Monday, May 17, 2010

A Message From Tom

Below is a message from Mister Tom Percival, artist extraordinaire, about why there has been a delay. He's explained it all, and he finally convinced me to wait. I don't know exactly when we'll be getting the image, but hopefully it won't be any more than a few days.

And now, here's Tom...

Afternoon all.

Exciting times ahead for people who like pictures of Mr Skulduggery Pleasant. There's a whole new raft of artwork on the way, that will quite literally BLOW YOUR MIND!* 

First up will be the highly finished, lovingly rendered, final cover art for the fifth book in the series, which is quite simply the best picture of Skulduggery that I have ever drawn. To be honest, that's what I think every time I do a new cover, but this time, IT REALLY IS! Just ask my Mum, she thought it was 'lovely'. To be honest, 'lovely' isn't really the word I'd have chosen, but there you go, that's my Mum for you.

I'm putting the last few finishing touches to the artwork, and as soon as my borderline obsessive-compulsive desire for perfection is satisfied, it will be sent out into the big wide world to fend for itself. So if you see it roaming around, be kind, give it a little smile, or a cheery nod and then be on your way.

Alongside that, there's also the back cover art, a whole raft of marketing materials, and some other exciting new developments...

I hope that last sentence comes across as mysterious and enigmatic as opposed to vague and unsure, in case you're in any doubt, I'm DEFINITELY being mysterious and enigmatic.

Anyway, I hope that you all like the artwork that's upcoming, I'm really pleased with how it's coming along.



* This is entirely dependent on just how easy your mind is to blow. The illustrator takes absolutely no responsibility for minds that remain 'unblown'.


Aneirin said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :( :'(
i was really lookin forward to that :(
yay firsst comment ;)

Bethany said...

My standards are high. Favourite so far has been Dark Days. We'll see.

Oh, I am excited. Two posts in one day? This is unusual.

Ayries said...

For any other cover I might have thrown an embarrassing tantrum and stomped away, but I think I can make an exception here. I'm sure it will be worth it, after all!

Holly said...

I knew this would happen, sigh.
Stupid life.

Waffles said...

OMG Can't wait!Probably gonna die when I see it in it's mind-blowing awesomeness but that's okay with me!

Bex. said...

Tom, of whom I once thought was a great, great man is now just a great man... Nah, he's still awesome, mainly cos he said my arts really good! AHAAAA for me! Anyway, TRY POST IT ON BEBO DEREK!!!! Cos I am like SO eager to see it!
Tom needs my mum, I show her a dot on a page and it's all: OH MY GOD! THAT'S AMAZING! But my dots ARE rather spectacular. A'yus!

Anywho, apart from Tom being me (having to be happy with what he's drawn, that is), I have just watched Sherlock Holmes. Know what I think? Straight away said, OH MY GOD, HE IS SKULDUGGERY!
There, I have spoken, RDJr. MUST be Skulduggery Pleasant.
And now I am going to go to Bebo and then to Hotmail, to see if Tom has replied to me after FOREVER, and if he HASN'T, it's your fault Derek! Just cos I blame EVERYTHING on you now. I have no idea why...

sweetnaeema32 said...


this is going to be awsome!!!

Lady_Kandrakar said...

Can't wait!

Asya said...

i realy CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT, STOP MAKING ME LOOSE MY MIND, I NEVER HAD IT SO PLEASE STOP IT, I DONT WANT TO LOOSE WHAT I DONT HAVE. also im pretty sure my mind will be blown. probably. depends though, cause i dont realy have a favourite cover.

Lynith said...

Haha poor Mr. Landy. It is going to be ok. I promise that I won't organise my fellow minions, of which I have stollen from you, to raid your house and follow you everywhere. The things I do for you Derek. Anyway, I like to be positive and say that I really don't mind waiting. It's not that I don't want to see the cover, but seeing as you shouldn't judge a book on it's cover well... that goes to show. Im more looking ofward to the book. THE FOURTH ONE!!! The one that I STILL have not got.... Ggggrrr!!!

Derek will you please tell me if and when the paperback version is being released so that I can figure out if it is worth the wait or not? Please? Im beggin oiver here!!

