Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tour Blog #4!

I’m going home!

It’s here! The moment is finally here! I get to hop on a plane in the morning, then hop off and hop on another plane, then sit in that plane for twelve hours, then hop off, with slightly less energy, and hop onto another, and sit in that one for thirteen hours, and step off, no longer hopping, and shuffle onto yet another plane, but I only have to sit on that one for one hour, and then I limp off, stagger a few steps on Irish soil, and fall onto my face, delirious with exhaustion, confusion, relief, and befuddlement.

It has been a good tour. These last few days in New Zealand have been great. I was in Auckland, and then Wellington, and I signed for hours and talked for hours and I even had a half hour FREE, so I went to the Weta workshop, the special effects people for Lord of the Rings and tonnes of other huge movies. I got to walk around their shop and talk about movies and guns and movie guns, and it was utterly cool.

New Zealand is a staggeringly beautiful place, and I’m sure it’ll be sad to see me go.

This tour has, I have to admit, been brilliant. I got to meet so many readers and most of them appeared to be a little bit nuts. Hong Kong started it all off in grand style, then it reached fever pitch in Australia, and New Zealand really stepped up to make sure I finished this tour on a high. I feel I should thank Sandra, my New Zealand publicist, for taking me around this place, and especially Jordan, my Australian publicist, for putting up with me for all that time. It’s kind of weird to spend ten or twelve days with someone, intensively, and then hug at the end of it and walk off, without the possibility of seeing them again in a few weeks. I think… good God, I think I actually made friends with somebody.

Yikes. Must not do that ever again. My other publicists will get jealous.

I feel I have learned a lot over the past few weeks, about the world, about people, about myself. I have learned that sometimes we all make mistakes, but if we judge someone by the… no wait… I learned that it doesn’t matter what we say, it’s what we do when we’re faced with… no, sorry, that’s not it either… I learned, I think I learned, I’m pretty sure I learned that I’m incredibly awesome, and people love me, even when I’m talking absolute nonsense.

And that, ladies and gentlemen of this blog-reading world, is the most important lesson of all.


Nerdy Skeleton said...

*slow clap* True words, spoken by a true hero.

Glad the tour was fun. I've never been on one, but using examples from band tours, they seem fun. But, um, because I am slightly selfish...You should *totally* come to America next :D

Holly said...
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Holly said...

SECOND! Maybe one day I shall be first. One day.
I thought the most important lesson of all was that herringbone is suitable for all occasions, save a Cyberpunk Wedding held in Hong Kong?
And just to let you know, the I'm-going-to-scare-my-favourite-author-silly costume is going along well. 4 words. Fluffy. Blue. Monster. Bag.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

THIRD!! 8)(or is it FOURTH????Oh well.)Wow that's a lot of planes!You better bring lots of books.....wait....why would you want to read books when you've already WRITTEn the best series ever?.....Ok then lots of video games....I hope you have a ds or a psp or something....or lots of music!....Surely you have an ipod? (I don't but everyone else in the entire universe does...so surely...you do?)
By the way Nerdy Skeleton...I know!!!Let us wish and hope together shall we??Maybe we can bribe him with cheese?I mean I already said I'd bring him lots of it if he tarrianced over here really quickly,but he didn't say anything so maybe that wasn't enough...So we need to both be prepared to by loads of cheese!!!That ought to do it!Maybe we can get some chocolate too?Mr. Landy you like chocolate right??
^.^ I'll probably post another comment before you put up a new blog entry thingie-ma-jig seeing as this was your last tour blog entry thingie-ma-jig so it's gonna probably be ages afore you post a new one.Plus I was thinking about that angel dying thing you metioned a while back...and...Soooo.....the angel is in heaven right?Then the angel dies...right?And where does it go??????Heaven!So who cares if it dies :D.I is a genius! ^.^ Ta-ta for now!


P.S. I hope your dog is 'kay say Greetings to him for me when you get home after approximately 26 hours(unless the first plane ride is very long...How long is (or was) the first plane trip??) on planes. ^.^ Ta-ta yet again!

