Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friend Get Friend

First of all, my Ameriminions seem to be having a great time coming up with their opening lines, and I have to say the standard has been superb. There's still ages left to go, of course- the deadline is October 23rd- so keep submitting them in the comment section to the last post. It's all been very impressive so far- some real writers out there, and every few hours I have a new favourite... SO KEEP SUBMITTING!

Of course, I did promise a SECOND competition, now didn't I? Basically, your Golden God needs your Miniony help to spread the Skulduggery word around the world during this, the most fun of all months. This is what we're calling our "Friend Get Friend" competition, and it's all to do with social media. I honestly understand only about half of what I'm about to say, so please bear with me. The winners will receive a set of the Skulduggery books- UK editions- all signed by moi, and you'll each get a signed poster with your favourite quote scrawled across it. I'm not sure yet WHICH of the amazing Skulduggery poster you'll be getting, because it all depends on which ones I can find in my house (yes, that does mean these posters are from my own personal collection.)

Here are the things you need to do to be in with a chance of winning:

If you have a Facebook page, you could change your profile pic to the new Tom Percival US cover, then post a link on your Facebook wall to the eBook here http://bit.ly/qNJYCP

If you're on Twitter, you could tweet (I'm sorry, I'll never be able to take this word seriously) a message out using the following hashtag- #FREESkulduggeryebookUS . It can be about anything connected to the free eBook offer but it must contain a link to the page http://bit.ly/qNJYCP and a request to re-tweet your tweet. Good God. Tweeting, retweeting, hashtags... Does ANYONE understand what the hell I'm talking about?

If you have a different online profile- like MSN, YouTube, Blog, Tumblr, etc- then you could post a status update which includes the cover and the link http://bit.ly/qNJYCP ...

Now, if you do ANY of those things, you MUST tell me in the Comments section to THIS post. Tell me EXACTLY what you've done and you'll be automatically entered into the competition. The closing date is October 31st, the competition is open to EVERYONE in EVERY country (yep, that includes you Ameriminions), and 10 winners will be selected at random by me. 

Ready? Set? GO.


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Dragona Pine said...


nights.raven said...

2nd! and 3rd!

Ayesha said...


Ayesha said...

Damn 4th then!

Pyro-Dawn Tyromant said...


Pyro-Dawn Tyromant said...

4th? 4th person!!!

nights.raven said...

hi again pyro

Venice Rain said...
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Pyro-Dawn Tyromant said...

Hi again

Vita Song said...

11th or 12th

nights.raven said...

thought u had to go?

Vita Song said...


Octa said...

Yay! 16th!

nights.raven said...

hi octa, how r u?

Aquila Felis said...

Er. 17th?

Aquila Felis said...

Oh, was 18th, then. ^^

Hi all!

Pyro-Dawn Tyromant said...

Hi Kal!!!¡¡¡!!!

Aquila Felis said...

Kal, do you want to be called Trinity now, or...
*cocks head at her*

Btw, your name suits our topic in RE. ^^

Octa said...


Ok Derek!

I posted a bulletin on my youtube channel and a comment also!

Pyro-Dawn Tyromant said...

Hi Aquila!!!¡¡¡!!!

Aquila Felis said...

Er. Trinity?

nights.raven said...

hi aquila

Derek Landy said...

Trinity- that's not at all what it means! Every time I look through the entries I have a new favourite, but it could just as easily be an entry I re-read and am now loving than a brand new one...!

Okay, now I'm gonna go visit my nieces.

Vita Song said...

Have a nice time :)

nights.raven said...
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Pyro-Dawn Tyromant said...

Bye Derek!!!¡¡¡!!!

nights.raven said...

hi/bye derek

Aquila Felis said...

Bye Derek!
Have fun. ^^

nights.raven said...

what they said :)

Lilith Nightshade... said...


Ayesha said...

Hii everyone!!

Vita Song said...

Right..... Derek I have put a HOLE post on my blog just basically with that link HUNDREDS of times and just a few threats and a funny picture.
Also peeps from all these countrys have looked a my blog before http://whatmefindsfunny.blogspot.com/
These countrys:
United Kingdom
United States


Czech Republic
United Arab Immigrates
Puerto Rico
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
Dominican Republic

I also put it on my profile and on my you tube post board thingy!!!!!!!

