Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Desolation Tour

Greetings, Minions...

So the UK and Ireland tour is set out below, and you'll notice one or two extra cool moments included. For a start, I'll be doing an event in Birmingham with Darren Shan and CK Skuse, which is going to be tonnes of fun, and in London we're going to the movies (more to follow in the following post).

Sunday 3rd April, 4pm
Oxford Literary Festival EVENT

Monday 4th April
Waterstones Manchester Arndale Centre PUBLIC BOOK SIGNING

Waterstones Liverpool One EVENT

Tuesday 5th April
Derek Landy’s I-Scream Spectacular @ Picturehouse Central, London
1pm: Including a screening of Gremlins, 12A
8.30pm: Including a screening of A Nightmare on Elm Street, *strictly 18+*

Wednesday 6th April, 6.30pm
Waterstones Birmingham High Street EVENT
The Best of Horror Panel w/ Darren Shan and CJ Skuse

Thursday 7th April, 1pm
Waterstones Bluewater PUBLIC BOOK SIGNING
Friday 10th April
4.30pm: Easons, The Pavilion Shopping Centre, Swords PUBLIC BOOK SIGNING

Saturday 9th April
11am: Dubray Books, Kilkenny PUBLIC BOOK SIGNING
3pm: The Book Centre, Waterford PUBLIC BOOK SIGNING

Sunday 10th April, 1pm:
Eason O’Connell Street, Dublin: PUBLIC BOOK SIGNING

Sunday 29th May, 11am:
Brighton Festival EVENT

All Waterstones tickets available:


Bruadar Cadail said...

sounds like it'll be great fun. ^.^

Unknown said...

We'll be in kilkenny, early birthday 🎂 present for Mike

Unknown said...
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Noelle said...

I'm still gonna say happy birthday to me here

Unknown said...

Hi Derek Landy,

Are you coming to Belfast, NI anytime soon?
We seem to get skipped a lot... despite the fact that we are part of the UK and also Irish (lol that comment is probably considered quite contentious)

You have a lot of fans here!



Unknown said...

Do we just show up or do we have to buy tickets for the one on oconell street?

just a normal person said...

Are you not coming to Galway this time??

Unknown said...

It says "Sunday 10th April" & "Friday 10th April". Derek, why must you mess with our brains?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I have a couple of things...
1) please tell us when Demon Road will be out in Australia?
2) Can you go on tour here? And come to Brisbane June 12th please (coz its winter then and June 12th is my birthday ^-^)

That would be so awesome If you came here 😃

Smol one said...


Smol one said...


Anonymous said...

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Felicity Fuddle said...

I vote Ellen Page to play the role of Stephanie in skulduggery pleasant movie

Felicity Fuddle said...

There was no place for me to put that without it being random..

Felicity Fuddle said...

Also I played the last of us because Derek Landy spoke highly of it and I was surprised with the character of Ellie. All Derek Landy said was that all your cared about was taking care of Ellie, he didn't say anything about how awesome she is. Favorite game ever, even though I found it really scary and I'm not good with scary, first time I played it I was shaking really badly but it was fun and awesome and realistic not just with the whole brain infection that exists in real life in insects and stuff but with the whole being on edge and stuff.
Also I vote Ellen page to play the part of Ellie as well

briansworld said...


Will you be coming to America for your American Monsters tour?


Unknown said...

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I really like the dear information you offer in your articles.

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Felicity Fuddle said...

I vote for the band paramore to be in the skulduggery pleasant movie soundtrack. In particular, the song "let the flames begin" should be in the first movie, and the song "part II" from the same band should be in the last movie, because the last book has elements/quotes from the first and using the part II song would be adding to that theme of nostalgia and bringing back the original with a twist. Plus the songs are relevant, especially part II is relevant to Stephanie's story in the last book.

Felicity Fuddle said...

Some of us don't have twitter and we miss you! I miss you! Happy Birthday for before. The 23rd of October.

Felicity Fuddle said...

Apart from being busy and/or not having anything to say, does anyone else think that Derek Landy hasn't posted a new blog because the comments haven't reached 5000?

