Sunday, May 9, 2010

116 Comments? Are You SERIOUS?

I’m not mentioning the comments. I am NOT mentioning them. I am doing my best to ignore the fact that you seem to derive some sick amusement from writing comments when I have specifically asked you not to. You all know who the culprits are. Oh, you all know. And because of you, I have to write another Blog entry. Fantastic. Terrific. Wonderful.

Today, I’m going to be writing about television, and I am going to link up three of my favourite shows in a Six Degrees of Separation kind of thing, except I’m going to do it in WAY less than six moves.

To start with, an explanation. Sometimes I watch a show because it is, simply, undeniably brilliant. The Wire. The West Wing. Dexter. But sometimes I watch a show because of a sheer love of the genre. Supernatural did not impress me when I first watched it. Yes, they had a cool car, and there was good music, and there were monsters and fights and some quite effective scares, but it wasn’t original enough to grab my attention. But I persevered, and kept watching it for the odd gem of an episode, and slowly it became very, very good indeed.

Now I love this show. They have built up their own mythology, which they stick to and expand upon, much like I did when I came up with Skulduggery. The story develops, the characters grow, some bad stuff happens, and some even worse stuff is GOING to happen (again, just like in Skulduggery). What more could you want from a show?

My advice? Give it a go. If you enjoy the first couple of episodes even a TINY bit, then stay with it, and you will be rewarded.

The first link between this show and the next is easy. Jared Padalecki plays Sam in Supernatural, but before that he played Dean, in Gilmore Girls.

Yes, yes, Gilmore Girls- a show about a single mom and her daughter in a small town in America. Not what you were expecting, right? No monsters, no murder, and very little in the way of martial arts. But what it DOES have is rapid-fire dialogue- what we in the business call “banter”.

Whenever I go on tour, I bring a new Gilmore Girls season with me on DVD. It’s comforting to know that every night I can go back to my hotel room and sit down and just smile. I watched it, on and off, when it was shown on TV, but I really only became addicted when I bought the first season boxset, once I’d decided that Alexis Bledel was too cute to ignore any longer. Since then, I have to say, I’ve been in love.

But it hasn’t been easy. You see, there are only seven seasons of this show, and I’m one disk into the seventh- and I haven’t watched any more. Why? Because I don’t want it to end. Because I want that wonderful feeling of comfort to stay with me when I’m on tour and sleeping in strange hotels.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of Gilmore Girls, take my advice- try it out. Give yourself a couple of episodes to decide if it’s for you. If it isn’t, no problem, you can put it to one side and move on. But if it is, and you’re like me, then you’ll love it.

Now, here comes the slightly contrived link, to get from Gilmore Girls to what is perhaps my favourite TV show of all time.

Milo Ventimiglia played the part of Rory Gilmore’s second boyfriend. He then went on to star in Heroes- which is a show I watch, but isn’t a favourite. An actor who had a cameo in Heroes is one Seth Green, who had a pretty major role in a few seasons of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.

Buffy. Buffy Buffy Buffy. Where would we be without you?

Buffy redefined genre shows on television. This was a blond teenager who went out every night and hunted vampires and demons when, really, she’d much rather be going out on dates. She was fun, and cute, and funny, and her friends were odd, and quirky, and loyal. The dialogue was snappy, the fights were awesome, the characters were cool.

Sure, it kind of dipped in quality after the first three seasons, but even sub-par Buffy was better than the best episode of Charmed. You haven’t heard of Charmed? Yeah, you’re not missing out on a whole lot.

Do yourself a favour- watch the first season of Buffy. If you like Skulduggery, I guarantee you will like Buffy. Action, horror, jokes, and a girl who kicks evil very hard in the face. She’s like Valkyrie’s big sister, or Tanith’s best mate.

And there you go- three TV shows, linked by actors, because I sat down to write a Blog and realized I had nothing to write about. Next time I’m stuck, maybe I’ll talk about my three favourite movies, or books, or comics, or bands, or ice cream, or sounds, or types of cloud (here’s a hint: it is NOT stratus).

Now, your golden god has spoken. Begone, my minions. And if you REALLY have to leave a comment, then why don’t you tell me whether or not you agree with my choices, and perhaps tell me YOUR favourite TV shows?

Not that I care, like...


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I keep hearing how I need to watch Supernatural!

I never really got into Gilmore Girls-they talked so fast I could never keep up.

I missed out on Buffy when it was on TV-don't know how that happened-but I'm watching it now and I love it. I have to admit I feel like a good librarian because it seems like every librarian loves Buffy and Giles, who is a pretty awesome librarian!

I would also suggest Veronica Mars for great kick-butt girls and snappy dialogue. The first season has a fantastic mystery, the second is pretty good and the third is just ok. But it's all worth watching and I'm still sad it's over.

Unknown said...

my fav is MYTHBUSTERS! i do enjoy explosions, and yes, i do enjoy tortoring u. expect up to 130 comments. ur welcome

Priya said...

Please do let us know your favourite books! I'm sure they would definately be worth a read.
Supernatural's always appealed to me but I never really got time to watch it but the new Doctor Who series isn't actually all that bad! Matty boy does have some acting talent!
My guilty pleasure, however, has to be Scrubs. I am addicted and devastated now that it's all over. Well, I have to go now and sleep. It's Monday tomorrow, you know. *sigh* *poofs out of existence*

Lady_Kandrakar said...

I love the TV show 'Being Human'. It's about a Vampire, a Ghost, and a Werewolf sharing a house in Bristol. There's fighting, comedy, romance and alot of other genres. It's shown on BBC Three in the UK.

Unknown said...

yay we have wat we asked for people can i hear a whoop whoop............ *tumble weed* ill take that asa no (nobody listens to me *sniffles*) thank'u for listening to you many fans and posting once a week, keep it up....plzzz. Ill stop tourturing you with my comments now...... But can i still have then dry sponge yum yum...... Nom nom nom *drools*?!?!
Good day mr landy :)

Bethany said...

Gilmore Girls.
You watch Gilmore Girls.

That took a while to process, but it made me oh so happy. It provided me with my most favourite quote ever: Lorelai: Do hookers charge to let you talk to them? Rory: Depends on what they're doing when they're talking to you.

I don't care if that's inappropriate ^-^

My favourite TV Show at the minute has to be Criminal Minds, but I do have every last Gilmore Girls episode on DVD. Huzzah for Box Sets.

I don't know if you've ever actually watched Criminal Minds, but Matthew Gray Gubler/The Gube/Dr. Spencer Reid would make an excellent Riddler.

Not Stratus? It's gotta be cirrus, then. Cumulus clouds are too common and cirrus clouds are swooshier and THAT is a fun word to say. That, my friend, is a cape noise.

Also. I was at the cinema yesterday to see Iron Man 2. Scarlett Johansson had a moment where she was kicking ass and totally reminded me of Tanith... Go watch and have a think about it.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

I actually (believe it or not) have not watched any of those three you mentioned.My favorite show is the Mentalist or House...Both of which have much witty banter and overall interesting dialogue.What do you Mr.Landy think of those?

Skulduggery Skellington said...

Well here I am leaving another comment just to annoy the heck out of you.

