Friday, May 21, 2010

Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil

Is it not wonderful??

Oh, and because of YOU lot, who have responded so positively to Mortal Coil as a title, I have convinced my publishers to keep it! So thank you!


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Bethany said...

Mortal Coil is an AH-mazing title, equally matched by the awesome cover. Tom's outdone himself this time. It's brilliant.

First comment. Finally.
I shan't boast... not at all. Maybe just a little bit.

Raged, mes amigos.

Molly said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I totaly LOVE it! That is so cool.....

That's a pretty hot cover. I cant wait to read MORTAL COIL *duh duh duhhh*

I read book four in one day.... It.... was..... AWESOME!!!!!!!! I am now ravenous for more books... -meh, more books-

Anonymous said...

sorry for the *os* (sorry)
Mortal coil! I LOVE THE COVER!!!its soooooo awesoooome
i just thought: what happens to skulduggery????? i mean: What happeeeeens?????????????????
so, i´m just thinking at this moment: it´s such a great cover!!!
oh yes, it´s veeery pretty!!!
thank you ^!^

SamanthaStandfield said...

that's the best! :)
It's an awesome cover and it's the best name. Nice work! :)


Samantha Standfield :)

Anonymous said...

My mind. IT IS BLOWN.

nĂºria said...

That's really what draw a person?
The truth is that "lovely" is not a good adjective to the drawing in appropriate adjective would be "AMAZING" or "INHUMANE" because it is incredible that a person may have made.


Tom you're a genius.
Of course you too Derek.

SimAllyHer said...


Congrats on getting the original title accepted :)

The new cover is AMAZING! looking forward to the word between the covers more though, so it's great news that your finally done :D

What game you going to play?

Em said...


Firaaz said...

Looks awesome. I'm glad that I started off a "First comment!" trend. :D

Lady_Kandrakar said...

That is amazing! I can't wait to read the book itself!

emogirl4life96 said...

Do you realise what you have done to me Mr Landy! I'm now addicted to Skulduggery Pleasant!!! I can't stop reading!!!!!! I hope you're happy now! (You probably are VERY happy but I don't care seeing as... well yeah... I are now confoosed.)
Anyway, can't wait til Mortal Coil! Oh and I know you get so many comments every day, and about a million people probably say this but... I came up with the character name 'Venus Deviance' and I would literally hit the roof (and maybe shoot through the ceiling) if you used it in one of your books, even if she's only mentioned once in the most incignificant way. Thanks. Deanna. (P.S. I'm one of your friends on facebook)(P.P.S. Penguins...)

Holly said...

Like the reaction to the facade tattoo (though a little more hysterical) I LOVE THIS!

Ahem. I loved mortal coil too. Don't ever dumb your books down, Mr. Landy!
Oh, and go buy Tom Percival a pint or something. That is full of equal awesome.

Ayries said...
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Ayries said...

Talk about worth the wait! AND it's called Mortal Coil still? *A* EXCELLENT. You see, this blog is good for something! Occasionally! So don't complain so much :P

ALSO, does this mean the cover will be in colour right off the bat?

flaring rhythm said...

Oh. My. Tre.

Oh. My. Tre.

Oh. My. Tre.

I'm sorry, I can't think of anything else to say except 'Oh My Tre' and 'Woot! It's my birthday!'

And appart from that. I'm still staring at the cover.



Funsize said...

Oh. My. Gods. I LOVE IT! It is more than wonderful, it is... it is... words fail me. I shall go with an astounded 'wow'. Tom, you have outdone yourself.

neelnanda said...

ok i predict that itll have zombies, more grotesqueries, something like a grotesquery or a completely new thing

and that darquesses will b valkyries little bro or sister after valkyrie casts a seal on here true name

and that lord vile will return

and that you will explain how dusk survived after being knocked out in the sea where he mustve swallowed water and therefore died

and that the evil guy with golden eyes will start a revolution

and if u do any of these things remember


legi0nn said...

That is stunning, just wonderful :3
The colors on Tom's artwork is always so rich, it makes mah eyes bleed!!! In a good way.
And congratulations upon finishing Mortal Coil, Derek Landy! I will be keeping an eye out for it on book shelves this September :O!!!

Anonymous said...


But I love the cover the Derek! And the title, it sounds awesome and kind of creepy. Can't wait to read. And When will you announce the character contest winner?

It's a little rough right now and I still have some work to do but for now it's ready for opening.

Go check it out! muahaha

Nevala Morose said...

I can't believe Tom Percivil has soo much TALENT!!!
I thouroughly agree with Holly, please buy Tom a pint. Or two. And a complementary packet of salted peanuts.
Whatever scrape Skulduggery is in on the cover, I know he'll get out of it !!
He has the habit of doing that...
One day I want to meet Tom, or someone with that talent (though I strongly doubt we will find another..) and I will say ;


Hopefully I will have the chance to give him that message ^.^

madison said...

THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAGIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow that was a lot of exclamation points. Your illustrator guy was right! It is the best cover yet. It will be torture not having the book on my special Skulduggery Pleasant shelf. But with my other Skulduggery Pleasant books and a whole lot of peanut butter I think I can make it. Wow. That was a supprisingly short comment.

skyril said...

Wow!That is so positively awesome!
Fantastic work Mr.Tom!
I love!It's the best so far I do believe!I can understand how lovely wouldn't be the best response, but you know how mothers go sometimes."oh that's nice dear.You're reading about a skeleton detective who can shoot fire and dry your clothes in an instant with his elemental powers who saves the world on a regular basis."

That's great, Mr.Landy that you get to keep the title you wanted!
I'd hate it if I came up with the perfect title, and your publishers say you can't use that one.



"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity"

Anonymous said...

Ha no one read my comment? ): It's open!

lol skyril, I love your comment on mothers xD

In a short while I shall go clear off a special shelf for my own SP series and then I shall go buy them. All in hardcover I hope. shelves seem a trifle dusty.

Holy crap, "trifle" isn't the right word...brb, gotta get my inhaler. But it looks great and I can't wait to put it up on the site with the other books!

skyril said...

Sorry Miep I was too excited to read everyone's comments 'till I posted my own.That's great!I so have to check it out!
Haha I thought 'twas a fairly accurate quote. :D


Kirsty said...

wow, that is a pretty funkadelic cover!!

mb.melone95 said...

I read every book on one day!
One to three in german (yup I'm from germany ;) )
and the fourth in english.
I'll read all "Skuldiggerys" coming next in english, the german translators are sooo slow!!
The fourth book in german will release in November!
They cannot be in earnest!
When the fith english Book releases september they can't release the fouth german book in november!?
Why do they need seven month for translating!
That can't go on -.-

SamanthaStandfield said...

that's sad Melone.
I feel you pain, but it subsides every time i look at that staggering cover! =)
I've been waiting sooooooooo long for this book, looking the cover fills me with hope.

I'm jumping out of my skin...well not literally that would hurt.

Samantha Standfield :)

Emmy said...

A purple tie?
How manly.
No, really. I mean it.

skyril said...

wow that *must* be truly annoying Mb.Melone!
I haven't a clue as to why someone would need 7 MONTHS to translate a book.
Maybe you can order it online at e-bay or something?
I don't know how 'twould different for someone in Germany, but maybe you can get someone to order it for then you pa them back or something?
I know 'tis extremely hard to wait for something you want so badly.


"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity"

Ashers said...






Anonymous said...

Truely awesome :) just one thing what's the blue thing at the back because the big evil grabby arms are holding it making me think it is something important no? Or it could just be someones arm they've ripped off
anyway all I could think of was they're grabbing his hat he is letting them grab his hat, in a split second things r gonna get bad, this bad (spectacular, witty and cool bad in the style of the great skeleton hismself) is gonna happen soon to them( the grabby arms, they should have never had messed with his hat), skullduggery isn't gonna let them take HIS hat

Monique said...

It is wonderful! It is epic! Doesn't look like many people are very happy with him at the moment, finally no Valkyrie in the cover! ...I prefer the covers with just him, like the first one. This is gonna be good

Anonymous said...

Superb! Love the cover, and the title is brilliant! :D

Carina said...

OH MY GOD! THAT'S BRILLIENT!! IT'S WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WORK! OH I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 5TH SKULDUGGERY! JUST BY LOOKING AT THE COVER I SCREAMED IN EXCITEMENT!! (though Skulduggery might be screaming of something else, I mean come on! the world has just been screwed over! thanks bad guys, thank you very much)

Tarotiste said...

