Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh Dear God... MORE Questions??

Greetings, minions. It is I. You may weep with joy or cry in fear, the choice is yours.

I take it, by the way, that you approve of Mr Tom Percival’s back cover? Is it not creepy? Is the character not intimidating? Is it not utterly, utterly fantastic? Tom contributes so much to the Skulduggery Pleasant look, and his work is hugely important to the series as a whole and how it’s presented to you, my minions.

Would the books be as good without Tom? Oh sure, they’d still be brilliantly written by a wonderful, yet wrathful, golden god, but the covers are a mind-blowingly vital part of the book. I think, in the hands of a lesser artist, some of you might not have been intrigued enough to pick up that first copy... Who, out there, picked up Skulduggery for the first time simply because of the sheer Derekosity (that’s my new word for awesome things) of the cover? You see? My minions have TASTE.

My minions also have many opinions as to who that mysterious character IS. A few of you are completely right, a few of you are completely wrong, and a few of you are completely weird.

Bliss is DEAD! He’s DEAD and he’s not coming back! Accept it and move on!!

Oh, and if you were expecting me to TELL you who he is, allow me a moment to laugh at you.


Okay, moment over. All your questions will be answered when Mortal Coil (man, I love that title. It’s Derektastic!) is released in September.

Do you know what else my minions have, aside from great taste and opinions?  They have questions. They have lots and lots and lots of questions. Oh yes. It seems that whenever I spend a Blog entry answering questions, I get approximately three hundred MORE questions in the comments section, and so I am forced to answer THEM in the NEXT Blog entry, and thus risk incurring even MORE questions. You see what a vicious cycle we’ve locked ourselves into?

Sigh. Let’s see, what have you been yapping about...?

Corporal Wolf asked if people can reference Skulduggery in their own stories. This is absolutely fine, so long as those stories aren’t then put on sale- for instance, referencing, or even using, Skulduggery characters in fanfiction is fine, but this is not the case if you write a book or a short story you want to get published. My advice, however, is to do whatever you want, and then if you’re lucky enough to have one of your stories printed/published/sold, you can go back in and change Skulduggery’s name to something else, so you won’t infringe on copyright.

On that subject, ThreeBooksInTheFire asked if I read fanfiction, but unfortunately I have a policy where I just don’t. However, when I’m finished the books I plan to spend a few days going through some of it, just so I can go “oooh look, they guessed what was coming...!” or “oooooh, look, they were WAY off...!”

Lenka... I’ve decided I don’t much like your teacher.

Alexia wants to know what I drive- I drive an Audi A5. (black, of course) and a 1966 Ford Mustang (white).

Oh, and I chose the name Sanguine because a derivative of the word used to mean “bloodthirsty”...! Plus, the word itself sounds lazy, doesn’t it? It sounds a like a lazy, arrogant drawl, and that suits Billy-Ray PERFECTLY.

Lady Kandraker- apparently I’m heading up to Belfast in September as part of my Irish tour- I better see you there, or your golden god WILL be angry.

I’m not even going to give my OPINION on the Skulduggery/Valkyrie pairing. Basically, whatever happens in the books, happens. And whatever doesn’t, doesn’t. Yes, I am going to make you all suffer with curiosity.

Oh, and Tim Burton is a wonderful director, even if Alice in Wonderland was a dreadful film. I just wish he’d stop adapting and remaking stuff, and do something ORIGINAL again.

Minnie Miracle- most of your questions will be answered in the books themselves, and as for the ones that aren’t answered, well... they were never meant to be answered...!

Avotica, details on the winning character in the competition will come out when I’ve finished writing him into my edit of Mortal Coil. I’ve just written two new chapters in which he stars, and he’s turning out to be a LOT of fun to write about.

Avotica also asked what my favourite book would be. Hmmm... okay, I’d have to say Mucho Mojo, by Joe R Lansdale. More recently, it’s been the First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie- violent, foul-mouthed fantasy books where everyone wants to kill everyone else. Also, absolutely hysterically witty.

As I said above, I thought Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was terrible. I would have MUCH preferred to see an adaptation of the American McGee version. That game was WEIRD.

As for your other questions, they will be answered in the books, not here. Sorry.

Myazaki films are amazing. Spirited Away is just.. wow...

Owen, you get the same response as Avotica and Minnie Miracle- these questions will be answered in the books!

Ambiguity, I have quite a Concrete Blonde collection around here somewhere... Two of my favourite songs, apart from the cover of Everybody Knows, is The Ghost of A Texas Ladies Man- which is something I keep playing whenever Billy-Ray Sanguine appears- and Bloodletting, which is a song I always imagine playing if ever Dusk and Caelan meet up again...

Irresistibly Evil, Skulduggery uses a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver- and it’s not the snub-nosed version. He doesn’t use a .357 or anything of that power because it would mean he’d never be able to shoot to wound- every shot would cause a limb to fly off...

Jessica, there were so many requests to go to NZ’s South Island, but my schedule didn’t allow it. But hey, you wouldn’t have been there ANYWAY, right? So next time!

Vampirefreak- I don’t know who the oddest person I ever met was. Can’t remember. The people in my family are pretty odd... My favourite animal is a dog, my favourite bad guy is Scapegrace, and my favourite Disney character is Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty.

Parhelia, I took your advice and visited Genesisnx’s page on Deviant Art- and I found the pictures AMAZING. Thanks for recommending it.

Speaking of Genesisnx, the forum, at is BRILLIANT. Genesisnx, you have no idea how thrilled my publishers are that you went ahead and did this. Finally, you all have a chance to discuss the things you want to talk about- well done! (By the way, you’re exactly right- being a vampire is an affliction, not a power. There ARE sorcerers who have been turned into vampires, so THEY keep their magic, but most of the vamps we’ve seen so far started out as mortals, so they have none.)

I’ve also seen Cluainn Fhada’s forum, over at  Also, Cluainn? Your violent disposition makes me grin. I like your style.

Even though I don’t become a member of things (I’m a lone wolf, me), I’ve visited and I’m liking what I’ve seen.

Captain Sparkler- who has a FANASTIC picture at -  asked about how I come up with names for the characters. Some of them- China, Ghastly, Tanith, Bliss and Serpine- came to me within minutes of thinking up Skulduggery. But ever since then, I’ve had to work on it.

Basically, whenever I hear an interesting word or name, I write it down in a notebook. I COLLECT these kinds of things, because I know I’m going to need them sooner or later.

For instance, I needed a taken name for Stephanie, and I didn’t have one. I had spent MONTHS trying to come up with the perfect name- I had already passed the point in the story where she decides on what it is, so I now had a great big blank space where her name should have been. I was getting close to the end of the book, and nothing was working.

So I flicked through the names I had collected, and among them was Valkyrie. And I thought- “oh”. I thought, “oh, this could work- this could be good.” Apart from anything else, Valkyrie sounds a lot like Valerie, so it SOUNDS like a normal name but isn’t. So now all I needed was a second name that fit, and it was then that I heard the phrase “raising Cain”, which meant to make trouble, and suddenly I had my character.

Acacia Volt (wonderful name, by the way) obviously wants Clarabelle and Sharon- Finbar’s wife- to play a bigger part in the books. I love writing Clarabelle, and she’s going to make another appearance or two in Mortal Coil, but as for Sharon- I don’t know... I quite like the fact that she’s always mentioned but never seen...

Ah, and that isn’t snow on the covers, that’s um... Okay, I actually don’t know what that is- ask Tom! As for the highlighted paperbacks, I don’t think we’re going to continue that, unfortunately. It’s really expensive, and now everyone’s doing it, so I think we’re going to stop before it becomes boring.

The audiobook of Dark Days is out now, but we’re fixing up a few mistakes, and so the mistake free version will be out in a few months. Oh, and I’m not going to say what happens to Guild!

Penguin- I’m sure I’ll get around to writing a “Tips on Writing” entry in this accursed Blog, sooner or later. In the meantime, you just focus on following that yellow brick road.

Happy belated birthday, Fiona!

Hollies, if my neighbour’s house went up in flames I would rush to the rescue. Well, eventually. First I’d Blog about it.

Tara- how are the exams going??

Nerdy Skeleton- “It’s your mom”. Genius. Poor comic genius.

Skyril- I doubt we’ll ever find out Skulduggery’s given name. Oh, and my nana says hi back.


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Dantea Dredkin said...

First Comment!

Dantea Dredkin said...

Ok, now i've actually read the post.

Why don't you ever ansure my questions? Its getting anoying.(Of course, it might help if i told you what my questions were)Oh, well.

First, AND second review! Ha!


Unknown said...

third, and derek, please tell me you dont belive the common texan sterio type?

Sarah said...

Derek, way sorry but I have a few questions...
1. What team are you supporting in the world cup?
2. Have you ever been to South Africa?
3. Are you a fan of the vuvuzela?
4.What is your favourite movie?

Unknown said...

and i shall be goen until friday gotta go bye!

Dantea Dredkin said...

I'm not from Texas, i only live there, and even I talk like Sanguine.

Of course that might just be because i live in Redneck, Texas.We don't go walking around in cowboy boots ant hats.

Well, some of us do,but the general population forgives them of their stupidity.


Maddi said...

I have to admit, staying up 'til 3.59 in the morning doing a Legal Studies assignment has kinda been worth it, seeing as I now get to make one of the first comments on this new blog. So thanks for making assignmenting that much more tolerable :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Derek, i LOVE your blogs!:D
Oh...and the books...
i think its fair to say that you are the wittiest person i know. (i dont actually know you, but you know what i mean)
Errr... Now i've actually got round to posting a comment, i dont know what to else to say... :-S
Right, this is probably a stupid question, but i dont really know what else to ask... When you finish the Skulduggery series, will you ever write anything about the Skulduggery world again? I think i speak for alot of people when i say that i dont want it to end... ever... i think i've read each book at least five times each...
Some call it weird, i call it dedication ;)

Unknown said...

Ok Derek I know you have a busy schedule but thats no reason not to come to Listowel. If you saw there was a thing saying kilmoyley school was going to see you.I was in that class but if you want all your fans in kilmoyley to not like you give me your address

Waffles said...

Another amazing blog entry by Mr.Landy.

PLEASE answer about the question about the Skulduggery and Valkyrie pairing.My friend and I have been arguing about it for MONTHS and we're close to killing each other.

