Saturday, August 29, 2015

Demon Road Spoilers

It's out.

I'm on tour at the moment, hovering somewhere beyond exhaustion, and I have less than six hours of sleep ahead of me before I have to get up, so all I'll say is that I hope you like it, and the comment section for this post shall be for your Demon Road reactions.

If you're going to include spoilers, please warn people ahead of time, and don't spoil anything TOO badly. Let people discover what happens on their own.

And now... goodnight.


Duck said...

I would like to thank each and every one of you for this glorious achievement in my lifetime.

Duck said...

Oh, right. This post if for Demon Road reactions? So it is.

(ponders over how to get money to get book)

Grant Ward ((Skylar Isome)) said...

Guys just go back a post then.....Since enough of us DONT have Demon Road.

Wow, I'm third. Hello, Derek eventually lurking.

Tanya Halcyon (Kas) said...

Fourth! Running away now, no spoilers for me!

Jai (Silente Tempest - St Of Sinners) said...

Noooo Henry!

And awww chaired 26.

And aww chapter neartheend

And NOOOOO Chapter basically the end.)

Unknown said...

I really want that the book finnaly arrives...
Does anybody know, how I can write a Fan Mail to Derek?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I will...Talk about my reaction sir. I will.
Once i get the book..
*disappears in a flash*

Failing Melon said...

Didn't expect to go out today and see Demon Road sitting on the shelf at the bookstore and then 9 hours later I've finished it and haven't done any studying for exams next week... oops!! But I didn't realise I got it so early, so I won't post spoilers. But otherwise the character dynamics were AMAZING, the tone was so great and I loved the book. But I'm gonna call it now cos I'm pretty sure Amber's aromantic asexual..

Snow said...





Anonymous said...

I hope the book will also be published in Germany :o
sorry for my english, i'm from germany :D

Kai The Immortal said...

(I loved the first sentance, what a way to start a book ... thats all i'll say :P because that's all I read b4 I went oh crap other books first)

Not A Blogger said...

Where's the unanswered question answered we were expecting from Skulduggery?

Snow said...


Unknown said... halfway through and have the feeling at the end of the book i have to check myself into a mental institution xD ITS SO FREAKING AWSOME...guys...there is a ot of blood, murder, action, chaos and hell, did i mention all the blood? I CANT CONTAIN ALL THE FEELS! it´s really diffrent from skulduggery, but still unique and i absolutly LOVE Glen...and Milo. Heck, he is such a cool bad-ass xD most of the time i just sit there and want so scream, because im scared! so many bad things happening...YASSSSS! :D

Unknown said...


Okay do as soon as I got to chapter 50 I was hooked coz climax and if I had one problem with this book its the way Glen died it just seemed kinda anticlimactic and rushed and im sure hell be in the next book but other than that stellar book I looooooved the concept and everything I was waiting for some exposition for Milo and when we got it I felt like I knew everything I needed to know awesome book Derek keep up the good work :-)

Unknown said...

The book is great so far, I am absolutely BUZZING for meeting Derek tomorrow!

Unknown said...


No, seriously, spoilers.

I'd like to start this post by asking the world, nay the universe, nay Derek(!!!!) why in every book I read does my favourite character have. To. DIE!!! Seriously, you made him Irish (my favourite nationality thanks to you), you made him hilarious, (stupidly so at points), and then finally, you. Made. Him.


Seriously Derek, do you have no remorse?!?!?!? And the way he died as well!!! I didn't even take it in!!! He was just lying dead on his bed!!! Presumably the vampire killed him, but what happened to the vampire??? Also, he had the worst time out of everyone!!! Even Amber!!! It was basically like (Hunger Games spoilers):

When my favourite character died in the Hunger Games (Finnick), just gone in less than a page. Admittedly Amber was distraught, or whatever, but not for long!!!

Anyway though, great read. So unbelievably looking forward to the next one... and the one after that... and the one you don't even know you're making yet cause you realise you just can't stop!!! And then all of the ANSWERS THAT YOU HAVEN'T GIVEN US ABOUT THE SKULDUGGERY BOOKS!!!!! WHO'S DEAD DEREK!!! TELL ME!!!!!

But yeah, cheers man, sick book.

Jaz Thompson said...