Ayrminas said...

Hello all I'm new. Just saw this blog and immediately had to make an account on here :3.

I've put a status update on my profile and changed my profile picture on Facebook which can be found here http://www.facebook.com/MattyWild94

And I also put a bulletin on my YouTube which can be found here http://www.youtube.com/user/SoulEater1994

Keep up the good work Derek :)

Lilith Nightshade... said...


I WUV WOOOOOOO! *creepy stalker eyes*

Niamhy Jay said...

Hey :)

nights.raven said...

hi NJ and lilith and ayesha

Octa said...

Hi/Bye Derek!


I tried to post it on Devient Art but it wouldn't let me.

Aquila Felis said...

Hi Ayrminas, nice to meet you.
*shakes hand and offers cookie*

*then puts sunglasses on Lilith*

Aquila Felis said...

Hi NJ and Ayesha!

hudson said...

I've just posted the magnificent link on my Fb page and changed my profle pic to Tom Percival's US cover.

Yay competition time!!!
And also Derek,(or any other minions) do you like 'V for Vendetta'?
Going trick or treating as him!!!!!!!

Lilith Nightshade... said...


i have SUNGLASSES now! ^^

azzy98 said...

hey guys im new too i've read the posts for ages but never actually commented myself, so here i am!

Ayrminas said...

D: Cookies?! NOM NOM

hudson said...

hey azzy98
welcome to the mad world

Niamhy Jay said...

How are you all??

azzy98 said...

lol hi i have upadated my msn status with the link wahoo!

nights.raven said...

im fine, how r u?

Octa said...

Hey Kal!


I'm sure I said hi already.

Aquila Felis said...

Hi azzy and hudson!
Unfortunately, Ayrminas has all the welcome cookies for today, so whoever wants some will have to ask him/her... or to hunt him/her down.

*changes to cat and jumps on Kal's shoulder*

Snoogy said...


Couuldn't work out how to put on photo derek!!!!!

P.S. Don't laugh at my username!

azzy98 said...

im good thanks maybe later

LilyArmstrong! said...

ive updated my facebook status and my profile picture! woohoo!

Ayrminas said...

*Puts on Lord Vile's armour*

Come at me bro ;)

Octa said...

*hugs Kal again*

Yay! Can't wait for it!

Aquila Felis said...


Snoogy said...

I must go now 'cause I'm actually quite ill and i will faint soon if i don't lie down but byeee all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

azzy98 said...

"slaps self extremely in order to becomes azzy-darquesse"
im coming... "runs out of house and realises its a school night, so walks back in looking dissapointed"

Ayrminas said...

*Laughs evily*

Maybe next time Azzy ;)

azzy98 said...

oh i'll be back, yes indeed, i'll be back HAHAHAHA... as soon as i finish my homework??? hmmmm

Ayrminas said...

Don't worry I'll be ready to take you on whenever you're ready :P

azzy98 said...

THATS IT!!! "dashes out and is about to fly away"
"walks back in sheepishly" uhhh where ARE you?

Ayrminas said...

Don't worry I'll find you in my death bubble >=D

Aquila Felis said...

*cat watchs them amused*

Ayrminas said...

*Throws catnip to Aquila*

Enjoy :3

azzy98 said...

"eyes the death bubble admiringly" ahhh thats a pretty big death bubblye you got there

Anonymous said...

i Posted the facebook one :)

Ayrminas said...

I don't mean to brag but I am one of few potential Death Bringers ;)

Aquila Felis said...

*curls up on catnip*

azzy98 said...

"scans every possible location on earth" aarrgghhh curse you google maps!!!

Ayrminas said...

*Flies to Azzy*

Bring it. ;)

azzy98 said...

i can't see you.... are you a tree?? "glares at the tree suspiciously"

Moira Darke said...

*Sobs* When is he going to put up a competition I'm allowed to enter?? Sigh... If only.

~A miserable Ameraminion.

Ayrminas said...

