity stared, for she had a plan. "Ok, first we...

I had to change a few things, but mostly 'tis the same.Sorry for the excessively long comments Mr.Landy!

Unknown said...

Sorry if I'm interrupting any comments, but I've noticed a few people trying to make suggestions to replace the Bentley...

And the best car for Skulduggery would have to be the "Morgan Aeromax"

This car would suit Skulduggery very well!!! =D Please people, look it up and let me know what you think!

Naomi Wiflath said...

Everyone knows the way to go is a Delorean. You just cant go wrong with a Delorean.

And there's that whole extra bonus of going through time.

Unknown said...

i like the Morgan Aeromax waaaaaayyy better than the delorean.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

t.cafaro07 yeah that does seem to suit him!

"We didn't die,' she said.

Of course not. I'm too clever to die, and you're too pretty.'

I am pretty,' Valkyrie said, managing a grin."

Cluainn Fhada said...

I still want his next replacement car to be a Volkswagan Type 2...

And a forum.

A forum would be great, I like forums because I like reading what people have to say, and it's easier on a forum. We should get one...

Right, I'll be back soon.

Anonymous said...

Heyy Derek :D
Loooove your books (but of course you already guessed that). I'm looking forward to buy your next book ;) i'm from Denmark, but i just can't wait for it, so i'll have to order it on the internet in english xD
I have a question for you . . . Do you have a rival?? An arch-enemy of dimensions?? And why ?? ;D -Laughs- Just something I've been wondering about ;)
Huge Hugs from Vanilla Perky ;3

Anonymous said...

_!!!! AFTERTHOUGHT!!!!!!!!!
What in earth possessed you to make Valkyrie and Fletcher a couple?? Where did that come from? It's just wrong xD That's the only thing in the skulduggery pleasant series that have disappointed me. A lot!
I don't get it.. Why don't I get it?? Why did it have to happen?? WHYYYY???? >.<

Cluainn Fhada said...

Right, I'm back and after much hard work on my behalf I bring you the FORUM!

Unoffical of course and I could probably get sued...
Okay I can't linkify it but... just copy paste it into a new tab... please?

Ebony Orvil said...

ok sorry guys once again i only read a few comments (i may be bored but reading comments for an hour isn't going to help.

When I used to look up skulduggery pleasant on google skulcandy (whatever that is) always came in front of it. Today however when I typed in "sku" skulduggery pleasant came up as the first result. Don't believe me? Try it! Skulduggery pleasant is becoming more popular by he minute!


fuyuchi-hanami I loved the way fletcher and Val got together!!! I had been hoping it since the third book and when it finally came in the 4th i was nearly crying with joy!!


ok lynith thanks I like being cool gadget person that is good. I don't feel like continuing the story now (too tired).

Curse you derek!!!
I have finished lotr book one and i got a book from the library to read before i read book 2 but then yesterday i saw SP dark days just sitting on my bedside table waiting to be reread, and now the library book will have to wait and i will probly be bringing it back late and have to pay a fine..... IT IS AL BECAUSE OF YOUR BOOK!!! Well i suppose skulduggery pleasant it sorta the best series ever so you are i guess an annoying genuis.

a long post from....

Making the Legend said...

could you PLEASE (i used please) hurry up on the SP script???? I'm not getting any younger here! (i'm thirteen and i heard the range of age they want is 11-14.) (you have until july of 2012!!!!)

I'm sad. i wanted the bently to be blue. Black is such a cliche. blue would have been so much better. Even silver for Sarah's sake! :(

Please dont replace the Bently!!!! I love the bently! (if ur going to do anything, make it blue!)

Unknown said...

just to let you know ..........
the series firefly has a movie!!!!!!!!!!
i love it!!
sorry if you already knew derek
yay if you didn't
. . . . . . .i sound mad? why am i posting . . .. . . .

Cluainn Fhada said...

Well, I've got a member on my forum!


*Goes to glomp Insanity Moobshine*


Jessica said...

Im so happy that a movie is (most likely) going to be made. Although I hope it wont be to soon. The technology needs to be better first, Skulduggery must NOT look anything like Ghost rider. I mean, I liked the movie but the skeleton head just looked weird and a little unrealistic.

Im really disappointed that I couldn't see you when you were in New Zealand. You had to pick this year didn't you, the first year I'm away from home for longer than a week. But I guess its a small price to pay for the amazing year I'm having overseas.

Just a suggestion (which I really hope you will pay attention to) next time you are on tour (there will be another tour, right? to celebrate the release of the next book, or the next one, or the next one) in New Zealand you should come to the South Island as well. Just because only 20% of the population lives there doesn't mean it wouldn't be worth it (practically no one comes to the South Island on their tours, it really sucks) I know my sister would've loved to see you and me to as I should be back by then.

And just to boost your ego a little more, my best friend is always really happy when I give her a painting or drawing of Skulduggery characters for her birthday, she loves the books that much (although maybe my awesome artistic skills have something to do with it).

oh and please don't ditch the Bentley, everyone loves it.

penguin said...

oh my god no!!!
A dorolean just looks like the car from back to the future, eveyone knows the one and only car to get is sooo the Jag KS8.

Derek plz can I have ur adress so then if you never come to my remote little town called HEBDEN BRIDGE for a book singing I can always send you the books with my adress then you send them back to me singed. Everybodys happy!!!

penguin said...

who's riku? Can he be more cute than Flecture, never!
And any way it'll be fun to see what a tragic relationship it could turn out to be, with Valkirie obsesed with skullduggery and Felecture obsesed with Flecture it could get realy interesting.