Sacha said...

I'm sure after the amazingly long flight home you'll think about what an amazing time you had in Australia and how much you want to go back. Particularly Brisbane? Brisbane is a good place. That's where most of the sane people live (Er, well, I suppose I think I'm sane and that counts, right?) Anyhow, that's a good lesson you learnt there. You weren't even talking nonsense in my opinion. Ahaha, apart from whatever you said about... What was it? Stepping IN FRONT of the lectern? Aah, good times...

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

If this is my second post here whomever posts next would you please tell me?'Cause I'm positive I posted it and it says 5 comments, but I can only see Nerdy skeleton's, both of Holly's and Sacha's. xD It's bugging me!

Skulduggery Skellington said...

*joins in slow clap* I agree, I agree.

I too wish you would come to the US but until then: May the gods welcome you back to Ireland for some comforting rest and such. The world needs you to finish the rest of your Skulduggery series after all.

Bethany said...

I must disagree. The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

But the fact that you're awesome and incredibly talented should be taught to people pretty early on to save them from future fails.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, Derek, be sure to say "hi" to your ANGELIC little neices for me....BWAHAHAH!!!

Unknown said...

All I have to say is wow....your the first and, I'm guessing for right now, ONLY author who made me laugh so much......that I sounded as if I was crying which fooled that silly old lady of mine.

Scapegoat Arkane said...

I saw you in Auckland, at the school at 4:00. I was the boy that came in late and asked you if you could tell us anything about book 5. And I had a little sister who asked you if you could sign her little bit of paper. :P You're very nice, and very, very, very funny.

Also, I was going t bring you cheese, but I didn't have any at home that day. I am truly sorry for my failure.

Holly said...
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Monique said...

I've got to say a big thank you from Australia, because it is very sad that you are gone. I'm pretty sure that every skulduggery fan is pretty nuts, and make our parents worry a bit. But all that will change when you rule the world!! Mwhahaha....yes, we are all a little bit nuts. Actually I tell everyone at school about you, they wished you could come so they could meet you. Perhaps next time your in Australia....
Anyway, Safe travels!

Moi said...

Derek Landy. God of literature. Champion of skeletons everywhere. Hero to small children and dogs. Modest idol to the young readers the world over. We shall miss you. Australia, that is.

I brought my niece to Dymocks Melbourne and it was hard to say who was more excited - she or I. Her or me. Whatever...

You kindly awarded her a Best Dressed prize (she was a very cute Valkyrie).
I too came in costume. But did I get asked to join the line up? No. Did anyone even notice I was in costume? No. That’s because I came as Mrs. Derek Landy. Oh, I amused myself…I would have even told you my surname had you asked! But you were preoccupied being fantastic and hilarious and generous with the youth.

Thank you for being fabulous and funny and every bit as brilliant as we expected…and more.

Jinx said...
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Making the Legend said...

It's only 6 hours to Texas. You should come to Texas..... yesssss.... I've already planned out my Valkyrie outfit for when you come :)

Anonymous said...

Normally I'd say "Stay in Ireland!!!" but since we get you all the time I think it's only fair that we share your genius with the rest of the world.

On a side note, Dark Days was published here yesterday. It has been purchased, it has been read and it is a masterpiece like no other before it.... Except, possibly the first three books in the series. XD

DeacyAmp said...

Your neverending wittiness never fails to crack me up! XD God, I don't think I've ever been excited over a blog. Not even my own. Now.

Anyhoo. Got Dark Days today!! :D I read it in 4 hours 5 minutes - and I'm counting the days until the next release! The little announcement at the back of the book made an impossibly fuzzy day even fuzzier! *nudge nudge* ;)

Anyway, Mr. Landy, you are a legend. A pure ledge. Or you should be. ;)

13 year old Skul nutter (ignore the bad name on my account-it's an old one I'm only logging into in order to comment. :D)

Unknown said...

I read Dark Days yesterday. It was very good, so I would like to offer my congratulations. Well done. Also for thinking of another two names beginning with "s", which I have noticed are increasingly frequent. Please don't take offence, "s" is an excellent letter, it occurs several times in my own name after all. Congrats once again, i hope you enjoyed your tour.
Have a pleasant day!