I managed to snag a platinum edition, and I've read 100 pages already, I even managed to get it on the 26th, which was AWESOME!Derek, your books are just as awesome as ever. I don't know why, but I imagine Milo as some sort of cowboy, I really think he's awesome- and Amber is just the best. I like the way that her name implies warmth or flames,referring to hell which links to the devil, great foreshadowing!

Feraaaa32 said...

I am incredibly exhaustaed.

Unknown said...

i have not finished the book but what i have read is grate. i'm not gonna lie
i was so upset when i found out there would be no more skuldugger and was not
looking forward to this book i just did not understand why skuldugger had to
end.but then i started to read you're blog and found out that terry
pratchett had influenced it and soon realized it was bound to be
grate as well. ofcourse what i was kinda hoping the book would be
about terry pratchetts death and skuldugger going on adventures
but sadly that was not case. but you were right new world new story same old derek.

Pandora Skadisyn said...

I am still waiting for it. I wanted to heve the Platinum Edition but it isn't sold here in Germany.
So I asked a friend who's boyfriend is British to ask her boyfriend to buy the book for me in UK in a Waterstones store. He did when it came out. She is visiting him but currently the book is with them and I am here and that drives me crazy. I. Want. My. Book. And it seems like my great plan for getting the Platinum Edition was not so great at all - I totally forgot the book wont be with me yet after he bought it for me.

I am so superexited for Demon Road I keep running around and telling everyone who wants to here it or not: "I. Want. My. Book."
Well... guess I have to wait until it arrives.
I wish everyone who is currently reading or will start soon lots of fun!

Connor said...

I got the Platinum Edition early and read the book in 5 hours - It's very good, and very different. I felt so sorry for Imelda but the way (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS) she died was so horrific and the writing was so much more mature.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find if the book is going to be released in America because I'll tell you one thing: I'm not going to buy something if I have no idea if I'll like it. I only started to buy Skulduggery because the first three I could get through my library, got hooked, and had to buy the the rest as they were being released. I even got the first three so I could re-read them whenever I had the urge.

By the way, Mister Landy, if you ever chance upon this comment, it's a bit of poor author-ship to leave loose threads/unanswered questions in a last book of a series. There were other things that I disapproved of but suffice to say, in my opinion, I only give the book a passing grade because the two main characters lived.
(I'd go more into detail but I suspect you'd just glaze over the complaints.)

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

Love, love your books! I just ordered DEMON ROAD via Amazon UK. My daughter and I will have to flip a coin as to who gets it first. (Me, of course) ;)
I'd love if Amazon US could distribute on your release date, is this a publisher thing?
Looking forward to reading your latest!

Anonymous said...

Demon Road is coming to Singapore in a week or so (I think?) and oh my God I can't wait that long I'M GONNA COMBUST.

Honestly though, all the reviews I've seen of it so far are amazing ones, and I'm really looking forward to inevitably becoming obsessed with the series. Thank you, Derek, for being a wonderful author.

(This is, of course, based off other people's opinions, so I might get the book and hate it. I doubt that'll happen though.)

Unknown said...

I preordered it. And I have to wait until Thursday. This is torture.

Jemma said...

Finished reading it the other day and it is FANTASTIC.
Such a great combination of major characters - they contrast and compliment each other simultaneously!

Can't wait for Demon Road Desolation to come out ^_^

Sketch said...

Hi! New here, but this is about the book, right? I LOVED it. Glen is just... ERMEGERD. Why did he have to DIE? I was thinking it would be true Derek style to keep him throughout all three books and kill him brutally halfway through the last book by like ,I don't know, falling off a cliff in true Glen fashion, maybe. I love milo and Amber but maybe Amber's online friends could be introduced. Does anyone else agree? *hopeful puppy dog eyes*

Kai The Immortal said...

(Just going to put this here for new people that may have read SP too, if you go onto the older post we can talk more... this comment section is for demon road spoilers, so if you do come on please no spoiling or at least warn us :P

like such



or STOP ...... HAMMER TIME, and spoilers :P hehe )

ThePinkDocMartens said...


Verity HELLO! Till said...

Slight amount of spoiler .... maybe
Finished it in 2 days and have serious withdrawal. What an unbelievably awesome book!!! I mean not only does it cover the whole kindof horror genre but it still involves the emotion and comedy of SP and what about the tension I was physically gasping in some parts like waaaaaaaat?! Love Milo and the shining deamon and gotta love Amber's attitude towards the deamon at the end ...... I cannot explain how horrible it is knowing I hav to wait for march for the next one! XD

Ruaidh Wilson said...