Cluainn Fhada said...

*Very very quietly*
You spelled signing wrong...



Synopsis Somebody said...

ah, thank you for all your answeres (which were only 3...) converse are winning by 5 votes!
more answers please!

Em said...

keep the bentley- unless your going to have a horridly ugly car with a classy name. now that i think about it- have both

Ebony Orvil said...

NO no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!
PLEASE don't scrap the Bentley!! It's a classic and you just CAN'T scrap it!!

Also I forgot to say my sister gave me a skulduggery pleasant birthday card (it was hand drawn.... it would be cool if there were official SP cards)for my birthday. What jessica said reminded me.

(if you didn't don't read on... *SPOILERS*)

I cried! But then SUE (?) came and saved the day! I mean SUE! And she voted for them.... MAJOR shock!! I am really happy that Emma and Shoe, and Rachel and Finn are back together.

*Spoiler over*

I am going to try make the space to comment more regularly and actually read ALL the other comments.


Lady Kumori of Ultimate Evil and Awesomeness said...

Amazing, someone with an ego that nearly rivals mine. But I am the most amazing person in the universe; everyone bows down to my greatness. In fact, I am so awesome that I defy the very laws of physics, therefore creating a tear in the space-time continuum, releasing even more awesomeness, if that is even possible, to make me even more amazing. Because I am the epitome of all existence, perfection personified, and my army of minions is more awesome than your army. Be afraid.

Louisa Rose said...

I was just wondering Mr Landy, If the movie does get made, will there be a chance for normal people to audition? Because i went the the auditions for Lyra Belacqua in the Film The Golden Compass (based on the book Northern Lights by Philip Pullman) in Oxford, and I accept that maybe I was a bit short and my hair was too dark, but i was confused when Dekota Blue Richards got the part when she has a film star for a mother and whatever. Because what's the point of having open auditions like that if you don't really plan on getting an average person for the role?
Anyway, the long and short of it is that i really would like the chance to audition for Valkyrie and I hope you concider open auditions if the movie really does go ahead....
Although I understand if you wanted someone with experience. I never had any lessons but it's kind of a dream of mine, just the chance would be enough of a thrill. Thank you :)

sarah wilkinson said...

derek, u shld realy look at the comics that emily does on the public figure for skulduggery pleasant on fcbk, they are rly good and rly hilarious, just like your books, they are worth a look , trust me, there have been 117 comic strips she's dont so far, trust me u will laugh, and p.s if there is a film pls do ure awsome work and pls dont make it childish

Cluainn Fhada said...


I have three members (excluding myself).


oceanlover4evr said...

wish that dark days would come out in us, be sad because it didn't. love derek landy, one of the best authors.

Rachel McCoach said...

mooglemunchette! i live in inverness so i could know you? longman near the college?

btw great story lynith and geckogirl and everyone else, cant wait till uv finished it all

plus Hudson, perhaps a flaw in your majic repair theory- the bently was vaporised so it TOTALY dissapeared, but if u find a way by this please bring back the bently. btw the bently was originally black as mr landy said, noy silver.

FINALLY i have a really clever theory on whats going to happen in the future regarding valkyrie as darkesse- but i aint sayin yet incase its what does happen and i spoil the WHOLE of whats to come...

bye folks

Cluainn Fhada said...


Genesisnx said...

Well here's a forum I've been workin on:

Its on a dedicated server. Only thing left to do on it now is put rules up and get things going. Ah yes, and add different themes for the characters. Not to mention it will end up with a fan site front end!

Can you guess who's theme it is currently? :)

Naomi Wiflath said...

@Genesisnx: Ooooooooohh That forum looks AWESOME

Anonymous said...

You came to Australia and didn't eat a Tim Tam. For shame.

Well, since you claim to read all the comments, I must say you disappointed me in a very big way. I drove three hours to see you when you came to Australia, and I drew you a PICTURE and asked you to MARRY me for God's sake, and what did I get in return? A mention in a little blog.

OH WAIT. I didn't even get that. Because you forgot. You forgot to mention me, Johanna, and you forgot to mention Emma, your twin who shares your birthday and Skulduggery's death day.

I am disappointed, Mister Landy. Very disappointed.

songwriter101 said...

Hi your awesome,
I've tried to convert my friends from twilight to skully pleasant!!!

Well at least I have gotten my bestie Em to read 1 of the books *Grrrrr* and I think I can get my other bestie Cammy too read it.........

but anyway did you name your dog sherlock!?! awesome!!!

I can't believe you have never eaten a tim-tam!!!


How awesome are you on a scale from 1-10?

and how awesome are you compared too your books?

and of course have a good life, good luck with your books, and continue being awesome!!

Unknown said...

hey do any of u guys no anymore acronyms other than; LOL ROFL OMG OMLG BFF BBQ BRB TMI?

Kailz said...

YOU HAVE NEVER HAD A TIM TAM BEFORE!!! OH. MY. GOD.!!!!! WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC! Derek, you were in Australia, did anyone even give you Vegemite to taste?? This is terrible! Tim-tams, the best biscuit I have ever tasted... mmmm... chocolate mousse wedged in between two slabs of chocolate biscuit, you can buy ones with caramel in the middle too, and then coated in scrumptious chocolate... heaven.... pure. heaven. Shame. Next time you come to Australia you HAVE to have them. I guarantee you you'll try one, go through the entire packet and turn into an insane person trying to get your hands on more. I promise. Try it.