*Flies out of tree and pounces on Azzy*

Don't make me use teh shadows!!!!

azzy98 said...

it is available to Ameraminions, isn't it?
The closing date is October 31st, the competition is open to EVERYONE in EVERY country (yep, that includes you Ameriminions), and 10 winners will be selected at random by me.

azzy98 said...

aaahhh i wish i could retaliate but i will NOT risk losing this essay i have spent days over.... or miss watching the ending to transformers

Dragona Pine said...

Transformers is a good film ^^ I prefer the second one, though. Haven't seen the third YET.

Marine, the post before this is for the Ameriminion competition, this ANYONE can enter, no matter what country you come from.

Moira Darke said...

Naw, it's not the country thing, it's that my mum doesn't want me doing stuff like this.

Ayrminas said...

*Rips up Azzy's essay*

Now is Azzy Darquesse going to come out?

azzy98 said...

yeah im watching the second one

azzy98 said...

"sniffs" stop bullying me!!!

Dragona Pine said...

Watch the big robot at the end, Devastator, it's called. The one that climbs a pyramid, and then look when Simmons is climbing up the pyramid after it, he says, "I am directly beneath the enemies scrotum!" and it has demolition balls XD

Aquila Felis said...

*cat cocks head at them*
*changes to human*
*gives some welcome marshmallows to azzy*

Now the both of you can share. ^^

*glues essay back together*

Dragona Pine said...

*starts helping Aquila by sellotaping* ^^

azzy98 said...

lol beneath the enemies scrotum haha "gobbles on marshmallows"

Ayrminas said...

:( My efforts have gone to waste

ViennaJarred said...

Okay, so I have just a) changed my Facebook picture to Tom Percival's new American cover b) Tweeted about the awesome free eBook offer (FREE eBook ALERT!) and c) posted it on ma' Blog.
Oh, Derek, you should be *proud* to have such a faithful minion.

azzy98 said...

hehe "stores essay in super-vault" how d'you like that?!

Ayrminas said...

*Holds back the tears and flies away*


Dragona Pine said...

Because you're birdman, you're cool like that.

azzy98 said...

ahh "flies over to Aryminas and apologises for being so epic"

Aquila Felis said...

Ayrminas, not really..
You still have all the cookies! ^^

Ayrminas said...

*Bursts out into song singing I'm Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado*

Ayrminas said...

*Accepts apology and feasts on cookies*


Venice Rain said...

yeah, not really here, just claiming I am incase someone I want to talk to comes on...

*cough* multiple people!

anyway, archeology h/w is due tomorrow... I forgot...

azzy98 said...

k i gotta go now guys byeee

Ayrminas said...

Bye :)

Aquila Felis said...

Bye azzy!

Venice Rain said...


and, also, on twitter, I was the first to post #justsaying. ^^ http://twitter.com/#!/_space_ice

Lol Inc. said...

Hello. For what help it is I've promoted Skulduggery Pleasant on our Blog; http://jcdragon14.blogspot.com/ on the same post as a few educational things about Microraptors. Chances of anyone reading this comment; none. Chances of anyone reading my Blog? None. Actually, once someone commented. Just once. Maybe my minions are quiet. But anyhow, I won't win this competition, but I might as well spread the word of the Skul-Man!
-Dark Dragon from Lol.inc

Lol Inc. said...

P.S I wasn't being forlorn and self pitying in my comment! I was just stating facts!
Spreading the word of Skul Man onto an empty Blog seems a bit stupid, but hey, I did it anyhow. =D

Ayesha said...

I have posted the link as my hotmail status and changed my pic to the new cover made by Tom percival!!!

ViennaJarred said...

Do we have to link what we've done to spread the word? :S (My original comment's up there ^ somewhere)
Here's my Facebook:
And Blog:
And Lol Inc., no-one ever reads my blog either! It's more like an online journal for me.

Kribu said...

Do posts made a few days ago count? Because I was a bit too eager to spread the word right around the time of the last post...

...in case they do, I posted about the free first book in the US (with store links) in a general update post on my personal LiveJournal here: http://kribu.livejournal.com/228185.html

...and on a LiveJournal community here: http://skulduggerylove.livejournal.com/8879.html

Anonymous said...

I have posted the link on my facebook and changed my profile picture.

Thelonewalker1 said...