Hi Derek (Mr Landy??)
You almost certainly won't remember me given the amount of fans you've spoken to on your Demon Road tour, but I met you at the Edinburgh book festival (I was the one with the big hair and the batman t shirt...) Anyway I just wanted to say how much I loved Demon Road, I finished it in a day! Glen is my spirit animal.
I read all the time but I love your books so much and haven't been able to find any that have a similar feel/genre that I love as much? Do you have any book suggestions?

Thank you for writing books that take me into their world and keep me there. :D (please feel free to tweet me at @ruaridh_wilson

Snow said...

I just finished it.



I just....


it's literally amazing.

also, the favorite character curse continues (the favorite character curse: every character I ever develop an attachment to ends up dead, evil or both.)

Unknown said...

all right i have finished the book now this is my 2 comment. AND OMG NEED
NEXT BOOK RIGHT NOW CAN'T WAIT NEED IT NEED IT NOW. oh and amber at the end became a boss ass bitch i mean she called a demon lord a dumb shit. who does
that? amber does that cuz zero fucks given.

Unknown said...

all right i have finished the book now this is my 2 comment. AND OMG NEED
NEXT BOOK RIGHT NOW CAN'T WAIT NEED IT NEED IT NOW. oh and amber at the end became a boss ass bitch i mean she called a demon lord a dumb shit. who does
that? amber does that cuz zero fucks given.

Unknown said...

Derek you did Glen dirty.

It was like Fletcher 2.0.

He didn't deserve to be treated like that.

Unknown said...

*spoilers* Contrary to other readers I loved the meiosistic (is that even a word..?) way in which Glen 'died', since really, he isn't even dead (his soul isn't anyway). But anyway, I loved Demon Road! I've been a Skulduggery fan for years and although he'll always have a place in my heart (hopefully there will be more Skullduggery books one day) I dare say that as a 16 year old I have in fact grown too old for Skulduggery (oh, the irony). So this book was a welcome breath of fresh air when I read it. It had great writing and characterisation, as well as a much more mature writing style which I feel is simply necessary in some scenes which you want to be memorable. Thoroughly enjoyed, bring on part 2 :)

Dugglyn Carzainia said...



In three days I had only read 30 pages! :0
But! I had three hours in the car and after reading comments on the blog I read.
And got like 3/4 finished but then I got really car sick and had to stop.
And then I read a but more yesterday and finished it today!

I loved it!!!


It was so gory and dark, I loved that not only were the demons chAsing Amber were her parents but they were trying to eat her! And she sure did have a thing for biting off people's fingers XD

I did not however approve of Glen dying. I know he's a vampire now and he might come back but

Trip Castalan, Lord of The Hobbits, The Fourth Most Popular Folk/Parody Banana Thief In The Land said...

I dare say, this book is better than the Skulduggery series. Now, I can appreciate their differences, but this book was funnier, smarter and generally a little cooler. I found the characters more three dimensional as well. They were darker and more self doubting all around. Except for maybe Glen. And speaking of Glen, I think he made the book, for me. I was worried that Amber and Milo were a little too serious and the book was erring too close to mainstream YA stuff were no one really does anything for fun and it's all life and death and the stakes are so high, oh god, what is Harry going to put in his sandwich? This is a formative moment in his character arc! But Glen made the book a Derek Landy book and offset the serious messages delivered by Amber and Milo's dark and mysterious everything with levity and good quality humour. Also he dies, sort of, which was pretty brave.

All in all, while I loved Skulduggery, I loved it because the world it was set in felt like a warm hug. Sure, the world was ending and people were dying, but the talking skeleton wears a suit and makes jokes! It was dark too, but I suppose the humour and likability of all the characters just kept me feeling comfy.

Wow, that was an explanation. Anyway, Skulduggery, warm hug, but Demon Road feels like someone standing on a windy desert cliff turning around to look at you, its face hidden by sunglasses and a look that says "Yeah, I know you think I'm cool."

None of that makes sense.

I liked the book.

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

Trip, I totally agree with you!! (though I'm not sure which I like better, I think I feel kinda sentimental about Skulduggery Pleasant, I read the first book in third grade, and I knew the characters so well because there were many books to develop them and it broke my heart when some of them died (others I laughed *cough*Zaf,thoughnotbecauseihatedheritwasjustfunny,andRavel,ididhatehim*cough*). But Demon Road.... It's new. New characters, new plot, darker, and I loved it all. For my currently, it's like asking me to choose between my cats! I COULD NEVER DO THAT
Though it is possible I might one day be able to choose between Skulduggery Pleasant and Demon Road.)
But like the warm hug vs. windy desert cliff? I feel ya man. I feel ya.