Kirsty :D said...

Gosh, darn it! My name on this thing is not supposed to be "kirstyroxyasox"...its supposed to be just Kirsty :( So...
Hi, I'm Kirsty! It looked like fun leaving a comment so I thought I'd give it a shot :)
Firstly, I noticed you, Mr. Landy, giving out "happy belated birthday"s so I thought I'd ask for one. It was my birthday on June 2nd. I turned 15 :D (yay!)
Secondly, I have been thinking about Skulduggery's car conundrum. I think I have found a solution. While, yes, the Bently was good, I think a porsche is the way to go :D either a boxter or a carrerra GT would be cool. 'Cause if a porsche isn't cool enough for Skulduggery, what is? Apart from the Bently, hahaha.
And, lastly, the awesomeness thing. I'm awesome too, so *high-five*. However, I recieved my awesomeness in quite a different way. It was a gift from the gods. I suppose in a way it was a blessing AND a burden. My natural superiority to others can get quite tiresome...oh who am I kidding? I love my superiority, it's the best part!
Anyway, I think I have rambled on long enough, so...BYE!!!!

Lillian Faye said...

Wuu2- what you up to
wubu2- what you been up to
wuct- who you chatting to
dm- doesnt matter/dont mind
idc- i dont care


Unknown said...

derek i gotta a couple of questions to ask you.:)

numero uno whats your top three favorite movies

2 can u describe the wierdest person you even meet based on looks or how the acted
hold on three yr old sisters doing sumthing shes not suppose to....... she has decided to be the horse from mulan which we r about to watch. yay me. which would bring me to my third question
whats your favorite animal??

4 whos your favorite bad guy out of books 1-3

last but not least...
4 whoops 5 umm..whats your favorite disney charcter from the old steam boat willy to the princessin the frog; whats your least favorite disney charater

Unknown said...

f6hjhhbgggg seddeder5rrrnx45x66433hnhkvbgtsnm;kjujhy66fdd

that was lilian, my three year old sister, saying hi. im saving all my books which include skulduggery pleasant book
that little poop took my poptart dang it

btw my mother is over excited with joy that i am doing so

not really

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Cluainn Fhada haha I don't think that is his style.
Plus I prefer commenting here because then Mr.Landy will for sure read them.Maybe if someone has an arguement again they can go there.

A Dorolean?Eh could go either way though I do believe there're better vehicles for Skulduggery.
The Jag KS8 is better than the Dorolean, but I think I like the Morgan Aeromax out of the suggestions so far.Oh and Kirsty#2 (indeed, you are the 2nd).He can't ride in either of those bacause when the roof is down (which 'tis mostly made for) everyone could see him and what if his scarf or sunglasses blew off or something??
I most certainly think you should keep the Bentley!I was just speaking about what I thought of these cars just in case you didn't.

True, Penguin it could get interesting.
Riku is from a video game called Kingdom Hearts.Here are two seperate pictures from two different parts in the series of games.

sweetnaeema32 what if I say
(that's 6)

Lady Kumori Haha no I don't think your army could ever rival the epic skill of we, the ninja leprechauns of the Munchkin Army!

Ikr-I know right


"Being a detective isn't all about torture and murder and monsters. Sometimes it gets truly unpleasant..."

P.S. I'm on a mini vacation so if I don't comment for a few days, that's why. ^.^

Ebony Orvil said...

OOOHHH I read most of the comments to now I will reply!

1. vampire freak have you ever played uno? (card game) it is really fun!

2.eloise I know how you feel. it is always about twilight and i just feel like shooting bella and edward at this stage (sorry to any twilight fans on this blog). Of course I still love Jacob but that is only because he is Jacob and he isn't like edward who spends most of his day telling bella how much he loves her and how he would never leave her and then he goes off and leaves her! GGRR!!

3. kristyroxyasox (your name is annoyingly long) my birthday was the day before yours!!!
OK I know I am not there to high five you but you could high five the computer.
(caution high fiving the computer may cause problems such as: the computer falling and breaking and going on fire.)

Unknown said...

Odile si yes i have i lose everytime

Unknown said...

I've seen the caramelldansen by Naomi and I think it looks great! However, that doesn't mean I'm not going to finish mine!!! If Naomi happens to read this then I have favourited your video under the username 'randomistdd'. Hope you do the same when mine comes out!lol. DDx

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't someone's blog popular?
I jest about my jealousy - but with my ego being the size it is it gets depressed when it isn't being fed by something. I'm working on shrinking it.
Anyway, OH MY GOD. You are on a pedestal in my head, as the sort of writer I aspire to be. Your dialogue is funny, the characters are faulted yet loveable (perfect characters? pfft) and the fight scenes are enviable! I wish I could just harness some of...some of whatever it is that makes you write like you do.
Although, I suppose you hear from a lot of aspiring writers, don'tcha? No surprise there. I don't blame them.
Anyway...what gives you the inspiration for your character names? This is one of the things I love about your characters the most. A good name can make or break a character, in my opinion, and the names you choose are really, really awesome. Also, they're usually really fun to say. Nefarian Serpine. Serrrrrrrrrrpine.
By the way, I may be getting a kitten and naming it Skulduggery. Y'know, maybe. If my mum and my sister don't complain too much. It's a GOOD name for a kitten.
Right, so, it was nice leaving this comment, I hope you like it...I hope I hear back from you some time. ^^
Hannah Jones, 15, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

P.S. Lemme just show you how big a Skulduggery Pleasant dork I am. I took this about a year ago? Guess who I played dress up as?