Hi folks, I've posted a status on facebook about it:


I've posted a post on twitter:


I've posted a thing about it on my website:


and I intend on doing a review of the series anyway ^^

I've written a journal about it on deviant art:


And even made a shirt about it on cafe press.com:


(Design at the very bottom right)

Anonymous said...

I posted: "Want a free, amazing ebook? bit.ly/qNJYCP #FREESkulduggeryebookUS Please RT!"

Liam Glynn said...
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arc said...

Hi derek :D you might not remember me but i was at your bromley signing with becky,georgina and everyone xD.I put it on my fb

Anonymous said...

I have done the twitter one and I have also done the Facebook one so that should enter me twice please! :) I have changed my Facebook pic and have put a post on 3 pages! I have also tweeted the link to get everyone to retweet!

Amooliful said...

Right, I've spread the word on my tumblr account, because Facebook and Twitter are sooo mainstream, you guys.
Here is the link to my post http://sorryyourenotinonthejoke.tumblr.com/post/11322038072/right-this-is-for-all-my-ameri-chums-out-there
And Derek, if you're reading this (which you probably aren't) why didn't you tour in Birmingham this year!?

Emily Shanksworthy said...

okay hiyah, i tweeted about it did the facebook thing, made my msn name the link and the pic of the cover http://bit.ly/qNJYCP

Lunar Tears said...


Anonymous said...

I updated my status on MSN with the picture and the link. Milly w

FreddyJW said...

I posted the link on my facebook and upload the picture as my profile picture.

(I posted this before but my profile showed as a bunch of numbers, sorry :/)

Alicia said...

Tweeted for you :)

Ardella Merriweather said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lunar Tears said...


Because beating the STUFFING out of people is illegal.

Anonymous said...

Just to show I have done it : http://twitter.com/#!/

Anonymous said...

BTW,I LOVE YOUR BOOKS. They are amazingly addictive, funny, well written books, I can't believe I wouldn't of even have read them if m friend hadn't forced me (She loves them too), But I'm glad she did!

Ardella Merriweather said...

I posted on my Tumblr:http://tea-cup-humans.tumblr.com/
Tweeted and Asked for retweets: http://twitter.com/#!/DanceTheDayAway
Posted a Bulletin on my Youtube account:http://www.youtube.com/user/ImCalledCharlotte?feature=mhee
And made it my status on MSN
Wanting to spread the Skulduggery Word as far as possible! :D

SpacemanFromSpace said...

Yay! I competition that I can enter!
I will make a YouTube video to spread the word
I'll post back here with the specifics when the video is actually up
Cheers :)

Georgina Howlett said...

HIYA DEREK! IT'S YOU-KNOW-WHO (Georgina Howlett, of course! C:)

Now, you may be thinking that I do not need any more SP books (you saw first-hand my collection, teehee) HOWEVER! I am an Admin of the Skul-Man Comics page (it is a Facebook page, if you did not know, about the wonderful Skulduggery Pleasant comics which Emily Good draws. You should check them out on deviantART. :3) and with your permission, and if I won this competition, I could run a competition on that page with these signed books as a prize. I would feel so nice doing that! :D


Facebook - Changed my profile picture to the new American SP cover you showed us in your last blog entry, put the link as my status & as the description of that picture.

YouTube - Broadcasted the link given & changed my display picture to the new cover. I did this on two of my channels (BleachAnime2010 & BookAddict2011)

MSN - Set my status as the link & attached the picture. :)


I hope that you may at least not rule me out as a winner immediately. XDDD

Catch you later, Derekz! :D

P.S. Your wedding is in 12 days. GET READY. Bring out your dusty tuxedo & smart shoes. :P

Ardella Merriweather said...

I posted on my Tumblr:http://tea-cup-humans.tumblr.com/
Tweeted and Asked for retweets: http://twitter.com/#!/DanceTheDayAway
Posted a Bulletin on my Youtube account:http://www.youtube.com/user/ImCalledCharlotte?feature=mhee
And made it my status on MSN

Keep Calm and Read Skulduggery

The Wannabe-Author said...

I have never been here in time to get on the first page before!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!