Also yes it was the cover of the first one that made me buy it.

Okay now I have some questions.Sorry about this.
1:Which was the hardest Skulduggery book to write?And which do you think will BE the hardest?
2:I read somewhere(can't even remember where) that you were going to kill Fletcher off.Are you REALLY planning to do that?
3:Also in an interview you said we'd hate you for Val's bf.While I hated you at the time I'm over it.But no one seems to hate Fletcher.So why did you think we'd hate you?
4:Or are you planning something?
5:Do you think Amy Lee (singer from Evanescene) would make an all right China?I think so...
6:Will you be coming to Mayo or Sligo on your tour?I BEG of you to come.

Okay all done. :D


Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

FEH!!! Sanguine is an ass. i an appaled that he's from my nieghbor state. and i hate that damn "country bumpkin" sterio type. not everyone down here talks with a drawl. most of my family can articulate very well. especialy considering my great grandma is a full bloded Cajun. anyways i hope he gets killed eventually. he has completely butchered our whole "Southern Hospitality" thing. wouldn't it be wierd if we ALL hade switchblades? great. now i want one. my mom's reading over my shoulder and just told me she'd get my a switchblade when i started growing butternut squash outta my ears. *sigh* isn't she so supportive and great? anywhoo, i forgot to congradulate Tom for his beast drawing. i was speachless in awe. so Tom, i thank you for your wonderful illustrations and hope that you continue doing the covers for the Skulduggery Pleasant series.

Derek Landy said...

Sarah, I'm not supporting any team in the World Cup, I've never been to South Africa but my brother spent a few months there, feeding lions... My favourite movie changes every day, and I can't stand the vuvuzela- it makes watching the World Cup games a chore. I want to hear the roar of the CROWD, that really gives the games their atmosphere, not thousands of people blowing on monotone horns... I understand it's a tradition and everything, and it's symbolic, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

And Kevin, I pulled out of the Listowel event because I had to, because otherwise I wouldn't have got the book finished by my deadline. I think I've pulled out of two events before this, so I didn't do it lightly, believe me. But you should have had plenty of notice that I wasn't going, because I told them months ago. You DID get plenty of notice, right?

Klara said...

With all do respect, I love this blog, but just reading answers is.... i dare say boring. sorry.
don't you have like a forum on the skulduggery website with Q/A?

Derek Landy said...

Sigh... and more questions were asked while I was writing that response...

Waffles, the hardest book to write was The Faceless Ones, and the hardest book I have yet to write will be, I reckon, the last one, because I really want to give them a happy ending, but I don't know if the story will allow it...

Originally I had different plans for Fletcher, but he grew and changed and suddenly it didn't make sense anymore- but that interview was conducted when I still had the old plans in mind...

I haven't a clue when I'll get to Mayo or Sligo- hopefully soon... And Amy Lee certainly has the look...

Irresistibly Evil, the reason I focus so much on Sanguine's drawl is to make sure his accent, and so his home state, is never forgotten. I have to differentiate between the Irish and American accents SOMEHOW, and unfortunately for you, this requires me to give him a bit of a drawl... Sorry!

Derek Landy said...

Klara, I agree that answering questions isn't the most thrilling of blog posts, so I'm hoping I'll get enough answered in these group sessions and so get back to my usual blogging... er, which is usually me complaining about stuff.

On the upside, these blogs are hugely useful for the folks who need their questions answered, or otherwise their heads would, you know... explode.

Dantea Dredkin said...

Your never going to tour the US, are you? Sigh. I guess we're just too awesome for you. Oh, well. Nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of authors aren't good enough for the states.(and I aware, I'm not using reverse , Much.)

That is a good question, Shaun, are you planing anything after the skulduggery series? I hope so, your a great writer. Just not great enough to tour the US.

I wish I had a switch blade.


Anonymous said...

Hello :) The back cover looks EPIC, by the way, and I totally agree with you about the phonetics of the name Sanguine. It does sound drawled-out and lazy, which is totally perfect. I do have a question, (sorry) about something- are you going to highlight the pages of Mortal Coil? Cause when Dark Days came out on paperback, the pages were disappointingly white. I mean, it didn't matter so much to me because I have a shiny hardback cover that was signed by YOU (!) in Portsmouth when you came for a signing. (I was the girl dressed as Clarabelle with the goggles on.)
I hope you're having an awesome summer, by the way. I don't know what the weather is like in Ireland but over here it's pretty sweet.
-Adelaide (AKA goodyfiveshoes, who is 15 tomorrow!)

Dantea Dredkin said...

That last rewire got messed up, I ment to say( I sware I'm not using reverse psychology, much)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and quickly, you said that you once met Katie McGrath. I am SO jealous, as I adore her, and don't you think she'd make an excellent China? She's got the black hair and the blue eyes, and the commanding presence, and she's definitely beautiful enough.

Rosie said...

When I read that your brother fed the lions...
Was that meant in a literal sense, or what?

Saoirse Equus said...

DEREK! PLEASE! COME TO THE USA! Like, Bend Oregon BARNS & Noble book store! Come one, you mentioned my homestate in Chapter 1 book 2. Please? *puppy dog eyes*
p.s. I am your first west Coast SP fan! I read it the DAY it came out in book stores! :D

p.p.s. Oh, and if you know who Becky Allaker on Bebo is, she's asked afew questions for you from me about horses? so I very much apreciate the fact that Valkyrie asked for a horse in the Chapter A NEW PET. Thanks! :D

Lady_Kandrakar said...

I will be there! Look out for long ginger hair and glasses, that's me!! =D

And yes, I agree Tim Burton is amazing but should be doing more of his original work. At least his original story 'Frankenweenie' is being made into a film, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

my first ever blog mention. i am glowing Derektastic-ness!
okay. that's over.
i actually got my book back. it took cunning skill. I had to convince the substitute that it was my book and that someone had obviously put in the bin for a joke or whatever. I love subs. They'll fall for anything. So, for a celebration, here's my first writing experience!

The wind lashed through her hair, tangling the ends and laughing as her glowing eyes flashed in despair. A man in a black suit strode towards her, both of his hands in his pockets.
"The case?" She questioned, looking past him and out into the barren city.
"The what?" He said, raising his eye brows as she rolled her eyes. "Remember Veronica, I'm never unprepared."
Three figures glided and stood next to Veronica. She smiled.
"Oh, i do love a challenge."
She quickly grabbed the first man's wrist and twisted it behind his back. The snapping of bones echoed through the rain but caught it self in the wind, over lapping with his cries.
She threw him to the floor as the next associate lunged for her. Veronica crouched to the floor and kicked out, knocking him off balance. He fell awkwardly as she punched his jaw as his head jerked backwards while his nose dripped in blood.
Veronica looked around for the third man but he caught her by surprise, wrapping his arms around her neck and sealing off her oxygen.
She tried to kick him but he didn't even flinch or loosen his grasp.
"Robot-" She gasped suddenly.
"All the range," The man replied. "What do you think? His first order is always to protect me. To be sure i'm all right." The man stepped forward. "Are you upset? Are you crying? Oh God you are. Well, you've been beaten Miss Veronica. It was a pleasure knowing you."
Veronica kicked out with her boots, and hit the man in the gut, and then the groin. He fell to his knees and finally the robot let Veronica go.
"Like you said," Veronica muttered with little breath. "His first job is to protect you. To be sure you're all right."
Veronica watched as the robot fell to his knees and looked at his Master as if to be sure he was okay. She kicked the head off the robot before it had time to turn on her, and quietly threw up by the side of the pavement.
Feeling weak, Veronica's knees shook as the Man in the suit stood up to see his robot destroyed.
"I am full of many talents," Veronica murmured. "However, needle craft is not one of them."
"Miss Veronica-"
"Mr Stripe."
Mr Stripe laughed. "Knowing my name won't save you, you fool. The only thing that will help is a miracle."
Veronica's face fell. For once, he took his hand out of his pocket revealing a sleek black gun.
Out of ideas, Veronica turned on her heal and ran, but the bullet caught up with her.
She fell, and she turned to watch Mr Stripe smile. She was on her knees, as the darkness began to crush her.
She clutched the fabric of her black bodice, now slick with her blood.
"...a miricle." Mr Stripe finished, but Veronica didn't even hear him.
She was dead.

Please tell me what you think. I'll post more here:
so glad i got it back, i'll be posting LOADS now!


VannessaTide said...

i semi-disagree about alice in wonderland sir, i thought it wus ok-ish but i mainly watched it 4 Jhonny Depp. also, i'm glad 2 know tht even brilliant 'golden gods' such as yourself hav trubel with character names & it's not just me.

i completely agree with you thought about spireted away. a truly remarkable film. i intend 2 purchase the newest anime film thts been advertised wen i next can.

i cnt w8 for mortal coil 2 come out. i w8d 4 ages 4 dark days & had 2 go out & buy it the 1st day it wus on shelf. i finished it tht same day cos i wus off school so jus sat readin all day. lolz

LythiaHarpen said...

Hey Derek!
Wow, that was a lot of questions...hate to continue the cycle, but I have a question.

When will you next be coming to New Zealand?? And also...What are the chances of a Solomon Wreath x Valkyrie? XD (I'm laughing, ha ha).

I am currently writing a story as well, any form of blessing or goodluck wish from the Derekmeister would be muchly appreciated :)

Oh, and I am your BIGGEST fan :P And I LOVVVVVVE my Skulduggery t-shirt etc! I still wear it and my modelling stuff is being carried in the Dark Days bag today :)

Flaring is coming to NZ next winter. I'm so excited!!!

Lythia xxxxxxx

Corporal_Wolf said...

Thank you for clarifying that my golden god, I would ask you know of your opinion on a couple of character names that I have collected in a similar fashion to your notebook idea. If by chance you find them "Derektastic" and you wish to use any feel free master author and anyone's comments will be welcome.

1. Lupus Forerunner (male)
2. HonourBound Macabre (male)
3. Ruthless FareForeign (female)
4. Csilla Shrowd (female)
5. Matta Walker (male)
6. Perplexus Brotherly (male)

Waffles said...

Derek you are now my HERO for answering so quickly!I mean since picking up your fist book you've been my hero but still.....

Yay for now Fletcher gets to live! :) Oh okay I get what you mean now.Well you never know.You could make him evil.