Anonymous said...

P.P.S. Oops! Wrong image code.

Violet Night said...

Hmm... Derek, do you read ALL the comments? Cos' if I were u i'd be afraid...VERY afraid! The last last week has not been good. I've finished school for the summer but my mom signed me up for Irish college! Like the Ghaelthacht but you come home at night like school ( for those of you who don't know what a ghaelthact is let me explain. A Ghaelthact is a course where you go to the Irish countryside and stay in some cottage and have to speak Irish or you get sent home! ) The worse part is the ceílí's are compulsary(Irish Dances). Now i'm starting to think in Irish and I am getting worried! My first week is over and now I have one week left and then it's my Birthday! It's on Sunday the 20th and I am having a movie night. Then on July 9th I am going to see eclipse so I can sit and laugh at Robert Patternson's lack of acting ability. I was watching the Graham Norton SHow and they had a comedian called Jack Whitehall on. It turns out he went to school with Robert. He hated him you have to watch the clip

Rachel McCoach said...

omg i just started lookin at Emily Good's skulduggery comic strips on facebook. u lot and Mr Landy should definately spend some time lookin at em.

bye bye the noo
from rachel

Cluainn Fhada said...

Genesisnx: I'm very upset about this, but... yours does have a domain name so...
I can hooch my forum buddys onto yo-


I started that; my idea, my blood, my sweat and my tears.

I put effort into mine, effort I normally put to appericated use.

I'm going to vent pointless anger for a while then see sense, if ya don't mind.

Cluainn Fhada,
Admin of Unoffical Skulduggery Pleasant Forum.

Genesisnx said...

@Cluainn Fhada: I'm sorry to say this but you did not "start it", it was not "your idea", I've been working on that forum long before you posted any links to yours, mine just took a little longer to get up due to the template needing a lot of work and custom graphics.

I worked just as hard on that forum and wanted to share it, there's no need to be hostile.

Mackenzie said...

Ohoho, is there going to be a fight about /forums/? Seriously?

Well, at least it isn't almost as stupid as that last flame war about... whatever it was about.

Naomi Wiflath said...

I suppose people will be sore about whose forums were first and what not- but really its up to everyone individually on which forum they wish to use. Each one of us could make our own forum and show it here, but its not really fair for people to get sore at each other about it. u__u

It's up to the masses to decide which they want to use. :o

Mackenzie said...

...Personally, I use both. <3

Genesisnx said...

No, no fight, I have a right to say how hard I worked on mine too that's all.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Hm I haven't seen Naomi's caramelldansen.Would you terribly mind posting a link again, Naomi?

Captain Sparkler that *is* a fantastic name for a kitten!!
Haha 'tis a rather awesome photo!

I have a random quiz for yall to try and answer!NO LOOKING IT UP!!Who was Stephanie's dad's assistant in book 1? ^.^


"So that plan worked out well.'

Skulduggery, your entire plan consisted of, and I quote, "Let's get up close and then see what happens."'

All the same,' he said, 'I think the whole thing worked out rather beautifully."

Naomi Wiflath said...

@emogirl4life96: Be sure to link me to yours when it's done so i can fave it! I cant wait to see!

@Skyril: You can find it two places- [No music because of Deviant Art's TOS] [With sound]

Unknown said...

I find it funny that there is your blog and then the blog of your fans all on the same is, er, nice.......

Anyway I just wanted to know if you like Glee....watching it and liking it are not the same thing........... I personally love Glee and think anyone that doesnt should rethink their lives

I love the books and want Dark Days NOW!!!! Living in the US kinda stinks when your too broke to buy your own books and pay for shipping :(

But life will go on, slowly and lacking Skulduggery (which should be a crime), but it will go on......

Valora Destry said...

oh gee wiz there is another kirsty on this blog! wow. i am excited. i was away for only two days and this blog as doubled, just like the number of kirsty's following it. so what, will we be referred to as K1 and K2, like bananas in pajamas? haha i dont really care, food for thought. anyways its nice to meet kirsty number 2 (or 1- which ever you prefer).

"You are like our own little vegetable."

~Acacia Volt~ said...

Derek, first of all you are truly amazing, but of course you knew that. secondly, sherlock is an awesome name for a dog, mainly because of sherlock holmes being my second favourite detective but still its awesome. 3, shame on you you've never had a timtam, but don't worry we still think your the coolest persom ever. 4, bentlys have always been the coolest cars EVER!! yup thats right im a fan. 5 i think im going to have to hit those people who dont recognise you. and also what is going to happen to guild? and is sharon going to play a bigger role anytime soon?...and clarabelle is the awesomest non-main charicter....yes ever

~Acacia Volt~ said...

oh and i know im being terribly consistant and annoying but i have two more questions: why is there only snow on the covers of the first 3 books? and will there be a highlighted edges version on every book? :D

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

What about ninja psycho bunnies do they not get mentioned? also I'm now following this Blog, because I'm that sad. Also for some random reason I've yet to think of I'm telling everyone my dads getting married. (But if he thinks I'm wearing a dress he can go shoot him self in the foot)
This has been my random post moment

Kirsty :D said...