1. This is really beautiful, eyecatching, stunning ... just... wow.

2. SO happy about the title. I get so tired of everything being dumbed down because "they" think "we" don't get it. If they keep dumbing things down "we" eventually won't! Mortal Coil is a great title and really suits the mood you've had going with the last couple of books.

Recently saw Percy Jackson (loved the books *shudder at the movie*) so just BTW, when and if they do ever make a movie for your book, PLEASE PLEASE retain some kind of control... it must stay beautifully, oddly, strangely uniquely as you made it.

(I'm having these visions of Catherine Zeta Jones as Valkyrie Cain for some reason all of a sudden... sigh.)

Thanks for sharing. I've had your blog up and been refreshing it dying to see this. It was worth it!


Ambiguity said...

ZOMG! Really?! That's spec! I've been referring to it as Mortal coil (but that's not gonna be it's name) NOW I can go Mortal Coil (it's GONNA be it's name!!!!!! Yay!)
The cover's good, I guess you could say that the covers get better and better w/ every book. (well they don't 'cause the FIRST 1 was WAY better then the 2nd but it's been a climb ever since)

lilian.thigh said...

Everyone bow down, right NOW!!!

That is very amazing, and probably the most colourful cover of the lot. The purple tie, the suit jacket, the flames, the blood, the arms... 83 But the most important question this poses is:


I mean, every year my best friend and I try to predict what the next book's colour theme is. We've had orange, green/yellow, blue, purple... I've been hanging out for red ever since PWF. Ten dollars on red again!

Ambiguity said...

I think it'll be yellow, there's so much yellow on it.
I was watching the life of brian on my computer and it was up to the part where the Brian went: I'M NOT THE MESSIAH and the other dude went: I say you are, Lord, and I should know, I've followed a few
and then I was laughing about that as I paused and checked blogger and I saw this so now every time I see this I'm gonna think of that.
It's cruel really. But it's basically the same picture, There was a crowd near Brian who were obsessed w/ him and on the verge of pulling him to shreds. I will forever-more have that thought while looking at that cover.
I guess it's my own fault.

Aimee =] said...

I feel sorry for Skulduggery's awesome purple tie :)

I wonder what will happen to it??? Or if it will be mentioned :)

Great cover for a great book =]

Thomas said...



I want.

Janice said...

Wow the front cover's SO COOL. Also, which month will the Skulduggery movie be released? I'm so desperate to watch. Book 5 MUST be BETTER than the other books. Now I'm starting to recommend it to my friend. I even designed a skulduggery file.
Nice masterpieces, Tom P.
@ first in the 1st few books I so love Valkyrie. but when I realized she's the bad guy I so (loathe) her...
Derek you really have a BIG imagination.
Your books are great. pls write 10000000000000000000 books!

Rai said...

Brilliant cover, brilliant title, but the author is the most brilliant of all! I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!!!!!!

lmlaust said...

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!! When I read the thing at the back I didnt read the while thing and it had me thinking for a while DAY that I;m goind to have to wait a year and a half to get to read 5th book, cus OMG THAT HAD TO BE THE BEST TWIST AT THE END OF BOOK 4!!!!

Tess said...

thats freaking awesome! omg, i love it. I. LOVE. IT. Soooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Evans said...

That is a spectacular piece of art.

I've always loved the cover art for Skulduggery Pleasant and I guess it's only appropriate that a fantastic story gets fantastic art to go with it. Tom Percival, you are brilliant.

I'm also glad that they listened to you and went with the title 'Mortal Coil', Derek, because it suits the books perfectly.


Bex. said...

...WOAH! OH. MY. GOD! THAT'S BLOODY... MY GOD! I HATE Tom. Why can't I draw that good!
That cover is FANTASIC! <3<3
EEEEEP!!!! *Now going to show this to EVERYONE*

bradleyz said...

if you look on the right hand side of Skulduggery's mouth, it looks like he might be smirking.

JB Hi Fi said...

oh. my god.
So cool I seem to be talking in one-word sentences. Derek, you better have a bloody good book to live up to THAT.

Although I'm sure you do. And hoorah! You managed to convince the publishers to keep Mortal Coil. Good name, that...

IY1997 said...

derek, you are a genius.

Dominic said...

anyway, i reckon instead of valkyrie being darkquesse and evil her shadow is instead :0

food 4 thought.

Nevala Morose said...

Emma, that blue thing at the back that the hands are holding is Skulduggery's arm lol.
I think the purple tie is great btw ^.^
Unless he starts to wear a white tie and white shirt, then, just.....ew.
My geography teacher sub person did that once.
He looked dashing with his ginger side-burns 0.o
The cover reminds me of the phrase -
drag me to hell.
or were they lyrics ???
Losing. my. mind.

sweetnaeema32 said...

the covers ALL RIGHT i quess...
but dark days cover is still my favourite and i'm not so keen of the title either.
i seem to be aginst most of everyone elses opinion...

sweetnaeema32 said...

also if, landy, you've finished book five what about the character compotition?!
i'm confused...

Odile said...

OH..... MY..... GOD!

sweetnaeema32 i agree..... what about the character competition?!


Anonymous said...

When will the new book come out?and when r u visiting south africa??

skyril said...

Tarotiste I know exactly what you mean!People keep saying "the movie" and I keep thinking "what movie".I mean is there for sure going to be one?Also I thought some of the same things you did!I read Eragon and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.When they came out with a movie for those 'twas completely terrible compared to the books and hardly anything at all like them.

So, Mr.Landy IF there is going to be a movie PLEASE convince the makers of it to make it (for one)be about the FIRST book only in the first movie.And two PLEASE get them to make it as much like the book as possible.

Janice what do you mean that Valkyrie's a bad guy?Did you mean to say someone else?

bradleyz lol you're right haha.But it fits perfectly for him.


"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity"
-Chine Sorrows

P.S. I like the purple tie. ^.^

Lily said...


Milla said...

Wow, that Cover looks amazing. cool. Can't wait to buy it... :):)
continue like that. :D

georgias-p said...

i love it! tom, your brillo's!

i'm glad they stuck with mortal coil, its a good name :)


Saint Monet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saint Monet said...

I hate the constant misuse of this word but this cover is awesome.

Are those remnants grabbing at Skulduggery?

Derek I know its difficult, maybe even impossible for you to think about anyone else but yourself, but if your delicate Irish skin can handle Australia then you can come to South Africa. You have a lot of fans here.

Anonymous said...

lol Well it said that Mr. Landy himself was doing the screen right and he has directed movies himself so there's a possibility that he could be directing it too. And if that is the case then I have no doubts that the movie will stray as far from the book as Percy Jackson or Twilight did. Percy Jackson was AWFUL but the books are my #2 series under Skulduggery Pleasant. That series is what convinced me to fully to turn pagan. And the movie just butchered what Rick Riordan had made. If that happens here I'll be devestated, but as I said, I doubt it will if the AUTHOR is going to be the the screen writer on it. I certainly hope it does actually come out. It said sometime in 2010, 2011, or 2012.

And he would wear a purple is very manly, I agree. lmao, only a man with dignity can wear a purple tie and look not good but devestatngly sexy in it. xD Yes, I just called a skeleton in a purple tie devestatingly sexy. (You know, there's also Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas. He's sexy too. And he sings (; )

Anywhooo. Derek, I just watched your interview that's on your bio page and you A) named all of my favorite movies including 30 days of night. That movie is beast and is very creepy. And gory...But I must say the leader dude of the vampire pack needs to get a manicure. Or a weed wacker. B) if you like orchestral music when listening, look up Danny Elfman. He does the compositions for ALL of Tim Burton's movies which all of are creepy, have actions scenes, and have sad scenes, and some of the songs even have lyrics, most of which have inspired the best of some of my plots. He's who I listen to when I write. His scores are AMAZING, I especially like "Into the Forest" from Corpse Bride. It's like a 6 minute song and it goes from solemn and kind of sad to proud to like silent and suspensful to HOLYCRAPHERESHECOMES to HOLYCRAPSHE'SCHASINGYOU to ok, I escaped her to OHMYGOD I JUST TURNED AROUND AND SHE'S RIGHT THERE, and then tapers off as he blacks out and is sucked down to the underworld with this dead woman who thinks she's married to him. It's all very excellent and has Sir Johnny Depp in the movie and Lady Helena Bonham Carter. (But that song doesn't have lyrics in it...they're just in the movie) But yeah, just saying. Hope you benefit from the recommendation!



