Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Australian Tour Video

Where's my camera? Where's my camera?

I'm finally ready to show you the photos from the Down Under tour and now I can't find my camera.

Hold on, a cat has just wandered in. It's Pooper. I haven't seen Groomer for over 24 hours. I very much fear I locked her in the garage. I'll check that out later. Where was I?

Yes, I can't find my camera. I'm going to look for my camera. In the meantime, here is the Tour Wrap video those nice Australian people made.


Unknown said...

First comment!

Anonymous said...

Only ONE comment so far?!
When I read these there are usually at least fifty or something.

This is weird....

Anonymous said...

I have your camera Derek!
And I'm not giving it back unless you give me the secret to your awesomeness!

Kiiyashi said...

Huzzah! Another post!
Oh Great One, you should join The Forums!
And everyone else too!
Yah! Recruitment!

~ Kiiyashi

Aimee =] said...

Fifth comment? No way...Im never the top ten to comment, always like..The hundieth :P Time to watch this video :)

Aimee =] said...

Oh wow! You have got me all excited noe Derek *Tuts*

The cover of the book is all very well and made, looking perfect...

And now we all just have to wait for it to come out...

Oh how you painfully torture us Derek :P

Derek? Have you ever had a REALLY bad haircut?

I got one today... :/ Lets just say I will never be going back there. We really should not put our faith into strangers... That was what I learnt today :)

~Acacia Volt~ said...

Derek, i thought i should let you know something... your books inspired me to write..and of course i have started a fad (or rather you have) my friends are not writing books too :D. and can you tell my friend nick hi? hes feeling left out.

Harly Ryker said...

Derek, I wanted to ask....what do you do when you have writers block? I'm feeling a need to write a book, but I have no clue what about. Help! And can I say that that post is very random?xD
Please do say hi to my friend Ciara, as she no longer reads your books, but did once, but still plays the game on the website. =P The buggers better than me! haha. And say hi To my friend Shleena's wee sister Shakeera, who is eight, and a big fan of the books. We all hang out with her as much as Shleena she's that cool, despite the five year age difference. Can you say hi to me? PLEASE? I'm feeling rather sad you haven't already. Hey, I have connections to Scapegrace and the other dude! DEADLY! BOOM! YOU'RE DEAD! BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T SAY HI! HAHAHA!!! =P =D

shewhofallsupstairs said...

finally Landy!!!! you wrote another blog!
i totally agree clodagh-boo that post was pretty random!!
if i lost my camera, which is broken ( may he rest in peace), i would have hired a detective.
oh and thanks to everyone who told me dat they were american!!!!!! its sooo cool cuz im not american!!! im from skulduggerys home country Ireland!!!
IRELAND WHOOOOO!!! it rocks!! isnt that rite derek??!!!
i just realised i use alot of exclamation marks. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shewhofallsupstairs said...

hi again!!! i dont really have much to say i just wanted to write the 10th comment!!!!
=) lol
oh i have a question!
derek when you are writing skulduggery pleasant do you let anyone talk to you???????? cuz some people find that a bit distracting.

Matthew Meehan said...

hmmm... i can't watch the video. :'( *sobs in a corner*

so yeah... 3 hours and not even 20 comments. i know you're just dying inside now derek. how can you live without your wonderful followers approval? *smiles maliciously*

i have found your one weakness mr. landy! mwahahahahaaa!

stay red and weird.


Making the Legend said...

I need one of those shirts that the boys had. i would wear it with my jacket that looks like Valkyrie's.

I hope you come to Houston, Texas. I would stand outside waiting for you for hours on end with Sarah, talking about Skulduggery like we do every time we get to chatting.

My whole family has now read at least the first book. were waiting on the 2nd book for my sister. she 'claims' shes not addicted like me.

well, i cant wait until the last 2 weeks of July when i get to go to Ireland and will proceed to hunting you down for an autograph. *yay *


hollies said...

wow you where going to write some blog and now you cant find your camera. How smart ?? ><
maybe you left it in your drawers or in a box. Oh and you should let your cat out if its in the garage :P
so back to your camera is it in a suitcase, or in someone else's house or under your pillow ¬¬

shewhofallsupstairs said...

okay so i watched the video...
why cant you tour the north of ireland * sobs *
oh what will we do * sighs theatrically *
you should consider it derek

Unknown said...

derek, please please please please please please PLEASE come to texas! somewhere like madisonville, lufkin,houston, somewhere like that. PLEASE! i just wanna have a small interveiw. also, if you see me, you will certainly know its me. i might have these cookies called sourcream softies. THEY WILL BE THEM THER HOME STYL' COOKIN'! jk, just wnted to see how you would react. although i wont really see it. oh well. bottomline: COME TO ONE O FTHOSE TOWNS!

Saoirse Equus said...

DEREK! PLEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE COME TO THE WEST COAST! Like, Bend, Oregon? Please? I've only ever met one celebrity, (he's australian and unless you're big into horses you wouldn't know him, but please!? I read Skulduggery Pleasant the DAY it came out in America and have been your fan ever since. So Please???

Unknown said...

if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt have this awesme name, the world of facebook would be far worse, and lots of other stuff would happen.I NEED TO MEEET YOU!!!! and maybe havea small interveiw

Anonymous said...