Felicity Fuddle said...

Merry Christmas, wishing you all a safe and happy new year

Felicity Fuddle said...

Merry Christmas, wishing you all a safe and happy new year

Felicity Fuddle said...

I think the song "Let the Flames" Begin by the band Paramore should be played in the first Skulduggery Pleasant movie because its:
- sung by a strong female voice (Hayley Williams) which aligns well with the character of Stephanie/Valkyrie
- title is "Let the Flames Begin" which is the perfect song title for a song for the first Skulduggery Pleasant movie
- song meaning

Felicity Fuddle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Felicity Fuddle said...

So the song meaning could be interpreted in a few variations.
I recommend listening to the song for yourself.

But here's the lyrics to the verses for you. I'll put the chorus at the end after the verses for all of you.

(Verse 1)
What a shame we all became,
Such fragile broken things,
A memory remains,
just a tiny spark,
I give it all my oxygen,
To let the flames begin,
So let the flames begin.

(Verse 2)
Somewhere weakness is our strength,
And I'll die searching for it,
I can't let myself regret such selfishness.
My pain and all the trouble caused,
No matter how long,
I believe that there's hope,
Buried beneath it all and...
Hiding beneath it all and...
Growing beneath it all and

This is how we dance when, when they try to take us down,
This is how we'll sing,
This is how we'll stand when, when they burn our houses down,
This is how we'll be,
oh glory.

Felicity Fuddle said...

Forgive me if I've gotten a few of the lyrics wrong. One of the mistakes I noticed after publishing the last comment was at the end. Instead of "this is how we'll be" its mean to say "this is what we'll be"

Felicity Fuddle said...

The song "Part II" from the same band is a reflection of the theme of the song "Let the Flames Begin"

Felicity Fuddle said...

Except when I listen to "Part II" I feel less inspired, motivated, purposeful and feel a little more helpless.

Felicity Fuddle said...

There was a comment left on the songmeaning website that I liked. The person said that they imagined a young warrior in a post apocalyptic world, with scars and dirt, praying for survival

Felicity Fuddle said...

When I listen to Part II, because there is more like instrumental than singing I imagine the song being played in like an action scene while a war is going on

Felicity Fuddle said...

As for why I think Ellen Page would make a really good Stephanie/Valkyrie, just read some of her quotes:

Felicity Fuddle said...

Judging people you don't know for things you don't understand is just really stupid.

When I was 12, I realized I was very uncomfortable having my parents on set. So I told them that, and they understood.

It's much simpler to be tortured on camera or to be filmed losing your mind. Whereas a script that has characters who are honest, witty and genuine... is often much harder to act.

As a girl, you're supposed to love Sleeping Beauty. I mean, who wants to love Sleeping Beauty when you can be Aladdin?

I'm a tomboy from Nova Scotia.

What I like about the film ["Juno"] is that it tackles an issue that we often treat as this really heavy, dark event and we look at it with a different perspective. She's extremely independent. She finds adoptive parents before she even tells her parents. I just think it's nice to not dwell in darkness.

I'm a total shrimp, which makes me look younger. I'll be able to stay in that area longer, which is good, because there's more competition in your 20s. [on her slight frame]

Felicity Fuddle said...

Also Ellen Page has that x-factor that Stephanie's character has that makes her awesome

Felicity Fuddle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Felicity Fuddle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Felicity Fuddle said...

At first I thought that the certain characteristic was that they both don't care what people think which might still be the case to a certain degree but maybe that's not just it. Maybe it's not that they don't care what people think but maybe they think that people don't care what they do and so that's why they have that don't feel the need to prove yourself type thing

Unknown said...

Hi Derek,
Wondering if you will be doing any book signings in the near future near Hull? All 3 of my boys are huge fans and are super excited about the upcoming Skulduggery 10. But sadly we are never able to go to your other signings due to the distance �� SP10 comes out 1 day before eldest's birthday and telling him he could get his gift signed would be awesome!!

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

wanna PEACE
of Me?

Felicity Fuddle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK LANDY!!! hope you have a fun day :)