A side note, I'm currently feeling like when I did before TDOTL came out, but this time it's Captain America; Civil War. It's killing me!!

....If only i could write so fast for my homework -_-

Unknown said...

When I got this book I was worried. What if it's not the same as the Skullduggery Pleasant series? What if it's not as funny or thrilling? But as soon as I read the first sentence I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. (Also knowing this style of writing I might have sort of maybe started laughing.)

Feraaaa32 said...

on here? ^_^

no said...

i'm 11 and i love the skulduggery series

but we're not here to talk about that

i went into a bookshop today (So i could purchase Kingdom Of The Wicked) and as i was passing by the counter i saw a poster advertising Demon Road... i had read about Demon Road on earlier posts so i ended up coming home with Kingdom Of The Wicked and Demon Road i'm aalready on chapter 3 and i just want to say i love the first line of the book

also in that same bookshop i went in once and was saddened to find that Derek had literally just left from signing books and stuff (as The Dying Of The Light had just came out) no idea why i wrote all of this but yeah!

Unknown said...

Hello everyone! I finished Demon Road, let the rant begin!

So like most of the other Skulduggery lovers I think, I was a bit nervous about a new series; surely nothing could possibly compare to the miraculous wonder that was the Skulduggery Pleasant saga!
The problem with writing any new series after one as popular as SP is that readers are always going to be comparing the two. It’s a bit like the Hobbit movies, stand-alone those movies were awe-inspiring, but you can’t help but compare them to The Lord of the Rings and sadly they tend to come up, not lacking exactly, but not as jaw-droppingly marvellous.
But where The Hobbit came across as the slightly awkward younger brother of LoTR, Demon Road is, I think we can all agree, the kick-ass elder sibling. Skulduggery Pleasant was a series that gradually built up in levels of epic-ness and Demon Road just jumps straight in at ‘Awesome’. The basic story idea is a doozy, the characters are way more lifelike and understandable and the world itself feels like it could be just under the surface of our own.
It is a great book, and I loved reading it but somehow the more human characters, lifelike universe and seriously shocking story – SPOILER; Amber’s parents want to EAT her!!! – made it not less enjoyable, but more of a challenge to read. Amber makes mistakes and unlike Valkyrie there are times when she looks anything but cool. I’ve read quite a lot of reviews saying that Amber’s ‘annoying’. I don’t find her annoying, I find her realistic and it’s a nice change to find a protagonist who is.
And I think that was the thing about this book, Skul and Val were all powerful bad-asses who were virtually unstoppable forces of wit and mayhem. Amber and co. are pretty awesome too but only 50% of the time. The other 50% they’re just some folks going on a road trip. I think that that is where people are going to have trouble with this book. We read fantasy to escape, to go on crazy adventures with fantastic characters who preferably enjoy punching evil in the face. Although there are times when Amber is very up for a bit of punching, there’s a part of her that’s thinking about how sore her fist will be the next day. Valkyrie was a bitch and people loved her for it, Amber is a person and I literally cannot wait to find out what happens to her next!

Write faster Derek!

Also the demons were super creepy and I LOVED them.

Unknown said...

OMG. Your books are awesome. i'm just halfway through the book and see similarities between Amber and Valkyrie. My friends will be crowding over me soon!

Jess said...