I,(previously known as "kirstyroxyasox") HAVE CHANGED MY NAME! VICTORY IS MINE! I BEAT YOU GOOGLE! For once...
haha, I was mentioned three times...that I noticed at least.
1: Skyril, Skulduggery could leave the roof up, and when Valkyrie gets her liscence, which she is bound to do eventually, well, what teenager wouldn't want a porsche...just saying, hahaha
2: Odile, *HIGH FIVE!* Yeah, all the cool people were born in the beginning of June. And I agree that kirstyroxyasox is annoyingly long. Its my silly e-mail...I will change it eventually.
3: Kirsty, K1 and K2 sounds awesome. I'm certainly up for, especially now that I figured out how to change my user name, lol. Hmm, I always like B2 better, so BAGS, I, K2!!!
Anyway, that's enough for now, BYE!!!

penguin said...

you'll never guess what!!!
Ijust got told that I an going to be Dorothy in our school play the wizard of Oz.
Hey Derek if you want to see the extent of my acting abilities come and watch me then you could give me a audition to be valkirie!!!

penguin said...

who has heard the gossip CD, my fave song is 'back against the wall'

penguin said...

luv ya

hudson said...

Wow... how many comments?
i only checked a day ago. people must really like skulduggery pleasant and stuff! meeeeeeeeee tooooooooooooooo
say peanuts in your comment if u want skulduggery books to never end!!!!!!

hudson said...

Question ( JUST ONE I SWEAR )
what's your favourite book ever?

gabzii.x said...

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I missed getting the chance for you to answer a question of mine.
I don't have one...yet.

I broke the laptop and so i'm being punished by paying for a replacement (fair enough) and no use of our computer (not fair).

Lots of comments.

Oh. i thought of a question. If you've already finished mortal coil...why is the release date? Cos' of publishing and stuff?

Anyway, Byeee. Gabbi. x

Cluainn Fhada said...

@Genesisnx; I worked hard on mine, and as a person with a violent disposistion I assure I find a need to be hostile. I am a technological iodiot who can't spell or operate anything more complex then a phone and even those at the barest minimum. So if you wanted me to not be hostile you could've fecking mentioned it sooner.
@ThreeBooksinthefire: You're RP is pretty damn awesome. I'll fix those things you mentioned.

And now if you'll excuse me I'm going foruming on my other forum, overlorded by Doug.



Unknown said...

yay for years, years is better than months (Not going to say why)

also skullduggery should not have an orange car my dad had an orange hurse once and he was pulled over 12 times in one week

also i agree caramelldansen is awesom isnt it some people think its japanese but its swedish. you should google mcm expo youd like it

penguin said...

I always imagined the Bently to be cream, I don't think it suits black.
Anyway Derek plz could you open a 'how to be an awesome author' so you could teach me the best way to write a book, i mean should you keep banging your head on the wall untill you do it does that give you writers block?
Plz soot me as Valkirie (gets down on knees and begs) I can deal with the Preasure honest.
Do you begin to wite the next book as soon as you finish the last or do you go on tour and stuff before you start it?
Plz answer my questions. (begs again)
P.S. my head teacher is a big fan to, she was the one who sugested you come and watch me in the play.
P.P.S. I can see why you wouldn't want to give me your adress coz me, my mum, my dad, my head teacher, my two SP crazy friends and our cat (my little brother too but he's go the energy of a Border Colie pup so we call him the footballing dog)

Genesisnx said...

I has question!

Since being a Vampire in SP seems like more of a condition to me, can they still use magic? or does it already fall under Adept?

Ebony Orvil said...

vampire freak i KNOW the feeling.... I ALWAYS lose!!!
nice new name the almighty kristy.
don't worry about irish college (or whatever it's called) my sister went there and she LOVED it.

short comment from me

hollies said...

omg my fave colour is blue too snap 8high five mr.L.
I hate werewovles ><
anyways Ddont worry i dont now what a tim-tam is XD
oh and my friend is now a follower of ur golden goddness

Fiona > said...

OMG!! Im the friend ;) hehe yea my fav colour is not blue lol its green :P and i hate werewolves too!
whats a tim-tam? :L:L im the follor of ur golden goddness XD

hollies said...

yep fi ur the friend
i think fi we sould go c what a tim-tam is
away with us.

Fiona > said...

omg yesss see what it is :L
wait does this mean im the sidekick?
emm u mention birthdays in ur blogs and i didnt know about this blog till recently but could you maybe mentiom my b-day anyway even tho it was in may the 2nd? please:L < and no hollie i dont mean you i mean Derek Landy :L:L XD =]

hollies said...

yes fi u are my Valkyrie even thought i would rater be valkyrie, so u can be no wait u cant.
I'll be Valkyrie and u can be my randomer sidekick :)
•Tim Tams are a chocolate biscuit made by Arnott's Biscuits, Australia. A Tim Tam is composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate.
and thats y ur the sidekick fi :D

Fiona > said...