"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized."

(PS) I TOTALLY flipped when you described SP exactly as read in my quote. xD And then of course you connected him to yourself. HAHA, I knew where that was going before you even started speaking xDDD

(PPS) Sorry to ranting about another author's awesome book series on your blog, because it is clear that your series is better...Master. lmao.


Anonymous said...

Arghhh, sorry, I made a copias of typos. I shall go through them and fix them in this post (by the way, sorry for the long post/double post)

First sentence: screen right should be screen write (derr), I meant to say that the movies WILL NOT stray as far as the others, next it should be to fully turn not to fully to turn.

lol, just so you know, Jack Skellington doesn't wear a purple tie but he does wear a pinstripe suit.

In the third paragraph, I meant if you like orchestral music when you're WRITING, not listening, lmao.

And putting my sad collection of typos aside, I shall advertise my new site once again and I shall keep a link each time I post under my quote.

Another Individual said...

the cover looks AMAZING! i guess Scapegrace and his "horde" will be important

Asya said...

looks so good, cant wait to read it!! just wish i knew a little bout wats gonna happen!!! just one question: when are we gonna find out who wins the create a character competion? i checked and theres NOTHING. :( :( :'(< do you see what you have done? you have made me very SAD. you evil people. i hope you HAPPY.

shay.dolphin said...

it comes out the day after my birthday!! yayayayayayayay!!!! i know what i want now (as well as clay, glazing, paint, pencils, a capo, a new plectrum, ect)!!!! im the oldest in year 8, and when i get to year 9, i will be 14. 14!!! THEY ARE ALL MY MINIONS!!! my little Minion is getting me it for my b'day and i cant wait!!! and mortal coil is such a cool name!!! hahaha my ginger minion will have to respect her OVERLORD because i MIGHT lend it to her!!! BTW, does this mean the Dark Days paperback is coming out early? now all there is to do is read it...
S. Flora

Anonymous said...

And so began the night of the living fangirls... -coughs-

Tom, you've done an amazing job yet again... 8D

My only hope now is that Dusk and Jacky come back at some point... -sighs- I love those two, plus lil Billy~

And, just to tell you, I've successfully converted around thirty people to Skulduggery-ism, and counting. :D

avotica said...

Wow... That is a pretty amazing cover. And I'm glad you got to keep your title.

I have a lot of question, like who's hands are they? Are they lots of different people, or one giant monster with lots of arms? Or maybe they are arms that have spontaniously arrupted from the walls and the ground (which would explain the scarring)

It actually reminds me of a really famous movie star being in the middle of a fan mob. I'm sure that if Skulduggery showed up somewhere, you would be able to take a photo a lot like this, with people grabbing and tearing at his clothes and body parts.

Is very exciting.

PS. Sorry for being mean before. But I was in a mean mood.

Anonymous said...

lmao I could just iamgine that xD

You see a hat and scarf walk out of a building with a short bob of hair behind it and then it disappears into the ripping arms of screaming and howling fangirls. All you hear are the yells of "I WANT HIS FEMUR!" "I WANT ONE OF HIS RIBS!" xD

If I were in that crowd I'd go for the tie. That purple tie. lmao, this is th best book series fandom found anywhere on this planet ever. xD I love you guys. ESPECIALLY YOU DEREK! (And not in a creepy way, I promise xDD)

...well, it might be a little creepy when it comes to Skulduggery xD



"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized."

Insanity Moonshine said...

ok, one word can describe the cover: AWSOMEISTICALCOOLISNESSLYPLEASANTFIRETHROWINGWATEREVEPORATINGBUTTKICKINGREMENANTFILLEDCAINRAISINGSKULDUGGERYNESSFACELESSONEKILLINGEVILGUYDEFEATINGCOOLNESSSWORDSWINGINBRILLIANTBENTLYRIDINGEXPLOSIONCAUSINGKILLERSUPREAMEATUIDDARQUESSEFINDINGSUPERAWSOMENESS! (for how awsome the cover is, multiply bysix and divide by zero to cause a black hole that will suck all lesser books such as twilight in and convert them to skulduggery awsomeness then you will know how awsoem the bookcover is) from insanity and my friend laura flame. also i shall continue to post this till its anwsered:
1. is it antons gist on the back of dark days? 2. when will the winner of the caracter comp be annocned?
3. if peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many peppers did he pick? you like waffels? many people are in the munchkin army? do you feel about the oil spill in the gulf of mexico?
7. are you annoyed that i type like this?
8.are you gonna wish me happy birthday and dedicate a blog to me and lynn?

Finbar-he came in here asking for a growlying panther
skul-a grolwing panther?
skul-then why are you giving he a tatoo of a kitten?
Finbar-im just in a kitten kind of mood, ya know?

skyril said...

shay.dolphin my birthday's in September too!I hope I get it as a present!Oh I wish it were coming out sooner, but I suppose this is better.So now if the sixth book comes out in April we won't have to wait so horribly long.

Hahaha I don't remember who first said it, but that it a funny thought about the whole fan-girl thing.And Miep hahaha I love how you said that I started laughing so hard.


"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Kaitlyn said...

yeah i love the title. soooooo cool and i'm sooo glad you kept it. Can not wait for the next book to come out. I am going to die of anticipation before the book comes out'!

**littlemissbookworm** said...

WWWOOOOAAAHHH! THAT COVER'S AMAAAAZING!!!! What colour's the title going to be, too? Coz usuallay it's a monochrome cover but this one's got heaps of colour... Wow. Can September come just possibly a tad faster?? Please??

SamanthaStandfield said...

I wrote this then thought of Derek.
So here tis'

Magic is just trickery, sleight of hand.
Real Magic is only in fairytales. Correct?
Real Magic is a fascination a charm.

Real Magic is a mystery.
Real Magic, is enchanting.
Real Magic is everywhere, looming over you.
Embracing you.

So No, Real Magic.
Isn’t just in Fairytales.
Real Magic lives in everyone.

That’s why I write it.
Because I believe Magic is everywhere.
Whether it’s sleight of hand or not.

Samantha Standfield. :)

Z said...


inferno-joe said...

DEREK LANDY FOR THE WIN!!!!! YOU RULE TOM!!!! THATS JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INSANITY UR RITE, THAT WORD IS THE ONLY WORD TO DESCRIBE IT!!!( btw, i did that sum and all the other books i have at home were completely destroyed. Meh. They werent by derek, anyway.)

btw DEREK, wot game are u playing!??!?! we would ALL like to know!!!


Anonymous said...

That really is an exceptionally superb cover. I love the colours, the angles, the action, the *personality* in it . . . it is positively striking.

Moreover, I am more than a little pleased that you decided to keep Mortal Coil as your title. I did like it ever so much.

Lynith said...

BOO!! Hey everyone!

Did you miss me?

I have just been sooooo busy that I haven't had very much time so I haven't been able to post any comments really. Or read any. So I sorta just checked to see if there was any new posts and missing out the normal commenting. So Derek you can stop celebrating, I, Lynith, am back to annoy you. Hehe you cannot get rid of me.

And may I just say, very epic front cover. It is very awsome.

Anywhoo, seeing as I haven't read any of the comments apart from a few of Sky's, I don't really have anything else to say.

Bye bye, until next time I find time to post a comment!


"You just can't go around putting your hand through people's faces. It's rude for one thing.Deeply unsettling for another."
-SP The Faceless Ones

Odile said...

Derek I was thinking (this is probably VERY unlikely) for the movie MAYBE you could get Tim Burton to direct it?
Skyrill I agree with you the movie HAS to be BRILLIANT and one book per movie.
I LOVE the new cover but the only thing that I am a bit sad about is Valkyrie. Where is she?!
Apart from that the cover is definitely the best one yet! HURRAY!!


Also when are the results for the character competition?


tbh.toffeecrisp said...

That book is going to look freaking awesome on my shelf that is dedicated to all things skulduggery. I can not wait to have that work of art in my hands...

excited much? yes. yes i am :D

Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH! Mr. Landy, I agree with Odile, if you can't get the director's seat, you should totally try to contact TB. That. Would. Be. AMAZING!!!!

All of Tim Burton's movies are my favorites and this book series is my favorite, so it just goes hand in hand xD that would totally make my day. BUT CAN YOU GIVE US *ANY* MORE INFORMATION AT ALL!?!?