I will give Gilmore Girls a try just because it's weird for a guy to say "I love this show" lol

My Favorite shows are:
Sherlock Holmes (the original portrayed by the ever brilliant Jeremy Brett)

Monk (cause it's halarious)

and Pushing Daisies (funny :3)

The original sherlock holmes it pretty unique b/c they don't show shows made like his anymore and i think personally they are classics. B/c of Skulduggery Pleasant, I got into Sherlock Holmes. Thanks Landy

I got into Monk from Skulduggery too. You probubly heard of it. After a accident that killed his wife, Mr. Monk develops this obession to always be clean. He's a detective (like holmes) he anaylzes everything and with his flaw it very funny to watch.

I got into Pushing Daisies from guess... Skulduggery Pleasant. Unlike the others, this is about a pie maker who is granted the gift to raise the dead, but he could only do this for 30 seconds. His friend, a detective, uses him to get information from the dead person. The murder cases are really out of the box and teh eposides are told as if being read from a childrens book. it's brigth and halarious! :)

Zoe said...

WHY do you DISS CHARMED!!!!!!!!!!

Zoe said...

P.S. : Watch Psych, You will LOVE

Zoe said...

HAHAHAHA I have tortured you with my comments!

Nerdy Skeleton said...

The Supernatural I understand. It's really gory and terrifying. The Gilmore Girls...I could never see you watching. But the "banter" as you nicely put it is definitely something that everyone can like (except when it's Lorelai and Rory fighting over their girly stuff).

My favorite shows would be Glee and Fringe. Glee makes me laugh so hard, and it's singing and dancing, so what's not to like?! Fringe is creepy and scary and crazy and depressing yet amazing. It's by the director (I believe) of Lost, and of the new(est) Star Trek movie, J.J. Abrams. It even had Leonard Nimoy on the show for a while! The main character, Olivia Dunham is like Valkyrie plus Skulduggery minus his ego. And Walter (who cannot be described because he is too great ) is a bit like you...insane and very lovable.

You never cease to make me laugh, Landy. You have done well, young grasshopper.

Unknown said...


silly goose said...

omg! my and my sister own the 3rd season of super natural! my favouite episode is when they lock the imortal guy in a fridge and bury him alive. im also a reeeeeeeeeeealy BIG fan of skullduggery pleasant.[x

Emmy said...

Whoops. I had no idea about the comment thing. Seriously. ON WITH THE TORTURE!
Anyway, Criminal Minds and Lie To Me are two of the best tv shows out there in my (not so) humble opinion.
I've seen about ten minutes of Charmed. Buffy is way better. Way, way, way, way, way better. And I haven't even seen it. But what's Youtube for?
For your next blog-post thing, you should do something on your least favourite movie. Say it's Twilight. Sit upon your chair and beat back the thousands of rabid fangirls, and then laugh maniacally when thousands more anti-Twilight fans of Skulduggery come to your rescue by rounding up the fangirls and burning them at the stake like the witches they are.
Okay, not really. But PLEASE tell me that you either abhor Twilight, or refuse to watch it, otherwise I may be forced to go on a rampage.
Thank you for (possibly not) taking the time to read the (in)sane ramblings of a(n absolutely bonkers) fan.

Anonymous said... going to make you have to many comments =P. My fav show is the simpsons. Homer is identical to my dad. Stupid and thinks that thier childs future is at 'steak', not stake.

Scapegoat Arkane said...

Ah, TV series. How I love them so. There are multiple TV series that I watch. Most of which I enjoy. It's interesting to find out yours.

Supernatural- I've only seen like 5 episodes of this, and it seems like a pretty good show. It definitely seems like it suits you, with all the monsters and the demons and the guns and the fights and stuff. In one episode I saw, there was a giant, living, suicidal teddy bear that was created from a magical wishing well.. That sort of thing just seems like the weird kind of story and brutal humour that would spawn from your mind.

Gilmore Girls- Now this really surprised me. I find it extremely odd that a person like you, a person with your magnitude of extremely incredible awesomeness, would watch and love a show like this. Its a chick-flicky kind of show, from what I've seen of it. That definitely does not seem like the kind of thing that the creator of a series filled with guns, magic and mystery would watch. But then this is just my opinion. I've only ever seen like 5 minutes of this, and for all I know, it could turn out to be just as incredibly awesome as the Skulduggery books are, but with a lot less fighting.

Now. Buffy- I have heard INCREDIBLE things about this series. I've heard that it's snappy, well written, well acted, and full of awesome fight scenes. But I've only heard these things. I was only 7 years old when It finished, so I have never seen one episode of it in my life. Not one. I've been meaning to watch one for a while now, but I never actually have. I really should get to doing so one time soon...

PS- Derek! Have you ever watched Fringe? You really should. It is SOOOOOOOO good. It's about a cop called Olivia that is brought in to work in a government group thing called Fringe Division. Fringe division is a group of people who are investigating a thing called the Pattern, which is a series of multiple scientific oddities that have been occurring with alarming regularity. The head of Fringe Division thinks that a certain group of people are causing these, and that these people are using the world as their testing grounds. It's full of awesome action, great plot-lines and Walter Bishop, who is just incredibly awesome, cut-like and insane! You really should watch it if you haven't.

Abd that is all from me. Au revoir!

Unknown said...

Hi, Derek! When I saw the word SUPERNATURAL i loved you even more than I did in the first place. I love that show sooo much. Sam is such a babe.
I suggest smallville, merlin and the O.C.

Ambiguity said...

I like scrubs, er, DOCTOR WHO! Oh SO Doctor who. Love it (even the older series') and... Red Dwarf?! I'm more of a book person really. Er rambling is in your nature isn't it? I will comment this total pointless comment b/c u mentioned not liking lots of comments...
Yes. Doctor Who and Red Dwaarf are my faves. if u haven't heard of them (god forbid) them look them up and faaaaall in love (or not, I don't really care)

-HB/Joe- said...

lolz, i only know buffy because the director is the same director as firefly+serenity. Thank god for Jayne and his manly-as snow-cap-aht-thing.
As for Jewel as her mum, well, i still think shes too young. and plus, u cant really just bring her in for a minor character, can u? and yes, u were right about johnny.
huzzah for mythbusters!! spot on, insanity.i also like stargate atlantis, sarah connor chronicles, man vs wild, and, believe it or not, THE NEW DOCTOR WHO.
i know wot ur thinking. how could u joe? that man pretending to be the doctor is way to annoying and wears his hair in such a fletcher-like way. how could u even BEGIN to like him, joe? how?
well, im not only in it for the doctor, but also for the red head, and those amazing british accents.long live the brits. plus the thrills are great, complete with weeping angels that only move when u arent looking. mwhahaha, u'll never see them coming...


anyway, steering this comment back into the realms of revalence, i would like to make a proposal. lets say that, right here, we ALLL DECIDE TO KEEP POSTING NUMEROUS COMMENTS THAT ARE TOTALLY UNREALATED TO THE BLOG UNTIL WE REACH 200 COMMENTS!!!!!!!! THEN DEREKE WILL HAVE TO POST MORE BLOGS!!!!!!

wot a great idea...


-HB/Joe- said...

starting, NOW!

-HB/Joe- said...

do dap, do dap, dappity do, im singing for uuuuuuu!!!!