I really do hope you get to come.We have sheep and mountains.And a bunch of REALLY creepy monks who'll probably kill us in our sleep....Really do hope you come.I'll be the one bouncing up and down.

I do wonder if Amy would like being China...She did do a bit of acting in their music video for Everybody's Fool.....

Okay that's all I have to say at the moment really.


What's your favorite color skittle?

Unknown said...

hi derek, is valkyries reflection actually Darquesse, cuz when skul val and the psycho lady was looking into the future , val was there fighting somit and darquesse was attacking her parents. Plus it would explain why there are gaps in the reflections memories and why its taking a personallity of its own, :)

Naomi Wiflath said...

Oooh excellent! I'm glad the vampire question was answered, that came up in the forums as well! Thank you!

Genesisnx said...

Dear god, you actually like my work, not to mention both you AND your publishers like the forums?! Well I just had no clue that was going to happen when I set them up, that just makes me feel over the moon!

Front page still needs work, the newsletter needs a set date each month and the Team is working on shop items but we're happy its going so well.

Even though you're a lone wolf you should still join, then you could answer questions there and do normal blogging again... and save a lot of heads from exploding. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh questions. You'r going to regret this in a couple of monthsXD
1) How would SKulldugerry and Valkarie get together? He's all bones:S But i trust in your awesome god like powers...and an army of ninjas is quite intimidating.
Belfast? Damn that's my leaving cert year, i'll try to make it.

Unknown said...

DEREK AWNSER ME!!!!!!!!!! Are you hiding a magical skeleton? If you don't awnser, I will personaly come to irelandy andsearch for him or her. On another note, there's WIFI here! Yay

Valora Destry said...

geuss what!! when you started talking about the world cup, it reminded me of the amazingly derektastic feat. AUSTRALIA WITH GHANA!!WOOW!! this means to get into the next we have to win whoever we are versing next... which is highly unlikely...but we need to have faith!! anyways, i have to mention before i forget that i am astounded by the fact that youve seen spirited away!!i saw it in an english class and... well its unpredictable for a start.

Valora Destry said...

whoops when i had all capitals i was supposed to say "AUSTRALIA TIED WITH GHANA!!" instead of just "AUSTRALIA WITH GHANA!!" hahah oopsies...

Naomi Wiflath said...

OH! I do have a question now. Are werewolves considered the same way as vampires? An affliction, so they keep their magic?

Are you able to tell us more about your werewolves? :D

Robbie said...

Derek, I'll cut right to the case. I have been DIEING to know, WHAT IS YOUR TAKEN NAME? PLEASE ANSWER!

Beka said...

derek, may i take this oppotunity to say that your books are amazinggggggg.

and i was wondering, i heard that there would be open auditions for certain roles if the movie was to happen.
like would we be able to audition for roles like tanith and valkyrie?

please answer im curious as i feel that at 16 im too old to play valkyrie.

Dantea Dredkin said...

Like Robbie, I too, am curious. What is your taken name? Or is Derek your taken name? If you don't tell us I am going to assume Derek is your given name, and use it to control you and make you a send me a copy of Mortal Coil before it everyone else gets to buy it.

Or I could make you use your munchkin army to help me take over the world. Ha ha. That would be fun, and it would give me something to do over the summer.


Robbie said...

Ah, good plan Dantea, but I must admit, I have other plans for Derek. Very myserious plans. And, like Derek, I refuse to reveal anything about them. I'm not trying to criticize you at all Derek! Just a casual joke! You are still leader and controller of all things awesome. But all joking aside, Dantea will control you. I, Felin Cate, will just use my Gist to destroy the irish Sanctuary! Oh, wait, its already destroyed. Hmm. Ah well. Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

all my exams are finnished now :D yay!. i nopw have time to write and draw skulduggery bits and bobs. :)

by the way, do you overlook the competitions on the facebook site?


Robbie said...

Hey! Congrats Tara!

Dantea Dredkin said...

I'll make you send Robbie a coppy, too. Just as a reward for not being as stupid as me and saying his plans on the internet. I might even give him a country or two when I rule the world. Cuba, maby.

Nevertheless! My brilliant plan will work!





Anonymous said...

A re-hash of the audiobook, omg that is just what I wanted to hear :D The mistakes on the current version are quite jarring and confusing, you know? Can't wait for the cleaned up cut!

OH ALSO! Do you think you'll be reintroducing the in-between-chapters music at all? I actually kind of missed hearing it this time around XD

BTW, it's pretty darn sweet of you to take so much time to back-and-forth with your readers. I could only wish some of the authors I look up to did the same ;)

Dantea Dredkin said...

Congratz Tara!

Dantea Dredkin said...

Little-one reminded me. I need to thank you for being the awesome golden God. Not many writers are as nice as you, or as vain.

So, thanks!


Robbie said...

I'm with Dantea and Little-one. You rule! The only problem is that you know it.

Minnie said...

First, thanks, Derek. =)

Second, I agree about the new Alice. It wasn't very good. Even so, I couldn't help but love The Red Queen/Helena Bonham Carter - great, hilarious acting.

Third, Maleficent IS one of the greatest villains of all time.

Lastly, in an earlier post you said, "I'm finished book five!" I thought you were making a joke about proofreading since you said you still had to edit it and all, because I would have said, "I'm finished WITH book five," or, "I've finished book five." But you said again, "when I'm finished the books," in this post. Is this a typical way of speaking in Ireland? Maybe someone else can answer me too. I'm just curious. Not a grammar freak, I swear. =)

Robbie said...

When I'm finished the books?!!! Might that Mean "When I'm finished WITH the books?!!!" Oh my gosh, I'm going to have nightmares tonight! When he's FINISHED?!! He can't FINISH the series! can he?.......

Dantea Dredkin said...

I do believe he can Robbie, so I ask again, Derek. What do you have planed in your writing career after SP?


Robbie said...

There is no after SP! I have to keep telling myself that. But, than again, I'm sure Derek Landy wouls come up with some equally awesome series.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Ah I weep with utter joy as I write this comment to Mr.Landy!

I did, in fact, pick Skulduggery Pleasant up partly because of the cover and partly because of the sheer Derekosity (Fabulous new word) of the name!

Indeed, this is a cycle, one that we, of COBPUDLGAP have set up to hear more from you, our beloved, wonderful, and terrible master.

You have Derektastic taste!Of course, *I* already knew that and *you* already knew that, but I figured that was another thing you can't possibly hear, or read, enough! ^.^

What do you think of us wishing to re-name Ireland to Irelandy?Do you think that's a good idea?I do.I mean what better idea would there be than re-naming the place you live after you?Especially since you are the most Brilliant author ever born! :)
Oh and would you please tell your father Happy Father's Day for me? :) Oh yes one more thing, do you like us, your minions, putting some of your undeniably genius quotes at the end of our comments?I love declaring some bit of conversation I adored from your Derekness.Anyway I do believe my comment is a tad long so... ta-ta for now!
From your adoring minion, Skyril. ^.^

"Well, to put it delicately, she has the power to suck out people's brains."

Minnie said...

Oh, and also, the cover wasn't what originally attracted me to the book. It was recommended to me. I like the covers though, especially Dark Days.

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

AHHH I heard from you again like three times in these comments (so far :D)!!!Yay!!

Robbie said...

I read the book because of the Derekism on the front. Thats what I'm calling those witty little phrases on the cover. "And he's the good guy" made me laugh so hard, I had to read it. Sheer genious. If none of you have read them, here they are. Derekisms galore!

Book 1. "And he's the good guy"
Book 2. "Don't try this at home"
Book 3. "Do panic, they're coming"
Book 4. "Don't lose your head"
Book 5. "Gripping"

He put his hand to his chest. "Cross my heart and hope to die." "Okay then. Though you don't actually have a heart," she said. "I know." "And technically, you've already died." "I know that too." "Just so we're clear."

Dantea Dredkin said...

I actually tried to avoid reading SP in the beginning because of the cover. I usted to think it was kinda weird.

Of course, that was before I was brainwashed by it. Now I think its the coolest think ever. Just goes to show, don't judge a book by its cover.


Dantea Dredkin said...


Robbie said...

Trashcan. Dantea, you are SO wierd. It's awsome.

He put his hand to his chest. "Cross my heart and hope to die." "Okay then. Though you don't actually have a heart," she said. "I know." "And technically, you've already died." "I know that too." "Just so we're clear."

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

I KNOW Dantea!I wonder if he'll EVER come to the US??I've tried bribing him.I've tried threatening him!(Many different way too!!) I'm uncertain as to what I should do next!Grr I must figure out a way!!

lol I love weird. :-) I used to think I was weird, but after seeing yall's weirdness I s'pose I was yall think I'm weird?...

"Cheer up, everyone, " he said, a new brightness in his voice."Since we're all going to die horribly anyway, what's there to worry about?"

Robbie said...

I Know, right. COME TO THE US! HINT HINT! He just won't listen. I swear, he's as stubborn as skulduggery. Oh, by the way, did any of you read the dedication in Dark Days. Hilarious. And I don't care how weird everybody else is here! I am still weird! Trust me!

"What, a living skeleton isn't eough for you? you want more?"

Avotica said...

Yay, my questions got answered. Well, most of them.

Can you make Stephanie turn evil? That would be interesting. You know, I always thought Harry Potter would be more interesting if Harry had turned evil. Or died. Come to mention it, Twilight would have been a more interesting book series if at least ONE person (who wasn't evil) died. Oh well, can't kill them all.

It's very exciting. Semptember isn't too far away now!

Ok, decided not to torture you to much, so no questions... Well, not really.

Avotica said...

Ahh, mistake! Was supposed to say 'too much' at the end there. My bad...

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

You're right, Robbie we're still weird!!Especially since we want to be :P lol I think that's what's one of the things that makes us especially strange and weird :D

Dantea Dredkin said...

Our new catch phrase is "stay weird!"

I rock!


Robbie said...

To true. Being weird is WONderful. I think thats why I enjoy Skulduggery. It's wierd. By far one of the wierdest books out there, at least one of the only GOOD weird books. Alll the others are purely absurd. Actally, scratch that. Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy is wierd. String cheese. It is wierd but hilarious. Hm. All wierdness is good, except when its not.

"What, a living skeleton isn't eough for you? you want more?"