~Miep <3


"I'm sophsticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized."

Odile said...

YES Tim Burton is my favourite director of all time!

Lynith said...

Tim Burton is good, but think about Lord of the Rings! Would Peter Jackson not be good???

"You just can't go around putting your hand through people's faces. It's rude for one thing.Deeply unsettling for another."
-SP The Faceless Ones

david said...

This is the most incredibly metal cover ever!!!!!
P.S. You should have a character who weres a trench coat in one of your books and make him awesome in every sense of the word
P.P.S. I would have entered the character competition but i only wanted a coat and for him/her to be extremely badass and that wasn,t much of a character

YoU WiLl oBeY My mInD CoNtRoL

Insanity Moonshine said...


The Cellist said...

Oh my gods my mind is totally blown!!!

The Cellist said...

By the way Tarotiste I totally agree with you about the percy jackson film- it bore NO resembelance to the books WHATSOEVER apart from the fact that the main character was called percy... where is the director, I am going to make them read the book and remake the film... (I was going to kill them, but that's kinda violent)

skyril said...

**littlemissbookworm** I know what you mean.I wish 'twould be released sooner than 102 days from today.

Hey Joe and Lynn it seems yall haven't been here much as of late.So welcome back!Joe I agree.I do believe, Mr.Landy that we are all very curious as to what game you played ^.^. (By the way, I hope your eyes didn't bleed too much- wouldn't want you to have sore eyes now would we?)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Moonshine!!! :-]
Your card from Mr.Landy probably got lost in the Um Uh again (or is it Uh Um?I always forget whether the Um comes first or the Uh...).You know how mail goes there.Half the people get mis-delivered mail or no mail at all!They certainly need to work on a better way of delivering mail instead of just giving whomever *they* think the letter should go to....


"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

skyril said...

(Sorry for the double post)
The Cellist I KNOW!!I kept going on to my brother that this was NOTHING like the book.That would be good if you could get them to re-do it.If you need some assistance or a dragon just let me know.


"People who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Insanity Moonshine said...


Thad Manning said...

Great Artwork! Can you explain why the latest hardback releases in the US no longer feature any of this amazing artwork. In fact, there is not even one drawing of Skulduggery Pleasant on the book jackets.

michael said...

awesome drawing i wish i could draw like that also great books derek i hope this ones as good as the other 4 youve written

inferno-joe said...

Hey Sky, thanks for replying XD.


My birthday is in July. :( thats heaps far away...

by the time its my b-day, this blog will probably be finished.




inferno-joe said...

BTW Peter jackson WOULD be pretty gud. I still cant think of anyone else though. Im not sure about tim burton, to tell u the truth, i havent watched any of his movies. (i keep telling myself to rent "the nightmare before christmas" by im just to lazy!)

maybe the wachouszki brothers (matrix trilogy) ?

I would LOVE to see Johny Dep somewhere in the movie. I just cant get over his drunk-i-dont-know-wot-the-hell-im-doing kind of acting (like in PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEIN) with the uber-great facial expressions.

wots-her-face from harry potter, who acted as bEALATRIX, she should be MAD ROSE.

anyway, gtg.

rhosyn123 said...

MR DEREK LANDY!!! I am nearly weeping seeing this beautiful sight before me!!! Skulduggery is THE MAN!! and so are you and especially to the incredible TOM PERCIVAL for making this awesomeness!! congrats on finishing book 5 pal!!! i cannot wait to dig my teeth into it!! awww, i am so offically happy!!! oh, now you can boast to all your friends on how brilliant you are in the universe and how you have made so many people out there sooo happy!!! thank you man!!!

rhosyn123 said...

Oh, by thw way Derek, i was wondering whether there is a date on when the character competition winner would be announced?? can't wait. though there is a slim figure my character would win!! though i love him!!

sarah wilkinson said...

i am dying here!!!! i need to know who is the winner so i can praise them!

inferno-joe said...

i wish mine would win!! yet i know that out of the thousand odd entrants that my character probbly wont be chosen. Derek probably doesnt even have TIME (secretly using reverse-physcology) to see my *AMAZING* fantasy figure with the *AWESOME* name of Israel Matteus. Im SURE that only the BEST person in the WORLD would choose this *AWE INSPIRING* person. Just read this....

Israel Matteus looked down at Valkyrie. His face showed no wrinkles, and his white skin was only visible under the matte black coat he wore buttoned up to his neck. The fringes of his coat were royal blue, a customization that only his friend Ghastly Bespoke could conjure. He wore his hat on a slight tilt, where it sat upon his curly brown hair. It would stay no matter what he was doing. In a leg strap (that was suprisingly accesible in his ankle length trench-coat) sat a sawn off lever action rifle, it's wooden butt embroided with intertwining dragons and flaming decor. In his left hand he held a long rod, and a simple one at that.The ends glowed omniously, and darkness seemed to be drawn to it with every step he took. "I don't like him," said Valkyrie to Skulduggery later. "He gives me the creeps."

this is my great fantasy figure. he IS me. Israel Matteus is my taken name, and i will live to 215 years old......


inferno-joe said...

MWAHAHAHHA i will be the next enemy that the group faces. HAHAHAHHA i WILL trump DARQUESSE!!!!!!!!1!!!

lawl o lawl

tj8228 said...

omg amazing

The Cellist said...

Why do the paperback books have really cool coloured edges when the hardbacks don't??? It's utterly unfair, cos I have The Faceless Ones in hardback, and my friend has it in paperback, and hers is BLUE!!! I want a blue one too...
I guess I should just start hunting for some felt tips...

Odile said...

HA lynith what a coincidence I am reading Lord of the Rings now! I am on the first book they are going into the Mines of Moria! Yes it would be good (Tim Burton is still my favourite) if Peter Jackson could direct SP but appearently there is a movie of The Hobbit (CAN NOT WAIT!) being made and he is probably busy. Though maybe someone else will be directing it I don't know.


It is "early next week" now and I am waiting anxiously for an email saying "you have won the character competition". Please hurry up!

Happy late birthday insanity moonshine. My birthday is on the 1st of June, I would appreciate a cart from you Landy as would insanity!

I am SSOOO exited about book five. I read the blurb and I can't believe it! Who can they trust NOW!! By the way Landy I am very happy with the blurb because last year I read the blurb of book four and I was so frustrated at the smallness of the amount of information that I nearly smashed the computer. Also I LOVE the purple tie it is awesome!

Odile said...


Odile said...

Oh and, (sorry third comment in a row) I agree with the cellist I want my book coloured at the side the only cool coloured one i have is book 1. It is so unfair!!

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

You are the coolest man alive, Mr. Landy.
And Skulduggery is the coolest man dead.
I bet the back cover will be a pic of the character that wins the competition (I HOPE MINE WINS!!!)

shay.dolphin said...

My Ginger Minion imploded with awesomeness when I showed her. Ginger Minion is awesome. this PROVES YOUR AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!! BTW, is Mortal Coil the last book, cuz in D.D. you mention she looked a xouple years older- but then again i guess u cud've just skipped a couple of years... HURRY UP AND BE SEPTEMBER ALREADY DAMMIT!!! also, me and another girl in i.t. are doing a music vid to'God put a smile upon your face' by coldplay with hand drawn animation of Mr. Pleasant himself! i hope u dont mind... we both love your books and are constantly asking what's gonna happen? here are some of our prophecies:

A. Val's Reflection becomes Darquess, and she has to fight herself in the battle, but then the Reflection gets taken over by evil and turn into the horrible monster Ghastly's mum saw.

B. Val's lil bro/ sis is also magic, and the Remnants sense her in them so they go after it instead

C. Tanith dies(The girl in I.T./ my form came up with this one :D)

D. Fletcher gives himself up to be 'the hero' cuz he said he always wanted to be in book 3

E. The remnants take over Val, and Skul-man has to nearly kill her to get them out, but then Kenspeckle saves the day and brings her back to life.

okay done
s.flora :)
(BTW, i love Jimmy is ainm dom's comment XD)

Predator said...


Predator said...

i sooo wanna read!I LOVE skulduggery pleasant

it would be a dream come true if it given to me as a presant!!!