Unknown said...

helloooo my old frend. its ruby phillips from your sydney tour. I believe I was the amazing young girl who had an astonishing resembalance to Valkyrie and who seemed very keen to be in the movie. You signed my book and took a photo.. me looking like a future movie star and you looking like a future... rich man.

soon after i went down stairs (this was on monday)to get a milkshake, and even listening to my iPod, you krept up on me and i heard the massive BOO! and i jumped, and you laughed.. as was expected. As I told you I'm half irish, and i act, sing, piano acoustic guitar, the whole shebang.

Now, i DO happen to have a photo of us two looking rather ravishing if I may say so myself. We must just be two amazing creatures on this earth to look THAT good in a photo. I could try send it to you on Skulduggery's wall on bebo. Make sure you recieve it... haha.

With, maybe some degree of affection...
-Ruby, your #1 Fan.

Lucid Kook(Riki Fresh) said...

I will promptly miss your blogs I must tell you. They were the few things that get me up in the morning. I even printed them all out and showed them to my freinds who would not shut up with their constant laughing. Especially one of them, who will remain nameless to spare her of your wretched leprechaun powers, thought you were extremely stupid to have excepted a proposal from some random fan. But whatever. You'll get over it. And if you don't, too bad. Anyway, you should continue to right blogs so that we may laugh at your miseries and even the fun times you may possibly have. Goodbye now.

stuff and nonsense said...

Glad to have you back in Ireland. Looking forward to seeing you at Dublin launch on Thursday. Can't wait to go!

Anonymous said...

I have to say this, Derek: What a book you have done! I cannot wait to see how you will work that little bit at the very end of book 4 into the rest of the series. The book is, as you have said, is very incredible, very impressive, very good, and so on, and so forth...Anyways, I hope that you have enjoyed the tour, and as a certain individual has said before me (Take a look above^^), I hope that you will continue with the blogs, even if they are a tad annoying, but very funny, good, and so on...Well, I hope you have a safe journey home back to Ireland, where you will probably have a good rest, then will probably be bombarded by your fans. Ha ha, I laugh at my own jokes...I should never really do that...And finally (I apologise if I have bored you up until now, reader, and are wondering 'Where is your apology?!' Well, you have it), I am saying goodbye for now, I, Sam, from Wales (Little voice cries out 'Whoo!').
Oh and, if you have the time, which is probably not likely, would it be OK if you could just pop over to Cardiff, for a little one-off book launch one day? If not, well, I hope I get the chance to meet you Derek, in person, and not over some text on a boring computer screen. See you 'round!

Anonymous said...

OK, so I don't do this very often, but I just had to.

I finished Dark Days about twenty minutes ago, and it was BRILLIANT. I mean, the others were brilliant, but this is CAPS LOCK BRILLIANT material here. Congratulations on making such an intelligent book. It warms my (tiny, cold) heart to see such clever stuff being written for this audience (which I'm a tad outside the age range of)! I loved the development of Valkyrie in particular- and did I mention how nice it is to see YA fantasy with several great female characters?

Seriously, congrats on such a great book. I'd say pat yourself on the back, but I doubt you need telling, lol.

Unknown said...

Oh, you wonderful, wonderful man.
I just finished Dark Days. I was laughing and crying... well no, I wasn't actually crying, because I don't cry, but if I did I'm sure I would have been.
And then I reached the end and fell off my couch and screeched really, really loudly because two books in one year is enough to make me explode. And thank you, my whole family now think I'm insane (well, more insane) because screeching and jumping off couches is not "acceptable behaviour", apparently.
You wonderful, wonderful man.

Rhos Reviews said...

Of course, you didn't really need to go to china, austrailor and New Zealand to know that!! excuse the bad spelling, i am very tired and got a bad ear, but as they (whoever they are) we must battle onwards.
and on to battling...I have finsihed your AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING, SPECTACULAR, STUPENDOUS, TOO SHORT, BOOOOK!!! Dark days that is!

