Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best Book

Let me tell you how great I am.

My greatness cannot be measured in degrees, for greatness is an unquantifiable phenomena that few people ever really possess. Alexander had greatness. Einstein had greatness. Elvis had greatness. And I have greatness. That’s only four people in the whole history of the world. Impressed? You should be.

But I am singularly great because, unlike the three people I’ve just mentioned, I have battled true adversity to get where I am today. And it hasn’t been easy. I realize this is a frightening concept, but there was a time when there were no Skulduggery Pleasant books on the bookshelves. Imagine, for a moment, what that world was like. The streets were cold and grey. People hurried to work, to school, hunched over, collars up against the cruel winds. There was no joy. There was no laughter. There was no excitement, nor splendour, nor witty banter. It was a dark time. It was a drab time. The year was 2006.

And then 2007 came, and with it, Skulduggery, and there was much rejoicing (“yayy”) and verily, did I improve this world upon which I stood. I’ve been rewarded for my efforts, both metaphysically and spiritually, but mostly financially, which is one of the nicest ways to be rewarded. Aside from the material goods I’ve collected, I have, in no particular order of preference, also collected one wonderful German Shepherd, three slinky little cats, two gurgling nieces, and a pair of geriatric Bull Terriers. I’ve been given awards, I’ve visited other countries, I’ve made friends, I’ve been able to give up the other friends that I never really liked in the first place, and I’m nominated for things like the Best Irish Book of the Decade.

Forty-nine other books, and Skulduggery. In order to whittle down those fifty books to a more manageable ten, people can vote online, at As you can see, Skulduggery is up against some pretty impressive people. People like Eoin Colfer, Kate Thompson and John Boyne. But this isn’t an award for Children’s Books- oh no. This is EVERYTHING. And so there are folk like Banville and Enright and McGahern, not to mention John Connelly and Cecelia Ahern. Once those final ten books are selected, it’s up to a panel of judges to decide which is the best.

Purely out of curiosity, just to test the sheer power of my Munchkin Army, I would like each of you to take a look at the list, and vote for your favourite book. Even though you and I know that Skulduggery is quite simply the best thing to happen to pages since pages were invented, we must accept that there is no way on earth a book for younger readers will ever win this award.

But my God, it’ll be funny as hell if it gets into the last ten.

Arise, my Munchkins, my Ninja Leprechauns, and strike!


DeacyAmp said...

Oh my GOD!

Skul or Artemis? (*shot*)

Those two are my very favourite book series! :O That and Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, which is wonderfully English. And not of this decade. (Hey, I'm a neurotic 13 year old.)

Ohh, has to be Skulduggery. :D *waves Munchkin flag*

[random: Yay first post!]

Kiiyashi said...

Hmm.... Interesting, Artemis Fowl and Skulduggery... Well, Fowl doesn't have necromancers.... Skulduggery it is!!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Arise I shall!!!And my strike will (hopefully) gouge deep into the heart of....the...thing...Your Munchkin Skyril and her cat Blu are off to stike things!!!!


Nye said...

I voted skulduggery 4 times. One with gmail, one with googlemail another with a misspelling of googlemail by accident an done with yahoo.

Unknown said...

Having read air man and tried (and failed) to like any of the 'Artemis Fowl' books, and also having not heard of any other people on this list, i shall have to vote skul-man....not that i would vote for anything else anyway, since this is simply my FAVUMS set of books (including Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice- not that this is a set...or even in the same genre) Point of the matter is that your books makes my birthday bareible- however whats this? The Next One is coming out in september? AWESOME!!
Personally i hated 2006 as that was the year evryone smelled.

Georgia :D

Red Right Hand said...

I shall take the power and use it to your will! Top ten, get ready for Skulduggery!!!

Ten. Hang said...

Hello, Mr. Landy.

I only voted for your book because it's actually the only one I've read and liked from that list. I hope you win, though, as you will owe me a vote in this kind of competition a few years in the future.

I wish you the worst of luck. (Really, when I wish the best of luck people tend to get the worst.)

Live long and prosper,


Monique said...

After the event in Brisbane and you telling us your life story, my god you've made it so far!! Since I have not read any other of those books (to caught up with skulduggery and various R.L.Stine books) I will of course vote for my favorite skeleton. If it does make it into the top ten, you will realize now that some of the books that you knock off the shelf may have their own munchkin army! Probably not though.
Good Luck and you'll have my vote!