:O u cheated u must have asked your dogs what they are!:L:L and emmm that makes no sence Valkrie doesnt have a sidekick :L:L:L so nah! =] so am i the side kick or not cos to be honest i dont mind being a REALY old skeliton(i think i spent that wrong :L) cos he is super cool ;] and has a bently :L

hollies said...

yeah but if u wher the skeleton <<<< even i can spell it
tht would make me the sidekick
no i was sayin u can be a randomer Derek hasnt put in
o u can be inviseble :L

Fiona > said...

oh thanks first im weird and now inviseble :O :L:L ( the weird came from a conversation over msn in case anyone is bored enough to read theese comments or maybe heard of the amazing reputation of Fiona Miller and needed to read her personaly written comments );] then if im a randomer who didnt make the cut of being in the book i wanna be me with magic powers ;) so if thats the case i would deffently be in the classest books in history(not just the decade) there even better then the twilight saga but Shhhhh dont tell anyone i said that :L:L

hollies said...

ur weird cause ur invisebl:L
derek reads them fi so he now goin to think ur weird to mwohahahaha
fiona im sorry but u dont have a reputation ur from mill town rememeber me on the other and i invented bob
Did'nt i Mr.L. so haha
no if u get to be ur own character im bein my own i have thrown valkyrie out thee window. but ill get her back for the auditions :l
i would kick ur butt so thts another reason ur the sidekick :L
fi twilight is suckis compared to SP

Fiona > said...

rite first remember Mrs Thomas? she knows ME not U and im not in her maths class :L
second i know im weird its far better then being normal more fun less limatations:L and im not from milltown i just have to live there :( my mam and dads fault might i add and u came up with bobs back ground not the name i used to call chloe bob :L:L so nah_ :L hehe and it would hurt that person if u throw them out the window and then drag them bk up the stairs for the auditions :L and yes twilight does suck compared to sp BUT if megan hears me say that id be better off dead more peace :L

Skulduggery Skellington said...

Well I guess that's what happens when you get compelled by an online game!
Anyways it's great to know that Skulduggery answers will be coming soon in the books! Can't wait! :3

hollies said...

OK i did not understand half tht comment :L
Mrs.thomas nows u cause ur bold
no i invented bob and thts tht.
ahhh she'll live have u seen how many times she almost dies i dont think thosin her out the winda will do much damage lol
well unless megan stacks this i think ur safe lol

Fiona > said...

omg its a good thing she doesnt "have time" to read :L yea i gess tousing her out a window wount hert but its always the small accedents that hurts the person more like when u get a torn in your finger that hurts :L( the only reason i mentioned a thorn is cos there is one in my finger and it hurts badly :L ) and my comment made perfict sence ( did to me anyway:/) That might be cos im weird tho lol
And i am not bold im just not afred of ur maths teacher but bold is another way of looking at it i just think im full of spirit and fun lol =] or crazy hehe im glad megan is NOT like u hollie and stalk this blog :L:L =]

~Acacia Volt~ said...

:D when you next see Rupert Degas tell him he does an amazing skulduggery impersonation!! and when will the audiobook of dark days be out?

Unknown said...

yay! i just finished reading a book although its not dark daysT_T my goal is to read like 7-10 books for this summer one done the book i gotta read foe school next year r so boring right now i gotta read the hound of the baskervilles... i love sherlock holmes though and october sky which ivwe already seen the movie its ok i just cant get into it right now

i cant wait till june 29 im going to Honduras for the first time so i wont be on for those three weeks

ally pally said...

Hi everyone!I haven't posted yet because... I went to the isle of whote festival!! Omg it was amazing... Calvin Harris.. Florence and the machine .. Jay-z .. Paul mccarteny .. Pink.. It was sooo good.

Anyway thankyou very very very very much for answering my questions mr. Landy that made my day. The news that you watch glee is brilliant I was really worried that you didn't watch it.

About the bentley (r-type continentle) can't skulduggery find another one? From like a specialist dealer? Bu that would kind of be like cheating on the original..

Um sorry mr. Landy but I have just one more random question. DO YOU LIKE NACHOS??????
Ok now I'm done. I promise.

Ally xx

Avotica said...

I don't like these people. Their spelling and grammar skill have a lot to be desired. I would be ashamed if my fans were like these ones. Not that I want to have any.

Just thought I'd add (because I already know that I am sad, and have nothing better to do that comment on things...), my dad asked me the other day whether I'd go with the Doctor if he showed up. (Because we were watching it at the time.) I said no. Was wondering what you would do? (gave up with grammar, stupid group influence. I don't like those people)

Also, do you play any 'point and click' adventure games? Those are my favourite. Mostly because you can't die (I'm horrible at playing those sort of games) and partly because I find it exciting. I don't know why...
I play Putt-Putt and Freddi Fish (Shush! I know the age limit is 5-8 years!)Is very exciting.

Movies! Love movies. Saw '9' today. Was good. Post-apocolytic and all. Was good. Kind of cute, in a weird way. But I like that sort of thing.

Favourite piece of literature? (APART from your own work!)

Watching Breaking the Magicians Code. It's not very good. I prefer shows where you don't know what they've done. Like Chris Angel. He's good. A bit weird, but good.

What did you think of the new Alice in Wonderland?

Have you ever played American McGees Alice? Is a good game. Weird name, but good game. Still couldn't get very far. Got up to this part where the mock turtle was taking you somewhere underwater. I kept drowning. Shush.

Bored. Can you kill Stephanie? That'd be interesting. Ohh, I want to know about her reflection. That has been bugging me for so long! So, has her reflection become like another seperate person, with emotions and all that?

What about her baby sibling, to be expected. Boy or girl? Will it die? Will it be Stephanie's fault? That would be interesting. You probably don't even really know yet, do you?

I always believed stories didn't come from the author. They were more of a channel, just how they got onto the paper. Great stories come from another place, a very real place. I've always believed any good story is true. Maybe not here, but somewhere it must be. The stories pick the authors, not the other way around.

Don't give yourself to much credit, Derek Landy. It's not all you...

Anonymous said...

This blog is more of a community now...


I love it. ^_^

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

penguin thnx i love free stuff especially books. riku is a main character in the Kingdom Hearts video game series and is uber hot, if somewhat troubled.