Predator said...

i dont rlly like val tho...

gabzii.x said...

well...i do not like this bloggy thing. i only joined to comment on your blog and then becos i apparently have the memory of a goldfish have to reset my password just to post this. it took me three days to do that (with stuff in between like skool and reading...skulduggery pleasant of course...again) i thought i could be one of the first people to comment...but no i cant be one of the first 100. :( i am deeply upset...but seeing that book cover again and again and again (cos the site wouldn't log me on). Well to be honest derek, it fills me with joy. enough of the soppiness now. Don't you think Finbar would be an awesome name for a dog. I dont have a dog called finbar though. I have a rotweiler called snowy...:S

I think Darkquesse is Valkyrie's reflection you know. It makes sense.

Any wayy. Byeeeee.

Odile said...

I love val and skul and tanith and ghastly and fletcher

oh and also shay.dolphin cool predictions by the way there are going to be 9 books of SP


(I must have been SERIOUSLY bored today to comment 4 times)

Anonymous said...

*head desk* I hope Darkquesse is in the fourth book -.- otherwise I should really go back and read Faceless Ones for like a fifth time...And why do you all have to go and spoil "darkquesse" fo us all!? HUH!?! NOT ALL OF US HAVE READ DARK DAYS YET! GOSH!!!

gosh... V.V

Anonymous said...


At first I was afraid.

I was petrified.

Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side.

But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong and I grew strong, and learned how to get along.


I should have changed that stupid lock, I should have made you leave your key, if I had known for just one second you'd be back to bother me!


Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with good byes? Think I'd crumble, think I'd lay down and die.

NO NOT I! I WILL SURVIVE! As long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive. And I've got all my life to live and I've got all my love to give. And I'll survive. I WILL SURVIVE! HEY HEY!



lol, sorry for the randomness xD

Lynith said...

Haha miep, you totallyjust made my day there. Awsome. Completly cherred me up.

Ahhh xxx

Hannah said...

I'm guessing those hands belong to the rabid fans you see before you?

(my hand is the one grabbing Skulduggery's hat, by the way. i like how tom has caught the mood of my fingernails.)

skyril said...

Your welcome Moonshine. ^.^

Joe, you think you've got it bad!My birthday won't come 'till September!My birthday is 122 days from today!! 122!
And Joe we will make sure Mr.Landy keeps posting more blog entrys!Right COBPUDLGAP?
Furthermore, Joe that was a pretty cool paragraph.Come off the top of your brain or somewhere in the middle?

That would be rather epic, Odile if they came out with a "The Hobbit" movie.That's, sadly, the only book of the series I've read.'Twas quite interesting.

I completely agree with Jimmy is ainm dom's first two sentences. :->

Haha Miep epic randomness.

Ah Hannah so that's who that is ^.^.I'm the one clutching his tie.


"people who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Anonymous said...

Lol, nice to know I'm doing good deeds around here, Lynn xD I did that truthfully for two reasons.

A) I did it for COBPUDLGAP

B) And because I was bored :P

Dave said...

I love it, Derek, and Tom, you outdid yourself. However, while this is nearly perfect, I strongly believe that Skulduggery's old skull, the one he won in the bet, was a lot better-looking.

LythiaHarpen said...

OH MY FACELESS ONES. Tom Percival - you have outdone yourself. This is fricken amazing.

One of them has Skulduggery's hat! NOOOOOOOOOO!

I can't wait to read Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil...



Anonymous said...

lmao, I have to kind of agree, but I didn't have the guts to say it xD


BLEH! There's still some work to do on it, but hopefully not too much. AND I NEED STAFF MEMBERS! Basically, you'll get to boss people around and stuffz. But not too bossy cos that's power abuse! But yeah... so...PLEASA JOIN! You get to post fanfic on there, your dA photos plus we have a dA photo of the month where people voet on a few selected and then your gallery gets more popularity because there's a link up plus your photo for a WHOLE MONTH! And the more you post on the forum, the more money (fake) you get and then you can buy things from the Buy and Trade center, like avatars that when you roll over them they turn into a different picture. You can do that with a signature too. And you can buy an office or a shoppe in the Image Shoppe part and set up a thingy for people to request images from you....and um...we have polls and debates and discussions and contests....and we have a virtual Munchkin Army! Join on Smallworlds and look up the Munchkin Army. Smallworlds is optional, but it's pretty cool. So yeah, I suggest you check it out guys! And help me advertise, please!!



"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized."

Dave said...

BTW, PLZ choose mah EPIC character Van Gunsword. I didn't officially enter him 'cuz I was too late. Just read this.

Valkyrie Cain looked up at the pale man. He had a long black coat, a black hat with a ring in one side and a cut in the other side. It was much bigger than Skulduggery's, and was tilted down. His silver sash was wrinkled and had a sword handle hanging from his right shoulder. He appeared to be bored with Skulduggery. "Skulduggery, you shouldn't have taken this girl as your apprentice," he said as he tilted his hat up. "You know something will go wrong." "Van Gunsword. You question my ways, as usual. Well, I didn't take her under my wing, but rather, she decided to cozy herself under it. I tried to convincer not to, but... well, she's persistent. Besides, she's alive and well, so..." Skulduggery argued pathetically. Van looked down at Valkyrie. "I've heard lots about you," Van said, in a flat-toned voice,' "You destroyed the Grotesquery, defeated Vengeous, killed a couple Faceless Ones, drove Crux insane-which I respect-, and saved Skulduggery from the current realm of the Faceless Ones. That's impressive- especially considering your age." "Thanks," Valkyrie responded after a moment of considering what she'd done. She was impressed with herself. If she hadn't met Skulduggery, she'd be normal and boring. She wanted to thank Skulduggery. But, then, if Gordon hadn't died, she'd have never met Skulduggery. She wondered, should she thank Gordon for dying?
Just then, a door slammed to the ground. Eight Hollow Men clomped in. "I'll take care of this," Van suggested, his voice tenser than before. He tore off his silver sash and it wrapped around a Hollow Man. It straightened and hardened, becoming a sword, and cutting the Hollow Man in half. He pulled a revolver out of his pocket, put a bullet in, and shot it.
Four times.
The bullets tore through three Hollow Men, spilling out their foul gases. The fourth bullet ricocheted and hit a Hollow Man, shortly followed by the other three. As the gases continued to taint the air around the Hollow Men's crumpled corpses, Van turned around, saying "Only eight... pathetic."

Insanity Moonshine said...

Im the hand getting reddy to grab his skul and run

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

Skyril and shay.dolphin, you guys are hella cool! Thanks a mil! Also i think the thing about the reflection being darquesse is really clever. I never wud've thought of it.

(PS I'M GOING CRAZY! i'm checkin my e-mail like every 20 minutes to see if i won the character comp! please let me win!)

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

Oh, one more thing. Lookin at these comments, it seems everyone who entered the competition either made a beautiful adventurer or a copy of themselves.
So i pretty much made my character as ugly and as little like me as possible.

inferno-joe said...


okay, first off:

1. Odile, its great that u are reading lotr. i have the movies XD and watch them lots. And, yeah, its way cool that we thought of bealatrix together!
2. Shay.Dolphin, um, well....

I think the remnants are out of the series for good. Id be suprised if they came back

Also, Darquesse isnt the reflection. I'm 100% about it. weell, maybe 97%. Actually, maximum 1.5%. Its just that the necromancers said that lord vile would make a return (yes!) so maybe Darquesse is actually only chucked into the mix of the end of the world. maybe Val's not really hte end. The reflection will probably do something horrible, and mess things up. But lord vile will return.

3.Lolz, hannah. Im the one grabbing his arm (on the left side, with both my hands) so i can rip it out of his socket. (for like the fifth time in the series)

4.Lol, mr.pleasantblog, nice song. (COPYRIGHT!!!!) im going to make it a hit single one day.....

5. GO COBPUDLGAP SKYRIL!!! But u dont get it bad at all! u'll be able to get the fifth book as ur b-day present!!!! PLUS they are coming out with "The Hobbit" !!! its gonna be awesome!!!

6. MR.PLEASANTBLOG!!!! I SIGNED UP!! AND I'LL BE A STAFF MEMEBER!!! AND I ALSO VOLUNTEER SKYRIL, LYNITH, U (yeah, that was obvious) , INSANITY MOONSHINE, ODILE AND ANYONE ELSE WHO I HAVE EVER TALKED TO!!!!!!!!, lolz, DAVE, nice character, but what door? where were they? and, um, *Eight hollow men clomped in.* Where did they come from?!? and only eight? gud descriptive piece, and i know u wanted to potrait how he fought, but maybe u could choose something a little more original than him pulling out a revolver....