Yes I know. Me. Begging.

Well ttfn my friends!


Lynn xx

ally pally said...

Ok so I still wasn't first this time. Me and my couleages no wait evil minions will wait and then the time will come and we will take over!! (jokes) anyhoo that's quite disappointing as I was looking forward to that a lot. But I can't wait for the book!!!!! Can't you release it early mr. Landy??? Please?? We are practically dying here!! (that's me and my wierdo friend Lottie)

I'm quite amazed Derek (can I call you Derek?) two blogs in one day? And with your bust schedule? Wow. You must love us more than we thought.

I am still ill by the way so I anyone wants to send me some flowers feel free.

Love the best person (me. I mean alice) xx

Anonymous said...

Mr. percival, you are ALWAYS blowing my mind. Of course all of the images I'm using on the new site are of course ALL YOURS! Your artwork rocks SOCKS!! And believe me, i get skeptical of artwork. My dad was in the comic book business (Marvel and DC. Steve Montano...look him up ^^) so I know the concept of drawing oh-so-well. Believe me, I do. But I'm sure this cover (and book) are well worth the wait and anticipation (and suffering)

And I have to applaud Derek for posting two times in one day *claps* it truely is astonishing.

*sigh* unfortunatly I don't have any more lucky charms ):


COBPUDLGAP is now starting a new mission....starting now...


Will post link when I'm done with the site because it's nearing completion

BY THE WAY! Just so you know, you can upload the cover at and then post a link in your blog!!! :D I mean, if you're looking to speed up the process....



"If I knew little more about how I ended up as a living skeleton with impeccable fashion sense, I could give it a try. But there is every chance that the death field would kill whatever's left of me."

--SP; Faceless Ones

Lynith said...

Miep!!! IT WAS YOU!!!

You joined COBPUDLGAP!!!

I remembered. arent you proud ;)


Lynith said...

I think...

skyril said...

Ah Lynn I said in a different post (but you SKIPPED reading posts soooo) believe me 'tis not worth the wait!I've tried waiting for books to come out in paperback before and it takes forever!(They do that on purpose you know.So they can get you to get annoyed and just buy it after waiting for it to come out in paperback and it still hasn't come out.So that they can get even *more* money lol)'Tis, I believe Mr.Landy's greatest creation yet.You need to get it as soon as possibly possible.
Oh then if you want to make it matchy later you can sell the hardcover to a used bookstore or something and get enough money for the paperback ^.^
Also 'twas Miep who joined.
No, it can't be the US's time either.For me (in the US) the time is at the moment 3:09.

ally pally I'm dying too!'Tis already been ONE WHOLE DAY since I finished Dark Days!!I can.Not.Wait!for the next one!!

Miep I don't think his blogging twice in one day counts because the fist one was really quite short then the second one was mostly Mr. Tom Percival speaking.So, Mr.Landy even though you have two new blog entrys, you still definitely need to do another one soon. ;->

Funsize said...

The cover sounds awesome and I can't wait to see it! I honestly can't. I have to go, so no long comment from me. One question for Tom, though: Do you have a deviantART account? Because I could swear you do. Of course, I haven't logged on for a bit so I can't remember...

Aimee =] said...

I'm surprised Tom has not got abuse mail yet!

I would have expected some crazy fan to go lunatic :O

Since Mr Landy gave me no response to when I asked if he plucked his eyebrows...I'm just gonna assume he does :)

Hmm, by the way...Cant you like change the time in settings??? Well, at least Derek can but I think he has better things to do...

Ambiguity said...

*sigh* I have a habit of not being able to find things on the internet. I'm ALWAYS the last to know 'cause I can NEVER find ANYTHING that I'm looking for, I have to stumble on it accidently when I'm no longer looking for it. I can't tell you how ANNOYING that is.

skyril said...

xD lol my mom hates the internet.To her 'tis so annoying because she can never find exactly what she's looking for haha
Reminds me of someone. *looks up at last post*


"People who follow rules do not come to me."replied China."Which is why I see the two of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Aimee =] said...

I wish Blogger was converted for mobile net work, then I could come on here all the time!