-HB/Joe- said...


-HB/Joe- said...


-HB/Joe- said...


-HB/Joe- said...


-HB/Joe- said...


-HB/Joe- said...

hey lynith, i just checked ur blog.
pretty kool, i wouldnt expect a 16 yr old to be reading skulduggery pleasant. but then aagin, i dont expect a lot of things.
ive checked a couple of other people to (like u, insanity moonshine) and am glad to find some 14 yr olds in the mix. im 13 (just for the record.)
uh-oh, dinner.
gtg, seeya later peeps.

Jinx said...

Oh I LOVE Gilmore Girls!!!!
Everyone says my mum and I are just like them because we're more like best friends then actual mother and daughter and always talk so fast no one but the two of us know what we are saying. ^_^ Makes it pretty easy to talk about people when they are standing right in front of you going "whaaaaa?".
I have no real point to this comment but to take up your time and make you write another blog *evil laugh*
I hope I have done so well. On another note I just wanted to say that my friends are currently yelling at me a lot to watch supernatural so i guess I probably should....
Well it seems I have distracted you long enough for said friends to rob your house so good day!

...Just James said...

Supernatural is good, i have to admit i dont watch it all the time, but its okays...
The best shows id have to are Castle and the Goodwife.
Castle is about writer that helps a cop in her cases and he's creating a character out of her and writing a series of books about her cases.
The Goodwife is a law show...enough said...its full of scandals :P
I hope our endless torture of comments isnt to painful for you ;)

Unknown said...

lol T.V? It kills your brain. Terry Pratchet for life!

Klara said...

it's kinda scary how I want to watch gilmore girls all of a sudden...

Avotica said...

I think you got a few more comments in your last blog since you last counted...

Hehehehe... (You would be scared of you could hear my laugh)

I think I watch more TV than you, but I can't tell... I've seen a few TV shows, but it's movies that I'm really into. You know, the ones you can watch without having to watch the first two seasons first.

And Charmed isn't that bad... Until the 4th Season, but 5th up to last isn't too horrid either. Basically the 4th and the Last season are the ones to avoid...

I've always been a fan of time travel... It's very cool.

I could travel back in time and kill you and steal your ideas... but I don't have a TARDIS or a Delorean or a time machine of any sort... But it's still very exciting.

Anonymous said...

I love that you secretely love our comments but is in denial! <3

My favorite show at the moment is House, but Supernatural is a very close second.
Castiel is the most epic character in this world!!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed (not that I wasn't before), you have a very good taste in TV shows. I just recently bought the Supernatural seasons one and two because they're awesome. I'm also currently re-watching Gilmore Girls seasons one to four because those are the only ones I could afford (they were on sale a couple of months back). Now that I have a job I'm probably gonna buy the first two seasons of Buffy too (I only have three to six).
I could very much recommend "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". The title pretty much sums it up. It plays in Roman times and is about Spartacus, who is sold into slavery and has to be a Gladiator. The plot thickens a teeny tiny bit later on but it's really all about the awesome (and extremely bloody fights). The first season just ended in the US so I have no idea whether they'll show it in Ireland or if there's gonna be a DVD release... Well I just thought I'd tell you how awesome it is.
Also, "Scrubs" is hilarious.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Ok Joe yes let's do that shall we?
By the way greetings ^.^ and also I'm 14 if you didn't check my profile...thing...Anyway I like the word precisely and skulduggery and widdershins what are your favorite words Joe, Lynn, Insanity, all other fans??By the way insanity would your prefer us to call you insanity or moonshine?...
I'll probably comment more soon...oh and Avotica I prefer movies too, but there are some shows I like....So I shall return be on the look out, Mr.Landy for my return so thus you may rejoice ^.^

ta-ta for now


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

I said "so thus"...I think that's supposed to either so or thus...
Indeed I'm still here, yet I shall probably depart soon.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Well Lynn your birthday is merely 4 days away...
'kay so I didn't remember that I went back and scanned all of your comments 'till I found it...
Also, wasn't someone elses birthday this month?...I thought there was.....Hmmm...Well tell me whomever has a birthday this month.
In case your birthday is today Happy Birthday!!!! ^.^
Ok indeed I said I was leaving Mr.Landy.I'm going now.This is probably my last comment for today.So look forward to my return *thus* you may rejoice!

It's really ta-ta now


Anonymous said...

Although Merlin and Doctor Who are well known as the best TV Shows on Earth, I love Buffy. I used to watch it when I was really young and my teacher got really worried that it was a bad influence on me cause she was really homophobic and didn't like Willow and Tara. But they're one of the best couples ever.

Louisa Rose said...

My Favourite TV shows . . . not that you care .
1: Spaced (not on anymore *sob*)
2: Harry Hills TV Burp
3: Friends (definately-love Joey)
4: Russel Howards Good News
5: Mock the Week
6: Heston Blumenthal (Whatever show he happens to be doing involving wacky food)
7: Live at the Apollo

Basically, anything that's funny XD

Em said...

Of course you would never read these comments that your minions lovingly bestowed... but anyway my favourite shows.

2. Eureka (Super genuises making super mistakes)
3. Moonlight (Pyscho Vampire)
4. Glee (Awesome singing)
5. Mulberry (Son of death with really awesome lines)

DO you not see that these comments are our way of love? This is the easiest most painless way of us saying we adore you. Embrace the comments. They are your one degree of separation from you to the people you buy your books.

Vikki said...

Oh my God, I'm a massive fan of Supernatural, Gilmore Girls and Buffy as well. You have reached new levels of awesome I didn't even know existed.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad we share similar TV loves.

I first found out about Supernatural during its third season and, after catching up, I've been watching eversince. Its crap episodes tend to equal average episodes for others. And the humour at times is amusing.

I think everyone has Gilmore Girls as their comfort TV. It's always beautifully entertaining and I love watching it.

And Buffy? Well, it was made by Joss Whedon which makes it awesome. May I recommend Firefly? It's his finest piece of work yet. Also, Dr Horrible's sing along blog. I'm sure you will enjoy the evilness.

My other favourite shows are Chuck (geek with goverment secrets in his head = win), Glee, Being Human, Veronica Mars, Psych and Dr Who. Can't go wrong. (:

jakoparsons said...

my favourit shows are family guy, south park, glee, friends, how i met your mother and desperate hosewives haha i admit it... i watch deperate housewives

Unknown said...

Doctor Who. :D
You can't go wrong with a partially-unhinged 907 year old 'alien' that travels in time and space in a blue box fighting uber-baddies and evil pepper-pots that shoot lasers. Or as of late, space-fish disguised as vampires. The 'banter' is brilliant. And there are some genuine creepy moments...
Oh, and Merlin, and mock the week.
I will give supernatural etc. a go I 'spose...
And yes I think there will be even more comments on this blog. Unless you do another one to distract attention away from this one. REALLY FAST. LIKE NOW. ;)

Unknown said...