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Good catch phrase :P Stay weird! :D

Robbie said...

"Stay Weird!" I like it!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

'Tis a true statement, Robbie.All weird things are weird unless they aren't. *nods* Precisely!You declared the exact truth!

Dantea Dredkin said...

Not counting Derek, who among us is the weirdest? Give me your oppinyon in a review, and we can find out! I'm curious.


"I'M a good weird. I'm a cool weird."
"Yes, yes you are."

Robbie said...

'Tank Ye much!

Robbie said...

Hmmmm, the weirdest. Well, I don't know. Would anybody be offended if I gave my true opinion. I know how bad it can feel to be out-weirded. Wow, that was weird in itself. Weird. But my question stands.

He put his hand to his chest. "Cross my heart and hope to die." "Okay then. Though you don't actually have a heart," she said. "I know." "And technically, you've already died." "I know that too." "Just so we're clear."

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

No, I don't mind if you give your true opinion.

Robbie said...

OK, I'm sorry to everyone else, but I'd have to say Dantea is the weirdest. And thisz is coming from the person who may randomly spout "The mystical power of Akmun Ra" You Win, Dantea.

Robbie said...

Oh, and "Stay Weird!"

And Derek, don't forget. I REAALY want to know, what is your taken name?!

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Mm-kay so Dantea is the weirdest in your opinion huh?That's okey-dokey with me! :P.

That is a good question, Robbie.I wish to know as well, Mr.Landy!Will you tell us, or won't you tell us??*That* is the question...

"Stay Weird!"

"Can you get over yourself for just one minute?"
"If only that were possible."
-Valkyrie and Skulduggery ^.^

Unknown said...

Derek, I am getting annoyed. I shall resort to my army of pioson flying string, so awnser me. Did you meet a magic skeleton, are you coming to Texas, and what's your taken name? Tell me please derek 

Aimee =] said...

First comment for me on this blog :) I wish I could comment more often but the time difference is a real pain! It means only eleven hours after Derek posts do I actually get to come on here....

I feel sorry for you, slightly...You have to answer our annoying questions which get asked over and over by each one of us...I pity you :(

OH God! Jealous, I want your cars Landy :(

I have a honda accord 1995 LOL...Sucks...

My car has the coolness of a bandaid, compared to your cars which holds the coolness of a cast...

Fail... XD

I have my fingers crossed for Skul and Val, I guess itsmy teenager way which wants them to get together...Though even if they dont, I wont hold a grudge...Much.

Derek, my first question to ever ask...Well second, the first was if you pluck your eyebrows but I understand why you did not answer that... My question is, whats your favourite food? I know, simple but easy question :)

I wonder if I have written a long comment? most Likely >.<

Parhelia said...

Thank you very much for looking at Genesisnx's Skulduggery artwork and forum, Mr. Landy.
I'm sure your comments made her day! :)

Valora Destry said...

nuts it the shortest day of the year today. hmph, stupid winter.

enough about me complaining about disgusting weather. have i already boasted about Aus tying with Ghana in the world cup? coz, apart from that, there isnt anything exciting to add to this action-packed blog.

im agreeing to a whole lot of other peoples comments; i want to know your taken name!! tell us, oh captain my captain.

today, when i wanted to say something was awesome, i just said derektastic, and everyone around me thought i had gone crazy saying that... little did they know, that derektastic describes all things good and intensely spectacular.

Oh and you are fan of Dean Koontz? He writes some pretty twisted books. my favourite one of his is The Husband. it is really cool, almost as cool as Skulduggery pleasant and thats saying something.

(oh new quote)
"Surprise! It's the clothes!"
"You are so weird."
Val & Skul.

Abbi said...

hi derek :)
i love sanguine and i think the name suits him perfectly.
I have a question .... or 3
1. Is caelan going to appear more in your books , because i love him even though he wasnt in the book much.
2. Did you ever get my letter ? should be from Abbi Mullins
3. Are you going to tour near hartlepool?
well done on the books

Anonymous said...

Bwhaha...i WILL torture you and ask more character do you relate to most?-Bwhaha girl

Zoe said...

hi derek!

i wanted to know what you thought of beavis and butthead?

Unknown said...

I have a kid at my school who looks like beavis!


Unknown said...

Landy, do you gods live forever?

Unknown said...

one last last thing, have you ever read a matthew reilly book becaus i think you might like you egomanial, egotistic.

Bethany said...

I would kill a man for your '66 Ford Mustang. Brutally murder a man.

So you're actually finally coming to Belfast? It's a bit of a dump around here, but it's our dump and we love it ^_____^ Can't wait to see you here.

I agree. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was pretty bad. It could have passed for a bad, but enjoyable movie until the Mad Hatter started dancing. That was just messed up and strange. And Mia Wasikowska can't act. Period.

Have you finished watching Gilmore Girls yet? Lauren Graham has, unfortunately, signed on to do the next Scream movie.

Derek, I honestly don't know how you sit and read through all these comments. I just tried and my head nearly exploded. Mainly because I'm a little OCD when it comes to spelling and grammar, but anyway. Yes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, guys. I have recently written a book (I am 12. This is no joke.) and I wanted to ask whether you find a section of it good. I also hope Derek evaluate it, too. It is a (hopefully) funny gag and plays in a dialogue between two magicians (Craig and Seasu). One of them (Craig) loves donuts and wants to eat one. The chapter is called: The misterious donut thief.

Craig saw in the bag.
"Where is my strawberry donut?"
Seasu grinned and licked his fingers. Craig raised an eyebrow.
"Have you eaten my donut, Seasu?"
His colleague looked up and gave his best to look innocent.
"Maybe...", he said conspiratorially, "Maybe not...?"
Craig looked at him grimly.
"Stop eating my Donuts!"
"Why are you so angry about that?", Seasu hummed, played offended, "You´ve got, finally, still some!"
The magician muttered something and turned again to his bag. He looked briefly in and looked immediately again to Seasu who licked his fingers again.
"Seasu, where is my chocolate donut?" His voice sounded depressingly angry.
"I don´t know it.", replied his colleague. Craig look darkened.
"You know certainly how much I like donuts!", he hissed and packed Seasu´s collar.
"Yeah, I know that.", he nodded, "Me, too. Becuase of that I stole them."
"Ah!" Craig jumped up and brandished before Seasu´s face with his free hand. "You admit that you are the misterios donut thief?"
His colleague laid the head on the side.
"Maybe, maybe not."
Craig narrowed his eyes.
"I will kill you!"

So, evaluate!
And sorry for my bad english, I tried to translate it as good as I could.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, golden god! *worship*
You mentioned in one of your earlier entries that you would have a tour through Germany this year. When will it be? It would be a real disappointment if you come to a town next to me and I´m on my class trip to the Netherlands then.
By the way, the German are waiting for Dark Days appearing in September.

Mr Connor said...


By the way i have one question, what gives you ideas for the books? Like is it everyday life or something like that?

(two questions sorry :S)

Can you give some writing tips please???

I salute you golden God!!!!

hollies said...

Derek you sould come to Cavan fionas mam thinks its cool :P
any thx for anwsering my Question i have heard a few odd anwsers to it *looks at fi*
anys i have another Q's did u ever sit under the stairs while eating biscuits and playing pokemon on the DS i have its quiet enjoyable as long as u have a cushio to set on so did u? :P

hollies said...

oh i should learn how to spell meh

Bionic's Blog of fun. said...

Intelligence is knowing when to speak up for what you believe in and knowing when to shut your gaping noise hole.

Anonymous said...

OMG! You answered my questions!!!! I FEEL SO SPECIAL!!!!! I screamed really loud when I realized you answered my questions and got banned from my laptop for 10 minutes and was forced to tidy the kitchen. Ugh...
Derek you are sooooooooooooo amazing and you do have an amazing taste in car!!!!! My friend Alibax would like to know how long it took you to write the first Skulduggery Pleasant? She adores you.... but no where near as MUCH as I do!!!!!!
Me and her have Skulduggery Questionnaires to see who knows more about you're Derektastic book! I always win, naturally......
We love you Derek! Well, me more! Have a nice day Derek.. you totally deserve it!

jakoparsons said...

minnie miracle, i am irish and im finished sounds perfectly fine to me.


You say
"why, blue smurf type creature, meet thomas edison, he will guide you through the lands of yorkshire. xD ..."

Violet Night said...

Derek did you see the newest Supernatural/ It was awesome, the bad guy, Crowley is a name you should use in the books. It was my birthday on Sunday, Yay!!!
hmmph... so no one wants to bring back quotes fine! I'll quote elsewhere. Where i'm wanted and respected!

Naomi Wiflath said...

The one thing about the awesome covers, is that the American covers don't have them. If anything, most of the American covers are boring and atrocious. Why is it that Percival's covers aren't used in America?

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Um, Violet Night some of us have been quoting.Some of us just don't read all of the comments so don't even know about the whole quoting thing.I quote fairly often!Almost every time I comment.The only time I don't is when my comment is extremely short.

"Well, to put it delicately, she has the power to suck out people's brains."

jakoparsons said...

i agree with naomi

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

That is an extremely good question, Naomi!I sure wish we had Tom's beautiful art in America!

Unknown said...

hey i was wondering if you are ever going to find out about Fletcher's dad cus when i was reading dark days and it said in one of the chapters and about Fletch's dad and i was wondering if you ever find out about him?

Geckogirl said...

please let me get the 100th comment!

Em said...

This isn't technically ff because I didn't change anything... I had to write a narrative poem about my favourite book so of course I chose Skulduggery. Feedback appreciated. And can we add you, our god, on facebook?

Here Goes:

Stephanie Edgley’s Uncle Gordon was brutally killed
So all that he knows would not be spilled.

At his funeral she meets a strange guy
Who looks mysterious- Stephanie doesn’t know why

When Uncle Gordon’s will is read
It says Stephanie will own his house in his stead

When the strange guy comes to talk to Stephanie,
He introduces himself as Skulduggery

Stephanie goes to her new domain
Where a man tries to break in without refrain.

He tried to assault her without delay
When who comes but Skulduggery, to save the day!