Hi Derek!
You probably don't remember me but last year you wished me happy birthday on Twitter...I still have the screenshots on my phone haha. You could say I'm a little bit of a 'stalker', as in I follow you on Twitter and are always looking at your blog for new updates on your book.
Anyway, to the book!
I feel guilty for comparing Demon Road to the Skulduggery Pleasant series, but I'm pleased to say that I loved Demon Road more than Skulduggery. Like some others, I see Amber as a real person, maybe that almost invisible girl at school, or your friend across the street..that sort of girl. I definitely feel like I can relate to Amber more than Valkyrie. She's an awesome character and I'm so glad I got this book! As soon as I heard about it, I bolted to Robinson's and preordered March. I've been waiting a long time and I'm glad to say Demon Road didn't dissapoint! After what I believed was quite a fitting ending to the SP series, I was excited to read this new book, and scared my friends when, in the middle of lunchtime, I got the text from the bookshop saying Demon Road was in, and squealed really loud. As soon as I got the book, I started reading it. Walking through the shopping centre, in the car, at home. I finished it, I'm sad to say, in a week, because I know i could have finished it even faster than that. I got stuck into the characters and plot straight away, and will definitely be preordering the next book when it comes out. I'm only one year younger than Amber, but I feel like I relate to her a lot, and feel like she was an amazing character to have as the main character. Especially the part where she calls the Shining Demon a 'dumb shit'. That's badass.
I don't think any of the characters took away from the story at all, and from my favourite author, I was glad to see that my high expectations had been met and passed. All in all, can't wait for the next book and hope to see more awesomely amazing sequels to the book later!
Internet name: Kit
P.S: !y favourite Starkid musical is A Very Potter Sequel

Unknown said...

Just finished the book, and I really loved it, Amber is an interesting character and her realising her demon side is a fantastic read. Plus the road trip trio is adorable, going from "we can't really stand each other" to "i guess it's us against the world then" is one of my favourite tropes, so there's that.

I swore i wouldn't mention SP but here I go anyway, I'm not as attached to demon road, not yet, but it'll probably grow on me. To be fair, Valkyrie has a bit of a headstart on Amber, but then my favourite demon girl and co seems to have a knack for covering long distances pretty fast. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if she can catch up.

Unknown said...




Seriously SPOILERS


anyway the book is awesome, good job, now they have to deal with the hunds of hell, who are a bike gang, who knew?

Unknown said...

Mr Landy
Will you be returning to NZ anytime soon?

Unknown said...

A few chapters in and loving the book. So funny and original in a traditional Derek Landy way. I don't want to wait for more to come but I will have to. All I can say to those who do not have the book, The wait was EXTREMELY worth it.

Elemental_Geek (Aurelius Ryan Egg) said...

Hey guys

Elemental_Geek (Aurelius Ryan Egg) said...

anyone miss me

Elemental_Geek (Aurelius Ryan Egg) said...

I guess not

Unknown said...


((P.s: I bet a lot of us are still wondering about the SP movie. Is that still going to happen?))
((P.P.S: Thanks for listening to me fangirling. You now have the permission to feel genuinely good about yourself.))

Unknown said...

Hey there! My name is Maisha Mathole and I am a newly born fan of the Skulduggery series. I'm from South Africa by the way and really hoping that you'd be able to reply to this comment. I'm almost done reading the Skulduggery Series, finding myself taking my time reading it because I don't want the fun to end...honestly, I hope this didn't sound too cliche and I do hope that you'll come down South Africa on tour because there are quite a number of us fans here. Thanks for reading. If you'd like to reply, please send it to

S.E. Berrow said...

Hi Derek,

I finished reading Demon Road late last night (that's right, sleep was stolen from me trying to finish this book, I hope you are happy!). I thought it was absolutely brilliant, and believe me I had my doubts because I love the Skulduggery Pleasant series so very very much!

If you would like to read a glowing review of your new book from a fan, you can read it here on Goodreads or alternatively just go straight to my website here. I promise this isn't me trying to get traffic or anything, it's just quite a long review, just in case you do want to read it!

Can't wait for Desolation.

Lots of love,

Sally x

Aoife said...

Hi there Derek,
I am really enjoying reading Demon Road (and thrilled that I scrolled through the comments without seeing a spoiler).
The reason I am commenting however is I would like to invite you to act as chairperson for the final of a debating competition in Bettystown on the 3rd of October.
I already emailed Michelle Kass about this (apologies if that was the wrong thing to do).
I won't leave any personal information, as the internet can be a scary place, but everything is in the email that was hopefully forwarded onto you.
Thank you!

timothy_ray said...

Hi Derek,

Demon Road is glorious, i really enjoy reading it as much as the 9th book of skulduggery pleasant, which was published one week ago in germany and i just was thrilled all the time, althougt i read it the third time 'cause i got it some time before in english, but to colpetet my collection of this series i had to get it in german, too and an unread book fits not so good on the shelf.

and again WOW! Demon Road is brilliant!

firstly i was really worried, it could not be as good as your last series, but you exeeded even the greatest expectations i could imagine and now i can barely put it down. even read it in the lecture today and missed some stuff i have to catch up as fast as possible, but it really was worth it, but somehow it also makes me sad, that i will have to wait so long, until the next comes up.

thank you, if you red this and even more thanks for publishing this brilliant books, please go on with it.