MY favourite clouds are the fluffy ones...
But... to be specific: Altostratus and
Pyrocumulus. They're awesome are they not?

hollies said...

i only watched like 4 espiodes of supernatural
i didnt like it tht much but yes the car was cool:L
anyways i havent even herad of the gilmore girls hehe
and buffy is the shizz i watched it all the time when i was like 6 and now my ickle sis watches it shes always clued to the screen when its on
and now i countinue to tortuer u with my comments but high five to the irish 'high fives the dudes hand and walks away with a sidistic laugh' mwohahahahaaaa bye

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

(Mwehehe!Yes, 'tis my 4th comment for today ;}) Ah hollowpromisesx (yes, I copied and pasted...) I love Dr Horrible's sing along blog also!'tis hilarious and *quite* awe-inspiring.

Also Mr.Landy I was wondering,do you like Johnny Cash?We went to a dinner theater about him (with, of course, a lot of his music) so I've had songs of his attached in my brain for a while now.I like many of his creations, such as "Big River", "Ring of Fire", "A Boy Named Sue", "The Green Beret", "Daddy Sang Bass", (one of my favorites) "Delia's Gone", "Devil Went Down to Georgia", "Five Feet High and Rising", (another three of my favorites) "Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart", "I walk the Line", "I've Been Everywhere", and many more, but I shall debilitate myself from continuing.
So.Do you like Johnny Cash?If not or if you haven't heard "Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart" you should look it up.I think you would love it.
However I shall leave now, so you will have to stop rejoicing and and start look forward to my return.


Your faithful follower,


William John said...

I agree completely with Heroes, it's awesome, the others I've either not watched and probably wont or should and will end up watching.

My favourites are the Big Bang Theory, it makes me laugh.... too much, Ashes to Ashes, oh yes it's a retro cop drama make supernatural and creepy. I'm also very into comedy, stuff like Armstrong and Miller Show and Krod Mandoon.

I'm also a huge fan of Red Dwarf and Blackadder, these two are possibly the two of my most favourite TV programs ever. They are both witty, fast and extraordinarily funny. They both make me laugh more than most and have a definite place in my heart, if you've not watched them, I strongly urge you to do so.

Anonymous said...

Well, more and more I'm hearing stuff that's encouraging me to start watching Buffy and Supernatural. I guess it's inevitable.

As for shows I do watch- Dexter, on occasion, Heroes (though I've dropped behind by a season or two), Doctor Who and then numerous subtitled animes. Bewitched is a favourite of mine, at least the seasons before they changed Darren. And Firefly. Forever Firefly. Merlin too, and True Blood is my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. And one day I'll catch up to more current episodes of Lie To Me, with the oh-so-lovely Tim Roth.

My vote is for you to talk about movies next- n-not that we should dare suppose to suggest what the golden god should speak of...


Valora Destry said...

i love supernatural!!! It is indeed epic, especailly the always amusing obsession dean has over his car. and if ur looking for a good tv show, you can't go past house or Top gear

Spikings said...

NOT Doctor Who? :O I disown you.

Avotica said...

Oh, I forgot to mention before... The picture at the top of the blog... the one of your eyes? Seriously, who thought of that? I mean, it looks like it's suppose to be freaky or maybe even creepy, but honestly, it's just a little lame.

But that's my opinion, and because this is just one little comment on your big blog, it means you can ignore it... But that doesn't mean it will go away... (smirk)

Damn... this doesn't work unless you can see my expression! Ahhh, the frustration...

I love ellipsis...

heatblast said...

Supernatural, and Ben Ten. One word: awesome.
56 comments here... :)

Lillian Faye said...

I post this comment as I would have done YESTERDAY but couldn't as my computer crashed. So therfore I will post more than one comment just to make up for the missing day..

Ahh Ambiguity, you took the words out of my mouth. Doctor Who, Scrubs, Red Dwarf. However you didn't mention Star Treck which I occansionally watch. Alwell as Mythbusters which I watch only on account of my boyfriend Adam.

Joey Boy, you are amazing. How many comments have you posted! It much makes up for my absance, and you Sky. I congratulate you two!

Yes Joe, I think your right. Too young. Unfair to give her a minor part. Shame really. I also agree with you about Doctor Who. I started off not liking the new Doctor but he's grown on me. I still want him to die though... and turn back into David Tennant. And as for my blog get away!! That is a very private rant your reading! Lol, it is the one place where I do not care what I write. My personal thoughts n stuff you know!!

Oh I guess I don't mind. My boyfriend always reads it no matter what I say to him (Ggrr).

I read a lot. I mean a lot. Skulduggery just happend to be one of the books the the Crewe Waterstone staff member pointed me to (he's amazing, gives me reviews on all the new books and has the exact same taste as me so can point me to all of the good books haha) and then It is on the third shelf of my main bookcase (oh yes, there are many- well three.)

I always have read a lot.

Sky you sweetie. As if you looked back to find that!! And thanks for reminding me, I was avoiding it to be honest. Such an important day guided by leaving school for study leave and the begining of being an almost adult and the start of my GCSE's and... my birthday.

Goodyfiveshoes you just reminded me!! I loved Robin Hood! What a great story and the character playing robin was oh so fine! Loved that show.

Also, fans of the great Mr. Landy. Have you noticed that we all like pretty much the same programs. Isn't that wierd?? We were brought to this blog because of a strange addiction to Skuldugerry and hence Derek, and we all enjoy the same tv shows.

Just a wierd thought.

Also I herby start the COBPUDLGAP and for those who don't know what that means (Which I know is everyone because I just made it up noe) Comment On Plog Posts Until Derek Landy Gets Annoyed and Posts. It is pronounced: Cob puddle gap.


Your Faithful fun

Lynn :P

Lillian Faye said...

Omg, wow. That was a much longer comment then I thought it was.


Oops, my bed little people!!

You shall have to read all of it to understand what I rambled on about.

Even I don't know.


flaring rhythm said...

*dies* Gilmore Girls...
Why can I imagine Skulduggery watching Gilmore Girls? And Fletcher watching Ugly Betty? And Ghastly watching Desperate Housewives.
Oh good God I'm scarred for life.
Scrubs, and Russell Howard's Good News, are two awesome programs. And yes, Buffy, and Heroes, and Supernatural or awesome also :D
I really didn't need a mental image of Skulduggery watching Gilmore Girls. I've already had to deal with the mental image of Patrick Stump in hula skirt and yellow tank top- dancing with Serpine. You can thank Shakra and Druna for that...*mutter, mutter*

From the one who licks windows,

Louisa Rose said...

I just emectricuted myself. Well done girl.....well done.
I should win medals for my greatness.
Apparently if you don't turn the power off before taking the plug out a socket, you get electricuted in my school. God. We have such a cheap school. -_-

Louisa Rose said...

*Electrucuted* you see? now i can't even spell. The voltage messed with my brain . Oh. Wait... -_-

Violet Night said...

I Love Supernatural! Sam is bit annoying but Dean is cool. He has an attitude. I liked charmed but it really went downhill and I just gave up. I also Love Vampire diaries! It is kinda boring to start with but I read the books and it gets better. Fringe is good, lots of guns and gore. I love bones! It has plenty of stomach turning gore and humour, violence and a bitting story.
Hmmm... stop writing comments? NEVER!!! It helps during the long dry months with no new skulduggery book. Which for me is 364 days a year!