Derek, use your charm and popularity to get Blogger to convert their websites for mobile :)
The txt messaging blogger option is only available in the Us :(

Hey, Derek...Do you do gaming? Playstation, Xbox??

If so, what games tickle your fancy? ;)

Insanity Moonshine said...

skyril? remembar that it can depend of the part of to USA that you live in. also derek,POST IT SOMEWHERE THEN POST THE LINK!!

skyril said...

Oh I know, but usually 'tis only a hour or 2's difference.
For me right now 'tis 6:00.

skyril said...

I suppose 'tis possible, but I don't get why Mr.Landy would set that time for some place in Ireland.


Anonymous said...

lmao, I guess you're right Skyril. and it just hit me that I read a blog post from one of my favorite artists of ALL TIME! OHMIGAWSH SQUEE!!


But that's not important. What's important is that ALL I HAVE LEFT TO DO ON THE SITE IS MAKE THE TITLE PICTURES (17) ADD THE ON/OFF ICONS TO THE FORUM, FINISH THE SLIGHT CODING ERRORS, AND ADD ALL THE ROLLOVER IMAGES! (oh, and make the boards in the forum...)

wow...that's actually a lot...hmm, didn't seem like that much when I thought about it...huh...darn...Well, guess I better get to work!

(OH! AND I HAVE TO MAKE THE AFFILIATION BANNER! and that has to move...)




"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized."

(PS) Mr Landy, I posted a few questions on your post entitled "More TV stuff, and news" and if you could answer those when this whole cover mess gets sorted out I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER! :D (not that I already don't...)

skyril said...

By the way, Mr.Landy your for the UK is broken.It works just fine for the United States and Canada, but when I try to go to the UK one it just sits there loading.So then I typed in the search bar "" and it popped to a screen that said "this page cannot be found"....


Anonymous said...

Yeah, for me it came up with some error but I didn't pay attention to the coding otherwise I probably could've told you what was wrong. Were you trying to put something new on the site?

skyril said...

No, I was just visiting to see if there was anything new.

Anonymous said...

lmao, not you, I meant Derek xD

Kirsty said...

i can't wait to see the knew cover!! The suspense!!!

inferno-joe said...

btw cant remmeber WHO asked, but I'M AUSTRALIAN!!!!
alrite i just found out that my uber ("overly or too much" in german) blocked school computer's internet service (they wont even let me check my email!) actually lets me check this blog (WIN!)
so im doing this from school in secret!

Kirsty said...

whoot! go my fellow australians!! I'm in NSW myself. but ur lucky,inferno joe, that ur school lets u go on to this blog. to many people at my school go onto skulduggery website so it is now blocked... its annoying.

"You are like our own little vegetable."
-Skulduggery pleasant

inferno-joe said...

Yay kirsty!
im at home now, and btw im south aussie, but that's okay.
your artwork is amazing!
i love ur books (lol, shoves derek out the way)
they are the best. how DO u do it?

inferno-joe said...

oops, forgot mah quote.

"Doors are for people with no imagination."
-Skulduggery Pleasant

Kirsty said...

oh no!! not your quote!! how could you forget such a thing??

"You are like our own, little vegetable."
-Skulduggery Pleasant

P.S wow you're all the way in south aussie.... is it raining there? its pouring now and it sucks.

inferno-joe said...

i am now up to page 63, and have DEVOURED it for the last 30 minutes. IT IS THE BEST. i cant tell u any of it though. because then it will be SPOILING!!!MWAHAHAH!!!
and derek said that it wouldnt be released for ages-well guess wot? i got it cheap from some guy in dublin who is meant to be derek's friend!
its the best!!!!!!!!

tanith__________ and then _____________

______________dies. Im so sad actually.

nah, i wont tell u any of it. its way too cool!

ive got this sick new quote from the new book instead of my old ones:

Skulduggery-"Did you know gullable isnt in the dictionary?"

gtg-ive got reading to do...

avotica said...

Although I'm sure the cover is thrilling, I am personally much more interested in what is between the covers...

Of course, I won't personally BUY the book, but my friend will and then lend it to me, so everyone wins... well, you get less money, but that's beside the point.