It turns out a skeleton is what Skulduggery is
As well as a magician and detective wiz

So off go Stephanie and Skulduggery
To go and solve a mystery

It turns out a man named Serpine
Wants the Sceptre of the Ancients- it’s divine

Skulduggery and Stephanie go after it when they realise somethings amiss,
They are betrayed by a Mr.Bliss

The Sceptre was used just as a magical tool
So the whole world would be under Serpine’s rule.

Stephanie and Skulduggery try and stop Serpine,
But he is an evil mastermind

Serpine uses the sceptre he took,
To get a very powerful book

A battle for this book is an immediate must,
Subsequently it turns to dust

Serpine uses the Sceptre for his own gain
Which causes all the power to wane

And so ends the first adventure of Skulduggery and Stephanie
Which will be one of many

Geckogirl said...

wow got the 100th comment woooooooot!!!!
btw Em gr8 song!
right now i have a question.....well actually no i dont....i just wanted to be included *sniff*
ermmmmmm questions questions questions.......AHH! GOT ONE! have you ever read any darren shan books derek? if so do you like them?? they r my second fav books at the moment and i think they are reeeealllly good! especially the saga of darren shan. didnt like the movie though. it went rubbish.

erm anywyays hmmm.....wrote a big long comment the other day and my dad turned off the internet and it deleted. hmm.

ermmm.....its too hot to think of anythin to say. ermmm im just gonna go now. to. hot. to. think.

dehighdrated (no can spell in heat) geckogirl out!!

hudson said...

I cannot believe that you're a myazaki fan. No one i know is and they all go whaaaa???
So good to know i'm not alone.also a bonus that my idiyllic god is a fan.
You're right. spirited away is so good. is that where you got the idea for cassandra? cottage in the middle of nowhere...
Em, the poem was genius.
good on ya gal

Unknown said...

Wow. Just wow. You've seen spirited away, you think that American McGee's version would have been way better for Alice in wonderland and your favorite villain outside Skulduggery is Maleficent. How can you be so Awesome?!
Have you seen Ponyo? If you have, I'm changing my religion to Derekism.
Damn you're awesome...

Also, an bhuil gaeilge agat?

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

That was a really good poem, Em! ^.^

Clodagh said...

My question wasn't answer!
Well, I ain't complaining! I mean there was, like, a BAZILLION comments in the last section soooh...
Well, better ask MORE questions just to utterly and COMPLETELY boggle Mr. Landy's brain!
Alrighty then...
1.) My question the last time... Errh... Oh yeah! Will there be a competition to name Stephanie's new baby brother/sister? That'd be cool.
2.) Have you ever broken a bone? I broke my wrist and I is in a cast from my fingers to my eblow and it HUURTS and ITCHEEES and makes typing and playing the piano IMPOSSIBLE!
3.) I went through a lil' bit of a tough patch recently and, to start again and make a new goal, I want to meet and talk to all my idols and... well... Is there any way someone like meeeh could get in contact with such a Golden-God like as yourself, Mr. Landy? Just that, for the past 3 years, I've LOOONGED for April to come to get the new Skulduggery Pleasant book! And even when I was in hospital in Dublin THIS April, I STILL couldn't wait to get my hands on it! And I now that the NEW book is comming out in September (my Birthday is the 5th of September), well, I'm treating that as kind of a SIGN, I guess, so...
Yeah. Is there any way in which you could possibly help me achieve my goal? Really hope you read and maybe answer this question...
Thank You!

sarah wilkinson said...

sorry to repeat the question but why aren't any of ure characters black? i feel stupid to ask but it bugs me a little

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Sarah he never said one way or the other.They very well could be black.Except, of course, for the people he said were pale.

Robbie said...

AGH! I haven't posted in so long. 17 hours, to be exact. Man, I love this blog. Everybody posts such cool stuff! Anyway, Golden god, leader of awsomeness, I have 3 things to tell you.

YOU ARE AWSOME for reading ALL of this stuff. I know you here this alot, but again, you can never here it to much. You are AMAZING!


Third,EWWWW! VAlkyrie and Skulduggary. Yuck, it makes me shudder (pun intended)!Don't let it happen. They make good detective partners, but them together would just be- YUCK!

I am TOO wierd! And to defend my title: The mystical Power of Akmun Ra! Sweedish shouler blades named sven don't mix well with mute portugese spines named Bruno.

Ok I'm done

He put his hand to his chest. "Cross my heart and hope to die." "Okay then. Though you don't actually have a heart," she said. "I know." "And technically, you've already died." "I know that too." "Just so we're clear."

Robbie said...

Also, here is another episode of: HOW WOULD YOU REACT, DEREK?

Ok, so imagine a Skulduggery movie is made and it stinks. And I mean REALLY STINKS! How would you react, Mr. Landy?

Priya said...

*cries in fear* Finally! Someone else who agrees that Burton should be original again! And the Valkyrie/Skulduggery pairing!? ACK! Moving onto subjects that don't freak me out...
Methinks your book is the only think keeping me looking forward to September

Ayries said...

Aw, I rather liked Alice in Wonderland. But I'd have loved an adaptation of McGee's version much more. I really hope that film finally gets made one day... (Then again, given the usual state of video game adaptations... and what if Uwe Boll got ahold of it?! No thanks.)

Miyazaki is a god. Ghibli is second only to Pixar! Or maybe tied first.

It's cool that *you're* cool with fanfic, BTW, given the recent author backlash in some circles. :)

Interesting how Valkyrie's name just came to you! I always wondered if the 'escorting the dead' aspect figured into it...

Oh, and I hate to add yet MORE questions, but oh well, you'll live. Once you've finished the series, do you plan to write anything more set in the universe? About other characters, perhaps? Or will you go onto entirely new pastures?

jakoparsons said...

Clodagh, if your cast itches, stick a straw in it and scratch it

sarah, if you are implying mr landy is racist because he doesnt mention the race of certain characters because you would actually think about weather the are black or not, then you, yourself, are a racist.

oh and the poem, IT ROCKS SUPER DUPER UBER HARDCORE!!!!!!!

jugglingpaynes said...

It is so fun to read your blog!

Do you know what you've done to my family? Your series has had such an impact that my son dressed up as Skulduggery for Halloween last year! We are in Skulduggery withdrawal because we hadn't realized there were any more books out since The Faceless Ones! My daughter is going to London this summer simply to pick up a copy of Dark Days. Pity us.

OK, I made up that last one. She's going to London because her aunt invited her. But it's still nice to know she can get another Skulduggery book while she's there. :o)

No questions. Just basking in your awesomeness.
I mean...Derekness.

Peace and Laughter!

Cory said...

Oh, hello there mr. derek landy!
I know enough people have already asked this question, and i hate to add to the cycle, but... WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO THE US???!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? specifically seattle (Washington) the sparkly vampire state! I guess most people are scared away after that whole american idol mess... but we're honestly not normally that creepy! And when you get past the lack of sunlight, this place is really beautiful! just as a warning though, if you don't come to Washington, I'll come to you. So if and when you see a semi creepy girl run up to you with a copy of skulduggery pleasant and a pen asking for your autograph and literally spazing out in the middle of whatever supermarket, be terrified, because that's me. (mark my words when i visit ireland i will take a copy of whatever sp book i can get my hands on and a pen every where i go, because im just that paranoid.)

you have been warned.

oh i almost forgot, i have yet another question for the goldon god/ a request: will you ever give valkyrie a weapon of her own? because lets face it, she totally pwns bad guys when she has one (dusk's face, the grotesquery, ect.)plus that would make her like, ten times more awesome (if that is possible.)

Bethany said...

As an afterthought; I reckon Emily Blunt would make a damn good China. Just sayin'.

Unknown said...

To add to your never stopping supply of questions, are there shape-shifters in the skulduggery series? I know there aren't werewolves, well yet, but i can't remember if there were shape-shifters. I dont think there are but there should be!

Dantea Dredkin said...

I hate you people. You got me all excited over a movie that might never come out, and if it does, it'll be in 3 or 4 years. DAMN YOU!

OK, I'm over it.
Stay weird.


"You've got a load of dark days ahead of ya, I'd enjoy the quiet moments while you can."
-Sanguine, Dark Days

Dantea Dredkin said...

I'm curious, Derek. What is your opinion on Ganith? Give us fans some feedback and answer our questions?

Stay weird.

"Doors are for people with no imagination"

Robbie said...

OH my Gosh! IMDB says the SP movie comes out in 2010, the liars. No offence to imdb, but I trust Derek more. Grrr. Anyway, how about Katie McGrath as China Sorrows? She was born to play her! Look her up. And also, Rupert Degas, who reads the Audiobooks, could voice Skulduggery. He is so good! But, Alas, movie casters useually pick the wrong people! What if Tim Burton Directs and Jhonny Depp is Skulduggery. Gagh! Yuk! Derek, I leave it to you to prevent this unjustice from happening! Anyway,

"Stay Weird!"

It's like digging up that grave, taking the body out, rifling through it's pockets and then dancing on the whole thing.

Robbie said...

Oh, and Dantea, did you hear? I nominated you for the weird competition you started yesterday! Hope you win!

"Stay Weird!"

Even had a face that wasn't to bad to look at, if i do say so myself.

Minnie said...

jakparsons: Thanks. =)

I listened to a few chapters of the SP audiobooks, and the voice acting and everything else was great and all, but the voice for Skulduggery sounded wrong. It sounded too gravelly and serious. I know this must be how Derek wanted it, since I read he helped Rupert Degas figure out the voices, but still. Actually, Derek sounds almost exactly how I imagine Skulduggery sounds.

I don't get the Ghanith thing. Sorry, but I never saw any chemistry between them. Was there even any dialogue between them in the books? What would make them cute or appealing together? It just seems so random.

I'm ok with Sanguine's drawl. Some Southern people do talk with a drawl and some don't. And some are hospitable and some aren't. I don't find the Sanguine portrayal stereotypical or anything. With Sanguine AND Davina Marr, though, I would like to see an American GOOD guy in the books. That would be cool. Please, Derek? XD <-- random, uncalled for die-laughing smiley...Geez, THIS is why I can't write SP fanfics. I'm so very not funny. :P

Minnie said...


Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Ah, Robbie Katie Mcgrath does appear to be a fitting role for China.

I'm perfectly fine with Sanguine's drawl as well.Some people absolutely talk like that.

I don't think Ghanith will happen.I kinda doubt Mr.Landy's even considered that.I mean he may have, but it doesn't seem at all fitting so I doubts it.