But I can't do the contest... :(
I don't do "social". Besides, It's confusing. I guess I don't really do "media" either, which is unfortunate for my media teachers. Nawell...

Yes, Derek, there is a strange little teen out there who doesn't get any of this just as much as you do. (My latest phone was bought, and I quote: "Because it's a SQUARE!!! OMG!)


halfcelestialelf said...

Dear Derek,
As to following the instructions in your post I have done the following things. First I tweeted the following message on my twitter
“#FREESkulduggeryebookUS download the "Skulduggery Pleasant" eBook for free at bit.ly/qNJYCP Please could you retweet this message :)”
I then downloaded and saved the new image of the front cover of skulduggery pleasant and set it as my profile picture on facebook, I must say that I much prefer this to the old American covers and it looks very nice. Afterwards I then set the following message as my facebook status
“Guys so you know there is a free download of the ebook on now at bit.ly/qNJYCP

please pass the message on”
I then set the aforementioned picture and stutus as my picture and ststus on “Windows Live Messanger” (MSN) afterwards I sent a youtube bulliten out that contained the following message
“Guys so you know there is a free download of the "skulduggery pleasant" ebook on now at bit.ly/qNJYCP”
But I was unable to change my profile picture on youtube because I couldn’t remember how to :/
Many thanks
Matthew Gibson

P.S hey Georgina :) thanks for the quiz the other day

The Wannabe-Author said...

Hahahaha I know know your name!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA
Just doing an impression of evil weirdos out there whooping for joy because you put your name on. heh.

Liam Glynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

And his Fedora Georgina, don't forget the Fedora! :D

Anonymous said...

Same Liam, Same! XD

The Wannabe-Author said...

I can't wait to laugh at cute videos promoting skulduggery. This evil plot is genious. Get the fans to spread the word and create more fans, making more profits and loadsa dosh and all they get in return is the possibility of a poster you don't even have to pay for and a few signed books. I'd love these things, but I'm not willing to change my identity online just for the slight possibility of gaining them. I would also love to spread the word, but no one likes me. Sorry Derek, but I'm only going to parttake in this competition by laughing and smirking quietly, while burrowing my nose in a skulduggery book and enjoying your brilliant work.

And I don't care who i just insulted. XD

Liam Glynn said...

I Just Made a Blogger account,(Just to follow you!) made a Blog about it, Posted the link on my YT channel and put the link on my Facebook and changed my facebook profiler, my youtube pic and my blogger pic, i sent my american friend a copy of Skulduggery Pleasant 1 for her birthday! I cant think of anything else to do and, if you read this, i also sent you a fan fiction when you were in Blanchardstown and you complained because my copy of it was coloured and yours wasnt? Bet you still hold a grudge against me Lol oh yes and if you still have that fanfic, can you try tell me what you thought of it? It was the one with Darymple in it and it was called Revenge and my name is on the end of it :) Hope you can see this comment :D I'd really like to win :D

The Wannabe-Author said...

is anyone on???????


The Wannabe-Author said...


The Wannabe-Author said...

Liam are you still there?

I want to talk to someone dammit!!!

Unknown said...

I did the facebook thing even though most of my friends will think I'm weird... and posted a link on my deviant art account!!

Lauren Longbottom said...

Hello Derek...I changed my library Facebook profile picture, posted the link on my page, let everyone know how fantastic the series is, and how wonderful you are, and that they can download book 1 for free during October! And I seem to be getting the message across...I know I already got 4 downloads for you (5 including myself)! Three cheers for librarians!!!

The Wannabe-Author said...

And yet you won't talk to me. Oh, terrific.

Shade O'Killer said...

I posted on my Tumblr that there is a free eBook download, Along with a message the this is the best book series.

I posted on my Twitter the hashtag and link, along with the encouragement to RT

I changed my Facebook profile pic to the new cover and posted that the best book series I have read is doing a free eBook download and to spread the word.

I also tell anyone who will listen that this is an amazing series.


The Wannabe-Author said...

No one likes me.

Start singing sad yet stupid and trashy lonely r&b crud. Epic fail. I sound like a budgie.

The Wannabe-Author said...


Kribu said...