Anonymous said...

OK, if Skulduggery got into the top ten that would make my life. I would also die of laughing, so it wouldn't be made for long, but still!

Jinx said...

*Picture world without Skulduggery Pleasant*

Oh god, don't make me do that!

Holly said...

God damnit! You're expecting me to vote against Eoin Colfer?
I'm having a crisis here. Why can't there be categories? I knew something bad would come of having 2 favourite authors from the same country, writing fort he same age group.
Ah well, I'll vote for Skulduggery. Artemis Fowl is famous enough anyway, and his HHGTTG sequel will garner more praise anyway.
You better appreciate this, Derek.

Unknown said...

Many people seem to be torn between artemis fowl and skulduggery. Perhaps i have a small mind and am not adventurous, but i have never read this series. Possibly because i feel disgusted whenever i see the cover and positively ill if i read the blurb. As to the cats - are you feeding them enough? I ask this only because we feed my cat a very small amount and she still manages to be incredibly fat. Hm... Perhaps conspiracy could be considerd?? Is my cat Binka reincarnated?? i suppose we'll never know...
Have a pleasant day!

Anonymous said...

ha!!! im a good munchkin!!! and as for the dreary days b4 your books... well... its still rains over here and everyone is always miserable. didnt really help. as for you being great, you can only hope you dont die of an overlarge ego. trust me, it could probably happen somewere in someplace that is amaysing and paranormal... like earth

Bethany said...

Ninja Leprachaun?

No, no, no.

Epichaun, if you will. It's a cross between a Pirate Cowboy Ninja Leprachaun Baby Dinosaur. I do believe it is a more suitable term for your beloved Munchkin Army... or rather just me.

You might be allowed into the club, but it's only a maybe. We have t-shirts... Well, when I say 'we' I mean 'I'.

I voted for Skulduggery, but there was some stiff competition. Bog Child by the late Siobhan Dowd was a very good book. As was The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, but Skulduggery's more entertaining. Anything for a laugh, right?

Anonymous said...

I will vote for you, Mr Landy.
But some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me.

Jakers said...

You sir, are one amazing, horrible person. you are my favorite author ever. i never would have seen that coming. i finished Dark Days, one day after i got it. and i am Very, Very, Impressed. you are such an amazing author, i have my 22 year old brother addicted to it too. i cant wait till September.

Skulduggery Skellington said...

Putting votes with all my email accounts for you Landy :)
Skulduggery best book in the world!

Unknown said...

Your comparing yourself with Eienstein, Alexander and Elvis?
C'mon Derek, you can do better than that!

Best of luck.

Unknown said...

i cant vote cos i live in NZ and the 250 euros worth of book tokens would useless to me if i won. but i shall vote anyways for skulduggery, hoping you get into the top ten. hopefully i do not win.
cya Mr landy

Unknown said...


ALFY said...

Yo, derek i voted 3 times for you with all my email accounts. Skulduggery pleasant did make the world a lot better, but the thing that sucks with your books, is that they're so damn good that you want them to never end, and they will. :(

ALFY said...

and you also need to write faster :)

Laura said...

Hello Mr.Landy,
I picked Skulduggery,as I haven't read the others,and also because it is absolutely addicting!!!!!!!!!
Hope you win!
Laura Bailey aka Your No.1 fan

Billy the Hatter said...

Hmm... Artemis Fowl or Skulduggery Pleasant? There are no walking skeletons in Artemis Fowl, nor are there weird, annoying, eyeless cowboys. So, there is no competition. I vote Skulduggery.
Other than that, I think those two are the only ones I've read.

kale said...

voted - hope you win - skulduggery is great.

i have a plan..its a simple plan...persuade everyone on facebok to vote (like the christmas number one) thinki t'll work? :-)

Eleanor Roscuro said...

Skulduggery wins forever! Oh, and you've won a blog award... About time!



Unknown said...

are there any shape shifters in skulduggery series. if not, there should be. that would be AWESOME!!

hdfhtrd said...