I am currently gushing over Tim's awesome drawing of Dusk and the art...but the writing i must say has developed sooo effortlessly and dark and...WITTY!!
And THANK GOD (or the Faceless Ones) that Skulduggery pleasant returned quite early on. I dunno what would happen if Valkyrie didn't save him til the end...i dunno what i do...die? anyway I'm soooo happy we've got you back. The world has been a dull and dreadful place!!
this time i want to here news of your tour here!!!
will you ever come to wales? i know it aint as great as the other places you have been but hows that??

Anonymous said...

Dear Derek,

I've entered your competition, HOWEVER, I accidentally entered my postcode in the Postal Address section rather than the Post Code section.

Sorry for any inconvienience,

Nickesh C

Cluainn Fhada said...

DEREK!! You're alive!... (ish)

I (first of all) want to apologize for throwing that turtle at you. If I promise never to do it again, can I have him back? Please? If not, feed him twice a day, and take him for walks in the park.

Secondly, I need to congratulate you on writing so epic a book that I actually brought a copy, instead of
A) Standing around in Easons reading until closing time.
B) Borrowing it off Jimmy.

I was however, disappointed in the fact that only about have the page is used, making the book seem much longer then it actually is.


I entered the create a character contest, and I compensated for my lack of post code by typing "EIRE" which generally seems to work...

... because I want to win, naturally. I will tell Jimmy about this, because he introduced me to the wonderful world of Skulduggery and his not-exactly-law-abiding-friends-and-colleagues.

Mise le meas,
Cluainn Fhada.

P.S. If you rig it so's I win, I'll give you children's laughter. It's value's at an all-time high!

Derek Landy said...

Hi Cluainn,

Actually, that weird spacing in some of the books was a mistake made at the printing stage. The normal amount of space is used on the page, it's just that the text should have been shifted over to the left hand side, leaving a wider gap at the right side.

We're not trying to make the book seem longer than it is, because the length hasn't been affected. However, if it annoys you, you can return it to the shop and they should replace it with a properly spaced book.

Personally, I think it's kinda cool. And the fact is, if you have one of these oddly-spaced copies, it's proof that you went out and bought one of the very first to be printed. Think of it as a limited edition, if that makes it any better...!

Anonymous said...

god save us from your magesticalisty... i mean ego. were u trying to hide the fact u miss ireland in that... i think there was a tear falling from your eyes as you wrote that. because you love us. btw, i know who darquesse is in your book. because im clever. yes, there is someone in the world clever enough to figure out your story plot. and that person, is me!!! hahahaha. okay, im gonna give a hint of who i think it is here, and if its right, your ego will probably shrink and you would probably hide your face for a while. well, until your publisher annoyed you to write more. any way, the clue is; this 'thing@ got shot and is very very very close to the main charactor. oh yeah, and it can step out of puddles, as of earlier reference. and so, your ego can fail because im right, and even if im not, that wont stop me from being awesome. yay

Unknown said...

Morning Derek, or maybe it's afternoon by now?

I have received a horrible sinking feeling after reading your proposed tour dates and locations. Contrary to popular opinion we in the North East of England have finally ventured out of our caves and one or two of us have grasped this reading concept. I was devastated to see we will not be graced with your presence on the tour. What must we do to tempt you up here? We are not below bribery but given the £2.50 balance in my pocket, I was thinking more along the lines of a mass screaming child rally in a local shopping centre until you arrive...

CharliH said...

Derek, I have one thing to say. You never visit the convenient places!! I'm stuck in Farnham, the tiny little town with old women sitting at their front windows, clacking their false teeth in time with their knitting needles (This place is seriously sapping my creative and Spontainious juices, dude.) You're in all the places I can't reach without sitting on a train for about four hours. And I really don't want to do that, not that you're not worth it, I just can't stand the thought of going through Aldershot.

Delphian Bleak said...