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

Riku (リク?) is Sora's and Kairi's best friend, and character created by Tetsuya Nomura for the Kingdom Hearts series.[1] Nomura has stated that Riku's name can be interpreted as "land";[18] the Japanese on'yomi pronunciation of land is riku (陸?).[17][19] Riku is voiced by Mamoru Miyano in the Japanese version and by David Gallagher in the English version. As a child in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, he is voiced by Eiji Shima in the Japanese version. He is playable in the second story mode of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and as a world-specific ally in Kingdom Hearts II. In 358/2 Days, Riku is playable in the multiplayer mode and also serves as the final boss in the game's story mode.

Appearing in Birth by Sleep, Riku had an obsession to see other worlds and explained his reasons to Terra that he wanted to get stronger. He then held Terra's Keyblade at his request before Sora arrived and Riku promised not to tell him what occurred. By the beginning of the main series, now fifteen years old, Riku's desire was able to come true thanks to Kairi. Riku went with the darkness as their world is attacked by the Heartless, with the Keyblade coming to Sora. Separated from his friends, Riku ends up at Hollow Bastion where Maleficent finds him, thus giving him the Soul Eater. Under her influence, Riku turns on Sora and searches for a way to help Kairi.[17] Riku eventually becomes possessed by Xehanort's Heartless, with his heart sent to the realm of darkness where he meets King Mickey and helps him and Sora seal the door to the realm of darkness.

In Chain of Memories, through DiZ, Riku awakens in the basement levels of Castle Oblivion and begins climbing to the ground floor. Along the way, Riku confronts the remaining darkness in his heart and a replica of himself that is created by Vexen; he also encounters DiZ, who has been overseeing his progress. After being reunited with King Mickey, Riku reaches the main floor where he finds Naminé as she attends to a sleeping Sora. She offers to seal away his darkness by sealing his memories, but Riku turns her down and chooses to find a balance between his light and darkness, allowing him to defeat what remained of Xehanort's Heartless. Soon after, donning the black cloak DiZ gives him along with a blindfold, Riku joins him to ensure Sora is restored in peace.

While capturing Roxas in order to make Sora complete again, Riku uses the power of darkness at the cost of becoming a physical manifestation of Xehanort's Heartless.[22] Trapped in that form even after leaving DiZ, Riku helps Sora in secret, ashamed of his appearance and gaining the Way to the Dawn (ウェイトゥザドーン?) Keyblade. Riku returns to his original form when Ansem the Wise's machine to digitally seal away Kingdom Hearts malfunctions and self-destructs. Joining Sora, they battle and defeat Xemnas, however in his final maneuver, Riku is severely injured saving Sora. In the end, they end up on a dark beach, and discuss how strong their friendship is and how much each of them wanted to be like the other. Shortly after, a bottle washes ashore, Riku opens the bottle revealing the letter Kairi had written and hands it to Sora, saying it's for him. Sora reads the letter, thus opening the door to light, which leads them to Destiny Islands. The two use the portal to return home, but a while later, Riku bids farewell to Sora as the latter embarks on a quest to find and rescue Terra, Aqua and Ven from their individual fates.

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

and who's to say that, while looking for Ven, Aqua, and Terra, he doesn't stop by SP and Val's "world" to have a look??? WAIT!!! I HAVE AN IDEA!!! what if i write a story about that?!?!?! OMG!!! i gotta go and start plotting it rite now!!! BYE!!!

hollies said...

FIONA i do not stalk this blog ¬¬ u lier

Derek i have a random Q's for u:
what would u do if ur neighbours house went up in flames?

i will be able to do it if i believe

Anonymous said...

@Skyril: Thank you! ^^ You can't see, but I have a black trenchcoat and boots kinda like the ones described for Valkyrie...I felt like such a dork but it was AWESOME! :'D

@Avotica: Hey, a little less of the grammar-nazi-ness. That's my job. I've noticed nowadays that grammar and spelling aren't most peoples' strong points. It's quite depressing.

Hannah, 14

Geckogirl said...

Avotica you would NOT go with the doctor if he showed up? erm im sorry did i hear u say NOT GO WITH HIM!???
Of course i would!!!!! best adventure eva! (well sceond best adventure as the best one would be with Skulduggery ovs!)
but you wouldnt? that would be turning down a chance of a life-time! sure you may get killed or erased from time itself or whatever but what isnt fun about riding around with a good-looking witty time-lord in a police box? ......never thought id say that before.....
but at the moment i am obsessed with doctor who! OBSESSED! david tennant was A-MA-ZING but matt smith has kinda growen on me a bit. Amy is alright aswell (not anoying like stupid rose)
ok,obsessing over...for now.
grrr! stupid school stressing me out! wanted to be a vet but im worried bout the qualifications needed and now im confussed and all stressed and grumpy! i want to be happy rich and slightly weird! is that so much to ask???? is it?????? TELL ME!!!!
......yeah,sorry bout that i kinda snapped again.
sorry im to darn stressed to continue the story. someone else do it for me. and someone get me some nachos!!! IM HUNGRY HERE PEOPLE!
......yeah i dont think i should comment for a while incase i kinda scare you all off and derek landy never blogs again coz he is so scared of me tracking him down and forcing him to eat chilis. so bye. i guess. *sniffles* im so alone. NACHOS PEOPLE!!!

.....sorry mood swings.

Unknown said...