It was a tough one
the descision tore me apart so much that both parts of me now have a seperate email account so theycan vote for both :)

hdfhtrd said...

oh and im a shapeshifter!!!!
with necromancy/seer powers :)
my taken name is Despina Crepuscule ;)

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

I have recently aquired Pokemon (by the way that's pronounced for anyone who thinks it's po-kEE-mon it's really po-kU-mon) Soul Silver and have recently aquired a Ghastly- three in fact.Two male and one female the first I name Skulduggery the second (female) I name Valkerie and the third which was absolutely the best and the one I'm actualy USING is named Mr.Landy. ^.^ I thought you might want to know that you're becoming quite an awesome member of my team.You just turned level 20 and learned confuse ray....

Oh and by the way I do believe my strike was deep into the heart of ....the...thing...I voted for you in all six of my e-mails plus I had my Dad vote for you in all three of his.:D I hope you win!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Hodwy, Mr. Derek Landy!

I haven't actually read ANY of the other ones aforementioned on the list... so I'm not sure if it would be fair for me to vote on my favourite. Seeing as Skulduggery Pleasant would have to be my favourite just 'cus that's the only one I've read. So, I'm sorry, Mr. Landy that I'm not going to vote. But I will be mighty glad if you win. 8D

By the way, I was wondering if you could make a short story in Skulduggery Pleasant, at the end, that's a short mystery, Agatha Christie kind of thing, y'know? It'd be interesting, and very, VERY cool. 8D.

-HB/Joe- said...

Derek, meet me, yes me, (a.k.a inferno-joe) ur best-est friend and colleague. And, in case ur wondering, i have always been watching u. from the moment u realised u had run out of cat food, i was there, slotting it behind that half empty peanut butter jar for u to *eventually* (shows how uncoordinated some writers can be)find. I was there when u tripped over ur dog and almost landed in it's droppings, because if u notticed, it was gone before u hit the ground. ever wondered where that dog poo got to derek? hmm? u dont want to know, my poor yet extremely rich friend. i have been there to scoop ur icecream off the ground, and top it with another. ive been to egypt and back, just to reassure u that the chair u are sitting in right now is real camel hair. yet guess wot? No recognition. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. NOOOOOOooopppppeee.
So, dereklandy, king of all youth writers, except for, of course, that *stunning* Eion Colfer-haha just joking. i have utter and complete allegiance to u. i, derek landy, am ur NINJA LEPRECAUN SUPREME!!! I ALONE WILL MASS UR FOLLOWERS BY THE HUNDREDS, NO-THE THOUSANDS JUST SO U CAN RULE US AND EVENTUALLY TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!
*pant* *pant*

(a.k.a inferno-joe)

Shannique of the sand said...

I'm actually feeling like a bit of a stalker now.... I mean, reading all of your blogs, googling your address whenever I go onto the internet and going to the book signing at Kings School... but het, what the hell, I'm 15. I won't be charged... I think....

Unknown said...

artemis fowl or skulduggery? meaga hard deicision! oh well i just wont vote... wait thats even worse than having 2 choose! oh yeah! i have 2 email adresses! 1 4 each *tries waves skulduggery flag + artemis fowl flag at the same time and falls over*

Anonymous said...

I heard that you're stranded in Ireland! I hope you make it to Portsmouth for the tour, my friend and I have our costumes nearly sorted out. I'm going as Clarabelle :)

Unknown said...

Oh Gods no. Artemis AND Skulduggery? I sense someone creating fan art of that. Skulduggery and Artemis fighting for top place whilst Holly and Valkyrie look on in disbelief. Yeah. In fact, I might have a shot at that. Wait. I can't draw. Damn.

Hoemonkey said...

I voted for you Roy Keane! Here's hoping!

-HB/Joe- said...

Artemeis Fowl, the great 14 yr old genius, vs Skulguggery Pleasant, the x4 world saver and magic talking skeleton expert. Holly Short, the Magical elf captain with high tech lasers and automatic wings, vs Valkyrie Cain,bad-ass girl with flame throwing capabilities. The ULTIMATE showdown. Who will win? No-one can know. All we can know is that somewhere, somehow, Eion Colfer (lest i say his name) is plotting against us at this very moment. He is poisoning our great master's (Derek, of course) cats, and placing great viruses (with the help from the centaur Foaly) into The Great One's computer system, ruining the next installment of the Skulduggery series. But we will win this fight, my Ninja Lepracaun People. We will, oh yes, we will.
NAhhhhh, im not that much against Artemis and the gang. In fact, I'm a true believer. I have every single one of Eoin's books and read them regualarly. But Dereks books, pffftt, dont get me started. I mean, a talking skeleton? Seriously? HHAHahHnaahahah, just joking. My real Aliegence is to.......
(pause for dramatic affect)
Or is it?
And on that happy note, bye bye, Mr. Landy. (presses biobomb button with Foaly's face)

-HB/Joe- said...