Hello Mr Landy,
On the thursday that Dark Days graced us with it's presence in book stores here in england I was at school *SIGH* but as soon as I got out I was jumping to the bus, and jumping off said bus and running to the book store (You wouldn't believe the looks I got)

I got in, got the book, squealed a bit, rushed home and sat on my bed. I read for a full four hours non stop (not even a potty break) and was amazed. As unhappy as I am with the fletcherie coupling, I guess I can't argue with the brilliant hang the book ended on.

Ask my mother (although I do believe she would find it rather peculiar if you did)For a full 15 minutes after reading that last page the only words I could form were "Oh my god" and "OH MY GOSH" You are most certainly a brilliant writer and none of us can question that and you have helped my inspiration too. (I am trying to write a book myself.)

Have you ever heard of fanfiction? Because I write that as well, for your books ( I try not to harm your beloved characters) well, yeah. I am in love with darks darks as much as I was the previous three books.

Me and my friend Siren Zenith are huge fans and admire your work (These are our taken names, we are sure you can understand why we don't tell you oure real names) and I will be attending more than likely to your stop of in portsmouth(I may have told my mom we were going, not really asked) and I am already reallllyyy excited.

I honestly cannot wait, and I hope you have a good day, I hope you had a good easter too :)

Delphian, Out.

Unknown said...

hi you probly don't remember me but i was the one on the gold coast who got you to sign 2 pieces of paper for me1 and 1 for my frien(i was aso the person who talked a million miles an hour and stood in the pouring rain for like 15minutes just to see you) . my friend liam almost exploded when i told him the great news. he was so jelous but then i pulled out the paper you sighned for him and now he thinks i am the best person on earth (aside from you)
technichly i wasn't ment to go see you at all but i nagged my teacher so much that she eventully let me go. she's the best teacher. she laughed when i came back with like a thousand photo's of you and me. any way i never got the chance to tell you how much i love your books because i completely froze when i saw you but now i can. you are an absaloute genius derek landy, your writing has inspired heaps of kids (me included) and i think you are the most talented writter around. the ending of dark days was absoloutly brilliant and me and my friend can't wait for the next one. (i actully finished it in class and got a detention because i jumped out of my chair yelled out my shock,can't say what i yelled because it would ruin the ending, my teacher wasen't happy that i was reading instead of writing but it was english class.) sorry it's so long but i just love your work, thanks heaps and remember, you can never be lost if you don't know where your going. K.PARKER

WhyRunRyuk? said...

Mr Landy (and i don't care if that makes you sound old) I have one amazing mind blowing(you would know all about that)question for you that only a really cool person like me could think of (i'm modest to)
why on earth was this posted at 5.09 am
From Rebekah Kerley who would claim to be you biggest fan but then the rest of the munchkin army would turn on her which By THe Way is scary
p.s i will see you in brighton for your signing
good luck

Unknown said...

dear mr. landy

I just have one thing to say ..... I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! also might add that I laughed so much when I was reading Skulduggery Pleasant, I got my sister reading it, she LOVES it. (Well okay that might be a bit strong, seeing as she isnt a big reader) I hope you had a nice tour. Personally I think you should come to Cranleigh * hint, hint *. I got my mum reading it as well, this might be a bit of an insult but she hasnt finished it yet and she started like 3 months ago. I keep on nagging her to read it, but no dice. I read the extract of dark days, and all i could say was: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! (Sorry if i over did the omg) I've practically begged my mum to order it over amazon, luckily she said yes. (Woop!) I entered the create a character competion i hope that IF my character gets shortlisted (It had better!) I hope you like it. also one more thing i have to add is that i myself im writing a book at the moment (Well several books but thats beside the point) about a vampire, its nearly finished but ive run out of ideas. : (Okay im actually going to finish this comment now by wishing you a very late happy easter and i hope you have fun on your upcoming tours (if you have any)

skulduggerypleasantfan said...

Mr. Landy
OK I wish my name on this was so nerdy :P Whoopsy i wasn't actually planning on ever finding out you had a blog but what do you know here you are. You sure do right a lot considering you are 'forced' to right it.