Oh yeah... in addition to my LiveJournal blog, I also posted about it on my personal website forum some days ago, here: http://kribu.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=6&p=142977&sid=3a28a19bb7552a575b122ffa0554c045#p142968

Anonymous said...

I posted it twice at facebook, here´s one: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Skulduggery-Pleasant-Fans/158494407544488

And i posted it here:

I think i´ve done enough for spreading the word :D

Unknown said...

aww poor Kalia none of my friends are online either...

Unknown said...

On the first page atleast............... Brb going to twitter and facebook now!!

Jörg Schoolmann said...

I post the Link on my Facebook Page, change my Profile Pic into the Cover of the Book.

After that, i post the Link to the free Offer on the Fanpage from my Internet Site (https://www.facebook.com/Storychamber), tweet about it (http://twitter.com/#!/JoergvonSC), send it to EVERY FRIEND in my Contact List in MSN, Skype and ICQ, and send a Letter containing the Link to ALL THE OLD GRANNYS IN MY TOWN!

~Germany :3

Andyk119 said...

I've posted the link on my twitter (www.twitter.com/#!/andyk119)

I'd love to win!

Lilith Nightshade... said...

ive put it on youtube.... and ive also put it on msn, and ill be putting it on my blog in a second! ^^ consider it DONE! ^^

Another Individual said...

IT IS DONE! I have posted the link telling people to visit as well as changed my profile pic to book 1!

Sophie Hughes said...

i posted the link on facebook and changed my profile pic to one of SP

my DeviantART, put my icon as SP, drew a pic of Valkyrie, with link to the Ebook ,put it in my DA journal and on my signature


Adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jenknee said...

yay competitions are fun, ok changed profile pic, and posted the link, fiancée wont be happy, my previous pic was of us together...... but who can beat a picture of our two favourite elementals.

Unknown said...

I have posted the link on Twitter,Facebook,You tube,Gmail(Buzz) and my blog.

Thanks for making a competition for everyone and not just Ameriminions!

JeanneDArc said...

I've done all you told me ;))
(by the way I'm from Germany and we'll meet in FRankfurt!!!) yeay


JoanneMarie said...

-Bullied my mum into reading the books
-Posted a Facebook status on how awesome skulduggery pleasant is
-Posted a Facebook staus on how awesome Tom Percival is
-Posted a Facebook status on how awesome you are
-Shared the skulduggery pleasant facebook fanpage
-Linked to the sample chapters that are on the skulduggery pleasant website
-Posted on my friends walls who I think would enjoy skulduggery pleasant's walls that they should read it, and that i can lend them the first copy, should they want to
-Changed my MSN display picture and my google+ profile picture to the new scepter of the ancient cover, with explanation as to why
-Blogged about the free ebook on my blog

Adam said...

Derek! I done the Facebook one. Changed my profile picture and posted a link on my profile.


Anonymous said...

I posted the link to Tumblr, and my post can be found at:


I also tagged the post with 'FREESkulduggeryebooksUS' and asked people to reblog to get the word out :D

The link is found within the title. You just click the title and it takes you to the site where you lucky Americans can get the free ebook ;)

Good Luck to everyone else who's entering! :)

Sir Pine said...

I put it as my status on Facebook and I also made a video about and posted it on the ol' YouTube :D
P.S Happy Birthday for 12 days time

Sir Pine said...

Also Derek, you're epic =D

Unknown said...

So any news anyone?

Rebella Sadistic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessie Mcg =] said...

Ive Posted It On Youtube,Facebook(plus sent to all my friends on it),Twitter(link below),Quizilla,Bebo,Deviantart And Msn
I Love Skulduggery ! =]
~Ireland :D

Rebella Sadistic said...

I posted it on face book, under the name Gem Ferris.n I changed my profile picture and put up the link.

Fabius D. said...

Derek you're so awsome! I post the Link on Facebook, Skype, ICQ and Kwick.
I send it to all my Friends ;)

Also you kann see the Link on the Facebookpage from me and my friends Blog http://www.facebook.com/Storychamber

greetings from Germany <3
Mach weiter so!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Georgina Howlett said...



Unknown said...

Ok figured out that in my post up there the link didn't work so i took it down

Daniela S. said...