8. LOL Jimmy is ainm dom, that last comment is funny...

9. I JUST BROUGHT ANOTHER PERSON INTO THE FOLD!!! my friend cameron has listened to me yammer away about skulduggery pleasant ever since it came out. AND JUST NOW HE BOUGHT BOOK 1 AND 2!!!!!!!!!!!

I HAVE TOLD HIM ABOUT THIS BLOG AND HE WILL SOON BE OURS!!! WE WILL HAVE OUR FIRST SACRIFCE!!! (bring ur own drink, and, um, skyril, can u bring an altar?)

Israel Matteus


"Doors are for people with no imagination."

inferno-joe said...

woah, that was long.

Jordan Evans said...

Jimmy is ainm dom: Haha, yes, it seems lots of people do like to make characters that are very similar to themselves or characters that are images of their ideal person. It's nothing new though, people who write often draw on their own experiences and when creating a character it's exactly the same. People work with what they know and in the case of the character competition it's themselves :)

Besides, who wouldn't essentially want themselves featured in a Skulduggery Pleasant book :P

I must say, I love seeing all the names people have come up with for their characters though. I really enjoyed coming up with my characters name, as I'm sure everyone did.


Odile said...

Cornelius Cromwell!!! What a name!!

Also inferno-joe the remenants are coming out i read the blurb. This is where you can read the blurb.....

shay.dolphin cool predictions, I especially like the one where Darquess is Valkyrie's reflection, I think that is actually likely.

hannah I am grabbing his coat (nothing personal Skulduggery I just want a souvenier)


Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

i have to say Mr. Landy that the title and the cover illustrations seem VERY promising. okay wait just let me get this out of my system. bear with me now..... okay 3,2,1....OMFG!!! IT'S FRIGGIN DEREK LANDY!!! RAAAAAAAUUUUUGH!!! *gasping for breath* okay...i'm good now. i absolutly adore your books Mr. Landy and have no idea at all how i was able to live all those wasted years without the literary masterpiece that is Skulduggery Pleasant. i hope that, in the fourth book, Skulduggery comes back okay with relativly minimal emotional scarring. During Mardi Gras a couple months back, i had a horrible, horrible vision of Skulduggery partying in New Orleans like everyone else there. *shudder* god it was horrible. i had nightmares for, like, a week. well this is getting kind of long and i know you have A LOT of other comments to read so, good luck with the other books and i hope your Munchkin Army flourishes. Oh... and Lauren says hi.....*sigh*

Nevala Morose said...

(well, not literally dying, as that would be rather obsurd and very messy.....I'm told i have very explosive insides though . . . . . . eekk!)

Nevala Morose said...

phew, i scraped myself out of the carpet eventually.
Do you know how hard it is to put yourself back together with sticky tape and pritt stick?
No, didn't think so. -_-

Lynith said...

Heyy Miep I just signed up for yaz, I've been meaning to but I never got round to it. You'll know who I am coz I kept the same name... kinda.

Haha look at all the people whoo have commited themselves to COBPUDLGAP!!! I feel so proud. Right pop quiz, what does COBPUDLGAP stand for??? AND NO LOOKING BACK YOU CHEATS!!!! Hehe :D

Da da daa da daaaa, I'm lovin' it!

"You just can't go around putting your hand through people's faces. It's rude for one thing.Deeply unsettling for another."
-SP The Faceless Ones

Hoemonkey said...

Hey Derek,
Thanks for giving up your time today and letting me interview you. It was a real treat. I appreciate it a lot. I apologize for the very geeky fan noise I made when you mentioned Preacher. I love that comic sooo much! Thanks again.
Joe McKenna

Anonymous said...

there goes skullys hat! lol to bad the 4th one isnt out in sa i want to read it!! furthermore, cant wait for mortal coil! lol but thats obvious :)

ally pally said...

Oh my god!
Oh my god!

That is AMAZING! the reason why I haven't co
mented earlier is because I sprained my wrist and haven't been able to type( I know it sounds dumb but you try typing with a cast on) anyway oh my god Tom that cover is imense!! It could not be better and I'm thrilled that the title is being kept as Mortal Coil!

Looking forward to the book more than I love chocolate (that's a lot)!

Ally pally Aka alice xx

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

Sup everyone i just wanna say something:
This is the coolest blog EVER!!!
And not just the actual blog bit, the guys who comment are really cool! See I really just joined this website so I could comment on this blog, and so far every time I've commented someone's said something nice about my comment. Thanks a mil! You guys are the coolest!
(PS In case you were wondering my character's name is Esio Bloodblister. Kinda wierd, I know, but it was all I could come up with

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

I just realised as I was reading through my last comment how many times i said comment. I say comment a lot. Comment, comment, comment!

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

AAAARGH! Now the word 'comment' is stuck in my head like an annoying song!

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

Sorry i know this is my fourth comment in a row but I just had a brainwave. Some of you might think its stupid but I think it'd work: wouldn't it be cool if Des Bishop played Finbar in the SP movies? Lemme know what you think!

skyril said...

Dave cool character.I especially like the whole sash into sword idea.

Ah Moonshine I see your plan.Your planning on grabbing his skull so he'll try to chase you so you can force him to make you apprentice #2 correct?

Oh Joe but I do get it bad because it takes precisely thirty-seven and three fourths zillion years for Mr.Landy's books to come out in the United States.So unless it come out in the UK first and someone puts on e-bay AND a relative of mine orders it, I will be celebrating my birthday waiting not-so patiently for Mortal Coil.
Ah sure Joe I just happen to have a perfect alter in my room I've prepared just for this occasion. ;-]

Miep I'm not good with schedules, but I generally get online everyday.So I can be staff if you so wish it ^.^.

That's a cool name Odile how did you conjure up that?

lol Lynn "Da da daa da daaaa, I'm lovin" it!" ? You've been watching too much
COBPUDLGAP meanssss continuously ...something...something....Post Until Derek Landy Gets Annoyed and Posts.Correct?

Jimmy is ainm dom I adore this blog as well :-D.
I'm not sure whom this Des Bishop is, but I bet Jon Heder would be perfect for that job.


"people who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Insanity Moonshine said...

sky, how did you figure out my plan? i shal be holding his head AND hat hostage. if he dosnt chase my, his head will still talk to me and i shall annoy it. BEAT THAT VALKYRIE! oh weel, you all know to much. ASTALA BYE BYE PERSONS! *shoots flame thrower*

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

OH MY GOD JON HEDER IS SO COOL!!! HE'D BE UNREAL! Ahem. Des Bishop is this American-Irish stand-up comedian. I thought he'd be good, but looking back Jon Heder would be perfect for the role.

skyril said...

*holds up hand* wait a minute Moonshine! Remember if you flame thrower us all to death you'll have to kill Mr.Landy as well since he knows too.are you certain you want to live the rest of your days not knowing who the character competition winner is and, even worse, no longer being able to read anymore of this blog?

lol Jimmy is ainm dom yeah I just thought of him because I recently saw a movie with him in it and when you mentioned Finbar I immediately thought of him being the perfect person to play such a role.^.^


"people who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Insanity Moonshine said...

ok then, io guess i shall use a mind erase bomb *sets bomb for memory* ok, this should do *sets off bomb*

skyril said...

Hahaha Moonshine I.....I....
Hmm...Weren't we just talking about something??

Insanity Moonshine said...

i have no idea *shifty eyes*

ThreeBooksInTheFire said...

I would quote a song by the Lonely Island, but the rest of your fanbase is too innocent to hear it... so I'll just say that this makes me very happy inside and leave it at that.

ThreeBooksInTheFire said...

...And if I'm not mistaken, does his skull have higher cheekbones?

(Insert smiley-face parade here.)

Me said...

You know what Skulduggery would say in this situation.

"No one can keep their hands off me."

I'm retarded.

inferno-joe said...



*gets thrown to the floor by mind wipe bomb*

whaaaa? Mmrmm... What are wwe talking about..??

uuuummm....something about-no wait, not THAT... ummmmmeeeemmmmehhemeh.....ahahmmmmmm...

Maybe its-

no, i cant possibly be-

Yes, it must!!! There is this awesome new book out! its called Skulduggery Pleasant! I must buy it....

Hang on a second....


THAT PERSON HAS SHIFTY EYES ! *points at insanity*

hmmm... intruging....

inferno-joe said...

Just got mah memeory back. And here u guys go-u can have urs too! *jams lampshade into the CD drive*

There u go!