I have a question..if valkyrie is darquess, how can she be the deathbringer guy as well? and how come lord vile might come back for valkyrie? didn't he die? and wouldn't he be a bit rubbish because he doesn't have his armour? and where did the armour go? anyway thanks for the books they are very good (though you probably knew that already) :D

Ebony Orvil said...

geckogirl (i remembered your name) i am obsessed with dr.who too

Anonymous said...





Ok, random moment over. SO, I REALLY don't want to read all of those comments above my head, so would anyone care to fill me in?

(I think this may be one of my shortest comments...)



"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized."


Fiona > said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fiona > said...

Oh hollie u silly girl u so stalk this blog :L
yes i answered that question of what would u do if ur neighbours house went up in flames i said id get marshmellows!:L:L Hollie when u do magic u can teach me im the sidekick( i have accepted my role with honer and dignity)<after a long and pityful stream of complaints that were not even recognised :L oh well

hollies said...

i do not'sulks in my icklee sulkin corner'
and i would eat those marshmellows fi XD
yes i will but i wont teach u good magic cause then u might overthrow me and then ill be the sidekick which cannot happen =]
u had a long pityful stream of complaints i never knew Xd

Mackenzie said...

Avotica, if you're still reading this, I just want you to know something.

You are my new best friend.

Unknown said...

mr. landy
i've worked two points out :)
i can't be bothered to go back and check to see if anyone else has, but i didn't do this with any help, i assure you, exept the books of course :).
1.skulduggery will only be alive as long as the person who killed his family is alive, so we assumed serpine did this, but evidently not, as skulduggery is still alive. in the latest two books remus has implied that china is the real culprit. so, for skulduggery to die, he needs to kill china (or something like that)
2.we know valkyrie's real name is darquess, so that means her reflection's is aswell, and with the mysterious blanks and signs of emotion the reflection has been giving off, that could possibly well mean valkyrie herself won't kill her parents, but her reflection will.

if im right, don't worry, i havn't boken into your house, i've never been to ireland :P, and i don't know you, but everyone i know (even my enimies) agree on the fact i am insanely clever :D.

if i am wrong, however, i will die of embarrasment, and maybe come back as amagical skeleton, bent on getting revenge on you ;)

Fiona > said...

OMG u never notice my streams of complaints (starts sobbing and rocking back and forth in a corner) and u wonder why im weird! :L and ill over through u anyway :L when ur not looking il push u out the window :L im evil lol mahahahaha :P
And you always eat my marshmellows( says in a whiny childs voice) ur mean hollie ur mean *Sigh*

and one day hollie one day i will get to sit shotgun one day ull be the sidekick that must sit in the back seat Mahahahahaha:L

hollies said...

hay thts my corner¬¬
and i now im weird i like being weird tis fun Xd
fi *sighs* fi fi fi u will never over throw me and u now tht and if u push me out the winda i'll land on my feet with my impeckable sence of balance ¬¬
and im stronger than u mwhahahahaha
you'll be sittin shotgun but i'll be driven and then ill press the eject button and you'll be flung throught the roof and be all like
'wiiiiiiiiiiiii aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wiiiiiiiiiiiiii aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wiiiiiiiiiiiiii aghhhh SPLAT'
and then ill scrap u up with a scrappin up thing :L:L

Unknown said...

also about the car, i think, a good permanent replacement carry for skulduggey whould be - a 20 year old dark purple (for skull-man's suit) e-class mercadies with grey leather seats. but, i may use a car like that in a novel in the far future, and the bently is like one of skulldugery's traits, like the 4th doctor's scarf and hat, or the 11th doctor's bow tie.

hmm, i seemed to have lost my cocky nature from the previous post, well, i suppose that's good :).
btw i'm 13 (year 8) and i've got exams all this week :(. wish me luck. :)

Unknown said...

i have just viewed a past post of yours.
i disagree, jeremy brett is not the best sherlock holmes, basil rathnone is.(my dad has LOADS of OLD television programs on dvd and video)
i also share the like buffy and knight rider (when i was 7 :P) but have you seen angel i resommend it?
veronica mars is amazing i don't care what you have to say.
you really need to watch the classic doctor whos, 'cos my dad thought you copied a load of stuff. i knew you hadn't, but anyway, most great writers must think alike. my dad was probably more annoyed at the fact that you had the same ideas as him so it looks like he's copying you :) lol. but my dad's cool...
the only reason we like it is because skulldugery reminds us of me.... lol.

Fiona > said...

Its a different corner :P my corner the dark and scary one :L
and ill push u when ur least expectining it :L i have it all planned out at 3;33 on the 8/8/12 i will push her out of are school window and then she can be the sidekick robben Grrr and thats why i dont sit shotgun cos i know u would do that see hollie see (shout like a mad man ) im in ur head! ha and u cant get me out of it mahahahahaha (stops short and says in a squeeky voice) unless u shake ur yead realy fast Gulp* oh well it was scary in your mind it was dark! and full of usfull information ! it was scary!!:O and a huge imagination :L

hollies said...

well ur corner is on fire now mwhahahhaa 'sidestic grin'
well i will put lisa in my place
u lost me
'shakes head really really fast'
now i have a head ach
y thank u my mind can be a scary place
the imagination place is a field with SP in a temple with dereks head on top
and then theres the scary corner with the scary murder part of me locked in a cage.
oh and then theres sheep yes sheep but they have pink ermmmmmmmm horns on their head
yes and the last place is a scrape yard without the cars only little lepricans in bear suits XD

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