"Well, to put it delicately, she has the power to suck out people's brains."
-Skulduggery Pleasant

Unknown said...

Derek! I finally got my book in the mail! :D I then proceeded to finish it in under three hours... my father was quite impressed. Now that I have read the book, I remember exactly why my friends and I love you as much as we do. Dark Days now has to be passed to at least five other people though, so it will be a bit before I can read it again. xD My friends are such moochers. I don't see why they couldn't order their OWN books from Ireland like I did... well I can see why, I just don't like it. I'm pretty positive their theory on this is "If you can get a sap to buy it for you, why buy it yourself?" Like always I was apparently the sap. :P

Anywho, please tell Tom we love him too. Lots and lots. Since he makes the covers damn interesting and accurate, which is more than can be said about most artists.

If it's question time, have you ever read Good Omens? I like the part about banana daiquiris. Author biographies are always the most interesting parts of any book. (This is true for all authors with a sense of HUMOUR at least.)

Yesterday I used the word Derektastic to describe something. My friends stared at me for a lot longer than usual. I told them it was a word to commemorate our golden god. They kept staring. I don't think the word will be catching on in any sane circles any time soon. Thankfully, being sane is not a prerequisite for being a rabid fan.

I have to do a display on a book (any book from a multitude of lists) in the library I'm working at currently. Of course, the second I saw Skulduggery Pleasant I knew immediately which book I was going to do. I will try to send you a picture if it turns out good. If it doesn't, no promises. Is there an email I can send it to? I would look it up, but I'm feeling too lazy to do so. :)

Since I was reading the Irish copy, I must say: I LOVED the way it spelled kerb and tyre (it's curb and tire over here.) Silly things like that make my day.

Have I mentioned how witty and awesome you are? Not that you need the ego stroking, but I feel it is my duty as a fan to remind you, just in case.

Okay, I've got to go to sleep. Night!


Unknown said...

Oh, and by the way, Katie Mcgrath would make an amazing China, because she could totally pose as sophisticated. And classy. Looking at some of the other actresses people have named, I'm just not sure they could pull off the beautiful ice-cold China we all know, love, and fear.
And please come to New Mexico. It's beautiful, sunny, and it would seriously make my eternity. (Have I mentioned the last time you answered my question on your blog I was jumping off the walls for a week? My friends practically had to restrain me.)
Ahhh, okay, goodnight, I really need to sleep. I am not a skeleton, I need sleep in order to function.

Josie said...

Oh goodness...

I want to be Valkyrie Cain if there's a movie.

And now you all think I'm one of those crazed out fans that have no life because I'm obsessed. Which isn't the case. I'm normal and I have a perfectly fine, dull life. I mean, I have a cat, a family that loves me, a home, school. But I don't like it because it's just not right. Like I don't belong or something.
But there's so many other people who want to be Val and there are actual actresses and there might not even be a movie, but, you know. I guess there's still a chance. Very, super slim at best.
:) I wish you guys knew me and then you could see what I mean because I would want you to give me a chance.

I love this blog! And I hope you all have a goodnight or day - wherever you are!

By the way, I would also kill for a Ford Mustang.

I have a picture on my wall that I drew - it's white with two blue racing stripes going down the middle! Another awesome car is a Folden. Which is this random car they made in NZ for charity by this guy who lives in a small town. It's a hybrid muscle car - crossed between a Ford 1969 Mustang and Holden 1970 HQ Kingswood. It's black with red stripes!

Kiiyashi said...

Oh Great One,

How does the taking of a Necromancer's object of power work? The Baron took Vile's armour and could utilize its power with only the special clothing, but Valkyrie noted that stealing Wreath's Cane (If it hadn't been given willingly), would lead to the shadows crushing her arm.

Is this a matter of magical power? How long the object has been abandoned? Perhaps the Necromancer's personal preference? Could a strong enough Necromancer force back the defensive shadows and use another's object?

Oh, and is the size relative to their strength? Or once again, Merely preference?


Claudia said...

I have one question.

It's about Skulduggery's disguise - the big sunglasses and scarf. Nothing wrong with it but...

Um, how does he put on his sunglasses, or rather, where does he put it on? He doesn't have ears... or a nose bridge or anything.

Claudia said...

That's been on my mind for like, from the start.

There are other questions but I doubt you would reveal the answers to me. So I guess I will just have to be patient.

But will you explain all the unsolved mysteries in the end? Because it will be so frustrating if some are left unsolved...

Kiiyashi said...

To add to Claudia's above statement, should there be unsolved mysteries at the end, I shall be forced to hunt you down, drain your soul and use it to reanimate a chicken. Some first class motivation right there!


Alexandre Requiem (Lynda) said...

Before you move on to some other person's more interesting questions, I have to say this:
You must get so sick of people asking you questions about the books. Example: "WILL THERE BE VALDUGGERY? WILL BLISS COME BACK? DOES MY BUTT LOOK BI-" you get my point.
So, as a refreshing change, I shall NOT be asking you questions.
Okay. Just one.
I highly, highly doubt you remember this, but in, oh, let's say March, you did an Australian ("Down Under") tour. Your destinations were "I-Can't-Remember" and also Melbourne. In the bookstore, which I THINK was called Dymmocks, there were many people. You may remember that there was a name competition. A taken name competition, that is. I won. Alexandre Requiem, blonde/ginger girl in the leather coat. My balloons attacked you when I shook your hand (and what a lovely hand, I might add) . In the after bit, when you were signing, you signed the poster-thing I'd won and told me to blow on it so it wouldn't smudge. Then I practically pranced away. Yes, that was the best day of my life.
And I hope you remember me...though I really doubt you do...
So that is my question.
-Kenspeckle Grouse
So, Derek/Golden-God/Mr-Landy/Top-Irish-Author/All-My-Hopes-Are-Riding-On-This, do you?

-HB/Joe- said...

i think those are really kool powers skyril oblivion and insanity moonshine. very kool powers indeed...

my name is Israel Matteus and i am adept. i can make people see something thats not there, eg. i can make insanity moonshine only see sane people ;)

anyway, derek did u even try to look at my awesome picture? it completely relates to u and yet i get no mention. :(

hellboy (or "inferno-joe" for those who didnt notice that i changed my name)

btw i LOVE SPIRITED AWAY! and my neighbor totoro. and kiki's delivery service. and that other one. you know? yeah, of course you do. but the one i love the most is THE CAT RETURNS! watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1

Claudia said...

Hi Hellboy. Have you tried Princess Mononoke? It's also a Studio Ghibli film, one of the best.

I'm a big fan. And have watched all of the Studio Ghibli films. I have the complete collection.

I can't wait for the next one, which will be out soon. It's called the Borrower Arrietty.

Ok, why am I talking about animation when this blog is supposed to be about the Skulduggery Pleasant books?

jakoparsons said...


Wonka said...

hmm yes cool. just to annoy, i have a question. you know you said that the Skulduggery film is still in script? well, have you actually got anybody to play people yet? coz like, i have this fantasy where i play Valkyrie... (hint, hint)
oh yeah, i agree with what you said about Spirited Away, i think it's great too! havent seen Ponyo yet though, must do.

Rosie said...


Wonka said...

oh and i extension to previuos comment, who do you hope to play Skulduggery, Tanith, Ghastly, etc?
hang on, have you even HELD the audithions yet? just a thought.

Nibs said...

Finally I'm able to comment on this thingy!:D
Maleficent used to scare me... I used to think she would pop out of my bathroom!
Are you gonna come to Cork on your tour? I think you should 'cause Cork is Awesome!

Nibs said...

Oh and Spirited Away is AWESOME!
And can you speak Irish cause in the 2nd book China asks do they still teach Irish in school and I was wondering can you?

Geckogirl said...

sports day today.
was in relay.
failed misribly at my bit.
was against fastest people in school.
meh. meh indeed.
mehhh. nothing else csn describe how i feel.
tis too hot today.
and im to tired and grumpy to go swimming.
i havent really got much to say. too depressed. hope im not turning into a emo.
i am anoyed today with many people for no particulare reason. and im very snappy.


geckogirl out.

p.s sorry i didnt really comment on anything at all. i just complained.....alot. i wasnt even funny. just depressing.
i suppose.

Harly Ryker said...

YOU'RE COMING TO BELFAST?!?!?!?!?!?!? whoooooooooot whoooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! You shall see me there, and I shall make you sign my boooooooks, and get a pictureeeeeeee, and tell you I'm a minnnnnionnnnnnn.....and tell you are EPIC...........
And you need to tell us when/if it is getting made into a movie, because I am an aspiring director, so.....
And you will know it's me when you seeeeee meeeeee!!!!=)=)
Can you say hi too me on the next post??!?!?!?!
Rock on, fellow minions. Going to try find something to write about in my book.

-Harly Ryker

Unknown said...

You may note that I havn't commented on your blogs very recently, Mr Landy. This is because you did me a great injustist. however, i have forgiven you... because i am nice...and pretty. I have some questions for you now, and they are; Did you always wanted to be a writer? and What was and who your favums subject and teacher at school?

yours, curiously
Georgia Long-Name

Anonymous said...

Derek, here is my question: What happens to a Necromancer's object of power when the owner dies, or another Necromancer touches it?!

jakoparsons said...


which movies ave you directed?

Robbie said...

Hi everyone! So, question Derek. I would think that you'd have noticed by now, that the US NEEDS you. Its poor economic state could only be helped by a god! Come over to the US for a book signing, preferably in Virginia, and we will be saved!

Eluned said...

Is that ghost guy that lives below Gorden's house going to be in another book?

Robbie said...

Oh, and can everyone explain to me WHY spirited away was good? I saw it, and I can;t figure out how it was good. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Miyazaki, Howel's Moving Castle stole my heart, but spirited away just... It was'nt good. It was It did'nt really have a point.

Eluned said...

I think spirited away is quite good .

Eluned said...

See ya people got to go , I know you'll miss me but you're going to have to live with it . Sorry .

Anonymous said...

Mr Landy,

Here's a question for you. You are continually calling yourself a 'golden god' and claiming thereby that you have the powers of wit and writing associated with this title. Yet in the Skulduggery Pleasant books, the only 'gods' mentioned are the Faceless Ones -- who are pure evil. Therefore, logically, by calling yourself a 'golden god' you are setting yourself up as a shining example of an incarnation of pure evil.