SO, to rap up:

OOPS i didnt even read the blurb. *smacks head* Damn. HOW DO WE BECOME STAFF ON UR WEBSITE MR.PLEASANT-BLOG?

now ive read the blurb and am happy to find that my predictions are correct: it IS a yellow cover.

ta ta...

inferno-joe said...



Kirsty said...

so if you've finished your book and cover, why isnt the character competition been announced? have u skipped that part in the book or something or do u know who one and just not telling us for giggles? please tell me!! im checking this website everyday for the results!

"you are like our own little vegetable."

P.S i acknowledge the fact that 4500 people have entered that competition and i have no chance of winning but.... you know, i still wanna know who won. sorry if im sounding to harsh by the way, im just getting really impatient (an annoying trait of mine).so anyhoo, feel free to tell us!

Ian said...

yo Derek sorry man i'm so sorry but i think i cracked your code like a real detective/ i've linked up all the clues you previously put on the 4th book and came to a conclusion............ about Darqusse
to show you you that a 14year old random nut-bag can solve it and not reveal it to the public ima write down some key keywords. Darqusse, Death Bringer,Soul Catcher,Stephenie, Reflection, Necromancers,and that lady that saw the future. I really wish i knew what happened but could u plz if im right email me at i will keep this private as i am such a fan of this magnificent series

inferno-joe said...

soz ian but thats wot i did when i thought i cracked it. um going all the way with ur EMAIL? uhhhhh... thats no really smart. btw, i think that this book has been WAY too easy... i mean, first, half of us come to the conclusion that the reflection is darquesse, then he changes the release date to september (not that im crying about it!) , then he gives us the front cover and the title. Hmmmm.... Maybe its some sought of bluff? YOU, Derek Landy, have made this WAY too easy.......

*shifty eyes*


*oops, getting mixed up*

Lynith said...

Comment On Blog Posts actuallyy Sky but the rest was very well remembered well done!! And since your the only one who remember and answered then I give you enough gold star badges that means your my second in command. Horrahh!!!

Well boo sucks to all those who AREENNT second in command. Yehh how do ya like it now hey :P:P

Also Ian, you really really really shouldn't give out your email like that. I mean what if this wasn't Derek Landy's actual blog and he was actually some peodophile (nothing intended Mr. Landy, completly made up I know) or that some of these guys who comment on here are crazy mad men (no offence either dudes :P). Be warned my friend.

"You just can't go around putting your hand through people's faces. It's rude for one thing.Deeply unsettling for another."
-SP The Faceless Ones

Firaaz said...

I think Lynith is trying to tell us something. People, be wary. Jk ;D

Odile said...

Hi..... erm...... what?
I am confused where am I..... is this the happy place?

..... (memory returns) oh now I know what I wanted to say. Who is John Heder?

I now realise this is the ANGRY place because the results for the character competition aren't out yet!!!!! GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHRRRRRRR!!!!!

Odile said...

sorry about that

Lynith said...

Calm downn odile the oldie ;)

Haha lolling at Friaaz, don't you know it :P ;) Btw dudes, what happend with the quotes??? Why does it seem like I'm the only one who is still putting them??!?!

"You just can't go around putting your hand through people's faces. It's rude for one thing.Deeply unsettling for another."
-SP The Faceless Ones

absyntheminded said...

That's amazing! I'm so glad you got to keep the title. Shakespeare references are total love.

charlotte05 said...


I don't know what to say, that has definately blown my mind, and it takes alot to blow my mind!
I'm glad your keeping mortal coil, it suits it some how!
I absoloutly can't wait for the book to come out, as for the movie well.... what can I say? Although, eventhough Tim Burton is a fab director, I don't think he would be the best. His movies are always quite strange and suit the edgyness and sharpness of Skullduggery, Tim Burton might not be the *best* choice. But if he did direct it I'm sure he would do an amazing job! (How could you not with this kind of material)!!!!

"You'd be Surprised How Many Figmenst Of My Imagination Say That" Skulduggery Pleasant

The Cellist said...

I can't wait to read it...Derek, can't you make September come sooner??? Like, June, for instance???

skyril said...

Hurray Lynn!Now I have the pleasure of prancing about with my badges quite obvious on my shirt. ^.^
Yes, Lynn that is something to consider, though, so far it appears that mostly everyone here is just made insane by Mr.Landy's quietness about the character competition.I don't believe anyone here is actually a serial killer.Ian just don't go clicking on links that may be sent to you or meeting with anyone :P.You never know, Spring-heeled Jack may very well be Joe. ;-} Jack - Joe they both start with J.
Oh and I still usually put up my quote.I just don't whenever I place a short note here.

Ah Odile hmm what has John Heder been in....Well, he was in "Just Like Heaven".Have you seen that movie?He was the guy at the bookstore.


"people who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

volcaneo-gods said...

yes yes yes!
yes yes yes!
ok I am not new to this blog,
repeat not.
but i could never comment because none og my acounts would work.
so i made a blog.
i know crazy right.
i will tell you my theories.
valkries reflection is darkquesse.
it's so obvious.

by the way do you like my name.
my and my mini muchin army 2 have already made a plan to safrifice justin bieber. were gonna kidnap jedward first the rob all of their hair gel. cover justin bieber in ti and it will slide into the volcaneo goda mouths.
oh no long comment here. long comment here.

by the way i know you jimmah. youre the teenage apple guy arent you.

Insanity Moonshine said...

*sits in a swivle chair and turns m back to you, then turns around while clapping my hands in a dramatic matter* well done inferno, but you seem mistaken, for the utler didnt kill miss peacock. I DID! and it wasnt at four o clock. IT WAS AT FOUR O ONEoh well done with that. but this has been bugging me for a long time. ARE YOU THE REAL DEREK, HUH "DEREK"!?!??!?! i know that if you are, someone would want to impersonate you.
also i shall continue to post this till its anwsered:
1. is it antons gist on the back of dark days? 2. when will the winner of the caracter comp be annocned?
3. if peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many peppers did he pick? you like waffels? many people are in the munchkin army? do you feel about the oil spill in the gulf of mexico?
7. are you annoyed that i type like this?
8.are you gonna wish me happy birthday and dedicate a blog to me and lynn?

Finbar-he came in here asking for a growlying panther
skul-a grolwing panther?
skul-then why are you giving he a tatoo of a kitten?
Finbar-im just in a kitten kind of mood, ya know?

The Cellist said...

Thanks Skyril!!! I am VERY tempted of the idea of a dragon turning up on the director's doorstep with a copy of the book and a pen...

Avery Read said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy, derek. - i worship at ur feet-

i love your books!!!!
when will the new character comp thing be announced???

im asking permission if i canuse your books as a reference for a book im writing.... dont wanna copywrite.
when can u take a tour of scotland .... i need to know so i can grovel and get all four - or more- books signed

do you sell t-shirts. i would wear it every day !!!

Roisin said...

That's it. Another blog right now, or I'm calling a coup. The ninja leprechauns will have their revenge!

skyril said...

Hmmmm interesting question, Moonshine...

Well, Mr.Landy are you real?I know a fair amount about you.(Don't worry that man in a black coat and sunglasses that has been suspiciously following you all day is not my spy discovering everything he possibly can about you... ;->)
So...answer me this! your(or should I say the person you're pretending to be) favorite smell? Because *I* know.I know much more as well, but I thought that would be a tricky one for a fake to guess.

Yes, The Cellist that would be a helpful encourager wouldn't it? *grins*


Hmmmm interesting question, Moonshine...

Well, Mr.Landy are you real?I know a fair amount about you.(Don't worry that man in a black coat and sunglasses that has been suspiciously following you all day is not my spy discovering everything he possibly can about you... ;->)
So...answer me this! your(or should I say the person you're pretending to be) favorite smell? Because *I* know.I know much more as well, but I thought that would be a tricky one for a fake to guess.

Yes, The Cellist that would be a helpful encourager wouldn't it? *grins*


"people who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

skyril said...

Oops I don't know how that happened....
I mean....of what are you all speaking????
Have you all bumped your head and are now seeing double??....


"people who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows


"people who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

(Mwahaha now I've tricked them!
*Smiles mischievously*)

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

Yes, volcaneo-gods i AM the teenage apple guy. Who are you?