18th comment? I've got the 18th comment? (or 19th, when i finish this) BUT 18, PEOPLE? COME ON!
This is rubbish! Jeez... what happened? Unless you were killed in a meteor accident or busy shopping you're not going to get off the hook...

ok. i think i should say something constructive, otherwise i'll go bonkers...


Okay, intelligent moment over.

'You are not as bad as i thought you were'
'yes. you are actually much, much worse.'
My story: DEAL WITH IT, by ME :D

Johanna said...

I want a autograph too!^^°
Autograph? Is that right? My english is so bad, that you can't believe that!!!!^^°

But, a nice video!^^°
Where is it?? Ireland England , Africa, Uganda California????!!!!!!
Come to GERMANY next year to the Frankfurter Book Fair!!^^°
Please!!! :) :)

Okey, hope you read my comments, because I really don't know whether you read my stuff!!!^^°

Okey...... hallo? ahhhhaahahahahaaaaaah!!

Johanna said...

Oh sorry, You were in Australia right??

Im so stupid!!!!

Synopsis Somebody said...

21st comment XD

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have a look under the couch of my friend, there you can find the weirdest things...

And you should let your cat out of the garage. Cats can hold BIG grudges. It's better for your health.

And to complete my boring and classic comment: A stupid question from one of your loyal minions.

Did you know that there are actually people, who like Sanguine and Dusk as a couple? Weird, huh?
Does that creep you out?

Oh, and don't you dare to come to Germany!
Don't even THINK about it at the moment! Traveling by train to another city is expensive and you will make me broke.

Synopsis Somebody said...

sanguine and dusk? no. sanguine and me XD

Synopsis Somebody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Synopsis Somebody said...

ah, if i went to the book signing i would wear my home-made SP shirt!

i could have went to the 'faceless ones' book signing but i was on holiday!

alas there are more oppertunities...

Synopsis Somebody said...

sorry, forgot to say...
thak you, thank you, thank you for posting a new post. it's so nice and fresh, don't you think?

Talorya Breeze said...

Thanks for posting, but i think you're stalling from answering all our questions...

Anyways, find those pics! I want to see them.

COME TO AMERICA! You can take as many pics as you want to here too ;)

I'm going to a band concert tonight =D I love band! (But do not worry, I still love our golden god too!)

Post again soon!

Talorya Breeze said...

Cool video, btw =) It sounds like the creepy voice is saying "go to school" though. lol!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Your hands must have been Killing you at the end of the day!!I hope you had a cumfy chair at least...
Hey!I didn't see anybody giving you anything!If you come to the United States you'd get cheeeeessse!Oooo cheeeessse!You know you want it!
Wow did you seriously post that at 2:31 am??Staying up late...or early..are you?

lilianapitchblack that Creeps ME out of my mind!Ugh just thinking about sends shivers down my spine!

Thanks for finally posting again!!We were really going nuts...

"The first thing we do," he said "is get over the fact that my well-being is obviously of less importance to you than Fletcher's here."
- Skulduggery

Ebony Orvil said...



Unknown said...


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Wow you must be praising God for the small amount of comments! :D
Usually there'd be almost a hundred by now ^.^

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

I want one Nova Moonshine!!

Random Skulduggery Pleasant pop quiz:
...What were the necromancer weapons of the other two necromancers that helped when the Faceless Ones were coming into our world?

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

wait a sec... u named ur cat POOPER?!?!?! what kind of sick, cruel, heartless fiend are u??? im surprised he (or is it she?) hasn't lived up to his name all over ur bedsheets. i named my cat grape (he's kinda purple looking...) and he pees in my room all the time. im happy to say that my writers block has been swept from my mind and now i can get back to work. i'd like to thank the movie Leagon for that. freaking AWESOME!!! anyone who looks deeper into it or finds it "religously insensitive", i disagree with u whole-heartedly. Kuriyami, out

Bethany said...

I think we've figured out how to lessen the comments left after you blog entries, Derek.

Don't write much.

Mind you, if you don't write much in your next post, we may just have to be extremely angry with you. We'll not want to do it, but if it comes down to it...

Nice video. Quite liking the music.

Kiiyashi said...


Wreath had his Cane
The male had a flintlock gun
The Female had a cloak


Skulduggery Skellington said...

Well cheers to me a very late poster. Didn't bother posting on the last one because I figured you wouldn't read that far down so yes finaly your pictures are up! :3

And I'm going to add a few questions to your list of them since I never had a chance to ask you:

What race is China Sorrows?
Does Sanguine have a living mother? o.O

thank you,
Skuduggery Skellington :)

Minnie said...

Dusk and Sanguine????..........Ewwwwwwwww
I mean, it's gross enough when there's any romance between villains, but that's just wrong. Thank goodness they'd surely rather kill eachother. That seems much more natural, don't you think? JK, I know, I know, killing bad. But you know what else is completely WRONG? Skulduggery and China. Another huge "Ewww" to that one. He's all heroic and dashing and suave, and she's all scheming and selfish and nasty. Plus, she basically [SPOILER] killed his family! [SPOILER END]. So wrong for each other, I tell you, wrong! Just imho.

Anyway, love the video. I see people came in Skulduggery t-shirts, but did anyone come in Derek Landy t-shirts? 'Cause I totally would!!

Unknown said...


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Very good, Valk!