So my question is this: is that what you intended?

The other question, on a lighter note is: so you're touring Ireland in September. You had discussed possilby also touring Scotland and the North of England. Are you going to? (Please, please say yes. Especially to the Scotland bit. Edinburgh is lovely that time of year.)

And to Robbie -- if you thought the movie of Howl's Moving Castle was good, try the book (Diana Wynne Jones). There are two more, also.

Cory said...

oh hello there mr derek landy!
ok sorry i just saw jakoparsons's question, and i must answer it for the golden god, he has not directed any movies! and i must say, have you seen the new sherlock holmes? oh golden god? well if you haven't it's a very surreal experience. seriosly if you make watson a 13 year old girl i daresay it would be a ripoff. nonetheless it's a very very good movie and all OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! i forgot to tell you!!! I am thoroughly offended by the new movie sorcerer's aprentice!! (it's probably an american thing)but it's like a total s.p. ripoff. It's like if they made valkyrie a dude and skulduggery nicholas cage!!! how creepy is that? if you havent seen the trailer yet look it up on youtube. I find it highly offensive. what is wrong with people?

p.s. i was just texting my friend (vicky) and i told her i was commenting on your blog and she told me to say hi and that your amazing!

jakoparsons said...

oh sorry i meant wrote screenplays for

Unknown said...

do the faceless ones return in a future SP book or is that the end of them?

PS. I like the twist at the end of Dark Days

PPS. I also like CHIKEN!!!

Robbie said...

THis is too Cory. Um, OK, if you have'nt noticed, no offence to the Golden God, but that theme has been used time and time again. Sarcastic Master, doubtful and serious student. It just happens. SKulduggary just does a better job with the concept than anyone else! Also, DONT DISSS AMERICA! SOME AMERICAN THING? Sheesh. Just because one of the greatest books of all time came from ireland, does'nt mean that America stinks. Peace out!

Matthew Meehan said...

America stinks for many reasons. Such as you spelt doesn't as "does'nt" americans have terrible grammar. Also "one of the greatest books of all time came from Ireland" I'll excuse your lack of a capital I. There are many great books from Ireland, the Artemis Fowl series and Airman by Eoin Colfer. The Chronicles of Narnia set in my home county, county Louth. Irish auther Roddy Doyle had many books turned into movies.
All in all many great literary works have come from Ireland. It is also fact that the Irish have the best standard of english around.
Sorry to harp on but I think I've made my point clear. Ireland is great, America sucks.

Ps. Read Dark Days in one sitting! Fantastic book, can't wait for more! One or two pieces were slightly predictable but that gave me slight satisfaction that I know where the story is going. September has a silver lining now. :)

If you bothered to read all of this thanks.
Matthew Meehan.

Dantea Dredkin said...

Yah! I've been nominated to be the weirdest of them all!(that is a good thing, right?)

I don't think its fair to vote for myself, though. So I nominate Insanity Moonshine. She's crazy!(in a good way)

I liked Howel's Moving Castle, but it wasen't one of my favorites. I especially liked The castle in the sky.
Stay weird.


"Doors are for people with no imagination."

Dantea Dredkin said...

Matthew Meehan sucks eggs! How dare he diss Americans! The prick.

I'm not saying Ireland sucks,(I'm not that shallow) I'm just saying Matthew does. Matthew, all Americans now hate you. How does it feel? Billions of people now curse your name. I would set my tiger on you, but I don't know where you live. Lucky.

I would start an Americans Against Matthew support group, but I don't think there are enough Americans on this sight. Once again, lucky.


Unknown said...

Dantea, can I join?
For God's sake, we are writing on a blog's comment section. We will not be publishing this stuff, so it is okay if people disregard proper capitalization for a moment or so. Matthew, your disregard for American contributions to the world of writing is upsetting. Americans such as Joss Whedon, Robert Frost, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe, Walt Whitman, and many more have paved the way, changing the world of writing as we know it. Generally I would not give a damn, but you not only insulted my country, you insulted a fellow Skulduggery fan, and that I CAN NOT ABIDE. >:P
However, I recognize that you, as a Skulduggery fan as well, cannot be ALL bad. I'm just hoping you can get past your anti-American ideas some time in the near future. We aren't a bad country, and we do NOT suck. It will be rather regrettable if you can't find a way to move past this issue.
Yes I do love Ireland. But I just don't think the broad generalization of "America sucks" is in any way justified.

Unknown said...

hey Matthew... and we Americans will excuse your lack of capital A. And we will set Dantea's tiger on you, so there.

Dantea Dredkin said...

Ha! Ha! Power to the people!

Unknown said...

And to tigers. With very sharp fangs. <3

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Happy (slightly belated) birthday, rhosyn123! ^.^

I'm s'posed to be asleep right now so I'll read all the other comments later. *yawn*

Becky Allaker said...

Well THAT took a while to read. As for Genisisnx... LonelyOne on deviant... she's... WOW. I mean.... how do you DRAW/computery stuff like that? I don't understand it, it confuses my poor, tiny brain! And I'm so proud of the fact that she comes from MY town! BO YAH!
Oh, as for the tour, in September, PLEASE say this time that you ARE coming SOMEWHERE near Norwich? PLEASE? I must annoy you with my annoyingness. Nah, I'm not that bad... seem it on here though... YAY!
Haha, as proof of how bad my Irish accent is; my American penpal, Ash (she's written out e-mails I've sent you before now), can't tell the difference between my British accent, and Irish. And when I do an Irish accent, I can't seem to be able to decide whether it's a NORTHERN Irish accent, or Southern. Meh, I'll stick wi' bein' 'r farmerrrr! SUFFOLK GIRL I ARE! Oh arhhh!
ANYWAY, we won't get to know his given name? That SUCKS! Fine, I shall call him BOB. God that'd be funny... *drifts off into some unstable dreamworld*
Valkyrie turned her head to Skulduggery as he drove, readying herself to ask a question she had been dying to for such a long time. "Skulduggery...?" She said, cautiously. He turned his head to her slightly. "Yes?"
"What was your given name?" She asked far too quickly... God she didn't want to repeat it.
He fully turned his head to her, regardless of the fact that he was driving.
"Yes, Bob." She looked out of the window of the Bentley, trying so hard not to laugh... it wasnt working.
Wow... That was some BADDDD writing mojo, man! But, God, that would be funny. Bob's such an awesome name.
Anyway... I can't think of no other questions... Oh, what happened to the dude that helped China out?
Why is Harmony so hard to draw? When will the mysteries of the universe be solved? Why does my dog's tongue grow a mile when he's been for a walk? Why does cheese have holes in it? Why was that camera crew filming those Jaguar's down the road? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!

Valora Destry said...

wow, I leave this blog for one day and suddenly everone is either dissing america or defending it. hmmm... interesting. I would have to say, though, that I have never been to neither North nor South America, so I can't really add anything deep and insightful to this argument (sorry!)

so other then that there isn't really anything for me to talk about.

"Surprise! It's the clothes!"
"You are so weird."
--Val and SKul

~Acacia Volt~ said...

ok now im sure that our 100%- or at least 76.9%- over all of these questions but of course the world wants answers and for there to be answers there MUST be questions, so: did skulduggery pick another taken name after he 'died' or was it a coincidence? also does tom have a blog? is not make him blog under duress aswell!!!

Aimee =] said...

Jesus, I cant wait for the next book :D :)

You know guys and girls, two more months to go!!!!

Valora Destry said...

whens the next time youre touring?? i was so annoyed to hear you toured in sydney and i didnt no about it!!! grrrr... you have to come again!

Danielle said...

just out of curiousity, will you ever dedicate a book to your fans? say moi for instance? all i mean is you do have a book coming out soon and it is only fair... p.s i am super keen to read M.C ;D annnnd one more question, do actually read ALL the comments or do u go through them randomly or have an assistant to do that instead? p.p.s i just found out what the word 'duress' means and just wanted to say how witty the 'derek landy blogs under duress' thing is now. annd one more question: did you always plan to write books for young adults or teenagers or whatever? wouldnt it be easier writing books for your peers? and do u feel pressured to make Valkirie seem all 21st century? and do u think the world will end in 2012??

Johanna said...

Ok, I don't know you personally, but thats my second comment!!
I can't find my first because there so many comments....
I haven't got comments ;(
Naja ist ja auch egal!^^°
That was german, ok..
I red your text, and i smiled!!
I like to read your stuff!!
It's funny, isn't it!^^° :D :D :D °_°
er.. yess ok, I've seen, that you can comment the comments!!^^°
Thats funny, I didn't know that ok....
I should have to stop writing, but my fingers don't want to!
Aaaaaaah! They aren't under my control!!!!!!!!!!!!
f,jbzfkeJHCVGZewofgbwjefhvwFVUIWEGFÖIBWJKbgjausfbdfbvjkbvjvbwvbuoiwesdbckjdsbviesvlieb jkwebvuieqw bYe bYE !!!!^^°

Eluned said...

Hi People I'm back! Did ya miss me ?

Eluned said...

I think the Skulduggery Pleasant books are the best books in the world , and I can't wait for Mortal Coil to come out! :)

Derek Landy said...

The golden god would like it to be known that he hearts America.

Eluned said...

I anybody there?

Eluned said...

Is that guy that lives below Gorden's house going to be in another book do you think?

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

OMG I AM NOT WEARING A DRESS i have to wear a dress to my dads wedding -cries in corner-i am not wearing a dress ACK!!! EVEN WORSE IT'S PINK!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH RUN AND HIDE

Dusk said...

well I've finally got around to posting a comment but you can't rush awesomeness. well I spose I should atleast ask a few questions:

1) what would you pick as a pet out of any animal?
2) which of the "smaller" characters ,as in not a main, would you put into there own short story and why?

That's pretty much it for now, talk to you later
Dusk Grimshaw

Kate Stuart-Smith said...

What the hell? Ahh I forgot to ask my question annoying thing is I forgot the question damn it!! and you can rush awesomeness but then I guess it would be a fail moment
Yey i remembered my question:
what inspired you to write Skulduggery Pleasant?

GreyAngel said...

hey Derek,congrats on another great blog.i was wondering are you going to be putting more of Caelan in mortal coil ? i thought he was a great addition in dark days.