Also my name is not just inferno-joe, it's also Vash, and ALSO Israel Matteus, and I have a lever action shotgun that shoots bullets that are accompanied by blue waves of energy. ;)

Violet Night said...

I voted for skulduggery of course, oha nd my name is Violet Night and I am a half vampire/adept. I think You should raise your munchkins and we should take over Ireland. Once we do that, the other countries will want to give themselves to us so we don't even have to leave Ireland, you see all countries are secretly jealous of Ireland because we are small and green and an island and well... we're just AWESOME!!!! We will begin the first ever Irish empire!

Violet Night said...

Oh and I recommend the O Scanlain Vetinary in airside, Dublin. You know near where little chef used to be, and where Halfords, B&Q and Backstreet dance studios are. the guy is an awesome vet. He's really nice and i've been going there with my dog Poppy since she was a puppy.

Anonymous said...

HIA DEREK! i was just gonna say a few hings 1. my name is insanity moonshine, i am a adept who makes pictures come to life and i can fly. 2. if you do not come to texas, I WILL STRANGEL YOU, AND SIC MY FLY CUPCAKES WHO ARE IMMUNE TO MUNCHKINS NINJAS LEPRECANS AND ANYTHING ELSE U GOT ON U!!! MWAHAHAH! 3. I LUVRZ YOU!!!!

Lady Adelisse De' Monte said...

Your success motivates me and intimidates me.

I have voted for you. But the Day "A.D." becomes a household name for writers, you and I shall have a talk.

Unknown said...

dear me!
I do believe the world has gone mad . . . . . . .
MAD I tell you . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dhalia Promice said...

Munchkin Army attack! Skulduggery Pleasant is awsome! No one should every dis it! Even my Mum likes it!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

You are right hera104...oh well it always was a little nuts...oh and Mr. Landy please do tell us what you wish us to call know Mr.Landy, Mr. Derek Landy, just Derek, master,awesome ceterra...Oh and I hope your ok with all the ash falling around you I mean I know it probably isn't good for you health..and you cats health!You better make sure they're ok.(I'ma cat lover)
Oh and Insanity Moonshine I'll send my dragon to help you in that battle if he doesn't go to Texas.
If you come to the United States (unless my parents have absoluteely 0 cash) I will come and see you and bring lots of cheese!
What kind do you like?Cheddar, Parmesan, Jalapeno, Swiss?What kind??You MUSt tell us!!
ok...I going to stop randomly typing now...POST A NEW BLOG ENTRY SOON!!!...please...
Farewell for now,
you most loyal leprachaun ninja/pirate/dragon owner Skyril ^.^

P.S. You...or that is the Ghastly in Pokemon Soul Silver I named after you is now level 28 (obviously QUITE awesome) with a recently aquired move calledshadow ball...^.^ bye-bye for real this time!


-HB/Joe- said...

hahah skyril, if u get another ghaslty u should call it ghastly, (for obvious reasons) ima cat lover too XD and my Ultimate Green Dragon of Skirmishes To Come will help Moonshine in Texas, so long as there is cheese there. PLZ mR. LaNdY, post a newwwww bloooggg soooonnnnn!!! I have now changed my internet homepage to come up with ur blog first, as well as the skulduggery site in another tab, so I have everything i need. ^.^
Do you like computer games? Are they big in Ireland? Like, for instance, do u like the computer game Call of Duty? Or mabye Half-life? Any Valve/Steam related games? Portal? Team Fortress 2? Do these games ring any bells? No? Plz tell me!!!
I hate cheese. It's way to cheesy (haha pun intended). I always have.
Hey Mr. Landy, oh great and mighter writer and ruler from the mysterious land of Ireland (is it a land full of ire?), wouldnt it be cool to start a registration thingo on ur website? like not just a Munchin Army where u type ur real name and email, but for the Ninja Lepracauns, could u like do one where u combine ur avatar creator (but a more advanced full body creator) with a sign up sheet? SO like, u write ur taken name (mine is Israel Matteus) ur given name (Joseph Bullock) and ur true name is randomly generated for u. Then u move on to the next page where the advanced avatar creator is, so u then choose head, eyes, nose, hair, hat, mouth, torso, jacket, skirt, jeans, shirt, shoes and so on (as well as accessories like revolver+holster or tattoos like Mrs. Sorrows), and then u can say what abilities u have (8 abilities maximum) and then u accept terms and conditions, and then u are apart of the Ninja Leprecauns. Simple. Ninja Lepracauns are given extra privelleges, plus they can have a chat place on the site (like MSN messenger) and sometimes on rare occasions u (Mr. Landy) can log on and those people can talk to u. then there is the ability to send privat messages to u.
Plz comment on this or bad things will happen. To ur DOGS!!! mwhahahahaha ima dog-hater!