Yup, Minnie Miracle that would indeed not be a turn in the story I would particularly like, though I think Mr.Derek Landy could probably pull it off....probably...

LISTEN TO DAISY , LANDY! (Yes, I do like your last name.I like your first one too, but your last is better ^.^)

Josie said...

Hey, Derek.

You still need to write me back. You said you would. Twice!

I'm not going to give up on your lack of perseverance. Not yet. I make up for it in determination. Ok? So write back.


Red Right Hand said...

How soon do you think those t-shirts will come out on e-bay. Nice movie-making skills, your powers never cease to amaze me, Derek.

Aimee =] said...

LOL...I named my cat Meow ;)

My cat never Meows, so we calledher this pretty much to tease her :P

I wonder if she knows???

Unknown said...

hello..... i am having a talk in class soon and i couldnt think of anything to talk about so i chose you (asa very last resort. obviously) and i NEED info.

-the deathly awesome one. a.k.a. me!

Unknown said...

just out of curiosity... why does it say that my last post was at 2:32 am when its 7:36 pm?

iHeartGreenDay said...

Heh heh, you rule. Your books are quite Derektastic.

Can I join your munchkin army? I'm short enough...

And I know that there's going to be a movie, and was just wondering, is there gonna be, like, auditions? Or have you got the people...?

If not, then, y'know, that's grand...

Alexandre Requiem (Lynda) said...

Well, it's me. Again.
So...Are you ever going to reply? I realize that, obviously, these people above and below me (well, there should be some below me later) are just other randoms, just other fans you've never met, and probably never will (harsh truth, guys). What I'm trying to say is that I shouldn't really expect a reply, should I? Not directly to me, obviously. And Satan, I must be bothering you, asking if you, DEREK, G.G (Golden God...why not Superior Satan?) remember me, because, quite frankly, it's obvious that the answer will be no. I mean, come on, Ali, why would you expect a reply when hundreds of others are much more deserving of one? I don't really know. I just...I just dream.
Now that I've finished being all deep, I'd like to ask, though you already chose the winner (and runners-up) of the competition for the "Original Character to be put in book" thing, I would wonder if (maybe) you could think about considering, then contemplating, placing my character in it. I am an imbecile, as I did not realize that the competition was already over, and still I placed my entry in. I never had a chance.
But, if you might like another character (and you do not have to acknowledge me in any special things, as I'll know if I see him in the book/books), then I would like to present to you:
Alexandre Requiem.
He is tall and wiry, with pale skin and amber coloured eyes. Their pupils are vertical. His choice weapons are twin short-swords, throwing knives and he wears a glove wrought from silver on his left hand. He also has another glove, created from a pure, flexible gold.
He looks to be in his mid-twenties. Wears plain black garments, has spiked jet black hair and channels his Necromancer power through his silver glove.
Like him?
Um...I know you aren't going to use him, but if you're stuck on...I don't know, relatives for Wreath (hey, that's quite catchy) then feel free.

And now, I farewell the Greatest (And...And...I can't believe I'm saying this...SEXIEST) Irishman this, or any other, world has seen.
Love ya

Thankyou,formythoughtsareshared said...

Man its so good I can't go to australia...
Who's Pooper and Groomer?
Which month is the SP movie going to be shown?

Genesisnx said...

I think its good he's not answering questions all the time, it'll save him from going insane before he can finish the last books. :P

Oh and the home page has a count down for Mortal Coil's release for anyone interested.

Lucid Kook(Riki Fresh) said...

I feel so much pity for you about your camera. I've lost mine too and I've retraced my steps one thousand times but still can't find it. But I have a feeling my grandmother has found it and isn't telling me because when I'm asleep I feel like there's this flash of light on my face. At first I thought it was aliens or something else that is absolutely ridiculous until one night I saw her just barely through my squinting eyes. As for your cat I'm sure it hates you by now but don't worry it will love you in two days time. That's how my cat is.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

lol Aimee :] very funny.I bet she does know.She's probably laying in wait just to get back at you :P

iHeartGreenDay, he said he wasn't sure the movie was ever going to actually be.

I like your character, lyndaartley, only I think it would be better if his necromancer powers was in his swords and daggers.Because all of the others we've seen so far have only their one weapon which is where his powers are stored.

Anonymous said...

i dream of a day where Derek Landy will post daily, MORTAL COIL will be out and chickens will be able to cross the road without having their motives questioned.

Did you know that Mortal Coil comes out on the same day i have to go back to school? Do you know how utterly sad that is? Is this your plan to make me suffer through six hours of school while i wait to get my hands on one of your glorious copies?

Plus, a mention of Emily Good, i presume you have heard of her amazing ability?
If not, please go to:!/photo.php?pid=422656&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=54064762985&id=100000022726669

these comics are immense. You should be proud to know what effort your fans go to to please other fans so we can live in a magical world while we curse your name as we wait impatiently for you to update.

Do you not think Tom should have a day? Or a minutes silence? Or even just a pint or two...

Lenka x

"Do you know what forces we're up against?"
"Oh, wait a minute for me to find the part of my brain that gives a damn."
-Metallic, a working progress.

DeacyAmp said...