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

mmmmm... Mr. Pleasant is looking very smexy in that purple tie. *sighs in love sick fan girl way.* EWWWW!!! Lauren that's NASTY!!!! God i should've never shown you this!!! Well i would've found out about from that forum you have!!! GET AWAAAAAAY!!! *fight insues. addie punches in face,lauren feints left then kicks in back of ankel. addie drop kicks her ass to Morocco and finishes message, though mortally wounded. yeah she's THAT AWESOME.* huff huff, anyway,huff, i think his tie is kinda cool. i wanna know how many ties he has. cause i bet my stepdad could give him a run for his money. we were packing a few days ago to move right. well after doing the rest of the house all that was left was my parent's closet. so my mom and i went to go pack some of the crap in there and lo and behold, it took us two hours and ten boxes to clear out all but 30 of his ties!!! it's ridiculous!!! (he "NEEDS" 30 left cause he has to go to work in a suit every day. i think he just needs 3) frikin' stoopid. so Mr. Landy... how many ties DOES Skulduggery own HMMMMMMM??? TELL ME NOW!!! I!!! *passes out from blood loss*

inferno-joe said...


I HAVE FAILED. I ONLY HAVE TWO SPACES LEFT AND THE KILLER (a.k.a insanity moonshine) IS ABOUT TO ESCAPE! I MUST USE MY SECRET WEAPON! *steals golden star badges off of skyril* I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE SECOND IN COMMAND! (mwaahhaha) NOW FLY, MY MINIONS, FLY!!! *throws badges, they clatter harmlessley to the floor three metres


*insanity escapes*



at least i still have these WONDERFUL BADGES



inferno-joe said...

(by "two spaces left" i meant on the game board of clueodo, where there is so many spaces *smacks head*)

inferno-joe said...

btw, i did that at school (again)

inferno-joe said...

quadruple comment!!

Lynith said...

Joe I am very dissapointed with you. Extremly so. You should know by now that you can't steal a place!! You can steal things that mark the place but never the actual place. So therfore you are not second in command, though I admire your try. Now, if you please return those badges to Sky... they cost money you know!!!! If you do you I might consider your deed respectable and therfore I might not punish you. Heh heh heh...

Sky, that is sooo confusing lol. I read your second comment like... woahh what the hell??! It took me a minuite to realise what you had done lol.

Maybe I'm just slow...



Oh... hi there Derek, didn't notice you there :P

Lynn xxx

"You just can't go around putting your hand through people's faces. It's rude for one thing.Deeply unsettling for another."
-SP The Faceless Ones

Janice said...

Derek Landy, which month will the Skulduggery movie be shown? And who is that character whom you picked for Book5?

inferno-joe said...

lolz, i'll return them *secretly creates fakes and hands them to skyril*

there u go!

*grin reaches past his ears*

*loses grin and looks shameful*

*starts crying*


*throws self over the same cliff edge that Mr. Bliss pushes Skulduggery off of*


*collides with Skulduggery on his way up*

*Skulduggery catches me and hovers in midair*

"Oh hello there...What on earth are you doing here?" (SP)

*stares in shock* YOU!

(yeah ^thats^ me)

"Well of course it's me! I can only BE me, you see. Unless of course, I am someone else...." (SP)

*stares at Skulduggery*

*Skulduggery stares back*

*stares at Skulduggery*

*Skulduggery stares back*

"You know, I know someone quite like you. She stares almost as much as you do. In fact, she's right up this cliff, if you would like to meet her..." (SP)

*dies in complete shock*

"Oh well. I guess I'll see you later then. Or maybe not. Seeing as how your already dead and all..." (SP)

*chucks body back into sea and rises up to meet Valkyrie*

THIS is why Skulduggery took so long coming up from the water after he had been pushed off the edge in book 1.

inferno-joe said...

lol, that was long.

no wait, im meant to be dead. hmmmm....

isaiah lim said...

Will the faceless one return?
will there be a weapon to stop them?

Anonymous said...

I am not worried about the Ancients.
Skulduggery will just glare at them and they will get so scared of his UBER AWESOMENESS that they run home again. ^_^
(Or maybe Valkyrie will get PMS and just fucking kill them all for ruining her weekend.)

That is my theory and I'm sticking with it.

Anonymous said...

Btw, Inferno-joe.
Your comment made me crack up so hard!

Insanity Moonshine said...

cleo, i like your theory. sounds very likely if the anceints return, or did you mean the faceless ones?

Amanda said...

WOW! I'm very happy that Mortal Coil is still the title for book 5. BTW, I spotted an error in book 4,chapter 39,page 321? 'Marr hurried over, shackles in HIS hand. Isn't it supposed to be "her hand"?

Jordan Evans said...

CleoLamora: The idea of a PMS Valkyrie is hilarious! XD


Lauren Longbottom said...

Just wanted to say that between your writing, and Rupert Degas' narration, I have fallen in love with your characters. And I look forward to reading and listening to the rest of your series. Thanks!

Irresistably EVIL!!! said...

Mr. Landy... i was wondering if i could use some of your characters in a caramelldansen video. I was looking them up on and noticed that threr were'nt any with your characters. i think i'd be hilarious to see Skulduggery dance like that=^_^= if you do give me permission, here are the characters i'll put in it; Skulduggery (duh), Valkrie(also duh), Tanith, Ghastly, China, Sanguine, Cleavers, Bliss, Valkrie's parents, Kenspeckle, Vengeous, Serpine, and YOU!!! im also thinking about putting Scapegrace in the background getting his butt kicked by Valkrie and Skulduggery while the Cleavers are caramelldansen.... well anywayz thankz 4 reading. BYE!!! oh! AND WHY HAS NO ONE THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE!!!

skyril said...

Haha, Lynn no, I don't believe I'd have understood right away had someone else done

Farewell Joe!See you in heaven some day.Oh wait before you die would kindly give me back the *real* badges?(yes, I knew there were fake.You forgot to paint them gold.)I mean, you won't have use for them anymore anyway now will you.


"people who follow rules do not come to me," replied China."Which explains why I speak to the both of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Odile said...

Ha ha ha! Funny comment inferno joe. Oh wait I shouldn't bother talking to a dead person. Though.... skulduggery is dead and if I met him someday I would talk to him. I am seriously confused now.

one hour later

Moving on John Heder.... still don't know him. The one thing I am certain of is Jonny Depp as SP, Tim Burton as director and Helena Bonham Carter as Murder Rose. Landy (your second name is funny) I would like to ask you 2 questions.

1. Why did you move the next book to September? (not that I don't like it, though I DID throw the book when I thought it was September 2011. But it is good because it will be something to cheer me up for going back to school.)



ok.... I am not going to go mad again.... phew

ODILE ok LYNN or else i will star calling you line

The Cellist said...

I agree with you Odile...Johnny Depp as SP, definately!!! And I think that Tim Burton should direct it too cos his films are utterly amazing!!!

"You're like our own little vegetable" SP Dark Days

skyril said...

Hmm Odile.Did you see "When in Rome"?Jon Herder was the magician guy.One of the 4 to fall in love with her because of the coins.Do you know him now??


sarah wilkinson said...


Insanity Moonshine said...

i would love a skul caramell dansen! dont you think so mr landy? if you do, dont forget dusk and springy!

volcaneo-gods said...

hey my name is jimah.
im the guy who was sitting directly opposite you. theo your cousin is in my class.
are you going to make more of your puppet videos.
i love the cereal one.

now then inferno joe your very silly. instead of stealing second in command you should have made your own.
i officialy declare myself, from permission given by the shadow proclamation (doctor who), announce myself official volcaneo god expert in command.
wow my secong comment and it's long.

....i'm going to darren shans blog. mwa hahahahaha
or may be even anothy horowits mwahahahaha
or maybe if im feeling crazy enough, j.k rowlings.

volcaneo god out.

" A character in Skullduggery pleasent once said something" -that character

Lynith said...

Hehe sory Odile... though I couldn't resist because it is soooo funny.. and strangely similar. Line just doesn't work :P Wayyy not as cool as oldie :P:P:P

Heh heh heh.

Joe, the real badges please?? Oh and RIP dude :P

"You just can't go around putting your hand through people's faces. It's rude for one thing.Deeply unsettling for another."
-SP The Faceless Ones

volcaneo-gods said...

i think johnny depp should defintely play skullduggery. but he would have to be a little less dazy and a bit more irish

Aimee =] said...

Wow...Alot of comments =]

Are you devoted fans on this blog twenty-four seven?

Jimmy is ainm dom said...

Jon Heder played Napoleon Dynamite and he was in Blades Of Glory, Odile.

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