Unknown said...

hia flaring! You should lick windows more often. also, want some cherry flavord windows? joey, to tell the truth i am 11 but it woudnt let me have a account, nd skyril it is my birthday later this month. i shall be 24 (or is it twelve 0.o) oh well, also you can call me any of the following: Insanity, moonshine, banana, pickel, and the crazy girl who will attack derek with cupcakesunless he post mor >:D.

Laura Mariana said...

SUPERNATURAL is the best! Here in Portugal everybody like it.
I like True Blood too(I mustn't see it but...)
I can´t watch Buffy! Skulduggerry is so much better! More realistic, I think.
TV shows more serious? Lie To Me, Bones and House!
I tryed Being Humans but it's a little bit boring.

Twilight? I just like the books.

Unknown said...

also, house does rock. random lyrics random lyrics beiber beiber fever pain trick or treat or die i am now wondering what the weridest thing in my head is, just a sec... SKULDUGGERY IN A BIKINI! am i doing goood on stuff that has absolutly nothing to do with the blog?

Mackenzie said...

I am so sorry to add to the comment count, but I have a few more shows to add to your string of awesome shows.

Buffy was written by Joss Whedon, who also wrote Firefly and Serenity. Fourteen episodes of space pirates and a movie where they uncover how screwed up their government is... but like all Whedon shows, no summary can really do it justice. If you watch Gilmore Girls for the dialogue, watch Firefly for the dialogue, space ship, and a ninety pound girl kicking butt all over the place.

Snarky Captain Malcolm Reynolds is played by Nathan Fillion, who goes on to star as Richard Castle in... Castle. Yes, the show's about him, and the dialogue is still hilarious and witty. Take Skulduggery, remove the magic and put it in New York. Then make Valkyrie into Skulduggery's daughter and have Tanith actually being a det... you know what, I'll stop before I mention how you have to shave China to make her fit the role of that one killer from episode X.

And since there are already sixty comments on this blog, the chances of you reading this are very very low, unless you are really really eccentric and read the comments before and after you say that you hate them. <3

-HB/Joe- said...

threebooksinthefire, u are a great person. all who watch or have watched firefly/serenity are great people.
me included.
God bless Jayne, his gun Vera, and that straw covered snow hat that his mum sends him. God bless.
ahh, an ll year old in the mix? more people read this blog than i expected. insanity, who got u into this book, anyway? and same with skyril and lynith. who told u of the wonders of skuludggery?
and lynnith, i know, right? my brother HATES the new doctor, and a part of me still loves the old one too, but...well... im not sure. he's just so ALIVE.
anyway, i have OFFICIALLY joined the new COBPUDLGAP group, because it is the only way to go.

on a more happier note...

i just watched sherlock holmes+Iron man 2, and loved both!!! espesially sherlock holmes,witch was really quite amazing, how he saw almost every detail and brought it up later in his coupe de grace.
Did i spell that last bit right?

gtg, i've got TONNES of maths homework.
btw, is there a graphic novel? my god, i think there is...
but before i go, here is a quote from skulduggery pleasant:

"Doors are for people with no imagination."
-Skuluggery Pleasant

-HB/Joe- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-HB/Joe- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-HB/Joe- said...


-HB/Joe- said...


Unknown said...

Hey guys off the t.v topic for a while i have some ideas how the next books are going to go. So Darquesse is like evill and brings destruction to the world so how can valkrye be darquesse??? My idea is that the reflection somehow will be darquesse (you know how it has been becoming troublesome?) Post replies to this theory im interested to hear others!

Rhos Reviews said...

BUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!! I salute you!!! Tjough i was AMAZED to hear you were a great fan of the Gilmore Girls. At first i thought it was one of those teenage, girly shows that only disney, miley cyrus people liked but NOOO! You, my superior has proved to me that it is a witty, funny, cosy programme!! I adore Lorelie, shes just a gorwn up Valkyrie, her witty banter and such!! XD
i havent seen any Supernatural however, though i have many obsessed friends of it! :)
my top three must be Doctor Who, Ashes to Ashes (Gotta love Gene Hunt) and as a guilty pleasure Glee (as for the moment)
I would love to hear of your favourite bands and films and so on!! Oh High and mighty One!! XD
and is a fully comfirmed Mortal Coil WILL be the name of anticipated Book 5??

Rhos Reviews said...

OHH forgot Top Gear of course!! gotta love em three middle aged men!!! XD

-HB/Joe- said...

yeah hamish!
thats the idea i had when i first found the blog.
i didnt want to spoil the ending though, so i tried to say it in code. obviuodly, not even derek himself understood it. hmm. not quite the detective i thought him to be. then again, us authors arent very smart. no offence, fellow authors, but the only thing we're gud at is writing, sometimes drawing and maybe even, i dont know, sweeping?
im not sure though hamish, cos i re-read it, and the necromancers mentioned lord vile coming back.


Louisa Rose said...

I am the ultimate munchkin army recruit.
Guess what? I was given a lunchtime detention today for reading Playing With Fire in an English lesson. WHO CARES ABOUT SHAKESPEARE?! He doesn't write about vampires and magical skeletons !!!! well, apparently my english teacher does.
I partly blame you for this Mr Landy, for writing such incredibly un-put-down-able books !!
Well, at least i met some boys who could beat-box in my detention room. It was an educational experience. . . .

Louisa Rose said...

Oh yeah, and i have never EVER had a detention before IN MY LIFE. This was my first. Worth it though. . . . . . I particuarily lovve the bit when Skulduggery is saying to the bad guy strapped to a chair that Tanith will suck out his brains. I can picture that scene so well especially the miffed expression on Tanith's face. Now i just have to explain to my parents why i got a detention. . . . this should be oodles of fun. Wish me luck guys! XD

Unknown said...

hamish, i think you might be right in your theory about the reflection i think it might have something to do with the evil one. also gilmore girls? i havent watched a single episode and feel no desire to do so. (no offence to any fans). everybody says supernatural is really good, i dunno i watched half of an episode, looked stupid (again so offense). does anybody watch vampire diaries? OMG. so good, seriosly people you have to watch it! v. addicting. anyway, byee byee for now... (for now, ill be back! like always. YOU CANNOT GET RID OF ME!!) MWHAHAHAA!! =]

Anonymous said...

I'm just gonna comment again for the heck of it! ^_^

And also because I forgot to name my No. 1 favorite show EVAH!

Sherlock Holmes!
I am so ashamed that I forgot about it! T_T
Jeremy Brett is the one and ONLY Sherlock Holmes. Even though I do think that Robert Downey Jr is a sexy beast, he is not Holmes.
Not now, not ever.
Just felt like saying that!
Ta-ta! :D

absyntheminded said...

Charmed? It's awesome! Although even I have to admit that Buffy is better. Supernatural is a) demented and b) insane. I'm not a fan... I'd much rather watch Gilmore Girls.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Ah Lynn what a brithday huh?Well, I hope it's a good one anyway.
HEY MR.LANDY!!DON'T FORGET TO WISH Lynn A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Even if it's belated I do believe she would appreciate it.
And Lynn I *have* noticed that, and not only tv show either!As far as I can see almost everyone hither that knows who he is hates or at least dislikes Justin Bieber.That's *quite* strange if you ask me...
And naturally I officially join the COBPUDLGAP group as well.
Violet Night, Asya Do yall wish to join COBPUDLGAP?We're open for new members.^.^ Right Lynn, Joe, crazy girl who will attack derek with cupcakes unless he posts more?