Gah! Looking at that video makes me sick with envy at all those people, meeting YOU! Are you going anywhere near Cork on your Irish tour? If so, I'll be there! Look out for a squealing eyelined idiot with bad hair. :) Have you read the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy books? What do you think of them? They're up there along with Skulduggery on my favourite bookshelf! :)
Eliz x

penguin said...

Skilril: Yeh but they work as a pair, they mimick each others movements (or their supposed to)

Derek plz shoot me as Val *gets down on knees and begs*.

It's my transition day tomorow I'm going to Calder High (You've probably never heard of it). I'm sooo exited.


penguin said...

Hey were'd my comment go?

penguin said...

Oh there.

Ayries said...

Wow, your wrist must've hurt...

(Totally off topic, but just in case anyone here is a Troper, wanted to tell anyone who reads this blog that yeah, Skulduggery Pleasant has a page:

Anonymous said...


Another question from me (if you can answer, lol~) how'd you like to see me cosplaying as Billy-Ray Sanguine or Spring Heeled Jack? 8D I'll try my best to get stuff for it, if you so wish~~~


Talorya Breeze said...

I just read Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce. It was a great book, but I don't know if I'll like the next one. =P

I read the reviews for all 4 of them on Wikepedia and it's a series where the main character grows quick and goes on different adventures with different people each time! (Though there are some of the same characters, they just don't make as many appearances as in the first)

Either I won't like it, or it'll make me too sad.

But then again, thats what Cirque Du Freak was like...

Anyways, back to the golden gods wonderful creation! Skulduggery will never get old! (Well, then again, he's practically as old as he can be...)

Alright, question time!

Is the character that met up with Davina Marr in book 4 a new character, or one that's already been introduced?

You don't have to say who it is, just if the characters new


"We're not retreating, we're advancing in reverse."
-SP =D

Harly Ryker said...

I feel very stupid(gasp, I never) asking this, but when in September does Mortal Coil come out?
And I thought you should know that in the middle of my local Waterstones,with my Dad, I got down on my knees and begged him to take me to your Belfast signing in September, and I said I would do that every time we went ut until he took me.

Unknown said...

did you get a certain villian for a certain number seven on this list derek?

Aimee =] said...

LOL...I agree with Lynda..

Derek, you are sexy LOL

Unknown said...

OMG, DO YOU HAVE A PHOTO OF ME?????? PLZ PUT IT UP IF YOU DO I WAS AT GOLD COAST WITH MY FRIEND AND WAS LAST IN LINE(IN THE PORING RAIN) ok i can stop yelling, hi bye omg can not wait for mortal coil! raaa i am to excited!

Marilyn Li said...

I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! :D New all-time fave series! xDD.

I'm writing my own novel, or attempting to, at least... xD. Do you have any tips?
Also, what do you think of these names? (for my story):
Evanescence Dawn, Zenith Spark, Scarlet Dusk, Griffin Hazel, and (the name I post under)? Oh, and does Meridian Nightingale or just Gale sound better?
Yes, I'm SORTA trying to make them similar to the ones you use xD. Note the capitalized sorta.
.... Quite a few questions xP.

Also, how did you come up with the Canary Car? I'm really curious about that....


*end of questions*

I'm sad because my parents don't let me buy books, only borrow them from the library... THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THE FACELESS ONES YET! Or is that because I'm in Canada?...

I like ellipses.

miggie said...

Derek, will you please consider South Africa for your next visit? If you came this year, you could've experienced the whole world cup fever thing... but you didn't, so now you can't... anyhow... will the book after mortal coil come out next April or are you going to skip a year (not cool)????

Synopsis Somebody said...

it will come out in september, so the books will still have a year's gap between them.

shewhofallsupstairs said...

ughhh why does it take authors so long to write novels!!! * sighs in annoyance *
oh well at least i have the comfort of knowing that derek will tour ireland next.
isnt that rite derek, isnt it. hint hint *winks*

shewhofallsupstairs said...

oh derek i have a question:
why is there a link to read a sneak peek of mortail coil on the skulduggery website that doesnt let you read it?????!!!!!
why? why? im sure everyone else would also like to know!

Geckogirl said...

OMG!!!! the book looks sooooooo guddddd!
i want an autograph 2! please come to england derek!!!!! all over england!!!! please????? pretty please??
i would comment more but icarly is on now :)
farwell peps
geckogirl out

Dantea Dredkin said...

I'm Back!

Dantea Dredkin said...

I'm back! I'm back!I'm back! Happy! Happy! Happy!

Of course the one week I'm away is the the one Derek posts something new,and i'm so behind i'm not even going to bother to read the comments to find out if Matthew ever started that war, but, oh well. i'm back, and as you have gathered, i am happy.

Has anyone missed me? No? Well!(sob)I diden't miss you eather!(sob, sob)Why are you so mean!?(runs off and crys in a corner)

Ok, i"m over it.

As it turns out, aliens did run the camp. Oh, the irony.

Luckly i smuggled my tiger into camp, and i used him to help me comendier one of their spaceships. I took them out with their own lazer guns!Ha!Ha!

But now i have an illigaly obtained spaceship sitting in my garrage, and i don't have a licence to drive it, so i just know i'm going to be getting a call from the police. Or, rather, the space police. Or maby even M.I.B. It's a merical my parents haven't noticed it yet.

Anyone want a stolin space ship?

Stay weird, and red.


"Doors are for people with no imagination."
-Skulduggery Pleasant

Dantea Dredkin said...