ALso other people (skyril, hera104, insanity moonshine and violet light etc. ) plz give me feedback on this splendid (lol) idea.

-HB/Joe- said...

BTW i entered u competion and my brain melted. Im typing this from the hostpital right now, as they are injected some sleeepinnnggg sserrrrumm ttttoooo nuuuummmbbbb ttttheeeee paaaaaaiiinnnn asdfkjm,..,asdfa.........dfsllkanmkwgnjiNNDFSIJISDF...SDFLKSDFASGHHJRF

Unknown said...

hell skul-man should definutly win he rocks the others suck compared to skul-man!!!!!!!!!!! hope u win derek!!!!!!! top 10 say hello to Skulduggery Pleasant!!!!

Stephanie Darrall said...

Skulduggery most definatly, but Artemis is a good book too. :D

p.s on the tour note, could you please come a little bit closer to Dover, like maybe Canterbury or even Dover. I can't get to anywhere you're stopping. :(

Junaid said...

Ok Landy, let me put this straight. Before I ever heard about Skuldugrey (see ,i know im spelling it wrong because I always do ) I was R.L. Stines No.1 fan and he was on my list of favourite authors.Well , that all changed when i bought playing with fire, Stine got knoced ( am i spelling this right ? )of my list and you took his place. The best of luck.

P.S. If i ever need help i will be able to call on you . i hope . Would you also come to some place like wh smith in lakeside ?

Bethany said...

Was just reading through those comments, trying to find the best one (mine, of course), but couldn't. I'm rather horrified to see it has either been removed or was never posted in the first place. The latter situation would be odd because I distinctly remembered reading this blog entry and writing a comment of extreme awesomeness, but apparently it was too awesome for blogspot.

So I am now forced to write an inferior comment. I am also forced to accept that the reason you haven't updated your blog lately is because I "haven't commented" yet. It's okay, Derek. I have read your blog, you can now update it.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hey, i hav read every single word you hav written, became a member of the munchkin army, played the quest, and let ALL OF MY FRIENDS WRITE `SKULDUGGERY RULES` ALL OVER ME ON MY LAST DAY OF PRIMARY SCHOOL.(2 Detentions)So just tell the person who sorts out the tour places to bring them to Southport.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!(use google earth)

Harly Ryker said...

Hello, my fellow munchkin army and leader, I hath voted! For the most awesomest book series ever!(i.e.-I haven't read any of the others) I arose in a blazing white light, with little people surrounding me, shooting people that voted for other books with water pistols...and I was on a motorcycle, on one wheel, and I was awesome!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Haha yeah inferno-joe I should.^.^ (btw do want us to call you inferno-joe or vash or one of the other names you have?inferno-joe is a lil long)

I totally need to make this my hompage too!! why didn't I think of that?(*rolls eyes*)
Anyway I think that's an awesome idea you had inferno-joe that would be rather epic to have your own avi then occasionally when all is superlative the incredibly, astonishing father of all Ninja Lepracauns arrives and talks to us!!His lil miniscule (compared to him) army!
:D You can see I QUITE like that concept. ^.^
Also an update on you.You evolved into Haunter now, and you are level 33.
Please do add a new entry soon!All your minions are dying from not being able to hear...or that is... read your vioce or...thoughts I s'pose...anyway... we're just dying!So please enter a new entry! ^.^
P.S. if any of you know of or have an account on gaiaonline I'm there as Skyril. :-] Look me up.


Bethany said...