Unknown said...

Yes! This!

Unknown said...

Why Sparkly Vampires???

Unknown said...


Ok hello I just have to say this... Am I the only one who thinks glen is finbars son? I am probably gone set things crazy but the fact as we know finbar was normally disliked even by his wife we know finbar had a kid as well and also the connect because both are Irish
Also when glen was talking about his dad he says his dad was "sensitive" and in skullduggery we do not know if every generation has magic because in Valkyries family they had magic but it was weaker for her uncle what if that's y glen felt so different in Ireland because everyone he knew an grew up with had magic and he didn't? So one thing I can prove with this theory rant is that skullduggery and demon road r in the same world different countries. Now to that some of u will say "the vampires are different how could it be" well how do we know there is more then one kind of vampire? There is no evidence to say otherwise and with the witch well she might be like the sea hag but in trees instead I don't know I am coming up with random theory's here if anyone want to discuss contact me through Google+ and also thanks to my friends with some help in the theory's

Dugglyn Carzainia said...


Unknown said...

I love Demon Road! It's sooooooooooooooooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dub Duboid said...

I purchased this book as I truly enjoy the imagery Derek creates with words, I knew I wouldn't like it as much as Skulduggery Pleasant however I went into it with an open mind.
The first few chapters did feel like putting the book down, the story didn't grip me, the imagery was brilliant especially the finger being bitten off but it was missing that Derek personality which was a driving force for skulduggery Pleasant.
However as soon as Glen game onto the scene, boom Derek had made himself known, I was gripped. Cant say much for the character I found his Morales blurred and couldn't quite grasp what makes him tick. Even though in later chapters Derek makes it known for us it just doesn't make it click for me a bit of a chilche for a young man.
However it was a great read once it gets into it, however with the demise of Glen I hope the sequel will not fail to have the Derek Personality and the way Glen was described in the final chapter I hope it is not an inside thought into to how Derek feels and this darker book is just a writing change and not a physiological projection.

Also I missed boy eats girl on TV the other year but I know Derek has written a corker. Please Write a screen play for the doll house family murder(cant remember his name Dacre or something like that)He can easily become a staple in the horror film genre, the modern day Freddie Kroger but instead of killing in your dreams he kills to fulfil his family dreams. The first film is his first appearance then the police get him the second film is return when that girl traps him.
Without a doubt the best horror icon in years, youre missing a trick not giving him to the world of all ages, He is the summing up of how appearance and finding the perfect one effects society in a sickening way. A hellish horror but at the same time a heavy comment on modern society which im sure will become timeless.

Unknown said...

Hello Derek! Greetings from the land Down Under! (No, not Wonderland, Australia.)

I managed to get a hold of your book. I then started reading it. I was then instantly hooked like Homer Simpson is to the sight of a donut. Approximately 22 hours later, I finished the book, proclaimed, 'That was awesome!' and woke up the parents at 1am in the morning. Oops.

Yes, I just couldn't put it down. I loved it. Less funny than Skulduggery Pleasant, but action-packed, deliciously dark, (philosophical in parts) and in general a really awesome book.

However, I have one very important point to make, so listen up.

I have no idea if you'll ever see this message,(I hope you will) but I think you should have a word to your publisher about making it clear who the target audience is for this book.
I was shocked to find that 'Demon Road', which is clearly a book for young adults about Amber's age, is in every single Australian store, being grouped in with the books for children that are 10years and under. That's kind of concerning, and as a result, my friend had trouble finding it in the bookstore since it was in the children's section, not the young adult section.

But that aside, I love the new series! Bring on 'Desolation Hill'!

Unknown said...

Demon Road is so much gorier than Skulduggery...

But you have got to love the darkness of this new series.
It feels a bit like some of Last Stand Of Dead Men, where people are being killed left right and center.
Its definitely changed from the early teenage years to a more dark and violent young adult book.
I would also agree with Dub Duboid on that Doll House murderer...
Thank you so much for the book and please continue the series.

Alicia said...


Firstly I really like this new series and I like how his writing style has kind of grown with his audience and now his books are kid/adult books.