I must ask again, have you chosen a name yet? Did you like my suggestions? Very original, right? :P

I think you are starting to enjoy this blog. (You may have even enjoyed it from the beginning, I don't know) It's a little obvious in the way that you continue to post things. I know you SAY you're forced to, but everyone knows you're lying. You like your blog, you like the comments, you LOVE being famous. Don't act like you don't!

Kirsty said...

I AM SO ENVIOUS INFERNO JOE!!!! i wanna read it so bad!!! Wait... in the 5th book there supposed to be the character someone made. so has it been announced who the winner for the competition is?

anyhoo, damnation. im stuck with my old quote.

"You are like our own little vegetable."

inferno-joe said...

Well, kirsty, im not up to that chapter yet. But, unfortunately, i think that i wasnt chosen.
anyway,its great so far. another 45 mins and im into page 100.
Lynith, Skyril, Insanity, Mr.pleasantblog, Avotica, Kirsty and Aimee, YOU ARE ALL MISSING OUT!!!!!

inferno-joe said...

forgot mah quote again

Skulduggery-"Did you know gullable isnt in the dictionary?"

Anonymous said...


Yes, I will totally steal Skulduggery's back up plan.

Lynith said...

Dum di Dumm... I got bored. Even though Idon't really have anything to say I think I will just comment anyway. Because as it states in the book of COBPUDLGAP, that is my dutie. So very sorry Mr. Landy, but you have your jobs, and I have mine.

Hey dudes, I have an RE exam this afternoon!! AAAAHHHHHH!! Wish us luck ;) Even though Im probabl going to fail laughingly so.

Oh and Sky, I might just do that. Seeing as Mr. Landy is refusing to answer my question... Boo hoo Mr. Landy. Boo Hoo! Lucky you, geting the extra money. I hope your happy.

Lynn xx


"You just can't go around putting your hand through people's faces. It's rude for one thing.Deeply unsettling for another."
-SP The Faceless Ones

SimAllyHer said...

OFC I've waited this long, a little longer can't hurt me right? Being sick means I'm not doing much anyway, should be at the Primary School doing my teaching rounds, so it's not like I'm bored and been let down again :(

Bring on the book cover!

inferno-joe said...



Skulduggery-"Did you know gullable isnt in the dictionary?"

inferno-joe said...

YAY! PAGE 127!!!

Skulduggery-"Did you know gullable isnt in the dictionary?"

inferno-joe said...


Hamish said...

Shut up joe your poetry sucks and you must think WE are ridicoulosly gullible to believe that you have the book when tom hasnt even finished the art and its not due out for ages.
You have lost my respect dude

inferno-joe said...


inferno-joe said...

dude it was just a joke

no need to get all aggro and stuff.
this is a skulduggery blog, not a put people down blog.

just chill.

inferno-joe said...

dont know y im saying this, seeing as how it was just a harmless joke, but i'm sorry all. 'Specially u, derek. I guess that wasnt rite to just go and pretend i had ur book. Sorry Tom Percival, for pretening i had ur cover. Sorry to Derek's friends, for pretending i bought the book off u. While all these apologys are true, HAMISH should take a look at the fact that i was PRETENDING. Its not like i impersonated Mr. Landy or something.
You know wot? I dont need ur respect, DUDE. If ur gonna go around other people's blogs and putting people down, u shoulnt even be here.

Just rethink ur words,


SamanthaStandfield said...

Can't wait! :)

inferno-joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
inferno-joe said...

Im not going to make this blog a battleground, either. So wether u reply or not, im not going to talk about it with u again. Thus would end in more fighting and possibly a ban. Not wanting to be on the recieving end of this ban, I graciously withdraw from this comment battle.
I would like to make a final apology to Kirsty, because i am sorry that you had to be the one to answer and believe. Please do not lose trust in me now, as this is and was the only time i have joked on this blog. With people like HAMISH around, i guess i will not joke around anymore, as they are intent on spoiling fun because THEY hadnt thought of it first.
Say wot u must, Hamish, but I and many others believe two very important things.