I changed my icon on deviantart and posted it in a journal: http://blazerepose.deviantart.com/journal/44950358/

And I changed my picture in MSN and put the link as my status :D

Min (Thalia) said...



I posted the cover and link on my personal blog, right here:


So there you go!

Jörg Schoolmann said...

I post the Link on my Facebook Page, change my Profile Pic into the Cover of the Book.

After that, i post the Link to the free Offer on the Fanpage from my Internet Site (https://www.facebook.com/Storychamber), tweet about it (http://twitter.com/#!/JoergvonSC), send it to EVERY FRIEND in my Contact List in MSN, Skype and ICQ, and send a Letter containing the Link to ALL THE OLD GRANNYS IN MY TOWN!

AAAND on my Youtube (www.youtube.com/HoZweMovies) MY Deviantart (http://hozwemu.deviantart.com/journal/44950533/) AAAAAAAAAAAND ON MY WEBPAGE:

~Germany :3

AshyyPanda said...

Hey Derek!!! So I've done the Facebook one AND the Twitter one :):):):)

Jasper R Phoenix said...

i posted the link on my facebook, heres the link to my profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000297602566
i also hashtagged it on twitter: my name is ross8_8
i also posted the link on my blog: http://spmesp.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the amazing Comp derek!!!!

Nyx Dawn said...


I changed my profile picture on facebook to the new US cover and then posted the link on my wall like so:

http://bit.ly/qNJYCP <--- Great Book!

G_Force316 said...

step 1 signed up to the blogging to add comment. why have i not found these blogs previously?
step 2 profile pic changed and comment with link posted http://www.facebook.com/GForce316.

I'm pretty new to skulduggery but i couldn't catch up fast enough. Wife, kids & work barely got a look in :)

Anonymous said...

*faints of happy*
*remembers that Kenspeckle won't show up. Crap.*

I HAVE DONE IT! I have posted to my facebook page something along the following:

Friends, Geeks, Countrymen, lend me your ears;
I post to Facebook to win, not to lose.
Derek Landy, the most exquisite author in all of Ireland,
nay, the world, is holding a social media contest!
If I were to win, I would then possess all of the books in the Skulduggery Pleasant series, UK edition and signed to boot, as well as an amazing poster from his personal collection, and would die a fulfilled life. If I were to lose, I would go on a murderous rampage with a spoon. So great is my love for this book series.

Oh, and a linky-dink to my profile (if, for some reason, the golden god himself would wish to see, and possibly comment, on my wall. This would also cause me to faint.):

Tori said...

i have a question
does it have to be something online
because i do the morning announcements at my school and i could get the word out that way.....i think i could get a recording of one of them and post it on youtube, would that be ok?

Kiiyashi, The Forum Admin said...


^Link posted on Facebook Group for The Skulduggery Forums.


^ Posted on The Skulduggery Forums.


^ And on Twitter too in fact.

While I am here...

Skulduggery Fans!
That's everyone here if you hadn't noticed.



Discuss the series with other members, discuss ANYTHING with other members. Well, almost everything. Anything within reason.

Go Forth Minions of the Golden God!


TheGeekyWeirdo said...

i've done the promoing :)
love skulduggery hugley and it would be suermegaepicawesome to win, haven't managed to in a competition before :)
here are the links to the promos:
















Anonymous said...

Hi! :) And it's so unconnected but i have a question. Are there going to be another CHINA AND SKUL moment cause i am really looking forward to it ! :D

Cassidy Clarimonde (Self-Appointed Grand Mage of the Scottish Sanctuary) said...

Hey Derek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i posted it on my blog, facebook, 4 facebook pages, 5 facebook groups, made it my facebook profile picture, posted it on my google profile, made a tumblr account posted it on that, made a twitter and tweeted it, made it my bebo picture and posted it on my bebo account :D took me like two hours xxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Cassidy Clarimonde (Self-Appointed Grand Mage of the Scottish Sanctuary) said...

That was my first ever comment finally figured how to do it after weeks :D

Unknown said...

wOwO Im DeFiNeTlY NoT gOiNg tO wIn! SoMe PeOpLe HaVe DoNe AlOt!

Naminé said...

