Wednesday, August 17, 2016

American Monsters Tour

The third and final book in the Demon Road series is almost upon us... (of course, if you're in Ireland, it may be upon you already...)

Tour details are below. If you can make it, AWESOME. If we're not going anywhere near you, hopefully we will at some stage in the future.


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Jophiel said...

Okay, I was going to leave this for someone else to take, because I've had the top post for the last year and a half, but I guess I'll take it again.

I'm dedicating this page to Blogaland.

You've treated us well, done us proud, and made a family from misfits. You bought together a whole lot of people who probably would have never met otherwise, and left us with some pretty rad memories. We made a home here when some of our homes were pretty broken and empty and altogether not that nice.

And, to Derek, too. Because without you, we wouldn't have had a 'here'.

It's time to put this beautiful place to rest. I can only hope you all have wonderful lives and live magical adventures. I love you all.

- Rose

Garret Falcone said...

Literally just thought of this and now I’m in crisis.
it’s in the first book and generally through out the series, they all talk of a war that took place before the events of the books,
But my question is, does the magic world have an army in the same way a country has an army? So people dedicated to combat or was it more along the lines of “get everyone involved quick, because it’s gonna decide our futures” sorta thing?.

Genuine question

Fashion Tips said...

I love you ur books I go to realt na Mara biggest fan by the way I have a blog to

Inky Flame said...

I can’t believe I joined this place when I was like,13 and now I turn 21 today 😭

afibiz said...

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Saoirse/Sorcha/Velvet said...

I still come back every now and then to remind myself of the amazing community we had here
missing you all 💔

anyway an updated email address is in my profile if anyone ever wants to get in contact (I got locked out my old one)

Moss Harbor Elsinore Lantern Cryptic said...

Oh hey it’s my blogversary (maybe. It’s either today or yesterday or tomorrow)

Jophiel said...

This blog was one of the best and worst decisions of my life.

I met the most amazing people on here and created amazing stories and memories. There will be things that will always remind me of blogland or your characters or some stupid mad plot we'd have. I'm reminded of the days where I would wake up an hour earlier normal before school so I could read up on every comment, so I could see who had done what, said what, and where the plot was up to.


I was struggling back in those days. It would be about 10 years ago when I joined. I was going through quite a bit and blogland was my escape. It was my sanctuary. From that, there were two kinds of people: the ones who helped, and the ones who preyed on my struggles.
I will not name names, although they know full well who they are because I was talking to them recently about how bad they messed up. I, a young teenager suffering with mental health issues, was manipulated, lied to, threatened, heavily encouraged to write smut (with another who was over 18 (and is heckin illegal)), mentally tormented, and broken down to be rebuilt as their best friend. I was sent emails from someone we lost too soon. I was begged not to tell anyone. I was drowning in my terror because I couldn't tell anyone. And when things got bad, I was threatened again. Because I would be killing others if I hurt myself.

And when I would leave and I cut contact... Things got better. Until that person would find a way to drag me back in again. At least I am old enough to know my rights and have enough evidence of abuse, bullying, torment, and smut that I can talk to a lawyer about it if they attempt to contact me again - something I have made quite clear to them.

But because of all of that, I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I will never have my fairytale life I always wanted. It's ruined friendships, relationships, jobs, and so many opportunities. All of that which I will never get back.

So thank you Blogland. For the good, at least. I'm am so fucking sorry if any of you went through the same thing with that person. No one deserved that. Not young, impressionable kids struggling with their mental health and wanting to make friends and tell stories. And not when that person was old enough to know better.

So goodbye Blogland. I do hope I never have a reason to be anywhere near here again.
-- Death Rose

Eve the ROCK said...

Okay so I wrote a big embarrassing comment then it got erased. Kinda relieved, kinda bummed out...

Well the story is that I’m worse than ever; can’t reply to you guys’ life update emails because I’m ashamed of myself; I’m honestly deteriorating; don’t really leave my bed these days; I’m a pathetic slug corpse; taking comfort in things that aren’t real; I wish the past two years of my existence weren’t real; trying to pretend I don’t exist in general; hanging onto the very last bit of hope for myself that I have; hope everyone is doing well I am fine.

This isn’t for anyone to feel sorry for me it’s just for my future Eve. I hope I can seance her through this comment and find out if I should just climb into the ceiling and start rotting already. Sorry blogland I’m just a darker shade of pathetic every time I come back here. See you soon.

*eats a live chicken*

Eve the ROCK said...

Also if Derek ever shut this website down I would cry haha, spare us please

Inky Flame said...

*hugs eve* I’m here for you

Noelle said...

I wanted to just pop in here once and say something cool:

Aretha and I never stopped writing. In 2014, in the midst of the cyberbullying from a number of people on this blog, I made a private blog with Aretha. The two of us shared this blog by ourselves. I just counted that from 2014, up until today, the two of us have amassed 55,045 comments on this blog. Let's pretend each comment is around 50 words (which it varies wildly, but let's say this is the average), that is 2,752,250 words.

(This is different from the other private blog called Writers, Authors, and Little Conversations that I shared with Aretha, Trip, Star, Mara, Fabi, and a few others which collectively amassed 44,793 comments- I would say the average comment there was probably 100 words, since Star was known to rant back in the day-- that would be 4,479,300 words collectively)

That's insane. And I love it.

Noelle said...

One other thing- Death, I know we never really got along, but I also have Borderline Personality Disorder, and I think the two of us struggled with a lot of similar things at the same time. I tried to reach out to you on Twitter a few months ago, to no response. But hearing you struggle with BPD has made me want to just let you know that I see you and hear you, and I think maybe one of the reasons we butted heads so much was that undiagnosed BPD + undiagnosed BPD= too many uncontrollable, intense, exposed-nerve-like emotions. I wish you the best, though, and hope that you have a way to live peacefully with this disorder.

-Noelle/ Adra

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Fabi S. - Fashion-Conscious Fire Wraith said...

Thinking of y'all.

Times are crazy right now, everywhere, for everyone.

But we'll all get through it.

Inky Flame said...

I miss you all! Look for Chloe Elizabeth on Fb!!!

Inky Flame said...

I love you guys.

saher said...

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