1. Derek won't want any virtual blood spilt on his blog. So I'm withdrawing for you, Derek Landy.

2. I have an impeccable taste in poetry. I daresay that your vocabulary is up to my standard Hamish, and you seem to forget the fact that MANY liked my poem AND that I have a real life outside the internet.


Kirsty said...

haha im a tad gullible... whoopsies! anyhoo im counting down the days till the new skulduggery book aACTUALLY comes out. and don't worry, inferno joe, i am not lost trust or whatever. :P Anyhooo, Top Gear just started so best be of!

"You are like our own, little vegetable."

Mister Ree said...

hello misters and misses commenters, ive been checking this blog for a few days and it is really an exciting bunch of people in here!

mister derek landy, good luck with your munchkin followers or army members or leprinjas. btw your books are awesome and i like Billy Ray Sanguine, hes a cool eyeless man. but evil.

oh!i just recently followed your blog, hurrah!
one more thing:tom's covers are wonderful and hope the next one will be too


inferno-joe said...

thank gudness, kirsty. sorry, once again.

go top gear! strangly enough, its on now too.
maybe nsw and sa have the same tv guide?


SamanthaStandfield said...

ever since this book came out, all of my friends have started kicking a fighting with me.... "What have you done!"
Now they've all read it, and are using me for their punching bag, which sucks for them because i've now learnt Taekondo... :) :) :) :) :)
now that was completely arbitrary.

OK anyway... great books, read them all in like a week only stopped to eat and sleep. :)
Samantha Standfield :)

Nutteloos BV said...


I really wish I knew who has won or will win the character competition.
That, and the fact I want to read the 4th and 5th book is eating me up.
So if there are no more comments from me, then I'm eaten.
(And only my mouth will be left. Now where have I heard that before?)

This was a short comment. It only looked long because I put so many




Odile said...

Hello lynith, skyrill I am back :) !
The Skulduggery Pleasant website wasn't working for me but now it does and I am happy and angry. Angry because I missed 3 blogs! One of them saying that Landy likes Dr.who !!!!! HURRAYY!!!!! I love Dr.who. Derek I am so happy that you read our comments.... would you please tell me if you like star trek in the next blog (which better be soon). I can't wait (no really, if I have to wait any longer I will die) for the new cover.

Guess what?!
I got my 2nd cousin interested in Skulduggery Pleasant!!! I was talking to her once and she was talking about Harry Potter and I said skulduggery Pleasant is actually BETTER than Harry Potter. So she went off and got Skulduggery Pleasant! She LOVES it (of course not as much as me.... no one loves skulduggery pleasant as much as me). Are you happy that I have got you another fan?

sarah wilkinson said...

skulduggery has to be the only book i can read 500 times and never bre of it. the cover is wat got me to pick it up in the first place,so i am eternally greatfull. it the best book ever!!!!! no question to that. derek and tom. yu're both giniuses

Violet Night said...

OMG i just had an idea. you could have THE DEREK LANDY show and have guests on it every week like this week our special guest is... Tom Percival or somethin like that! Anyway, I wanted to ask if seen supernatural last week, when Sam & Dean went to heaven cos' it was so cool.

From Ms. Violet Night the IGRIMS (Irish General Responsible For The Irish Munchkin Squad)

Violet Night said...

btw. SP is so much better than HP and I even said that to Derek when he was visiting Easons in The Pavilions. Do you remember me Derek? I also asked him to put a certain place in Ireland in the books and he said he would but millions of fans probaly ask him that so I shall not get my hopes up! *sob* *sniffle*
My Quote
SP: "I'm sophisticated,charming,suave and debonair, Professor. But, I have never claimed to be civilised."

Aimee =] said...

Waiting away for the next blog :)

Reading comments to get rid of time...Looks at date...

Its Wednesday already??? ^.^ Half way through the week :D

Kirsty said...

Hi i'm kirsty's friend and im cool

Insanity Moonshine said...

ODILE I AM A MORE SUPER FAN THAN YOU!!! challange me. i can tell you ANYTHING. so, wadda ya say?if you do not respond, i shall know that you surrended. first of all, what is your taken name? adept, neromancer, elemental? (please inclued any extra info) I AM THE BIGGEST SUPER FAN IN THE WHOLE SKULDUGGERY WORLD AND NONE WILL DENY, IF THEY DO THERE WILL BE HORRIBLE CONSEQUENECES!