Also Moonshine and Laura Mariana, House is quite epic itn't it.

Joe actually I saw it in a bookstore when I was looking around.Best choice I ever made to convince my Mom to buy it for me ^.^.Furthermore I also adore the Sherlock Holmes movie and Iron Man 1 is better than #2, but 2 is pretty good also.I love that actor, he so good at what he does....maybe we can include him in the Skulduggery movie?Hmmm maybe as....hmm who is not huge and kinda awesome and funny (beside Skulduggery of course.)?Hmm we'll have to contemplate that.

Haha Nevala Morose yep your are rather good recruit lol!...Speaking of which, would you like to join COBPUDLGAP ;).

You may begin looking forward to my return yet again Mr.Landy ^.^ because I shall (at least for now) depart from you blog.



Anonymous said...

Yes. I love buffy and supernatural. They don't make shows like buffy anymore:(

Unknown said...

I shall ofically jion COBPUDLGAP. ~places hand on book of COBPUDLGAP that appears out of nowhere~ I somemley swear that i will only derek and send cupcakes out to get him till he post more ~book disappears~ there we go, thats done.ok, this is how i discovered skul-man. i was on the bus one day when saw somebody reading skulduggery pleasant. i aske her what it was and this is how she expliane it: a book about a man who is a mage who can tell nobody his real name or they can control him. he is training a girl to be a mage. ok, ii dont know about you, but i would have read it sooner if these words were included: egotistical skeleton who throws fire balls, and constaly saves the world. he is training his partner to throw fire balls like him and do stuff like that. it is highlarious, and the fight seens are awsome. (derek you can take that as a complement) now, what do you think is a better summery?

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Certainly #2


Derek Landy said...

Lynith! Happy birthday! I sent you a card but it, uh, got lost in the, uh... annnnnyway....

Oops, phone's ringing. Ahem. Bye.

legi0nn said...

I'm speechless.

You're about the only man that I know who watches Gilmore Girls, really. REALLY. It's amazing - really.

My mother adores it, but I never got around to watching episodes fully since I'd leave before an episode would end. It's not my type of show, since I prefer dramas like "House", although I've grown tired of that too... I'll just say that "Skulduggery" type of shows catches my interest (except for Buffy, I still need to watch that :|...), I'm more of a film person.

The only show that I truly love, or should I say... 'cartoon' is Invader ZIM written by Jhonen Vasquez, it's the show that catches people's attention and pulls them in. Although most people dislike it, a lot just watch it for the absurdity of it all; which is what the show is all about. I don't know, I really like Invader ZIM.

Knight Rider (1982) is just... I shouldn't say 'phenomenal' since it has its downs, but its the kind of show that entertains sci-fi lovers - it definitely entertained me! KITT's adorable, and Mr. Landy... if you haven't seen it, I swear, you SHOULD. You will NOT be disappointed... maybe.

P.S. Here's a cookie jar to keep all your wonderful comments in!

Valora Destry said...

oh im not sure if youve seen this episode of supernatural (its older, therefore oldschool) but sam and dean visit this circus with an evil clown and sam has a secret fear of clowns so dean is teasing him throughout the episode! hilarious. dean is way cool. cept you have to feel sorry for sam about the whole girlfriend being burned on the ceiling thing and being pulled outta law school. anyhoo good luck with the 5th book; make it the best! i can't wait to read it as you have such an annoying habit of finishing books at cliffhangers. ergh.

from your humble minion.

-HB/Joe- said...

ummm.. did u know, its, uh.. my birthday...uhhh...sometime this week? ummmm...
happy b-day lynith!wow and i thought i was the most loved fan of derek. but no. of course its u, lyn. high five!
i seriously cant get over the fact that u read this, derek. like, lol, we're all like talking, vaugly referring to u, and then:

Derek Landy said...
Lynith! Happy birthday! I sent you a card but it, uh, got lost in the, uh... annnnnyway....

Oops, phone's ringing. Ahem. Bye.

i mean, WAHHHTTT??!!?!?
after all the times that i posted on ur blog, mr. landy. well, thats it. unless u personally dedicate a comment to me (i dont know, maybe ur thoughts on the movie "sherlock holmes") then i, ur most trusted servant, inferno joe, will leave this blog and never come back.

-HB/Joe- said...


-HB/Joe- said...

never ever ever never.

-HB/Joe- said...

never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever come back to this blog.


Valora Destry said...

haha we get the point inferno joe...

-HB/Joe- said...

no u dont kirsty...
cos i will

never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never never ever ever never never ever never ever never never

come back.
that's right. E-V-E-R.
yeah. u-huh. Never.

Anonymous said...

Dead Like Me is my favourite show ever

Wonka said...

Hey i like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Dr Who and Primeval (even though they haven't done a season this year i don't think). i like so many things yet the funny thing is i dont watch a lot of TV...

And i think that you should care about what we like because we care about you. you must care about us back, thank u very much!
No offence meant- u still r a cool writer

Lillian Faye said...

Haha thank you very much Derek. Very much apreciataed. Made my otherwise hateful and annoyingly boring day.

Thank you also Sky haha, high-five girl! Oh my God that is so true too we are all beiber haters! Guess we all have the same taste in music. Roughly.

Whats your like altimate fave bands everybody?? I like Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Rise Against, Black Stone Cherry and Owl City.

I thank you Joe, Hamish, Insanity and Sky for officialyy joining COBPUDLGAP. Your initiation is much appreciated and welcomed.

And Joe I had exactly the same reaction! I really did not expect him to actually read these comments. I supose though he must become curious to how we post so very many on such a small topic. Also thank you Joe and I admit, I am a pretty big fan... *cough cough* Hmmm. High-five to!! Thanks again!! Also we get your point Joe, I'm sure that if Derek feels the need to write another comment he will mention you :P He wished me a happy birthday :P *rubs in face hehe*

Anyway ta-ta blog readers.
Bye-bye Mr.Landy, until next time.
Thanks again everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, especially you Derek :D It has made tomorrow very specail for me.

Lynn xxx

Unknown said...

I don't watch much tv but Doctor Who has got to be my favourite! I'm also strangely obsessed with watching Japanese cartoons(anime) on the internet...

Gilmore Girls?!?

Louisa Rose said...

@Skyril - Thank you ;p
I really can't wait for the competition winner to be revealed !!! God, i would cherish that prise forever and ever and ever. I would be buried with it. I just hope my entry is up to scratch...but with 3500 people against me, i stand very little chance. I shall enjoy reading about the winning charecter emencely, whether or not it is me. x

Louisa Rose said...

Also, yes i think everyone wants Justin Bieber to burn and die slowly and painfully (with a lot of flailing around) perhapse i could volenteer to eat him for you lot? I suppose i could put aside my vegetrian ways for a second... just long enough to chew his smug little twerpy face off...... mmmmmmm....

Lillian Faye said...

Haha 100 post again!!! Wooo hooo!!!

Lillian Faye said...

Oh yes, I got the number 100th post twice in a row. Aren't I good Mr. Landy??

Are you impressed with my handy work?

Holly said...