Sorry for spelling mistakes, spellcheck doesen't seemto be working today.

Unknown said...

I WANT ONE!!!! I WANT A SPACESHIP! i find using my power to make them gets boring

Matthew Meehan said...

OH!! DANTAE'S BACK!!!! YAY!!! Happy? I hope so. I dislike typing in caps. You didn't miss much. I did not start a war. I knew I'd need to wait for you, the winning side needs some people to make it the winning side. ^^

I tried to post a really, really, really long comment about necromancy. But it didn't work? :O :( Oh well... It was rambling anyway.

Summarising, if I were a good necromancer my item to store my magic in would be my watch.. Easy to use, quick to react and very good defensivly.
If I were a baddie :P I would use a pair of sais. Light,close range and long range weapon and very easy to conceal.

What would your item be??

Keeping it, as always, red and weird.


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Welcome back Dantea!
You may borrow my cloaking device 'till you've figured out what to do with your ill-gotten spaceship. ^.^ Maybe you could give yours to Nova Moonshine?I know she's a little nuts, but at least you, hopefully, won't be getting a call from police...

Hmmm, Matthew I'm not sure.I'd have to think about that.

Stay red and weird!

Unknown said...

hey if i get the space ship, you can come over and ride it anytime without your parents worrying about it! EVERYONE ELSE: 20 CENTS PER RIDE! IM GONNA BE RICH! i shal store it here *pushs button, and everyone who comments on this blog starts slowly going down into the ground* bum bum bu-bum bum a bumbumumb BUMBUMBUMBUMBUMBUMBUMBMBUMBUM
*everyone looks around at evil layar*
as you can see, everything in here is purple, and at the top there are claws which hold purple paint cans.

-HB/Joe- said...

I thew your camera in a lake.

It now resides beside nessy, the lock ness monster. Oh yes, i can do that...

Now, onto more important matters...



Here it is:


Stay red!


Ebony Orvil said...

Ok bye bye everyone I'm going on holidays now. Hope ye have good holidays. Farewell.

Ebony Orvil said...

ps. Skulduggery Pleasant rocks!

pps. I am bringing all the SP books (except the 1st, my mum wouldn't let me.

ppps. Did anybody see the official trailer for Harry Potter?! It is on youtube! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! Look it up.

Ebony Orvil said...

by the way (I didn't finish the pps.) I am bringing the SP's on holiday. Also the Harry Potter trailer is for book 7 part one and two.

Unknown said...

GRRRR! i live in god damn aussy and i didnt come to meet u. curse it.!

Dantea Dredkin said...

Ha! Spell check finally works! Take that technology!

Nova Moonshine, you may have my spaceship. Although, in my opinion, you should charge more than 20 cents for rides. It is the only spaceship not controlled by the government, and they wont let anyone ride theirs, no mater how many times I bug them about it.

So I think rides on the only free spaceship in the world should cost more than 20 cents, don't you?

If I were a necromancer, my item of of power would be a cape. The kind with a hood. I can use it to chace random people off the street and scare them into thinking I'm a dementor, come for their souls! Mwahahaha!

Stay weird, and red.


"Good luck to you, Valkyrie Cain. You got a lifetime of dark days ahead of you, if I'm not mistaken. I'd enjoy the quiet moment while you can."

Elysse said...

I have questions, Derek. Yes, neverending questions from one particular, devoted fan.

Do we get to know more about Skulduggery's wife and child?
Are Skulduggery and Valkyrie EVER going to get together?

I know you get soooo many of these but please please please answer! ^_^

Violet Night said...

hmmmm... the video was cool but did you know they were filming you cos' if not kinda creepy

Unknown said...

thank you dantea. i shall instead charge... ummm... three dollars? yep sounds good. a anual pass is two hundred dollars to ride it anytime you want for a whole year. and dantea, it shall still be free for you, since you gave it to me. now then. *pushes button and bing spaceship to meh layar* now what design? *paints purple cupcakes on it* now laod in everyone, WE ARE GOING TO VIST DEREK!!

Robbie said...

GRRR! I have been waiting so long for a new blog entry, and he just gives us pics! No offence Mr. Landy, but alot of us really want some questions answered. Hm. Ah well.
Welcome back, Dantea! How was camp?

Robbie said...

OH PLEASE, DANTEA! CAN I HAVE THE SPACESHIP!? Admittedly, I'd rather have Skulduggerys bently, but a spaceship would be cool to! Anyway (Have you noticed how much I like that word, Anyway? I need to learn more transition words.), Derek, PLEASE answer this question in your next blog entry!


Unknown said...

robbie, i already have the spaceship. look up two or three comments

Robbie said...

To bad. I now own SP's bently. I stole it from a giant rockingchair on mount everest. He had a sword. It was epic.