SamanthaStandfield said...

I think you have a challenge Insanity Moonshine...
No body loves Skulduggery Pleasant as much as I do.
(Evil laugh)

Samantha Standfield

skyril said...

Have you, Mr Landy seen Alice and Wonderland?I thought 'twas quite good and much better than the cartoon.What did you think of it?

Welcome back Odile!Lol looks like you've got a couple challenges on your hands...

I've got a question for yall.Just for the fun of it.If you give a wrong answer, doesn't matter 'tis merely for fun ^.^.WITHOUT looking it up...where is the vault located in book one?
;-> I thought that was a pretty hard one.


"People who follow rules do not come to me."replied China."Which is why I see the two of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

SamanthaStandfield said...

Beneath the Dublin Municipal Art Gallery skyril :)

Anonymous said...

haha I knew it has something to do with art but I put museum first and then art gallery and it still wouldn't work so I looked it up on google for the specifics xD But yeah, that's what I got too Sam.

As far as earlier comments go, I've only read up to Hamish and Joe's little hissy fit, so sorry to those of you whose comments I have not read. I just don't feel like it. Sorry again.

Anywhoo, I'm STILL waiting for that cover but I'm not tearing my hair out only because I'm telling myself that the artwork is worth the wait and I can't wait to add it to the site! It shall be done sometime this week, at the least tomorrow or Thursday. If this person does not give me back my pictures and the other person doesn't help me with his fault code then by Friday. If my life is ANYTHING at all like SP's and Val's, I won't be able to open it until Saturday or Sunday. But I'll keep you updated in the mean time! As of now, the home page is practically done, I'm going to be setting up an affiliates page so anyone else who wants to add a link to a site they own or go to or anything...feel free to post it when it's up. ALSOOO I'm going to have a gallery page set up for people and their SP pics and dA accounts. And on the homepage there is a dA pic of the month section, so yeah...and there will be FanFic and image contests and stuffz like that. Well, that's all I'll undisclose for now. Adios.



"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized."

(PS) Wait, I can add one more thing! I've set up a virtual Munchkin Army where you can make an avatar but actually WALK AROUND WITH IT! And on that website you can own your own room and make groups and use magic items and weapons. It's all very cool. There's a link to it on the home page and it will be mentioned on the game page I've set up. Oh shoot, look at that, I've given up more information then I wanted to....darn. Oh well. I'll post when it's done! ^^ (And I'm going to need one or two staff members to help me....And they get access to the blog...)

Insanity Moonshine said...

I AM THE ULTIMATE FAN! none shall surpass my fandom,so do this with out looking it up: in book four, after val escape the hallow men, what one word sentence does sanguine say? What does skul think val is in the begining? and a extra hard one... WHAT DOES DEREK ACUSE US OF!?!?!

skyril said...

Awesome Samantha!

Hmm Moonshine I'm not about the fist one, but the second is a hallucination.
Third one?Throwing stuff at him you mean?Or is it something else?


"People who follow rules do not come to me."replied China."Which is why I see the two of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

terrible-troy said...

You guys with your awesome quotes. Dammit bow I have to read the series again to find one I like. Unless... I have a new plan, which will prove my dedication to the Landy Man. Woah, check it, I'm nearly as good a poet as Joe.. Naw just messin. You guys alright?

Hamish said...

Insanity; how many nights do you have to sleep with an echo stone to imprint itself on you.?

Hamish said...

Lol i love how joe is 'withdrawing' while still firing snide comments at me. But true bro i did go over the top so that was uncool of me so i apologise

SamanthaStandfield said...

I love the questions you ask Moonshine.
Because only you really know the answers.

Skril. Thank you for saying i'm awesome, or my answer was, I'm going to pretend you said I was awesome, because I am.

And you are too.

I think.

Samantha Standfield :) :) :) :)

inferno-joe said...

thats ok hamish.

i guess i did go over the top too.

wanna call it even?



A. ????

if u are really gud, u'll know it off by heart.