I used to watch the original Buffy series (when they were still actually on television) in primary. I would come home from school, my mum would take me out for a walk/thing (I was pretty new to my county and single mums are fun to be spoiled by) and then we'd watch Buffy.
I loved it!
Of course, some of it was a little scary. But I was a cool under-10.
And Buffy helped me to self-diagnose that I had crap eyesight because one day an inch between my eyes and the television was Too Far Away, Damnit.
Ah, Buffy. How I miss thee.

Lillian Faye said...

Hey guys, just a little thought I have just had. I would love it so much if you could give me some feedback on this peom that I *didn't* write in English when I got bored... hint hint.

'The Waking Owls'

Gracefully, gracefully they glide,
Gently beating the air,
Enticing it to their will.

Peacefully, peacefully they fly,
Politely hooting their cares,
Greeting their dark-eyed morning.

Hourly, hourly the dive,
Teams of skilled gatheres,
Fiercely feeding the flocked youn.

Slowly, slowly the spy,
Their creeping glow of night,
Lay their heads, the world awakes.

Copywrite of moi so no stealyy!!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

*gasp* YOU Mr.Landy, (The omega ninja leprechaun of all ninja leprechauns) actually READ my comment????*slowly smiles gleefully* I'm speechless!! :D

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Uh-oh Joe gone a lil berserk.That may not be what I would call "good".lol

Lynn your welcome ^.^
I'm not a particular fan of those bands actually.However I'm the odd one of the group in view of the fact that 'til a few days ago I didn't know whom this Justin Beiber was.
My favorite music differentiates quite abit from one another.Let's see my two favorite actual bands are Celtic Women and the Gothic archies.Other miscellaneoussongs I enjoy are lots of Christian songs (because I am one.)
by know particular srtist (I just like to sing them (even though I'm *so* off key lol),Viva La Vida, Music Box Dancer, Leva's Polka, Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us, all of the music from Pirates of Penzance, (if you haven't watched that, you need to.)nd many other random songs.

Lillian Faye said...

Haha Sky. Yes it's because you are amazing :)

I like Celtic woman... I found them my chance on youtube lol. Viva la vida is good. I used to love Coldplay. And no I havn't watched it, what is is about??

Lynn xx

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

lol Nevala Morose "That's called cannibalism, which is frowned upon in some regions."

Ah twice in a row Lynn!I congratualate you ^.^, *WOW* Lynn!That is an awesome poem!I love it!!And I don't even like poetry!I mean I genuinely have loathed almost every poem I've ever read.Yours.Is.Epic!You should try to get it published somehow....I'm not sure how you go about that, but I'm you can figure it out online ^.^.


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Haha thanks ^.^

I found onetime when randomly found Celtic Women randomly flipping around on tv once.
It's about a guy that accidently bacame an apprentice pirate (when his dad was dying the last words he breathed to his maid was get him apprenticed to a pilot, but the maid was hard of hearing lol)and now has turned 21 so is about to leave piratetry to go and live lawfully and find a bride.It's a musical and extremely funny.It's an old movie though so maybe you can find it online or if the you have a vhs player at a major video or something.Pirates of Penzane will really make you laugh.It's one of my favorite movies!


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Oops that first sentence got a lil mixed didn't it?
I ment to say
"I found Celtic Women when randomly flipping around on tv."



Ayries said...

Supernatural is not my thing, but I really must give GG a go!

I know what you mean about persevering. It reminds me of my attitude towards the new Doctor Who (2005 onwards)- it took a series for me to get into it, and now it's my favourite show. Smallville, too. It takes effort but the shows I've gotten out of it!

Unknown said...

skyril, glad to see a fellow cristian. DEREK dont forget my b-day is the 23. hopfully my card dosnt get lost in the uh um, it takes forever for it to get sorted out when they get lost in there! i have a evil plan: everybody post this in random places (on facebook, twitter, etc):READ SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT! it is awsome. what could be better than egotistical skeletons, fight seens and bickering? From a loyal munchkin army soldier. (also on facebook, lets get as many people as we can to post this on the obama page ;)

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

:D Good idea!I'll be right back.


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Ok I'm back ^.^
I don't have a facebook though so everyone else is going to have to do that.^.^

Unknown said...

o u have any socail networing sites? or read any other blogs?

Unknown said...

˙ɹǝıpןos ʎɯɹɐ uıʞɥɔunɯ ןɐʎoן ɐ ɯoɹɟ ¿ƃuıɹǝʞɔıq puɐ suǝǝs ʇɥƃıɟ 'suoʇǝןǝʞs ןɐɔıʇsıʇoƃǝ uɐɥʇ ɹǝʇʇǝq ǝq pןnoɔ ʇɐɥʍ ˙ǝɯosʍɐ sı ʇı ¡ʇuɐsɐǝןd ʎɹǝƃƃnpןnʞs pɐǝɹ

Monique said...

Looks like your back at 116! I must now be on my guard for sponges and ninja leprechauns leaping from the rooftops...which is lucky cause there's only two houses close to me and I never go there. I like animes....which causes me to have nothing in common with anyone else and I'm the sort of girl that buys her manga from the uk because I live in a small town with no bookshops closer than two hours away. This is why I have to travel to buy your books and get lost in huge shopping centers. I've never watched any of those shows but my mum used to watch super natural, she said it was good and she also said she would show me the first season of buffy. Good ol mum...good thing she doesn't read this or she would cuddle me to death. I await the sponges and ninja stars....

P.S. Please send Justin beiber for a full length bungee jump into the volcano, Australia doesn't want him anymore, neither new Zealand.

-HB/Joe- said...

wow im gone for one day and the count goes from 73 to 116. hahahahahah...
okay, first: congrats lynith, and damn the guy who created bragging *shakes fist and mutters curses*
second:gud work lynith on the poem, um hey if u guys are putting work up, then can i?
third:yes sky, i have gone beserk. because i will never ever never ever never ever......
fouth:hey insanity, sick idea, but, like, how'd u manage to do that upsidown thingo?
fifth:my fave bands are Daft Punk, Coldplay, Royksopp, Hillsong United, umm, i dont know, maybe even Boyz Noize feat. Steve Aoki in their song "WARP".
seventh: i dont have facebook (lol, fail.)but will still spread that message everywhere i can.
eighth: umm, nothing much to say here. hey, i know: ......never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever (takes breath)never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever (takes breath) come back if mr. landy doesnt make a comment towards me and myself and i. yeah.

bye bye,


could everyone now place a skulduggery quote at the end of their comment? it would be so cool. like, just one quote, and dont ever change it, but chooose ur fav and then post it under ur normal sign off.

like this:

Alright, i've got to go now.
seeya all,

"Doors are for people with no imagination."
-Skulduggery Pleasant

like that.
so anyway, bye all.

"Doors are for people with no imagination."
-Skulduggery Pleasant

SimAllyHer said...

First: The Wire was okay I guess.
Second: West Wing got reeeeaaallllyyy boring really fast.
Third: I've been meaning to watch Dexter, but atm the ads look boring.
Fourth: Supernatural is awesome, like you I didn't think much of it to begin with, but I'm addicted now.
Fifth: I want to own Gilmore Girls, it's an amazing show, which means its got extra-amazing writers!
Sixth: Buffy is a sad loss for the world now that it's over and finished. I cried when she died, you know the bit when she dived into the alternate universe and died?