Unknown said...

hey everyone, what is your wepon? here is mine:

at first glance, it looks like a normal hand gun, but then, when you push one of the five buttons, it changes. the green button is the handgun, blue is a machine gun that fires two hundred rounds a second and never runs out , red is a bazooka, yellow is a mini transformer guy, and purple is the most epic of them all. it is a shining golden sword, ... M04R.the hilt has five emeralds, one red dimond, a seribite carved into the shape of a flame,and a blue garnet. the guard has magic painite (which i put a spell on and anyone who isnt given permission has extreme pain when holding it),a hundred shining tiny Grandidierite,four Musgravite crystals, and six black opals that shine like the gaxlaxys. the canter peice of all the crystals is a jadite, the rarest gem in the world, in the pommel. a purple shadow like substance , much like around a neromances wepon, floats around it. the shadows can form together to make a bullet, armor, a laptop (for when you need to facebook how you won) and many other things. it can kill anything, even zombies. if you swing, you enemy shall be hypnotised by the grace, either so you can get them, or a partner can get to them. on the blade there are many carvings. they include a cupcake, a ninja, a string, a motercycle, a aardvark, and many others. each one can be touched by me, and the will come to life.

i got most of the gems from

Robbie said...

mine is a spoon

Unknown said...

*adds button and pushes and sword turns into a spoon* HA!

Dantea Dredkin said...

My weapon is my tiger. He breaths Hellfire and eats cleavers for breakfast and i ride him everywhere like a dinosaur. He is also my bestest buddy!

And in honor of Insanity's insanity, I have decided to spray paint him purple while he is asleep. I hope he's not too cross when he wakes up.

I don't think he will be. He not only likes purple, but he likes insanity, too. If he is, you may all attended my funeral. Bring black roses.


Dantea Dredkin said...

Who likes milkshakes?

Dantea Dredkin said...

Purple milkshakes!

Jimmy is ainm dom said...


Dantea Dredkin said...

Woot! Woot! Another milkshake fan!

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

In Galway, there's this one milkshake place where you pick any type sweet or chocolate bar or biscuit or cereal or anything and they make a milkshake out of it. It is probably the best thing I have ever tasted.

My necromancer object thing would be an eyepatch, cuz eyepatches are cool, either that or a wig cuz it'd be fun to swoosh around a wig of shadows on your head.

Also Derek I gots a question. Actually no, I don't gots a question, I just thought if I did gots a question, then you would answer it in your next blog and mention my name.....
Oh, here's a question: Who do you think would win a fight between Dobby from Harry Potter and crazy Remus Crux? I reckon Dobby is an acrobatic ol' elf, like Yoda.

Dantea Dredkin said...

Where is Galway? I must move this Galway to Texas and make it my own! Milkshakes! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Yes, I am crazy.

Dobby would kick Remus Crux's insane arse. Go house elves! FREEDOM!


P.S. Does Derek like milkshakes?

Dantea Dredkin said...

Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care,
Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care,
Jimmy crack corn, and I don't caaaaaaaaaaaare..............


Sorry. Very random for a miner there.

Stay weird. Stay red.


"Doors are for people with no imagination."
-Skulduggery Pleasant

Dantea Dredkin said...

Potatoes! Once again, sorry.

Anonymous said...

congrats Dantea Dredkin on the 100th comment xx

Unknown said...

dantea, thank yu *snif* this means so mch. so much that i shall do two things. *pushes button and spray can the pize of venus sprays the whole world* dont worry, its eco friendly. also, this *gives dantea a magic collar for her tiger* this is so h will forgive you. and whats his name> i like milkshakes and french fries. they tase good together

Unknown said...

is that milkshake place friendlys or something like that? I WANNA GO TO FRIEENDLYSSSSS

i lurv my space ship/. it now has all the hotest eveything and i now live in it. the aardvarks live there to

Dantea Dredkin said...

I diden't even notice I was 100th comentor. Wow I'm unobservant. Thanks for the congratulations, Lenka.

Insanity, you are insane. Brilliantly, hopelessly, truley, insane. I could only watch in humble awe as the world turned purple around me. You are an insane mastermind.

Oh, and my tiger's name is Bob.

Dantea Dredkin said...

Does the spaceship have a bathroom on it? I never bothered to check, and that might be a problem if your going to live there.

Unknown said...

oh it does, and a mini frige in every room. i belive the aliens were related to fran fine from the nanny. and thanks, hopfully bob likes his new collar

Unknown said...

you know what? it seems that before i jioned, it was about 30 comments a post. then i jioned, and tons of people started commenting! i guess im just loveable!derek, you can thank me for it! ;P

Dantea Dredkin said...

You watch The Nanny too? I stay up later than I'm sapost to to watch it every night. I like the Butler the best.

Bob says hi, and thanks for the collar. He's purring in a very satisfied manner right now.

Dantea Dredkin said...

I gotta go, my moms buggin me about being obsessed with the internet, or something. By!

Stay weird. And red.


P.S. Bob says by, too.

"Doors are for people with no imagination."

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Hahaha, Hellboy that's so funny!

Ooooooo miiiillllkshaaaakesssss!Indeed, I do enjoy them QUITE a bit! :D I want to go to Galway!!That would be cool...

Derek Landy!We aren't even talking about you a lil bit anymore!!Find your camera or...answer questions or something...No, I'm not telling you what to do!...I'm sorry you thought please don't turn me into a giant!!!I want remain a munchkin!!!!Please???Yay!Thank you Mr.Derek Landy....would you please think about posting a new blog entry though??You will?Yay!

Stay red and weird!

Robbie said...

milkshakes and patatoes are the best. By the way, I sold SP's Bentley to some dude named Sanguine. He said he needed it for something. Ah well, I'll just buy myself a nice little flying bison and be on my way. By the way, who watched the TV show "Avatar: The Last Airbender?" Who thought the new movie stunk? Me Me Me!