"Doors are for people with no imagination."
-Skulduggery Pleasant

SamanthaStandfield said...

question I actually knoww!!! Thank you Joe!

She waved to Jasper! :)

Samantha Standfield

Nevala Morose said...

Hey inferno joe, don't rub it in :<
And Jasper is not deaf, she said and i quote:
'Stephanie waved to Jasper, an eight-year-old boy with unfortunate ears'. ;p
ha. gotcha.
That means he had large or sticky-out ears, not that he was deaf.

charlotte05 said...


I am a little dissapointed that the cover hasn't come out yet but I totaly understand. I hate it when people start picking holes in my work before I have finished it.
As for one of your previous posts about Justin Bieber, I have to say that I would probably be up on the volcano helping you toss him into the lava. He sounds like an 8 year old girl!!!!

Have Fun

"There’s no such thing as winning or losing. There is won and there is lost, there is victory and defeat. There are absolutes. Everything in between is still left to fight for."

Lynith said...

Jinggle bells.. jinglee bells...

Anonymous said...

Jingle all the way...

Marianne said...

INSANITY MOONSHINE YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!! I will just say that my taken name is Carly Key. I am an adept. I won't say what Sanguine says just in case of spoiler. She waved to Jasper. Now I have a question (or two) for YOU! From what creature is the groquestry's (spelled wrong sorry) hear from?!!
What gun does murder rose use in the battle of the 3rd book?!!!
oh and to everyone please reply to this (including you landy).... WHO HERE LIKES GLEE? (the tv series).

Odile said...

by the way that previous comment was from you arch enemy + biggest fear odile

The Cellist said...

Just wanted to say: Derek and Tom (can I call you Derek and Tom??? Thank you) you are completly and utterly geneific. I hope that somehow, somewhere you are reading this and it makes your little hearts happy.
Don't worry about the book cover I'm sure that it'll be even better if you take a bit longer on it!!!!

Anonymous said...


Does it hear from? I'm not to sure what you mean but I'm going to guess and say the Faceless Ones

and for number two the answer is a machine gun.

Glee is okay.



"I'm sophisticated, charming, suave, and debonair, Professor. But I have never claimed to be civilized."

skyril said...

Lol Your welcome Samantha.

Terrible-Troy haha yeah you ought to get a quote as well.'Tis quite fun ^.^.When I see a quote from any book, or movie, or something I write it down and say from whom it came.Maybe you can do that so you will have quotes for the future :).

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open slay!

I think, Marianne Mr.Landy answered your question about Glee in his 2nd blog entry about shows.I may be wrong, but I'm fairly sure I am not.
You also asked whether his minions like that show as well.I have not watched it...I'm not a huge show person.

I have another question ;-}, In book 4 what are we to Mr.Landy as he is to us?


"People who follow rules do not come to me."replied China."Which is why I see the two of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

legi0nn said...

Tom, you better post that picture soon 8|

Insanity Moonshine said...

hamit: three days
Skyril: we are looking well, and so is he
if i missed any questions that havent been anwsered, please repost them. if you are on the skul fanpage made by cory, look at my discussion, it says it is made by rebekah insane whitehead :D please pos your theories (also, because of my awsome detective skills,i have found these things out. i am as great of a detective as skul!

skyril said...

Ah hello Moonshine.I answered the first and third question you asked.
What I said was, "Hmm Moonshine I'm not about the fist one, but the second is a hallucination.
Third one?Throwing stuff at him you mean?Or is it something else?"


"People who follow rules do not come to me."replied China."Which is why I see the two of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

skyril said...

Oops I mean I answered the second one and the third one. and "Hmm Moonshine I'm not sure about the first one, but the second is a hallucination.
Third one?Throwing stuff at him you mean?Or is it something else?"
lol I sometimes type too fast xD

Also I asked a question.I don't known if you read it in the last before last comment I made.'Twas In book 4 what are we to Mr.Landy as he is to us?

skyril said...