Harly Ryker said...

I've never been to America, only Ireland and England. Let's just say that we are all kind of stupid in some ways, awesome in others. We're all just as bad as the other. Let's just say we are all full of epic-ness! =)

The Cellist said...

I don't know what to say!!!
All the questions seem to have been answered!!!
I will have to think VERY HARD to dream up some obscure question that nobody has asked yet. *thinks*

Matthew Meehan said...

To refine my arguement,
I'm not a complete hater of America. I just think the country sucks as a whole.
Its economic and voting system is terrible. The P.R. (proportional representation) system is far superior to anyother.
There are many great writers to come from America. I am infact related to Mark Twain through marriage. My uncle, married to my mothers sister, is a cousin of Mark Twain.
I have many relations in America. One of my best friends are American.
My views on the country are so low because it is one of violence and lawlessness.
Yes I know that these posts will not be published but I prefer the use of proper english, ie. punctuation, spelling and grammar. Please excuse me for not capitalising my "A" for Americans.
I'm sure all Americans do not hate me. Some may agree with my own personal opinions. Also there are not billions of people in America, the world population is only 7-8 billion people. The rough population of America is 300 million.
I do like American bands, such as Blink 182 and I'm sure you like Irish bands, like U2 or Two Door Cinema Club.
To Bex the difference between a Northern and Southern Irish accent is huge! In the Republic, where I live, there are many different accents depending on the town. Take Dublin for example, it has at least 4 or 5 different accents depending on the area.
Anyways enough of this rant and rave.
Skulduggery Pleasant is a fantastic series and I cannot wait for more!! :D
I hope everyone is appeased now?
If not I'll try fix it. :)

Skyril A.K.A the Vociferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, The Ever-Present, the Pluviophile said...

Thanks, Hellboy!That's a pretty cool power you've got there yourself. :-D I bet it's really fun too!

lol Mr.Derek Landy I don't think you're going to run out of questions.Everyone has at least one ^.^

Listen to Robbie!!!We NEED you here in the USA!!!Plus if you come you'll get cheese!!And much love from adoring fans!!Seriously,you know you want the cheese...

I agree, Robbie.I mean, it was literally years ago that I saw it, but...wasn't the main guy..,like, a river or something like that?That, to me, was just silly...

Oh, Matthew I prefer proper grammar as well, but it's not like the majority of the US has bad grammar.I think you may be assuming because of movies you've seen.
It also depends on the area where violence occurs as, I'm sure, it does where you live.

Ahhh!Yay!Our golden god hearts America!!!!I'm so glad you made that known, Mr.Derek Landy ^.^.

Stay weird!

"Ah the twins.I'll never forget the day they were born," and his smile dipped as he added, "no matter how hard I try...."
-Echo Gordon

Robbie said...

Mattew. First of all, you're only coming around to America because you heard that Derek hearts it. Second, we don't care about proper punctualtion because it is just NOT IMPORTANT when posting in a blog! We do pay attention to important things. But also, I'm not saying america sinks by the way, but you are really putting up a good arguement. Here is my rebuttle:

Good American Books:
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
THe Kane Chronicals
THe penderwicks
Twilight (don't say anything about this one, all you haters)

Wait, I'm sorry, I did'nt read the part in your blog about how you son't hate all American books. But there they are anyway.
BUt, I do agree, I'm upset about american violance. I, myself, am a pacifist, and only like violance when its fiction, like SP. Still...


Stay Wierd!

Also, can we end this feud? THere is not point. It is only making us angry.

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

meh... sarrite. i just wanted peepul to know that not ALL of us from the South were switchblade wielding sociopaths. just everyone in Shreveport and Meterie. HA HA!!! jk..... OR AM I?!?!?! nah. bleh im going into high school soon along with vampire freak (lives a few houses down from me) and me and her are scared STIFF! any advice. (and we know that murdering the seniors is a bad idea. but wat if they diserve it???)

Robbie said...

Also, WHen is the Munchkin Army to become availiable to the US? I want to join, but it is only availiable in the UK and New Zealand. I would try to join on their SP sites, but I have to promise I am from those places, and I don't lie. Can you bring the Munchkin army here? PLEEASE!?

Stay Wierd!

P.S. Derek, what do you think of our catchphrase?

Robbie said...

And Mattew, my grammer, I don't want to hear it.

Matthew Meehan said...

Alright Robbie. We'll end the petty squabbling. Seeing as you asked nicely ^^
I just have one thing to say before we call it quits.
The Percy Jackson series is fantastic, I agree with you there. I haven't read The Kane Chronicles or The Penderwicks, any good?
Twilight, I detest the series. I read all of it. The author, Stephanie Meyer, changed Romeo and Juliet just enough so that it didn't breach copyright.
The Cullens were The Montagues and the Swans and Werewolves were the Capulets.
Forbidden love and so on and so forth. We've heard it all before. There is no actual violence graphically written in the books, the whole second book could be disregarded altogether but for three to five chapters. Edward leaves, Bella's upset and lies in the forest and becomes camatose, Jacob tries to make Bella love him, he fails, a vampire named Victoria tries to attack Bella, she fails, Bella almost dies, Alice shows up, they go to Italy to find Edward, they find him, they all live happily ever after. Then the fourth book comes out.
Mr. Landy what are your views on the Twilight Saga? Yay or nay?
Also, there's an english teacher in my school named Ms. Landy. Any relation?

Aimee =] said...

Twilight? Eugh...Dont mention that name on such an awesome blog!

I think Twilight was good before Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison came along...

(Sorry for the spelling of there names)
I thought the books were good, but the movie ruined the series :(

Stay weird? Nice :)

You know waht... Once my NCEA assignments are over, and I can finally relax...I may just have to read the Skulduggery awesomeness again...

Though, Derek, you really are in much debt to Tom...I would have NEVER picked up the book if the cover had sucked, but Tom really has done an awesome job :)

And people keep talking about the hard cover of Skulduggery pleasant, we dont get that in New Zealand :o

And Derek, have you noticed the height of the soft covers books go up and down? I really do wonder why they do that :P LOL I have to much time on my hands to be noticing such silly things :P

Robbie said...

Ahh, here we go. Back into skulduggary business agin.Ok, this is nice. So, I have a question for everybody else in this blog, because Idon't want to bother Mr. Landy any further. So, Why are elemental mages considered apart from adepts, and EVERY other kind of magic is adept, no matter how different they are. For instance, the art of languages and necromancy are both adept. Are'nt those just as different as elemental and any other type of magic. In fact, Necromancy and elemental should even be considered in the same catagory, because they both involve manipulating aspects of the earth. What are your opinions?

Stay Weird!

Matthew Meehan said...

I would consider Necromancy, Elemental, Adept and the Ancient Language to be all of the types of magic. I would then sub-catergorise Adept to Agressive and Non-Agressive.
Agreeive being like a gist and Non-Agressive being languages.
Hope that helps!

Talorya Breeze said...

Heyyy Mr. Landy! =D I have a question (it sounds like you get alot of them!); Do we ever learn more of the story of Skulduggery's family? He gave us a little insight in the first book, but not much. I think it'd be pretty cool! =)

And it just so happens I thought of another one! Lol Did you get the group name Diablerie from the word diabolical?

Ok, well I'm done here for today, but I'll be back!!!!

P.S I think the man in the mask is a good-guy-gone bad (aka the SECRET man who Davina Marr MYSTERIOUSLY met with)

Talorya Breeze said...

Ok, I lIED! It turns out I'm not done. =D Alright: 1) I agree with Robbie... COME TO AMERICA! If you don't, I'll haunt you FOREVER... Ever...ever...

Hmm, Did anyone else happen to hear the echoing?

Anyways, 2) I like the Valkyrie/Fletcher pairing! I think it's cute and it's ALOT less creepy than a 400 year old or so dead skeleton with a 15 year old girl.

That would be wrong beyond believe.

And 3) (Last one, I promise!) Thurid Guild chose the WORST detectives, I must say. And neither one of them are as awesome as the great Skulduggery Pleasant!

Well, NOW I'm done lol but, I reiterate... I WILL be back! =)

"We're not retreating, we're advancing in reverse"

Unknown said...

Hehehehellboy? Please don't do that. Sane people scare me. OR DO T- please I'm not in the mood for that. Oh and my puntuation and. Spelling is mostly because of my iPod. Now I have to go in a corner because of hellboy. *gets in corner and mutters stuff about sane people* HAKUNAMALALAHEATHDYK ICE CREAM MEN RUN YOU OVER I AM IRON MAN I AM THE WERIDEST

Unknown said...

Derek, since you love the USA so much, you should COME HERE! My school's librarian wanted to know if you have a fee or anything to come talk to us... Even if you don't, PLEASE come to the SouthWest. I would seriously drive all day if I had to, in order to get to meet you. PLEASE COME!!! YOUR FOLLOWERS NEED YOU! Plus, I would bake you cookies. GOOD cookies. So? What do you say?

Unknown said...

Derek, if you come to my school, here in east Texas, or any town within an hour or two (Dallas, houston, lufkin, Crockett just to name a few) I will bring my famous sour cream softies! Everyone loves them :D

Unknown said...


~Acacia Volt~ said...

........yes i know but still,questions are what makes the world go i know that you are probably going to answer this question with a 'wait for the book' but i still want to see because you are unpredictable. In the description of mortal coil, it says that no one can trust eachother because the remenants get loose but i was wondering, if the remenants go down people's throats, then how does it work with skul???

Valora Destry said...

boy do i kinda feel out of this patriotism to america thing.... its good to hear though that our golden god approves of the americans following this blog. isn't it cool how people form all over the world follow this blog? i find that so cool, how im reading what people are saying all around the world. ok my ranting is over.

oh and i decided, just to spice things up a little, to change my orignal name (kirsty) to my character competitions name (Valora Destry).

Valora Destry said...

oh and ive got a question: (this is in the second book) sanguine said he didn't rescue Baron Vengeos until 80 years later because there wasn't the missing ingredient (blood of ancients). they needed to wait for Valkyrie to use her blood. But wouldn't anyone else's blood from her family work for the Grotesquery's resurrection? Wouldn't any of her relatives 80 years earlier still have the same blood,so why wait for her? is it because they didn't know about the ancient blood thingo or what?

food for thought...

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