Stay weird and possibly salamander

my spoon still pones

Unknown said...

It is no longer an option. You MUST tour America. And part of your tour will come to Houston, Texas. Do not make us use force.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

You will not savor the appalling efficiency of our creatures of murderous intentions that will be sent directly to your front AND back doors if you do not agree to come to the USA expeditiously.
We've gone back to threatening.Believe me....that is NOT a good sign.

P.S. I hate threatening the most awesome author alive (That I, in particular, absolutely adore) so please just come to the US, Mr.Derek Landy and save me from this torture.
Pretty Please? :-]

Dantea Dredkin said...

If you want Derek Landry to tour the u.s., copy/paste this in one of your reviews, adding your name to the list. You never know, this partition might work. . . .eventually.


(I have added the names of two other people I have herd ask him about coming to America, but I'm not going to put all your names, so sign!)

Unknown said...

If you want Derek Landry to tour the u.s., copy/paste this in one of your reviews, adding your name to the list. You never know, this partition might work. . . .eventually.



Anonymous said...

OMG i was in that line somewhere but i neva got put in the video but somehow my brother was :( !! Life is soo unfair but at least i got all of my books signed!! :)........I simply cant wait for your new book too come out i have been reading all of the series over and over again (i think that i know evry word of it in order....) the days are much longer then they should!!!!

Fly On

AT (@)

Wonka said...

o hai.
omg i am really crap @ leaving comments.

oh yeah u should let ur cat out coz they are like vampires when it comes to grudges. SERIOUSLY!!!!

o and onto the subject of tours....
can u come to my school for a book signing PLEASE??? you went to my cousin's and he wouldnt shut up about it ):(
if you get an email from my teacher saying about it you say YES. because, i mean, it would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny to see my friend do her demented pengin thats trying to fly impression fi you did come and she found out!!

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

So... Airplane food, huh?

Wonka said...

last line:
that is IF.
i have really bad typos sometimes

Wonka said...


okay just watched the vid it is actually kinda funky!!

Totally Squirrely said...

If you want Derek Landry to tour the u.s., copy/paste this in one of your reviews, adding your name to the list. You never know, this petition might work. . . . .eventually.


(Come on, peoples! We all want Derek in America!)

shewhofallsupstairs said...

if someone will pay for my ticket to america i'll sign the petition!!!


Unknown said...

hey, i need help. what do you think is the best name for a girl chiweeine puppy?
The Purple Death Destroyer
The Purple Death Destroyer of doooom
got any more?

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

Heya derek just like to say as im new to this is that i love the books so much and think there so witty and funny cant wait for mortal coil to be released the last cliffhanger had me staring at the page in shock for around 1 hour, can you imagine 1 hour of :O cause by your awsomness washing over me! Im proud to be part of your ninja munchkin army and by the way it's my birthday on the 9th of july and it would making my day if you could post somthing about it its the big 13 ... wait what am i doing this aint about me it's about you gosh lol!!! YOUR SO AWSOME DEREK!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Nova Moonshine I think I'd go with...Valk!Or possibly The Purple Death Destroyer Of Doooom.Though that may be a little long...

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

okaii now I got that out i need to descuse << (probably spelt that wrong :) my english stinks) a serious matter spoons rock in fact i have a pet spoon called shiny but shes gone missing, i fear she may of fallen down the back of my bed ugh who knows what horrors are down there :) and purple is awsome i think the world looks much better now its purple and blue so thanks for that insane also i would like to point out that potatos were the best thing that happened to humanity before derek came along :)oh and dont get me started on penguns! :D

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Potatoes are incredible.They are absolutely amazing.Yup :3

Dantea Dredkin said...

Insanity, I'd have to go with eather Tanith or Purple Death Destroyer of Dooooooom. You can call him/ her Pur for short.


Why is everyone talking about potatos now? I mentioned them one,(or possibly two) times and now I'm seeing them everywhere!

Does anyone remember how "stay red" got started? My mom got me thinking about it when she told me to "stay purple", but I think she ment stay red.(yes, she reads this blog over my shoulder and then denys it when I accuse her)

Does anyone think the remnants have a lot in common with the faceless ones? They are both beings infused with absoult evil, they both live off human hosts, and they are both indastructable when not in human hosts(or at least I assume so, since no one has killed the remnants instead of locking them up)

They way I figure it, gods are sapost to live forever, right? So its possable that several years after the ancients killed some of them with the scepter and drove the rest into a different demention, what was left of the faceless ones maneged to reform into what are now called remnants.

Is it possible? Or am I just fishing in the sky? You tell me.

Wow. That was the most I've ever said that wasn't totally random.

Stay weird. Stay red?


Unknown said...

looks like purple death destroyer of dooom is liked :D. and dantea, the stay purple is from ME its more awesome than stay werid and stay red (cause its both of those things, and blue too cause bule+red+werid= PURPLE!!!!!!) AND I LOVE TO FISH IN THE SKY. THE BIGEST FISH I CAUGHT IN THE SKY WAS 42 PUONDS :DDDDD

Unknown said...


Dantea Dredkin said...

Well, I ment the sky fishing thing as purely rhetorical, but, oh well! Have you ever been deep space fishing? You'll catch the weirdest things up there. Like this one time, when. . . . well, you don't want to know about that.