And I just found my first comment ^-^

Unknown said...

well derek others may have had doubts others may have fussed over artimis fowl but not me no, it was always going to be skulduggery from the start there was never any doubt, although Cecelia Ahern is a beatiful and i may have looked at her and sighed before clicking skulduggery, never the less i will not leave your side derek it will always be you no matter what anyone else says. i will always vote for sp no matter what.

your faithful servant and proud munchkin, K.PARKER Good luck derek, hope you win. :)

-HB/Joe- said...

Cheers, Skyril, ur feedback is well appreciated. btw, just call me Joe, as i found out not to long ago that somehow 'Vash' is a girls name, even though i found it in a sick-as graphic novel/manga about a guy called Vash the Stampede.
Is ur name (sakura) related to some sought of Manga/anime? I've heard of it before, and it sure sounds cool. AND DEREK, DO A NEW POST OR EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER READ SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT WILL APPEAR AT UR DOOR AT 4:00 IN THE MORNING AND WE WILL BEG AND BEG UNTIL U RITE A POST ON UR COMPUTER!!!!
Next time u decide to take over the world, u might want to choose a more loyal band of followers. (kids-16 yr olds get fed up pretty quick)

Anyway gtg, my game is almost over. Do ur cats have any bad habits derek? Like scratching the couch,attacking guests, ect.
Bye now,

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

lol that's strange that they named him Vash, Joe.
Oh and sakura is not actually my name it's the beginning of my e-mail because that's my username on google.It is related to an anime though.Indeed the first one I watched entitled Cardcaptors.
Oh and Mr.Landy you must update us on how (if you even know) the book contest is coming along.You know if we need to compel more people to vote for you ^.^.
Anyway ta-ta for now,

-HB/Joe- said...

Yay cardcaptors! I used to watch it, though the toy bear annoyed me so. Derek, u should go see Finbar and ask him to use his seer abilities to see the future of the vote.
Has anyone heard of Royksopp? Derek, have u heard? I mean, Svenne and Tbjourne (or however their names are spelt)are so cool in norway, and maybye theyre big in ireland to. WHat about Daft Punk? No? Yes? Maybe?

Inad38 said...

You're funny. I'm glad they're making you write this blog :-)

Charlie Lamia said...

I am SOOOO voting Skullduggery. It is quite sad for Fowl though, i dont know if i spelt that right... i can't be nothered to check. Anyway enough of that book. SKULLDUGGERY IS AWESOMYFOO!!! i dont know if that is a word but it is now because i said so.

Aswell to the person that put about pokemon soul silver... i have it too! ROCK ON! What is quite wierd as well is that i have a pokemon called skullduggery! my other pkemon just have random names... besides the ones i named after Mighty Boosh characters.

Anonymous said...

derek, add a dragon who spits lightbulbs to ur list of problems unless u come to texas

Unknown said...

Great work on the books Derek.

What does everyone think about Valkyrie's third name?
I think the third names in the book are who the person gets killed by. Either that or who, if they become evil, change their name to.

I dunno. Cant wait till the next book.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Landy,
i have always been a big admirer of your books. I think your ideas are fantastic and how you dream up all your characters is a mystery to me. I cannot wait for the next book to come out! However one thing I noticed when I listened to the Skulduggery Pleasant the Dark days audio book I realised that several of the voices had been mixed up. In chapter 8 Sanguine and Jack's voices had been mixed up. Then in chapter 29 Sanguine spoke briefly in Shudder's voice. Then in another chapter Ghastly speaks in Guild's voice. I love listening to the audio books but nothing has ever happened like this and I wanted you to know.

Derek Landy said...

Ah, Holly... I haven't actually heard the new audiobook yet, so I can't quite respond. If you're right, and you probably are, I'll ask the questions to make sure this never happens again...!

Lillian Faye said...

Joe this comment is directed at you- No offence intended Derek.

I think that your idea is actually totally awsome and that Derek should so totally see that it happens (hint hint Mr.Landy)

MaryEllen said...


Hiya! Let me just tell you, after reading DarkDays I didnt think the world could get any better. You are just genius! Do you have any idea when the auditions will be in Ireland, or if they will be in reland. Will you be helping with the producing and casting people?

I would do anything to get the part of ValkyrieCain. It seems like the perfectest part ever.

Yuu are my role model in everyway! Love you!

11 years old.

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