I must say i also got a lot of wierd looks when i beg my mum for a bit of cash for the vooks but sadly for me nd my life i am a little broke at the minute. But I am currently trying to enter you're competition for the character thing but the website's down which depresses me deeply :( My only problem now is I want a reply but i fear it may be possible that you won't ever read this or reply but i would like to know how to enter other ways. My friend says run to ireland and turn up at your doorstep soaking from swimming the sea and bedraggled holding up a letter with my entry but i find out that it would be hard to keep the letter dry and readable.

sadly i think i let this comment rave on and rant on way too much and my chances of winning are diminishing rapidly and i should stop typing now shouldn't I?
yeah I should
Fingers stop it
Ok NOW stop... NOW!

Inspired2Write said...

Im a big fan of your books. Even though I've only read two =/ Though if I could read more, I would .... *sigh* And my dad just told me I lost the first book on Ebay ... *double sigh*
Anyway, your books are leaving me in suspense, I expect more =] xD Bye bye ^^ ^_^

skulduggerypleasantfan said...

I left you a whole day to reply and you didn't. Imarni Shade is as impatient as I am.. Well she is in my head... but she'd very much like to be entered in the competition and i'd very much like to enter her... But if the website doesn't hurry it's butt up then I won't be able to enter.

If it doesn't work then tme and the whole munchkin army will revolt... then when that happens mass riot will happen and then the whole world will riot and everyone will set fire to everything and then the sun will implode and then the world ends... we don't want that now... do we... DO we? Imarni is although in my head completely awesome and desrves to be entered and win and be in the books..... ok big headed of her but yeah :) I'm joking... or am I? and can you tour round in york... PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!
k i'll shut up now and make my fingers stop typing....
not again!
Stop IIITTT!!!
k BYE!

skulduggerypleasantfan said...

I don't plan on shutting up until i get a nice long reply by comment or e-mail... and HEY yeah I'm obsessed..i never said i wasn't insane i just promised i wouldn't kill people :)
My names Charlie James.. It's charlotte really but i really don't like it soo yeah.. i'm 14 and yeah that's as far as i'm going :)

skulduggerypleasantfan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
skulduggerypleasantfan said...

Ok so my life is sad enough to be commenting AGAIN indeed i have no life outside make-beleive skeletons etc. And no I depresingly do not have the book as yet :( I plan on badgering the neighbour i babysit for for a pay rise... Anyone knowing me knows that's a big dealtalking to a strange lady with even stranger children (I love 'em don't get me wrong) and you don't care do you?
Ok... please don't think I'm a stalker.... please... I'm not honest.... honestly honest :/ Ok maybe a teeny weeny bit...

Anyway I am sad to say I was reading another persons comment and i think 'fletcherie' means that valkerie and fletcher are going out.... this was kinda what I hoped for :) and i also found out skulduggery pleasant was rescued early in the book.... i knew neither of these things and I hope she's a necromancer... they're cool :)

Shannique of the sand said...

HIIII!!!! I saw you in New Zealand! In Kings School!!! I got your autograph, you know, the one with the mushroom? Only joking, I knew it was a skull all along.... maybe.... My name's Shannique, hope you remember me!!!

Unknown said...

okay, its me again. for people who have read dark days, DAMN YOU!!! (not really of course, i am too kind hearted for that) i havent read dark days yet, so please can you all stop talking about what happens, cause i plan on getting the book 2moz from my bookstore PLEASE PLEASE stop ruining it for me!!!! thanks.
asya :D

Nocturnal Flying Mammal Man said...

Try not to eat any of that soil you fall into, okay? You might end up becoming ill.

You made friends with someone and learned you are incredibly awesome?

*Looks at blog for a moment*

*Joins in slow clap, a bit late*

Unknown said...

I missed the NZ tour... *sniffles* oh, well. I can comfort myself by reading Dark Days... again.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Please consider publishing your books in America! I'm a middle school librarian, and the kids in my school (and the whole county, really) love your books (and me, too)!

Octa said...

Hello there.

Octa said...

At long last.

Octa said...

It wasn't a three.

Octa said...

Achievement completed.

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