My mum bought the skulduggery pleasant books1-5. She is usingthemto get me to do chores.... she knows me well, a bit too well.... I'll have to do something about that.

Miles Herbert said...

Hey there
Long time reader first time poster but I couldn't resist! Im all the way from New Zealand I wish I could have come and seen you while you were here, I shall just have to make a bigger effort next time! Any way I have changed the profile picture of my blog and posted a new entry with the link and telling everyone to check it out.

Tori said...

so i've posted it on my facebook


my blog


and my youtube account (which will soon have it's own video to go with it)


and i'm changing all my profile pictures to the book cover

Cassidy Clarimonde (Self-Appointed Grand Mage of the Scottish Sanctuary) said...

Hey my blog is rubbish and i was wondering if everyone could look at it and subscribe or at least comment or something :D

DO I HAVE UR ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok hey derek :D do u remember the girl who licked ur cheek in ediburgh ? yes ? well it was my sister !!!!!!!! do u remember me !!!!!!!!!! u probably dont but i like asking questions anyway!!!!!!!!! i just wanted to tell u that u are epic!!!!! especially on that day when u signed my 3 books :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

x !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D x

ExtraterrestrialGuy said...


Changed profile picture to the new US cover art and linked to the eBook page.

Béibhinn said...

Hey woop posted the link on my facebook :D http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000634445902 Changed my profile picture :D and wel... I kinda dnt stop talking bout the books... so..that may cover the whole let everyone know thing.. But sure.. I'll continue :D

nights.raven said...

im gonna go to sleep, night all, ill b on tomorrow sometime

Cassidy Clarimonde (Self-Appointed Grand Mage of the Scottish Sanctuary) said...

P.S. Derek ur birthday should be a week later on the 30th :C

ur birthday is a week before mine and the same day as my primary schools old janitor :D the 23rd october is an epic day and so is the 30th and the 31st :D x

Sabrina said...

Done, Mr. Derek.
I have changed my profile picture and I just sent a post with the link. I've been wanting to change my profile pic, so thanks!!!!!
Ameriminions, FTW!!!!!!!!

Furor said...

I posted it on my Facebook!


My status reads:
Skulduggery Pleasant is Amazing! I barfed rainbows when reading it! I lost 20 pounds after reading it! You can get a new copy here: (link)

BellaDonna Curse said...

I've changed my profile picture on Tumblr, and I've posted this http://elementalpotterhead.tumblr.com/post/11327758837
I've changed my profile picture on Twitter, and posted this http://twitter.com/#!/BelladonnaCurse/status/123864351340904448
I've also done the same on facebook, but Facebook has my real age, so you may not be able to see it as I'm under 18... Anyway, here's the link http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100000925249169
As soon as I steel my sister's webcam, I'll do a video as well :D

Malice Shadows said...

Malice Shadows here, eventualy.



Venice Rain said...


*sighs* in the absence of my bethrothed, because he'd want me to...

Lacie Louise said...

Reading all the comments and then realizing just HOW quiet you are... ;_;
aaaanyway, :3 http://www.facebook.com/Ravenfinn
Aww Yeaa :3

barmybex said...

OMG this is awesome. I WANT THAT POSTER!!!

I have tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/Barmy_Bex/status/123866430293807104

I have put it on my Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/becky.earl1

I have put it on my Facebook Blog Page: http://www.facebook.com/BeckysBarmyBookBlog?ref=ts

I put it on a blog post:

Anything to spread the word of Skulduggery!
*fingers crossed*
Thanks. :D

Furor said...

I also put a link on my Tumblr account, saying the same thing.


Venice Rain said...


http://xat.com/AquilaFelis we mainly use this chat ^^ MINIONS UNITE!

hazman123 said...

Hey Darren, Just posted it on my FB account, by the way I just wanted to say that you have had a big effect on my life indirectly through your books, I have been reading a few different series but I always stop them to get your new books when they come out. Anyways your books have inspired me to try to become a young author and so I would just like to say thanks for making these books, they are so awsome and just yeah, carry on making more because this is probably the best I've read! So yeah, thanks for making these books and inspiring me to use my english talents to do something I can be proud of!

Ayrminas said...

Derek I have a question. How will you be contacting the winners of this competition?

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