But more importantly i'm 95% sure Glen isn't dead and heres why: In the car after they left cascade falls and Glen was questioning if he was a vampire, Amber said "Not according to Althea, You'll only turn after a vampire bite kills you. You're not dead, are you?" And then later Glen is killed, by what? It's unclear but he had blood dripping from his neck and a vampire was present at his death. So Glen is a vampire and if I know Landy he will probably be some sort of antagonist in a later book. So good news he's still alive, kind of, bad news Amber will probably kill him at some point.

Jewel said...

Demon Road is a loving throat punch. It leaves you adrenaline-charged, breathless, and raw. But you don't hate the author for causing you to feel this way. In fact, you end up viewing Mr. Landy as a brilliant, deliciously twisted master story weaver.

There are realistic mysterious characters, oozing liquefied deaths, and one highly amusing case of blood drunkenness.

I love Amber. She starts off as a normal, insecure teenager. She makes believable mistakes. And, unlike every other female protagonist, she isn't drop-dead gorgeous. Finally, a real person! *Applause* Thank you Derek!
Amber also has one of the best damn character arcs that I've come across in a long time. The Amber at the finale is completely different than the Amber we encounter at the beginning. You can't help but root for her when she finally learns to stand up for herself.

Now onto Milo. I must admit, when he first arrived my heart panged sadly. He lacks the charm and wit of Skulduggery. How am I supposed to root for this taciturn, boring guy? But he definitely grows on you. He is rock-steady (he only raises his voice once. How well would you fare when travelling endlessly with two dumb-ass teens?). And, I must admit, he is completely badass. It takes a while for his badassery to shine through but, my God, when it does: WHEW! MI-LO, MI-LO, MI-LO!
I wonder what it looks like when he exacts revenge?

And Glen. Ah, our bumbling dear Glen. He is a fantastic source of comedic lines. And he's adorable and loyal, like a spaniel puppy. But then there's his penchant for endless chatter. I find myself fantasizing about punting him in the taint. I must admit that I'm left on the fence about him. Perhaps he would become more interesting if a darker side was unleashed?

I love the style of this story. The action is broken up nicely by bits of conversation and character building in the car. Those car moments are my favourite.

The only criticism I have is the entire witch bit. It came completely out of left field and it put a screeching halt on the raging momentum. At that point I wanted to hurl the book at the damn wall and curse. I mostly skimmed it over until things returned to their normal state of HELL YEAH. I sincerely hope that witch event plays a larger, important part in the overall story or I will be left very disappointed. (Just over that bit, mind you. The rest was gloriousness.)

To anyone who complains that this is a Road Trip book: have you ever read any other freaking story in your life? In most stories, things happen. Then the characters go somewhere else and more things happen. Does it really matter if they are driving between cities or if they are just driving home? Grrrr. Why don't they teach logic at these schools anymore? ;)


Unknown said...

Janice’s book is on sale for one day only at just $0.99! Add this one to your Christmas list!

Unknown said...

Ignore my name above.
I don't know how I've survived without the book. It's probably mostly because I'm in Germany and non of the Bookstores have it. Even if I find it I'm going to have to read it in english. I'm probably going to get it online though. Could you maybe send me a e-mail saying what age the book is about cause my parents think it's probably for older people.(I don't because the older you get the more you lose your fantasy except if you use it.)

Your books make me so emotional, it's like I'm paralysed when I finish reading one of your books and something bad happens. I miss the Skulduggery pleasent book series.


Where can I send my fanmail to and where could I meet u in germany?

Unknown said...

Ignore my name above.
I don't know how I've survived without the book. It's probably mostly because I'm in Germany and non of the Bookstores have it. Even if I find it I'm going to have to read it in english. I'm probably going to get it online though. Could you maybe send me a e-mail saying what age the book is about cause my parents think it's probably for older people.(I don't because the older you get the more you lose your fantasy except if you use it.)

Your books make me so emotional, it's like I'm paralysed when I finish reading one of your books and something bad happens. I miss the Skulduggery pleasent book series.


Where can I send my fanmail to and where could I meet u in germany?

Unknown said...

Your English is great!

Unknown said...

-Would this be a spoiler or how far is spoiling?

Good luck, I heard Amber is a Demon child

Unknown said...

I am up to chapter 46 (rlly late I know) and I accidentally looked at blurb for next book BIG MISTAKE I suspect that Glen dies possibly rescuing Amber from the witch place or Ambers parents kill him (Derek, classic having an Irish man from Dublin the town you come from. Original. Just original pls have an Australian girl at the age of 14 plz) when I finish I will report back.