Hmmm I cannot see the posts I just posted a while ago.If this is my 4th post today, I apologize.
I answered two of your questions earlier, Moonshine.This is what I said, "Hmm Moonshine I'm not sure about the first one, but the second is a hallucination.
Third one?Throwing stuff at him you mean?Or is it something else?"
I also said I asked a question and I'm not sure if you saw it.'Twas In book 4 what are we to Mr.Landy as he is to us?


"People who follow rules do not come to me."replied China."Which is why I see the two of you with some regularity."
-China Sorrows

Carina said...

Wow! can't wait for the new cover! I'm been going back and forth on sites trying to look for it can't wait for the new and smiply amazing cover art of Tom!! (who has to be one of the greatest artists i know) (i should know i'm an artist) :)

Tanya said...

SUPER excited to see the new picture. The cover art was the thing that made me read the first book (and now obviously the writing is what has kept me on board). It's amazing what a great pic can do, I discovered Terry Pratchett that way and have not looked back since.

inferno-joe said...

doing this at school gtg.

The Cellist said...

Still waiting for the cover...

inferno-joe said...

and now im home. yay!

gud work everyone who got that question rite!


sorry nevala morose, i thought it meant deaf. How un-kind of me.

MARIANNE! It was a MACHINE GUN. What type? Not specified in the book.

Now, tell ME wot guns did the Revengers Squad use in the final battle of the fourth book?

And, wot does Valkyrie tell Sanguine to do in the second book when they are in the church and the Grotesquery is about to be resurrected?


"Doors are for people with no imagination."

inferno-joe said...

Its a tad funny, us holding little trivia matches on Derek's Blog.hahah...

Join in anytime, Derek. Anytime.

Lynith said...

Lol Joe, thats why I am not joinging in. Partly because I missed loads an partly because Im enjoying you lot battle it out lol.

Insanity Moonshine said...

skyril, if you didnt see i said that we are looking good and so is he. jeoy boy, they used silenced machine guns. BO YA!

ally pally said...

Hey everyone. What's up. I'm bored. Oh and thank you very much Mr Pleasant-blog that was very very very kind of you to (theorectically) send me some flowers. Mr. Landy please could you blog again soon I am sooo bored.

By the way I don't feel very ill any more and I feel much better now.

My quote is-

'Valkyrie, take Fletcher and go and see China.'
'I'm not a bus!'
---Dark Days

ps. I LOVE GLEE!! Finn is so fit lol

Nevala Morose said...

I dunno, and i can't be bothered to look it up, but i'm re-reading the fourth book, i love the bit in the Midnight Hotel where Valkyrie sees Scrapegrace *killer supreme* as a zombie with Thrasher, and she's like "Scrapegrace I'm really tired" ha ha. and when her and Billy-Ray Saguine fight the zombie and they look at eachother and fight eachother. lol.

ultimate weapon = Table leg

madison said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is the third time I have posted this comment!!! I keep posting this comment and errors continue to harass me. Well I will not stop until my highly weird and sophisticated comment is posted. You want to know why. I've only typed it on this thing three times already, I may as well do it again. Because I thought you were done with this blogging thing and then you continued so now my plan to become your most adoring, excellent, sophisticated, and annoying fan ever has been foiled. Thank you, Derek Landy! You have driven me nuts!!! But I will have revenge. I will post a comment to every blog you post until you except that I am your biggest fan ever, despite what anyone else says. Oh, and I am BEGGING you to tour the United States so I may harass you further. You may press charges or whatever pleases you but I will not be stopped!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Oh my gawd I sound like my mother.

Hamish said...

Where's the cover?!?!?!

georgias-p said...

Yey! my childhood is back! Tom...OCD? awesome we're best friends already. Tom i love you now, more than Derek, ge just doesnt get me like you do....

Derek, see this be jealous and MENTION ME!!!

bye xxx

hudson said...

what's with the arms?
i'm gonna go eat cake now.

shannonmcneill8 said...

I wonder what could be gripping him?!?!?
Guess I will just have to wait until September (I really cant wait that long....Really)

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Hello there.

Octaboona Ambrosius: Horace said...

*mind blank*

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Octaboona Ambrosius: Horace said...

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On this post?


Unless it is inter-postal.

Octaboona Ambrosius: Horace said...

Achievement completed.

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