Okay my list!

First: Buffy, some repeats are boring now, but still fav show.

Next comes through Nathan Fillion who played the preist in the final season. So...

Second: Firefly (haven't watched it? WATCH IT!)
Third: Castle (Also Nathan Fillion, see what I did there??)
Fourth: Chuck (Adam Baldwin played Jayne in Firefly)
Fifth: Stargate SG1 [need to specify here, only one worth loving!(Adam Baldwin again :) )]
Sixth: Supernatural (Michael Shanks, playing the only archeologist that makes girls droool)

There I rated your list and gave you mine, enjoy more comments than you care to read :D


Becky Allaker said...

Well, I HAVE herd of Charmed. Watched, like, half an episode. Never watchd Buffy. Love Supernatural, even though I don't follow it (my GOD is Yellow Feaver funny), Heroes is amazing (And Milo Ventamiglia is HOT, and therefore you WILL get him to play Dusk), though I missed an episode of season three, and I didn't dare to watch the next one, because you miss one episode of that, the whole thing goes cabluey. But Kim got season 3 on DVD, and so I shall steal it from her.
I love Dr Who, even with Matt Smith and his annoying assistant who looks like me. Also Torchwood. Uh... SPONGEBOB! Now THAT is some twisted watching, but it is SO funny! Simpsons is good. Uh... I don't actually WATCH much... I LOVE EXTREME UNIVERSE! Yus, I really do. I just think the concept of our very existance is an amazing thing. I mean, where does the universe end? Does it? If it does then WHERE is the universe? In another universe? And more to the point, will we EVER know?
And now my mother is making me do a comic strip. YAY!
(Pssst, hi Lady_Kandrakar! Is ~TanithLowIsMe off of deviantART. Liking your new fic so far!)

Unknown said...

Mr Landy, I love your books, the latest skulduggery pleasant book was no short of phenomenal, so full of intrigue, in my opinion I hold your works high in my favourite readings of all time, they are quite captivating. One question though, what is your inspiration for the books especially the curious names for your characters?

Lillian Faye said...

Aww thank you Sky :) I didn't think it was that good so I decided to post it on here to get your views before I showed it to anyone else lol. Wow that sounds awasome, I may have to watch it. I love musicals so I'm suprised that I havent allready hear of it.

Joe don't damn the guy who created bragging because then I can't brag about the fact that Derek Landy wished me a happy birthday haha! Also thank you, it was just something that I randomly wrote... I didn't think it was that good to be honest.

I have figured out that even though we may not have exactly the same taste in mucis we still have the same extreme dislikes.

Anyway, bells just gone. Dinner time!!

Cyaz! Lynn x

Unknown said...

last post for ths blog, moving to the next. the site for upside down text is: lets all annoy derek and pos lke this! maybe he will pot his next blog like this :D

Rosie said...

Oh yeah, about charmed...
I only watched it once, when I was little, and I remember bawling my eyes out. I can't remember why... Maybe it was because of it's crimes against it's genre. But probably because I was a disturbed child.

Another thing, were you born awesome, or did it develop over time...? Just a little musing of mine...

The 'cease and desist' thing, yeah? It won't work... Unless you do another blog.

You know it's the only sensible option. We swear we'll stop... *shifts eyes to inferno-joe*

"My nature? It is a dark and twisted thing."
-See, we're quoting Skulduggery now.
You should be flattered.
Do you want a revolt on your hands? Do you?

I await your response.

But then again, if we got rid of our leader, there would be a scramble for power and many would be lost...

Anonymous said...

Hello Derek,
I'm sorry for this comment, I know you don't like them, but I had to tell you...
I have never been so proud.
Your choices of shows are incredibly awesome. Joss Wheedon, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Supernatural (I nearly EXPLODED upon reading that you like it. Well done.), the list of your awesomeness is endless.
Also, thanks for not liking Charmed. Spread the word of its evil, maybe some can be lured away from the dark side.
Your loyal Munchkin,
Erin ( Remember the crazy girls from the Cafe? The one in the ridiculous cowboy hat? That was me.)

SamanthaStandfield said...

is your favourite cloud.... *strokes metaphorical beard of wisdom*

Samantha Standfield :)

Ebony Orvil said...

who likes glee??!!!

Ebony Orvil said...


SamanthaStandfield said...

Odile :)

i love glee!
:) I wipe my schedule to see it!

Unknown said...

I love Doctor Who, and without it i would die

Glee....yes i love that too, even though its poor acting and cliche plot lines

And finnally, the Green Wing, seriously watch it, its awesome

Anonymous said...

@ Odile

I LOVE Glee! :) The music, the storyline and how they coil it to match any possible scenario affecting the teenage world today. Quinn being pregnant, Sue teasing Will's hair simply because she's jealous. Glee rocks.

As does Skulduggery Pleasant, but Im sure everyone already knows that...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Derek... Im quite glad that you like Buffy. Shocked me a bit at first, but nice to know someone else likes it [since I dont know anyone who does...]
I do agree that it died down after the third season; my reason for that being is because Angel left to go do something else. I quite liked him, but never got around to watching his spin off. I like Bangel as a couple still :)

Unknown said...

The Nanny!! I have the same problem, I don't want it to end :(

Harly Ryker said...

my, you must think we are stalking you.....=)
You like supernatural. I SALUTE YOU!!!!! Supernatural, it is one of my guilty pleasures, as many as a 13 year old can have. Around midnight, cosied up in bed, with a bar of chocolate, John's journal(YES, YOU CAN BUY IT!!!!! I, CLODAGH GRIBBEN, HAVE JOHN'S JOURNAL. So when the apocalyspe comes, I shall be ready, while you all crash and burn, whahaaaa!) and Sam and Dean kicking butt.....yum.
Gilmore girls,I have seen a few episodes while waiting for glee to come on at 5 after school,and I must say, I rather like it.
Heroes, I loved the first season, but then I lost the plot, and it lost it's place in my heart.
Buffy is the bible of the supernatural things fans. Forget twilight, fellow minions, this is it!!
Glee is another thing. I am not ashamed to say I am a gleek. I've watched every episode, know every song, have every cd, and know what I want to happen.
Charmed, I used to watch. Then I got bored. Then I watched more awesomer shows, and watched an episode again. I nearly choked on my own vomit it was so aweful. "I DON'T WANT TO LOSE ANOTHER SISTER!BUT WE HAVE TO SAVE THE LITTLE KID! AND PIPER'S PREGNANT WITH A GOOD LOOKING DUDE WE ARE HANGING OUT WITH! OH MY!" Yes, that was harsh. But I speak the truth.
And I watch America's next top model, mainly to laugh at their petty ways and miss Jay. Watch an episode. They are quite funny.
Yours deadly,(yes, I can kill),
Harly Ryker.

Octa said...

Again with the threes.

Octa said...

I wonder if anyone will notice.

Octa said...

*srolls through old posts*

Octa said...

Oh my goodness honey, all the comments are multiples of ten!

What a coincidence!

Octa said...


Octa said...

Achievement completed.

Mary Contrary said...


Not any more, mister Ambrosius...

*runs away into the night, laughing manically*


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