Tell Purple Death Destroyer of Doom that me and Bob say hi!

Stay weird and purple.


"You might be a figment of your own imagination?"
"Stranger things have happened, and do, with alarming regulatory."

Unknown said...

*waves purple's hand* i bet a lot of people will stareat mewith admiaration (like they do all the time) when i tll them her name. you know whats even better? flobagorgining. its alein fishing in universe number 4 (btw we are in univers numer 42)i have made some friends in that universe. so, yall think the best name is purple death destroyer of doom? i shall let a few more opinions trickle in before i mak ethe final desision.


Aimee =] said...

It really annoys me that chapter 42 is missing from Playing with Fire :/ :/

You stole a chapter from us! LOL

TaylorLouise said...

i think that mostt of the people who
comment on your blogs are complete nut cases,
including myself.

Also, when is yuo so called movie comeing out????

pease out suckers.

tall girl/secret agent 0000

Unknown said...

Mr Landy,

i would just like to ask if, thanks to the premeture realise of the next book Mortal Toil, will the next after that be realsied at about the same time and no longer around april, i ask because april time is my birthday and my brother will be at a loss to get me anything if the new book is not realised near this time. I understand of course that if indeed the series continues to be realised at a different time then you cant really do much about it, however i would like to know so as to give my brother serficeint time to think up something else to give me (although really he needs more than the 5 months i would give him of prior warning, as he is quite dim)

Also, about the cat, dont worry about it. Our cat left for a week once and it was only next door, which actually is quite odd, because next door is allergic to cats so feeding and tring to have ours is wierd, obviously they buy better tuna.

Have a nice day.
Georgia LongName

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

Yes well im proud to confess I'm a nutter because it is so true! :D also guys some bad new shiny my pet spoon has died after being exposed to my brothers socks for to long :'( rip shiny god nows how agonising your last hours were as his sock sink well bad! anyway on the other hand I know have an alive pet yes a goldfish which is going to have an effect on me by decreasing my randomness so to balance thing out i think ill adopt shinys little sister spoony ... and oh yes SHE'S PURPLE :D
-Nicole < (oh btw thats my name) and if insanity doesn't mind i'd like to say STAY PURPLE!

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

oh my nick names fudge cake because fudge is my last name okaii yh gd :)

Lady Kumori of Ultimate Evil and Awesomeness said...

Greetings, overlord of many minions, but still fundamentally my minion, considering the fact that everyone is.
I actually have a couple of questions for you.
First, who is the person on the back of Dark Days? He looks kind of like Dusk, but the description doesn't seem to fit him...
Well, actually, that was one question. The other question appears to have spontaneously combusted. Or, possibly, it was foolish enough to divide by zero, therefore defying the laws of physics and been eaten by evil kindergarteners for no apparent reason.
Silly question. I'm the only one who's allowed to divide by zero with no immediate repercussions. Or, that might be why I'm rapidly losing what sanity I have been been allocated, which wasn't much to begin with. Not that it matters. With great power comes great insanity, and with great awesomeness comes even greater insanity. I think.
- Lady Kumori, Supreme Ruler of the World, Malevolence and Perfection Personified

Nicole Fudge (Nicolette Croga) said...

yeah know how you feel 12 years and 360 days ago i was given "sanity" but not much you see and as i grew and grew my sanity slipped away then when i read the first book of skulduggery pleasant and my presious sanity which was already holding on by a thread was lost like my poor pet spoon shiny R.I.P not that i miss my sanity lifes much more fun without it :)

Dragona Pine said...

Yey last comment so far, i know there'll be more so just let me enjoy it while it lasts
Does anyone else have the urge to change there name after reading the book?
I was thinking along the lines of:

Dragona Pine, not good but it has a nice sound to it.

Oh and Derek i hope you find your camera, and if you do find it it'll probably be out of battery because thats what happens with mine.
I feel sorry for Pooper and has he done what his name suggests?

Whats The Obsession with Purple, Spaceships and Potatoes about?

Who ever has the tiger good luck with Bob and hope you don't get eaten, who ever asked about the cats, deffinatly Tanith because thats the most normal and who ever turned the world purple, you should have chosen BLUE but nice job with the spaceship and stuff and add a time machine to the spaceship and that would make it better. Wow a sum up of all the comments in only 9 lines what a record!!!

Dragona Pine said...

Derek please comment on that

Dragona Pine said...

ive just realised at the time i posted that it was 8:49 and 56 seconds not 12:50

Unknown said...

freddy, ok, purple is the color of awesoeness, insanity, and everything awesome in the world. have killed people for dissing it. the spaceship is mine, and i already have time travel cupcakes. everyone has complained about the time, i say who cares.


Dragona Pine said...

and from now the name Dragona Pine is Copyrighted (If you nick it you will be killed)

CopyRight of 2010 Fred0071 Enterprises, if you use the name without the owners recegnition then you may be sued up to £3000000 in Compensation and you will have a criminal record for doing so.
Use of the name may led to being killed.
Even saying the name in the wrong context can mean death.

Octa said...

Hello there.

Octa said...

Oh lord.

Octa said...

Copyright laws these days are so stupid.

Octa said...

Nobody move!

Octa said...

Achievement completed.